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I’m still alive (I think)!

So aside from getting sick and being busy with work and life, the other main reason this chapter is so late is because of my reluctance to translate the last part of the chapter, which is just paragraphs and paragraphs of…how amazing this woman’s body is and how much Suo Jia l.u.s.ts for her. Obviously, having gone this far with CCM, this isn’t the first time I’ve had to translate these kind of things, but the fact is that I find it extremely difficult to do so. Not exactly because I’m uncomfortable with the content or anything, but just the fact that translating such content is not something I’m good at, and having to think really hard on how to phrase it to not sound more awkward and ridiculous than it already is just makes me lose motivation.

Luckily, after procrastinating  being stuck on those last few paragraphs for pretty much a month, I finally asked the amazing Deceptioning () to help me with those paragraphs I had basically given up on, so thank him for the long overdue chapter release! (I asked some others for help too but they all gave up soon afterwards like I did >.>).

In the future, would you guys rather I just skip these kinds of contents (ones that really aren’t relevant to the story and/or plot) and post the original raws, google translated version, or a tl;dr so that it doesn’t delay the release, or would you rather wait until I either finally manage to do it or get another translator to help me? Let me know please!

Translated by: Taffy


Chapter 392 – Spiritual Journey Pt. 1


Suo Jia, clad in a pair of simple trunks, lay leisurely on the beach to bask in the sunlight. While listening to nothing but the soothing sounds of the rolling waves, he couldn't help but feel an unprecedented sense of calm and relaxation.

"Waaa…don't you dare come over here!" Nicole's energetic shouts suddenly rang out. Currently, she was having fun playing with several of the village's children. Since entering the Greater Trade Routes, she hadn't ever truly felt so much joy. Suo Jia couldn't help but smile at the sound of her laughter — his decision to relax today had undoubtedly been a good choice.

When he turned around, he could see Xiang Yun sitting cross-legged further down the sh.o.r.e. He was currently atop a cliff at least dozens of meters above the roaring waves crashing down on the reef below.

A typical person wouldn't ever dare to sit somewhere like that, but that was exactly what Xiang Yun was doing. In fact, he was resting on a slab of rock at the very edge of the cliff — there was no support beneath him aside from that rock, the only thing below were the crashing waves! Moreover, the slab was so delicate that it would even sway with the strong winds. It looked as if it could fall over at any point!

Suo Jia just couldn't understand why Xiang Yun would choose that kind of place to train. Wasn't it a bit too dangerous? It was on a precipice over roaring waves, and the slab he was sitting on could collapse in an instant.

Of course, Suo Jia had tried to dissuade Xiang Yun from training there earlier. But Xiang Yun had replied saying that he had been stuck in a bottleneck since meeting Suo Jia. Although Xiang Yun's strength had undoubtedly been increasing during the past half year, he hadn't improved in mental training at all.

The choice of training in such a location was for the purpose of completely overcoming any fears. Once he was able to ignore the roars of the waves below, he would enter a state of mind where he could shut out elements from his surroundings, and break through his bottleneck!

Suo Jia turned to look the opposite direction and quickly spotted a whirlpool that had formed in the calm part of the ocean. That was where Roger currently was.

"Fwoosh!" Roger suddenly burst out of the whirlpool's center to take a few deep gulps of air before sinking underwater and creating another whirlpool!

Suo Jia chuckled at this sight. As someone that had swum before, he knew very well how hard it was to move underwater. Yet Roger had purposely chosen to practice underwater, claiming that it would strengthen the muscles in his legs so that he could move faster. Moreover, Roger was practicing one of the techniques that had been pa.s.sed down from his ancestors: Dragon's Heaven Cleave!

While pondering all this, Suo Jia suddenly detected a faint fragrance mixed with the salty breeze. Although he originally ignored it, thinking that it might've just been his imagination, the scent gradually grew stronger and stronger until finally, he realised that something was off.

"Little boy, what are you doing here all alone?" Just then, a delicate, coy voice rang from behind him.

Suo Jia immediately leapt up and swiveled around in shock. Although he had been somewhat lost in thought, the possibility of someone approaching this close to him without his notice wasn't an easy feat!

But as he turned around to look behind him, he suddenly felt his nose grow warm as something seemed to flow out…when he subconsciously reached up to touch his nose, he found his hand covered in blood.

"Pfft…" Although the female before him seemed somewhat taken aback by his reaction, she daintily covered her mouth and began to giggle in amus.e.m.e.nt.

With great effort, Suo Jia tried to regain his calm. The age of the female standing in front of him was indiscernible. Although she looked around 18 or so, her body was extremely voluptuous, and her well endowed chest made her age seem closer to 25.

