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She could not help but secretly blame herself. Why was she so blind and stupid to let go of such a good man? "Are you free right now? It is almost noon so let's go have lunch together."

Tang Nuanhua smiled and looked at him playfully. She stood up and moved towards the man, her face full of smiles getting closer and closer. Li Shao sees her acting oddly and frowns. He looks at her even more coldly and responds sarcastically: "Why, what is the problem? Don't tell me you already want to dissolve the marriage contract? I am telling you right now! You should not think of this kind of thing and l advise you to dispel this thought early!"

This kind of cold tone had an irresistible arrogance that made one's heart beat.

However, this response should be expected because of all the things she had done in the past. No wonder he had this idea and would say this. Tang Nuanhua was not annoyed in the slightest  and she still smiled.

She took the initative to wrap herself around Li Shao like a koala and said: "This is what you said yourself. You don't want to dissolve the marriage contract. I will remember this. Since you don't want to, let's go out and eat together. If you don't go, l have to go alone and that would be unbearable."

When she said this, Li Shao could not believe it. Tang Nuanhua looked into his eyes and he could not help but be shaken by the coldness in her eyes. Her purpose of going to the office was to see the man in front of her but Li Shao thought that there might be a reason why she was using this kind of trick.

What's more, in the past, she did make many troubles so it was no wonder that Li Shao was prepared for all her actions. This forced her to scheme step by step by starting with approaching him!

No matter what method she used, her main objective was to develop a close relationship.

Thinking like this, Tang Nuanhua continued to hold onto Li Shao's neck and wait for a reply.

Li Shao looked at her coldly because he really could not understand what the woman was doing. He grunted and removed her arms from his neck, grabbed the car keys from the table and went out. He took the lead by asking: "What do you want to eat?"

Tang Nuanhua saw him promise and smiled even more. She didn't follow behind the man but instead walked beside him. She also took the opportunity to hold his hand and responded: "I don't know what to eat, you can help me arrange anything."

Li Shao did not say anything else but instead removed her hand from his. Tang Nuanhua rolled her eyes and continued walking towards the door. She saw Xu Mo standing by the door and in the next second, she turned and held his arm.

Li Shao became gloomy and glared at Xu Mo. Before the poor a.s.sistant could react, Tang Nuanhua's hand had been removed and put around his arm again.

Tang Nuanhua felt very loved and laughed. Although Li Shao was very cold on the surface, his heart still had her in it and he still treated her gently. She believed that she would be able to pry open the gates around his heart.

Looking at the sudden intimate action between the two people in front of him, Xu Mo became dazed and his consciousness logged off. He stared and savoured the interaction between the couple.

He felt that his eyesight was worsening since he saw this kind of sweet action. According to the past, Tang Nuanhua was not willing to be close to the president. Why did she change now?

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