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Chapter 467: Reward: King

Chen Ming’s realm was changing, transcending at last.

Along with the changes of his body, his Dao Palaces became a Dao Furnace, holding great amounts of spiritual power. In this place, the 3,000 scriptures were born.

Sacred Mountain began to fade, not collapsing, but disappearing.

It began from the edge, sending cultivators in those areas from whence they came.

Ling Xian and Yan Mountain’s 3,000 disciples were the first to go, back on Expansion Star.

Ling Xian laughed, “Master pa.s.sed the tribulation!”

All other disciples joined him, “Master is a reincarnated immortal, the strongest the world has ever seen!”

“That might be a bit of a stretch, but one thing’s for certain. Master is unrivaled among geniuses!”

“Obviously. There’s no genius out there who can face Master alone. Yet even if they swarm him, they would still be miserable!”

The disciples were overjoyed, convinced he was a reincarnated immortal. If not, how could he have such cultivation? He imparted them with the 3,000 Daos. No one but Master could comprehend them all.

Zhong Tongzi saw Ling Xian and the others appearing and kneeled before him, “Second Sect Leader, you’re back!”

Ling Xian’s gaze made him nervous. With Yan Mountain in control of the Three-headed Dragon Constellation, his scope of power extended beyond it and even included some of the Desolate Constellation.

Ling Xian said, “What happened?”

“A large scale immortal beast battle is underway in the Desolate Constellation. There are no less than a hundred thousand! Subordinate suspects they come from that Desolate Star!”

“How did this happen?”

“I do not know. We didn’t dare advance beyond the fringe of that star and only seized the savage beasts around it. We had no way of knowing!”

“Such a large force, yet only at the edge of the Desolate Star. This is only the beginning. Keep investigating. We cannot act on it now, as Master just finished pa.s.sing the tribulation, but it won’t be long. It’s better to wait for Master’s return then decide what to do. This is a serious matter.”

No matter the danger value, Chen Ming was certain few Celestial Immortals could best him in battle.

In the Devil Gate Star’s hall, Yang Hun, Bu Liuhen, and Lu Qingxuan exchanged a look. Yang Hun began, “Where did Duan Shou go?”

Lu Qingxuan replied, “He went to prove his loyalty.”

Bu Liuhen doubted, “Where’s that?”

Lu Qingxuan shrugged, “Who knows? He doesn’t have anything to guard either. He’s the freest among us.”

Back at Chen Ming, he finished his trial and felt his cultivation growing along with his danger value, way up to 50,000.

As the Sacred Mountain vanished, he turned to the carrying Zhuo Qingyao, “Since you carried Master up the mountain, I won’t blame you for leaving the mountain. Let’s go home.”

She relaxed, “Be at ease Master. I won’t leave on a whim again.”

As Sacred Mountain vanished completely, Chen Ming appeared on Destiny Star. He saw Luo Muye still waiting on the ground.

Luo Muye said, “Congratulations, Master. You have prevailed over the Wordless Upheaval!”

Chen Ming let out a carefree laugh, “I’ll leave a teleportation array behind and take some things with me, then we’ll leave. The four Domains must know by now who I am since I was carrying Nine Year Cicada. If we’re too slow, we won’t get out at all.”

Chen Ming guessed Jade Lake was about to have the entire Destiny Star surrounded, having just one way to go in or out. It was also in its territory and he’d have to fight his way through.

He took Luo Muye back to the Land of Eternal Rest and set a teleportation array at the River of Time. Chen Ming stashed the stele in his storage ring along with other black sabers.

With that done, he took Luo Muye’s hand and arrived at Jade Lake’s entrance to the Destiny Star, “Stay in my beast bag. It’s not suitable, but it’s enough to save your life. From here on out, it’s going to be too dangerous.”

Luo Muye nodded. He was but a ten-year-old and knew of the danger surrounding them.

A beast bag’s purpose was to carry immortal beasts. If they could live then so could humans. Just that no one would waste it on a human.

With the prized Luo Muye in the bag, Chen Ming rested his hand on his saber and pushed through.

When he arrived on the next continent, he saw one person only, Duan Shou.

He presented his buster blade as he kneeled with respect in front of him. Next to him was a Gold Immortal’s corpse, and behind him, a dozen Celestial Immortal corpses.

Duan Shou must have guessed who he was and came to greet him before Destiny Star. This guy isn’t average to have such a sharp mind.

Duan Shou bowed when he saw Chen Ming with his smiley mask, “Blade Duan Shou greets Sire Faceless! As of now, I offer my allegiance!”

