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Chapter 648 - Chapter 648: Infuriated

Chapter 648: Infuriated

Translator: Atlas Studios    Editor: Atlas Studios

Behind her, Yu Qingning tugged at her handkerchief.

Wasn’t the scene of the residence kneeling to welcome the eunuch a huge scene?!

Yu Jianjia was a little emotional, and even her voice rose a little. “The emperor and the Empress Dowager really dote on Eldest Sister. Eunuch Zhu, who came to our house to read the imperial decree, is a very popular person in front of the emperor. The jade ruyi rewarded by the Empress Dowager is green and white. It’s top-grade Hetian jade. The headgear was all made by the Niinistry of Internal Affairs. The red treasures on it are like fire and sand. There’s also snow satin. That’s woven from the best snow silkworms. It’s different from the snow satin we use…

As she spoke, she couldn’t help but feel envious.

Even Yu Jianjia, the daughter of the first wife, was “envious.” How could Yu Qingning, who was following behind, not take it seriously?

She had hated Yu Youyao in the past and thought that she was as stupid as a pig. She couldn’t compare to her in anything. Other than her status as the daughter of the first wife, she was simply useless.

Yu Qingning was envious of Yu Youyao’s status as the daughter of the first wife, but she was also jealous that Yu Youyao had a rich external family and often relied on herself to gain favor. She had to compete with Yu Youyao in every way.

Ever since she was young, she had been raised as the daughter of a concubine. Her character was shaped by Madam Yang. It was easy to change a country, but it was difficult to change her nature!

Yu Qingning had become obedient, but her jealousy of Yu Youyao increased day by day.

She believed that Yu Youyao was the one who had caused her mother to become a concubine and be chased out of the residence.

It was Yu Youyao who had s.n.a.t.c.hed away her father’s love for her.

It was also Yu Youyao who had caused her to be locked up in the courtyard and tortured by Nanny for three years!

Hearing Yu Jianjia’s sometimes envious and sometimes emotional words, Yu

Qingnings thin and beautiful face twisted. “Hmph, perhaps it’s because the Third Prince has damaged her reputation that the emperor has compensated her with the position of county lord. Otherwise, she’s just a eldest daughter who lost her mother and the daughter of a foreign minister. How can she be conferred the t.i.tle of county lord!”

It was very rare for the daughter of an external minister to be conferred the t.i.tle of an imperial family member.

Yu Youyao was not worthy!

Yu Jianjia was shocked and quickly said, “Fourth Sister, this concerns the

Third Prince and the dignity of the royal family. You can’t spout nonsense. Previously, in the Duke Rong’s Residence, Eldest Sister sensed that something was amiss and returned to the reception pavilion in advance. Everyone knows

Her gentle words seemed to be absolving Yu Youyao, but after thinking about it carefully, it seemed to be…

Yu Youyao’s reputation might have really been damaged by the Third Prince.

However, as this concerned the Third Prince, they had to cover it up because of the dignity of the royal family. They had to say that Yu Youyao had discovered that something was amiss and returned to the reception pavilion in advance to protect Yu Youyao’s clean reputation, the Third Prince’s reputation, and the dignity of the royal family.

Yu Qingning clearly thought that way. “Heh, isn’t it all based on Yu Youyao’s words? Yu Youyao brought her maidservant back to the hall alone. The crepe myrtle garden has been cleared all the way. Who can prove that Yu Youyao didn’t enter the crepe myrtle garden and didn’t meet the Third Prince? The relatives in the imperial family are all descendants of the dragon. They are all lined up to be conferred t.i.tles by the emperor, but they didn’t get their turn. Who is Yu Youyao? Why is it her turn to be conferred the t.i.tle?! Don’t treat them as fools.’

