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The rest of the matches finished in style before round two of the first day commenced. To Tommy's surprise, he not only saw a familiar face, but all of the cultivators had different types of elemental techniques that he was not confident in going up against.

The familiar face was actually one of the cultivators and it was the young woman he saw from the Red Dust clan before he entered into the village when he arrived the day before.

"Why would someone from such a dominant clan that reached every side of this region enter into a measly village's contest?" Tommy thought as he watched the female cultivator use a lightning style technique to blow away her opponent in a flashy fashion.

Concerning all of the cultivators who had entered into this compet.i.tion thus far, Tommy realized that although they all had a similar level of power, that their techniques were spread out from low to medium grade.

This meant that if Tommy was lucky enough to go against someone with a low grade elemental technique, that he would have a chance to at least counter attack and potentially place higher in the rankings. However, deep down he realized that this may be unlikely due to how the compet.i.tion was currently set up.

Though it would be easy for him to at least place in the top one hundred compet.i.tors, when it came time for the real compet.i.tion to begin on the second and third days, he would eventually be part of the weaker remaining compet.i.tors.

Since the governor made the weaker fighters face off against the stronger ones, this meant that eventually, Tommy would be facing off against one of the strongest cultivators and would surely lose. This did not make Tommy feel ill intent towards the governor, but it did make him lose some hope of advancing too far.

As he finished watching all of the fights of the first round, Tommy realized that it would be difficult but still possible for him to land in the top eight compet.i.tors and it would require some luck for him to advance to the top four.

"Even if I only am able to reach the top eight, that would still be good enough to bring some type of glory to my clan." Tommy thought as the second and third round fights for the day went on. After only two hours, the day ended with the test completed and the top one hundred contestants chosen to advance to the real compet.i.tion.

Normally, it would be a much longer day, but because there were such a large portion of contestants who signed up that were on the weaker side, once they were paired up with the cultivators or much stronger opponents, they quickly just forfeited and cursed their bad luck.

With the first day ended, Tommy quickly rushed back to his room in order to recuperate and to continue tempering his physical strength. Even with him being unable to advance in his cultivation path using only the strength of his body, this was his best option in order to advance in the compet.i.tion.

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