She had a mature, flirtatious expression painted on her snow-white face, and she wore a pair of crystal-like gla.s.ses that just made her large eyes seem even more charming.

The extremely revealing swimsuit she wore confidently showed off her extremely voluptuous b.r.e.a.s.t.s and deep cleavage that seemed as if they could just suck a man's soul away.

A cat with pitch-black fur contently lay in her crossed arms. At the moment, it was clearly glaring at Suo Jia with a hateful expression.

Further down, one could see the woman's flat abdomen and an emerald gem embedded in her naughtily exposed navel. The gem was sparkling with an exceptionally bright light, and its clear, translucent appearance naturally brought out the beauty of the woman's dark green eyes.

Contrasting her excessively large chest, the woman's waist was unbelievably small. In fact, Suo Jia hadn't ever imagined that a body could naturally be curved so drastically — and this body part that he couldn't even describe gave him a ma.s.sive shock.

In his experience, a woman's chest and the waist always demonstrated the golden ratio. But now, this perception was entirely thrown off — this woman could be the devil's incarnate, as there was no way one could avoid being tempted by her!

Her body was equally voluptuous below her smooth navel. The outlines of her swimsuit did hardly any job at all in covering her figure, especially the area in between her thighs, where a single tantalizing crevice was very distinctly showing. As a man who was very well experienced with the female body, Suo Jia knew what this sight at first glance! This was the reason behind his very furious nosebleed.

Further below, the woman sported a pair of beautifully long and slender legs. Despite the fact that she was standing on the sandy sh.o.r.es of the beach, Suo Jia could swear there wasn't a single grain of sand stuck to her dainty, jade feet. And even more curiously…she didn't seem to be sinking into the sand. The sand, which shouldn't been able to carry much weight to begin with, seemed like it was hardly even bending under her feet.

Just what kind of woman is this? Had she appeared before Suo Jia before, he would've hardly spared a glance at her. But now, at eighteen years of age, Suo Jia was finally starting to enjoy the springtime of his youth. To have a woman whose body as stimulatingly revealing as this, Suo Jia's loss of composure was to be expected.

Many a time had Suo Jia seen the naked body of the fairer s.e.x all in thanks to the Empress pushing him to scrutinize her maid from head to toe, so his knowledge of the female body was even more complete than that of of his own hand! And yet, this was the very first time Suo Jia had ever been at such a loss over the sight of a woman's body!

He was completely transfixed, fascinated by what could only be described as the most beautiful and s.e.xiest woman he had ever seen. One glance was all it took for Suo Jia to start to burn with l.u.s.t. He was infatuated with her. Deep down in his heart, the voice of his own temptations was already whispering to him, "I want her. She is mine. Every single part of her must be mine to taste!"

He swallowed with much difficulty. His throat felt parched, as if there was a smoldering fire that had started somewhere in his stomach and was burning away at his throat. If he could, he would immediately bring this woman back to his room so that he could use what he had learned those years back in the Empress's chambers to thoroughly ravish her!

While Suo Jia's mind was still racing with such thoughts, the woman across from him smiled sweetly and gracefully stretched out her slender and delicately-sculpted jade hand to gently caress Suo Jia's face.

Suo Jia didn't show any signs of evading the opposite hand. He caught a whiff of the woman's faint aroma, and then felt the ice-cold, but exceptionally soft and smooth hand lightly caress his cheek.

Suo Jia closed his eyes in bliss and could barely keep himself from letting out a groan of pleasure. So a woman's touch could actually be this soft, this smooth, this fragrant? Heavens…why hadn't he ever realised this before?

"Hm?" With a giggle, she stepped forward so that she now stood only a few centimeters away from Suo Jia. Only then was Suo Jia surprised to discover that this woman stood nearly eye-level to his 180 centimeter tall self! It was clear to see that she was definitely over 170 centimeters at least.

At this close of a distance, the two could almost hear each other's breaths. All Suo Jia could sense was her pleasant fragrance slowly pervading his entire body. He impulsively opened his arms to embrace the woman before him….

"Don't!" When she noticed Suo Jia's audacious move, the woman's expression instantly changed. With supernatural speed, she immediately retreated from him.

When Suo Jia saw her avoid his contact, he couldn't contain his inward disappointment. The woman seemed to calm down and she rolled her charming eyes at him in exasperation before gracefully turning around and walking back towards the village. Her charming voice floated behind her, "Don't worry boy, we'll meet again!"

Suo Jia remained distracted for the rest of the day, as if in a constant dream. His mind constantly recalling the female's lovely face, her coy and sweet voice, and the delicate fragrace she carried that could seemingly seep through his body.

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