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Chapter 649 - Chapter 649: Honor

Chapter 649: Honor

Translator: Atlas Studios    Editor: Atlas Studios

When Bai Ye heard this, she was so touched that her eyes welled up with tears.

“It’s my blessing to be able to serve Young Miss. I’m not going anywhere. I’ll just serve you.”

Yu Jianjia was also extremely touched. She held Bai Ye’s hand and said gently, “You and Grandmother have relied on each other for many years and have always had a deep relationship. Back then, I pitied the two of you for living such a difficult life, so I brought you in to serve you. How could I let your flesh and blood be separated and make it be difficult for you to be close? In that case, wouldn’t my good intentions have done something bad?”

Her sincere words made Bai Ye wish she could die for Young Miss.

At this point, Yu Jianjia was also a little vexed. She hesitated for a moment before saying, “Why don’t we do this? After a while, bring your grandmother over and let her stay in the residence for a few days. The two of you can have a good gathering.”

Bai Ye was naturally excited and happy, but she did not want Young Miss to be in a difficult position. “Young Miss, my grandmother isn’t serving in the residence. I’m afraid it’s a little inappropriate to move into the residence rashly. You don’t have to…” She might have to deal with Eldest Miss!

Although Young Miss always said that Eldest Miss was kind-hearted, her grandmother also said that this was all on the surface.

If Eldest Miss was really kind-hearted, why would she let her younger sister, who was so young, stay in the manor alone to recuperate after her stepmother fell sick?

They did not have the same mother, and it was impossible for them to be united.

Hui Xiang, who was a maidservant in the outer courtyard, had been serving Young Miss since she was young.

When she first came to Young Miss, she was afraid that she wouldn’t serve her well, so she often went to ask Hui Xiang for guidance. She had heard that Hui Xiang had almost been sold because she had offended Eldest Miss.

Yu Jianjia thought for a moment and said, “It’s not that serious. No matter what, you’re still my personal maidservant. You’re your grandmother’s only relative, so she can come to visit you.” At this point, she pursed her lips slightly, her eyes looking a little troubled, but she still said, “This is reasonable.” In order to prevent her from letting her imagination run wild, she comforted her. “You don’t have to think too much. I’ll personally mention this to Matriarch. There shouldn’t be a problem.”

Although it was a little against the rules, it was not difficult.

The Yu Residence was not such an unreasonable family. Bai Ye had only become her maidservant with her grandmother’s approval.

Bai Ye’s situation was special, and her grandmother had long known that she was weak and could not do without her personal maidservant. Her grandmother would probably think of these problems.

Bai Ye was her personal maidservant. If she was willing to give her face, no one else could stop her.

As the Second Miss of the Yu Residence, could it be that she couldn’t even make such a small decision?

Matriarch wouldn’t refute her over such a small matter.

Yu Youyao would not make things difficult for her over such a small matter.

As long as she asked, it would be logical.

Of course, she naturally wouldn’t tell Bai Ye about this.

Eunuch Zhu held a bright yellow imperial edict and led the carriage that was “personally” driven to the Yu Residence. He led the way as the 64 people transported rewards from the palace.

Before the imperial edict arrived at the Yu Residence, the news of the emperor conferring Yu Youyao the t.i.tle of County Head had already spread throughout the capital.

For a moment, there was an uproar.

As soon as Eunuch Zhu’s carriage left, the Marquis of Zhen’s wife visited.

Clearly, she had come specially to ask about the news.

Old Madam Yu did not hide anything and repeated what Eunuch Zhu had said previously. She did not say anything else. “The emperor and the Empress Dowager dote on our Yao Yao so much. After Yao Yao’s order was sent over, I naturally have to bring Yao Yao into the palace to thank them with my sincerity.”

The Marquis of Zhen sighed softly. “The Empress Dowager is benevolent and charitable, and her heart is for the commoners. We naturally have to follow the Empress Dowager’s lead and do our best for the commoners.”

The Yu Residence now stood out. Those with higher official statuses than the Yu Residence would definitely donate more than the Yu Residence. Otherwise, they would easily be exposed.

Before leaving, the Marquis of Zhenguo’s wife held Yu Youyao’s hand. “l heard that your family is going to the moat to watch the dragon boat race this year. When the time comes, it’ll be more lively with more people from our family.” Yu Youyao smiled and agreed.

After the Marquis of Zhen’s wife left, Eldest Madam Qi, Eldest Madam Tang, and the other families who had reconciled with the Yu Residence also came to congratulate her.

She would leave the rest to Madam Yao and Concubine Jiang.

The entire day, the Yu Residence was bustling with activity.

It only stopped after the trial.

It seemed that this commotion was what the palace was most happy to see.

After borrowing the Yu Residence to convey the Empress Dowager’s intention to raise money for disaster relief, the various families should also understand the importance the palace placed on raising money for disaster relief.

Naturally, they would not be as careless as before.

Concubine Jiang politely sent the guests out before returning to An Shou Hall. After working for most of the day, she did not feel tired at all. Her face was rosy, and even her eyebrows looked glorious.

In the eyes of those who did not know the truth, this was indeed a great honor!

Old Madam Yu looked exhausted. “Go prepare a few tables. We have to celebrate at home tonight. The servants also have to add a few more dishes.

The money will be paid from my account.”

No matter what intentions and schemes were hidden behind this warning, on the surface, it was indeed the emperor’s grace. The Yu Residence had to remember the emperor’s grace, be grateful, and happily accept it.

Concubine Jiang was not a fool.

It was a great thing that Eldest Miss had been conferred the t.i.tle of county lord. However, the Matriarch did not seem happy, but she still wanted to hold

a banquet to celebrate. Her att.i.tude was too strange.

Could it be that Eldest Miss had really damaged the Third Prince’s reputation?

The position of county lord was the emperor’s compensation to Eldest Miss?

That was not right either!

If Eldest Miss’s reputation was damaged, it was impossible for Eldest Master not to have any reaction.

Concubine Jiang sighed helplessly. As a concubine, even if she was the household manager, many things in the family were hidden from her, so she had no way of knowing.

At night, the family banquet was sumptuous.

The servants also set up banquets in their respective courtyards to celebrate.

From the outside, the lights in the Yu Residence looked like daytime, and it was lively. Pa.s.sers-by could even hear laughter through the heavy courtyard doors.

However, in reality!

As soon as it was nine o’clock, Old Madam Yu used the excuse that she was not feeling well and ended the banquet.

Zhou Linghuai sent Yu Youyao to the entrance of the Jade Courtyard. “Go back and rest early. You still have a lot to do tomorrow.”

Yu Youyao smiled. “Cousin, sweet dreams!”

The little girl stood under the dim lights. The spa.r.s.e lights made her look hazy and delicate. When she smiled, her eyes curved, bright and beautiful.

Zhou Linghuai smiled. “Sweet dreams!”

The next day, just as dawn arrived, Yu Youyao was woken up by Nanny Xu.

Ever since she stopped going to school and finished learning etiquette, Yu Youyao had rarely woken up so early. She was still in a daze when Nanny Xu pulled her into the bathroom..

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