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Translated by: Taffy


Chapter 393 – Spiritual Journey Pt. 2

After playing at the beach all day, Suo Jia's party finally returned to their inn at night. Suo Jia absentmindedly lay in his bed, unable to sleep and with no desire to train either. Although he knew slacking like this wasn't good, he couldn't control his consciousness at the moment. He just couldn't muster the energy to do anything, all that filled his mind was his desire to meet that woman again.

Although it seemed absurd, this was Suo Jia's reality at the moment – someone like him whose strength was beautifying woman had been completely enchanted away by a naturally gorgeous female. They had only met once, but throughout the duration of the encounter, Suo Jia hadn't been able to speak at all. Instead, he had fallen deep into her trap, entirely unable to free himself/

Suo Jia stared at the full moon from his window in a daze and murmured to himself, "She said that we would meet again…I wonder if that's true? Would we really meet again? If we do, what should I say? Should I reach my hand out?"

His mind remained in this frenzy and kept him awake all night. He couldn't even meditate. Only after Xiang Yun arrived outside his door to notify him that the boat was ready and that they should head out did Suo Jia finally snap out in panic. If they left like this, would he still be able to meet her?

Bang! Having waited for so long outside the door without any answer, Xiang Yun finally lost patience and kicked Suo Jia's door open. Loftily standing at the now open entrance, Xiang Yun asked with his brows furrowed in confusion, "Boss, why didn't you answer? The ship is already all set to go. If we don't head out soon, the fog will rise again and we'll have to wait another week!"

Suo Jia frantically turned around to stammer out, "Um…can we stay another two days? I don't want to leave yet…"

"Stay another two days?" Xiang Yun stared at him in confusion. "Of course that wouldn't be a problem, but there must be a reason?"

"Uh…I…" Suo Jia tried to piece an answer together, but he couldn't come up with any reasonable explanation.

When Xiang Yun saw Suo Jia's dazed state, he gave up and simply shook his head. "Alright, we can just stay for a bit longer then. I'll go let Nicole and Roger know!" Without better option, Xiang Yun turned and walked out.

Suo Jia couldn't help but grit his teeth in frustration as he watched Xiang Yun start to walk away. Although he madly wanted to see the woman again, dragging his friends down to stay here was inexcusable. After all, Suo Jia just wasn't the kind of person that could have his friendships affected by a single woman!

At this, he hurriedly shouted out, "Forget it, Xiang Yun, we won't stay after all. Let's immediately head out!"

"Huh?" Xiang Yun stopped in his tracks and turned around to look at Suo Jia in confusion. "Now you don't want to stay? Are you really sure about that?"

Suo Jia resolutely nodded his head and declared through clenched teeth, "That's right, we actually don't have any reason to stay any longer!"

Xiang Yun nodded. Although he didn't really understand what was going on, he did agree with Suo Jia's last statement. With this, he began to head out again, "Then we'll wait for you on the ship. Hurry up and get ready."

Once Suo Jia saw Xiang Yun's figure disappear off into the distance, he dejectedly plopped back down on his bed, staring out at the distance in despair. Could it really be that he would only be fated to have that single meeting with that woman?

Ten minutes later, Suo Jia listlessly arrived at the pier and boarded the ship. When Nicole saw how out of spirits he was, she asked Roger, "What's been up with Young Master recently? Ever since he returned to rest from the beach, he's been blanked out the entire time. What exactly happened?"

"Pfft…" Roger glanced at Suo Jia and laughed, "Since you're a girl, you wouldn't understand. When a boy pa.s.ses the age of eighteen, he enters a state similar to a bull in heat. Judging from Young Master's preoccupied manner, he must be thinking about a woman!"

"Ah!" Suo Jia cried out after hearing Roger's words, his cheeks flushed bright red. He hadn't imagined that Roger would be able to tell what was bothering him with a single glance. He miserably walked back into the cabin without a word, his head lowered to hide his burning cheeks.

Roger gaped in astonishment at the sight of Suo Jia's embarra.s.sed reaction. After a period of stunned silence, he exclaimed in disbelief, "My G.o.d! I was just joking, don't tell me that what I randomly said was actually true?"

Nicole glanced over and asked in confusion, "Roger, I know what a bull in heat is like. It's when they charge like mad at any red, moving thing. Are you saying…that's what Young Master is like right now too?" Nicole looked down at her red clothing in concern.

Roger blanked out for a good while before bursting out in laughter – not just chuckles, but actually rolling around on the ground while clutching his stomach in laughter.

After a long while, he finally stopped laughing and sat up before asking Nicole solemnly, "Nicole, answer me truthfully…are you still a virgin?"

Nicole furiously blushed at Roger's frank inquiry. She tossed a punch at Roger and pouted, "What are you saying, why are you asking such random things!"

"Hehe…" Although he hadn't gotten an actual reply, Roger could immediately figure out many things from Nicole's expression. He asked her mysteriously, "Let me tell you, after the age of eighteen, men start thinking about girls. The "in heat" I was talking about means wanting to hold a girl in turn her into his woman!"

"Oi!" Nicole cried out in shock while hiding her flushed cheeks behind her hands as she reprimanded, "You rascal, you're just unable to say anything decent. Don't just make stuff up!"

"Mm…" Roger ignored Nicole's jab and rubbed his chin as he murmured, "But exactly what kind of woman would be able to completely change Boss like that?"

Nicole couldn't listen any further. She hurriedly stood up and ran towards her living quarters while angrily shouting back, "You're crazy, how would I know who Young Master is thinking of!"

Nicole raced full speed back to her own s.p.a.ce, her hands tightly clutching her chest as her heartbeat raced so fast that she felt like it would leap out of her throat!

Suo Jia had only become like this recently, and from Nicole's knowledge, she was the only girl that he'd had any contact with. In that case, didn't that make her the only possible candidate of Suo Jia's feelings? When she thought of how Suo Jia would possibly want to change her from a girl to his woman, she felt heat rush through her entire body. It was really too embarra.s.sing….and eventually, unable to suppress her shyness, she buried herself under her bed covers in attempt to chase the thoughts away.

Meanwhile, the ship had finally set off. Suo Jia sat within his own chambers, staring out the porthole and watching the little village gradually get further and further away. In his daze, Suo Jia felt like he could see that alluring figure standing on the sh.o.r.e and looking towards him in disappointment. However, just when Suo Jia excitedly stood up and tried to call out, the figure disappeared.

Suo Jia sullenly sat back down and wrapped his hands around his head in misery. He had to leave this place for the sake of his friends, but he couldn't escape the agony he was feeling…

At the same time, Nicole was currently tossing and turning restlessly in bed. What to do? What was she supposed to do? Because of her, Young Master was so distracted. How was she supposed to fix this? If…Young Master came looking for her, was she supposed to reject him or accept?

If she rejected him, Young Master would definitely feel worse, even more dejected than he was now. Nicole couldn't possibly bear to see him like that. But if she accepted, how was she supposed to deal with what would follow? In fact, she couldn't even imagine the end result. Although she had a vague understanding of lovers' relationships, the little bit she did know was already enough to make Nicole want to hide in shame for all eternity. That kind of thing was just way too embarra.s.sing…


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