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Earth, back in the days, around 2052 when its resources were showing its depletion, a war broke out that became known as World War V.

At the time, there were already two more World Wars that were staged in order to cull the number of people on the planet, but World War V happened to secure resources.

But that event was erased in the history books and what the only thing known is the fact that the world underwent a great Upheaval.

"The world used to have seven continents and seven oceans, but then the great upheaval happened and the seven continents crumbled.

"Australia, Africa, and a part of Antarctica.

"Three of the continents survived but in name alone, these three continents lasted for a while, until 200 years later and it was destroyed.

"The three turned to rubbles and everyone who failed to escape, then with the completion of the past system a new one was established. Basing it on the old system, the seven strongholds were born.

"The previous era ended at 2279 AD, and the current one became now known as 458 AU (After Upheaval)."

Such is the teachings of the a.s.sociation to the common populace. With a hundred years to burry what happened in the past, the people were blinded from the truth.

The harsh reality of the culling and the past mistakes crumbled, but something from the past remained as an instinctual thought. The excavation and usage of harmful items like oil were stopped and the technology of today uses renewable energy like sunlight and the wind or even the mana.

The mana that made the world flourish gave birth to Mana Generators replaced electricity. Mana current is much easier to control and look after so most of the technologies use it as the energy source. But most importantly, it did not cause any degradation to the world.

And in the wake of all these changes, the new government was created to govern the people. The World Government became the ruling power who take care of the non-Hunter professions and then the Hunter a.s.sociation became the sword and shield of humanity.

These two are different powers, and they shouldn't have anything to do with one another, but when an S-rank problem occurs, these two will work together and ensure their own agendas for their people.

At first, there was no one to regulate the two powers so no one could make any decision as their goals are totally different, that is until when a third power was created.

A secretive group consisting of people nurtured to ensure that their decision is the best possible action humankind would make making the government agree to their words, and they're high enough level to make the Hunter a.s.sociation bend.

This secret a.s.sociation has three members and despite their little number, they became the most important and the most influential power of them all. They are known as the Moderators, or better yet, the Council.

In a room where darkness prevails, there was a podium where a man wearing a suit and tie faced three holographic images of three people.

The man's name who stood in the podium was, Lorenz Ferian, he is the Hunter a.s.sociation Head of Stronghold 3. Overseeing the most important of all missions, and also the one who sent out the expedition force to the Forest of Beast.

He was a man of a square face and a well-maintained beard. He has a burly body and his eyes shone with valiance.

Facing the three monitors, there were three people on the side. Each monitor signifies one person, starting from the left it was, Heaven, Earth, and h.e.l.l.

Heaven was a woman standing on top of a field of water, Earth was a man with a burly build seated on a misty mountain top, and h.e.l.l was someone resting on a forest.

These three journeys the world observing the current events without meddling with its events. They walk or run; they travel in a manner no one can know for no one an accompany them in their journey.

This was not the first time Lorenz Ferian stood before the council, but even from beyond a monitor, he was still feeling the pressure.

"Are you once again seeking our guidance? But did you not reject our proposition? I a.s.sume your mission was a success considering how confident you were."

Heaven was the first to speak. She spoke of the fact that they had met before and despite Lorenz the one asking for their guidance he ignored them and did what he wanted.

Lorenz silently cursed as he stared at Heaven whose face like the other was darkened.

"I thought the new energy may provide us a breakthrough in our current technology. You may have known that the ones we sent to the other Worlds are currently showing great difficulty on proceeding forward on their endeavor.

"I also wanted to confirm the Supreme Roc's Domain, Hunter Regen left us in his note. Also Hunter Kristina's life must be ascertained."

Lorenz refers to the Hunter Regen who ventured to the Forest of Beast 30 years ago in hope of unearthing lost civilization. But, what he found was nothing ruins that came from another world carried by the large scale Dungeon Break that happened 50 years ago in the Forest of Beast.

Hunter Regen's note says about a world underneath the Forest of Beast untouched by the world and he speculated that there's a World Treasure hidden deep within.

Earth grumbled as he rested his head on his fist.

"You mean to say that your greed had blinded you of what must be done."

"Urk, I…" Lorenz wanted to defend himself, but Earth wouldn't let him.

"You what? You nothing that's what it is. You sent 200 C-rank Hunters, 100 B-rank Hunters, and 40 B+ rank Hunters. Not to mention their supports that stayed in the warships, add that up and you sent no less than 400 people to die on the island to satisfy your curiosity and greed.

"You didn't want to help humanity, what you want is to empower your ranks. We of the Council does not hold that against you, but, because of your greed, you didn't send out any rank Hunters to ensure none of the other Strongholds would notice your movement so if the Forest of Beast is conquered, you will be able to reap the benefits, didn't you?"

Earth was very upfront, but none of his words missed its marks. Lorenz's expression alone was enough to ascertain that what he had uttered was true.

Lorenz was at a loss for word and merely lowered his head, "I was in the wrong, my mistake had led to the death of hundreds of people who has a family of their own. Please, appoint me a punishment."

"Do what we told you to do." It was h.e.l.l who spoke this time around, "The power that surged out of the island can be dangerous to the World balance. Destroy the source together with the island, ensure that none of it will remain, and then admit your mistakes to the world. Step down from your position and have someone take over, in consideration to your achievement and your willingness to send your Stronghold's SS+ Hunter when needed, that is the lightest punishment we can give you. Do you have anything to ask?"

Every word uttered by h.e.l.l is a mere suggestion, but that suggestion in this situation must become reality. If not, Lorenz would be deemed as someone who might endanger the world and will have his head fly away.

The only reason the current human world can function without any of the person holding a high position doing anything that can doom the world is because of the Council's interference. When they give guidance it can be taken seriously or it can be taken as pa.s.sing wind.

But once they give you a punishment, one must comply or else not only will your head fly, but your family will also follow.

This had proven in the past. When the second-generation Council came to power after the first disappeared like a puff of smoke, the Government Leader of Stronghold 5 did something stupid that resulted in the death of 10,000 people.

The Council delivered his punishment and he didn't comply, thus, the Council came out of hiding and that Government Leader's and his family down to the ninth generation.

The Council saw Lorenz's reaction and grief and then nodded their heads.

The three of them then said the same thing at the same time;

"May this Guidance lead you to light."

The Council turned off their communication devices and Lorenz stepped clicked his tongue before cursing nonstop. Having his heart settle down, he called one of his people and issued the command…

"The destruction of the Forest of Beast has been determined. Let one of the birds take flight."

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