Yu Jianjia’s face turned pale as she said anxiously, “You can eat whatever you want, but you can’t spout nonsense. This concerns Eldest Sister’s reputation. If Grandmother and Father find out, they’ll definitely reprimand you again. You can’t say that again…”

There was concern and worry in the meaning between the lines, but Yu

Qingning was furious. “Didn’t Yu Youyao rely on Grandmother’s support and Father’s doting on her to cause me to be in such a sorry state? What else does she want?”

Yu Jianjia looked helpless. “Fourth Sister, don’t misunderstand Eldest Sister. I know that in the past three years, you’ve been locked up in the courtyard and learned the rules from the nanny in the Education Department. You’ve suffered a lot, but Eldest Sister’s original intention is for you to learn more rules and etiquette. It’s also for your own good.”

Although Yu Qingning was locked up in the courtyard, she had never lacked food and clothes. In fact, because she had learned the rules from Nanny, Matriarch had specially given her an extra portion.

Yu Qingning clearly didn’t appreciate it.

It would have been better if she hadn’t mentioned this. At the mention of this, Yu Qingnings anger rushed to her face, and her face turned red. “Locking me up in the courtyard like a dog is for my own good? Letting me be tortured by the nanny in the Education Department is for my own good? I’ve bullied Yu Youyao in the past. Who knows how much she hates me in her heart? Why would she be so kind?”

Yu Jianjia couldn’t persuade her anymore and didn’t know what to do. “l know that you’ve been locked up in the courtyard all these years and it’s been hard on you.” At this point, she bit her lip lightly, feeling a little sorry for her.

“Mother’s health hasn’t been good recently. She’s treated you well in the past. If you feel uncomfortable in the courtyard, get the old maid guarding the door to pa.s.s on a message. Go to the Tranquil Heart Residence to visit Mother from time to time. This is a filial thing. 1 don’t think Grandmother will stop you. This way, you can go out a little.”

Her mother’s health was deteriorating, and she was also enduring it day by day. Matriarch had already removed the restriction on the Tranquil Heart Residence and did not restrict them from entering and leaving.

If Yu Qingning wanted to be filial to her mother, there was no reason for Matriarch to stop her.

Yu Qingnings eyes turned red as she said hoa.r.s.ely, “Only Third Sister is willing to treat me well. In the past few years, I’ve been locked up in the courtyard. It’s only because Third Sister often sends people over to take care of Nanny Jin that Nanny Jin doesn’t dare to be too harsh on me, Even though Third Sister is recuperating in the manor, she’s always remembered me. Every time she sends something to the residence, she doesn’t forget to include me. Everyone in the residence says that Yu Youyao is kind, but that’s all an act. A friend in need is a friend. Third Sister is really gentle and kind.”

She was really fed up with being locked up in the courtyard and not being able to go anywhere. She was forced to learn the rules every day.

As long as she could go out often, she would be grateful.

Yu Jianjia held her hand and said gently, “We’re all sisters. We should take care of each other.’

Yu Qingning was extremely grateful. She held Yu Jianjia’s hand and was reluctant to leave. However, she had been out for a long time. The Matriarch did not say anything, but she did not dare to stay outside for long.

After Yu Qingning had walked far away, Yu Jianjia turned to look at Bai Ye. “Is your grandmother feeling better?”

Bai Ye said gratefully, “Thank you, Young Miss, for hiring a doctor with brilliant medical skills to treat Grandmother. Previously, Grandmother entrusted someone from the manor to send me a letter saying that she had recovered for a long time and asked me not to worry. She wanted me to serve

Young Miss well and repay her kindness.”

Every month, someone would enter the residence to deliver something.

Yu Jianjia chuckled and said, “Your grandmother has served Matriarch in the past, so her relationship with our family is different. You and I are master and servant, and it’s an even rarer fate. We can’t stand by and do nothing.”

Bai Ye quickly said, “It’s also because Young Miss is kind.”

Yu Jianjia frowned and sighed softly. “Logically speaking, your grandmother’s health has improved a little. As her granddaughter, you are her only family.

You have to return home to visit her and show your filial piety. It’s also because my body is weak that I can’t leave you for a while..”

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