Chen Ming nodded, “Did you kill everyone?”

“Only those standing at the entrance. If there were any more, I would’ve been exposed. But Sire Faceless would have no difficulty dealing with so many Celestial Immortals.”

Chen Ming nodded, “But of course. After we return, come find me on Yan Mountain. I will impart you with my saber art.”

Duan Shou was in exultation, “Many thanks, Sire Faceless!”

Chen Ming stabbed Two Year Cicada next to him as he walked pa.s.sed him. He turned to his crow form in mid-jump and soared away.

Duan Shou’s heart was overwhelmed as he gripped the black blade, treating it like a treasure, “Is this the saber that allows one to be faster?”

Duan Shou tried it for a few swings, but nothing stood out, “I need to return to Sire Faceless and learn how to control it.”

He had no doubt if it was genuine or not, certain it was the same blade Chen Ming used before.

The only thing left is to wait for Sire Faceless to teach me.

On the stars controlled by the four Domains, on the boulevards of the River Offices, bounty posts were on every side.


Yan Mountain Mountain Lord Chen Ming.

The one who overcame the Wordless Upheaval, the one who was once known as fiends’ Hidden Emperor, Star Dragon Crown Prince. Spiritual cultivator. His main abilities lie in arrays and quick saber. Highly dangerous. Other information, unknown. Peak Celestial Immortal realm or Gold Immortal realm is recommended to take him down.

Reward: t.i.tle of King.

Any Domain is viable for choosing.

Yan Mountain Head Sect Leader, the Outstanding Swordswoman:

Yan Mountain Mountain Lord’s head disciple. Hardship cultivator. Unmatched in body strength. Unsurpa.s.sed in sword art. Dangerous. Recommended Celestial Immortal realm for capture.

Reward: Supreme Gold Immortal fortune immortal fruit.

Can choose eight of Jade Lake’s millennial peaches.

Yan Mountain Second Sect Leader, Immortal Killer:

Yan Mountain Mountain Lord’s second disciple. Spiritual cultivator, cultivating Dao Canon and uses the Conquering Immortals Art. Dangerous. Recommended Celestial Immortal realm for capture.

Reward: Supreme Gold Immortal fortune immortal fruit.

Can choose five of Jade Lake’s millennial peaches.

Yan Mountain Third Sect Leader, Ya Mo:

Yan Mountain Mountain Lord’s third disciple…

Yan Mountain Fourth Sect Leader, quack:

Yan Mountain Mountain Lord’s fourth disciple…

Chen Ming perched on an immortal’s shoulder, En, me and Zhuo Qingyao’s bounties are the highest. Li Suyi, Ling Xian, and Chen Lingyu are around the same. As for Wan Baqian, there’s none to speak of. Did the four Domains overlook him?

Uh, probably.

My bounty, though, seems to be on the high side, excessive even. t.i.tle of King means they’ll be treated as Immortal Kings. Wow, they sure think highly of me.

I was just too awesome recently and now it’s time for growth and development.

This won’t get resolved anytime soon. I need to grow to the point not even the four Domains will dare attack. One person was the perfect example to Chen Ming, the man known as Relentless Nr. 0.

I guess I need to work my way to his level, to walk without care anywhere I wish.

I’ve been to long away from Yan Mountain. I better return.

Chen Ming flapped his wings and landed on a blue carriage exuding a woman’s fragrance. It carried him out of Jade Lake’s reach and towards the Three-headed Dragon Constellation.

The fact he pa.s.sed the tribulation set the entire Galaxy abuzz, though it didn’t garner much attention. The four Domains set their sights on Relentless Nr. 0’s movements. Heavenly Court’s Martyr, Big Dipper’s Star Lord was set in motion but had yet to capture him.

Chen Ming’s tribulation, by comparison, was but a trifling matter. Relentless Nr. 0 was the thorn in everyone’s side. Even the Crownless a.s.sembly’s momentum grew more violent as time pa.s.sed, capturing three of the four Domains’ solar systems.

As for the troublesome Chen Ming, he was no threat to them, for now.

Of course, if Chen Ming came out swaggering, he’d be dealt with impunity.

In the Restless’ hall, Inevitables looked towards Nr. 0 with shock. He chuckled, “Chen Ming, we are destined to meet in the Supreme Gathering. We will see then who’s status is higher. I am waiting, but you better not disappoint!”

“As for you, Nr. 5, I will weigh your soul personally!”

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