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I’m gonna go through the whole thing again to see if there’s any mistake that I miss out.Do tell me if you see one. As usual, enjoy it first.

Chapter 2 : Using [Reconstruction skill] skill to save a girl.

Residual thought.

It often appears in games and anime, the fragment of thought that remained in this world.

Yeah, that’s the way of it but it’s not peculiar at all.
This is a fantasy world.

It can’t be help since it’s practically exist.
I’ve to accept it.


「Demon race? Is it different from the demon lord?」

『It’s different.
Demon lord refers to the king of all demonic beings that threaten human.
It is completely different existence from the human race.
But we, the demon race is a kind of demi-human.
We are human subspecies.』

I see.

Well, I thought that it is unusual for a demon’s fellow that supposedly fighting at the frontier to be in the middle of royal capital and furthermore in a slave shop.

「………Then, why did the demon race was destroyed?」

『We have the same appearance as the human race yet they alerted with our existence because we possessed huge magical powers.
It came to be called that 『demon race』as the person who had to be abominable.
Then, we were destroyed.
We were beings that don’t like battles but………』

「Why me? 」

『It’s common for a visitor who was being excluded out from the royal family’s protection to respond to the loneliness of the demon race.』

「Well, if you leave me alone right away, I’ll die anyway.」

『I won’t say that you should look after Cecyl for the rest of your life.
I just wish you to buy her.
Rather than being among those who discriminate the demon race, I would rather to be a companion of a visitor.』

「In return, you will teach me how to use the skill?」

『If you promise to buy the girl with the money earned from the skills.I won’t tell you to do it immediately.She has been in that shop in these last few days.
Hiding being a demon race as the shopkeeper thinks that she is a dark elf.
The price seems to be cheap for a slave which is 12000 arusha.』

「Don’t say it easily.」

『Contract agreement』.

In other words, if Ashtarte teaches me on how to use the skill, I will have to set free that little girl.
No, wait.
Isn’t it the same as the king’s black job?

I hope that girl stays at the store until I earn money but what if someone buy her?

Then do I have to pursue the girl until the end?

Because the『contract』is like that.


In short, I have to grasp on how to use 『Reconstruction ability · Skill structure』by myself.

I’m used to this kind of thing.

During my unpaid part time work breaks, I make a doujin game.
It was because somewhere in the site,『Big doujin games become story』were listed.
I thought that I could make out of it.

In fact, there were no such thing and my site was just simply destroyed though.

Anyway, you can understand the skill systems, aren’t you?

Let”s try it.
It’s good to do 『contract』with Ashtarte even after that.

Once again, I invoke the 『Reconstruction ability』

Window of 『Smite』set appears.

『Smiting LV 1』

(1) 『Give』『Powerful Damage』to『Low Level Monster』

The characters are displayed.

But there is a blank s.p.a.ce in the window.

What if we a.s.sign another skill here?

Come.『Cleaning LV 1』!

『Cleaning LV 1』

(2) 『Clean』the 『Room』using 『Cleaning tools』skill

I got it.

……Somehow, I could grasp about the system.

『Reconstruction ability』is an ability to disa.s.semble the skill’s details.

To make it hard it’s 「Conceptualization of skills」.

Dismantle and disa.s.semble………Maybe I can reconstruct it too?

For examples, what will happen if I replace the details of the skill?

I touch the window with my finger.

You can move the composition of『Low level monster』and 『Cleaning tools』after all.

And…how about this!

(1) 『Clean』『Low level monster』using 『Cleaning tools』

(2) 『Give』『Powerful damage』to 『Room』skill.

「Execute! 『Reconstruction ability・Skill structure』!!」

I press 『Execute』character displayed in the window.

The composition of the reconstructed skills change!!

I seeー.I knew it!!

For example, this is like disa.s.sembling a curry into 『Meat・vegetables』『Water』and『Curry roux』.
You can make meat and potato stew if you reconstruct 『curry roux』into 『soy sauce and sugar』.

A skill to overwrite skills.

That’s the true ident.i.ty of 『Reconstruction ability』.

The execution of the『Reconstruction ability』produced 2 skills.

『Demonic Wipe LV 1』: Blow away low level monster in the surrounding with cleaning tools. [Tn: I wish i got one too, gonna need to kick out those spiders and c.o.c.kroaches]

『Building Strike LV 1』:Deals powerful damage to the walls and interior of the room.
Destruction special characteristic 『Bricks』『Wooden walls』

…………What is this.

No,it was good considering that it was my first time.

For the time being let’s save some money and buy another skills.

「Tte,…it’s different. This is bad, Ashtarte. I shouldn’t have done that until you told me.」

『………That’s a shame.』

「Something like this is my strong point.」

『It seems that I underestimate you.
What kind of person were you in your original world?』

「I make doujin game and some other things.」

It was not really popular.

Conversely, it was terrible because I made it.

「260 adjustable parameter to create a character with earth,fire,water and wind offensive and defensive ability. The game starts with high agility strong, amiable and other parameters with the highest of 690 ways to create skills and magic.
If one meets the king and the other party can’t see through 16 lies, they are placed in the area where there are strong monsters, when recruiting party member, there are options, events and popularity that is similar to Gyaruge, it is free of charge but the criticism were flooded and blazed up.」[Tn: Basically very imba lol]

『I can’t understand it well, but I could tell that you are argumentative.』

「I’m sorry that I couldn’t do the contract with you.」

『……Well, it can’t be help.』

「I’ll give you my thanks as for giving me the information of this world.」

I brush the hem of my coat and stand up.

My b.u.t.t hurts since I’ve been sitting for too long.

I have decided what to do from now on.
First of all, let’s aim for a normal happiness.

There is information for that after all.

A person who knows about this world and correct the gap between me and this world.

A trustworthy companion, as it is better to be known what it is like to some extent.

「Hey, Ashtarte..
From here, it will be idle chatting and you don’t have to answer it if you don’t want.
What is the market price for a skill?」

『………? I heard that for a dozen of common skills, the amount is from 100 arusha.
For a bit rare uncommon skill, it is a thousands of arusha.
Rare skills are priced from tens of thousands and some of the more expensive ones are traded for more than 1 million.』

「Is that so?
Then can we manage it somehow?」

『………!? Don’t tell me you……?』

As you’d expect it.

I opened the door of the shop that handles slave.

There is a small man with a moustache on the entrance.
Is this fellow a slave merchant?

Well then.

This one is a customer.
Let’s get to it.

「There is one girl that I want.」

I said it to the slave merchant.

「The name is Cecyl.
She’s dark brown skin, small pet.i.te figure with long ear, the most beautiful girl in this shop.I’m in a hurry.Quickly and bring her in.」

Because, it can’t be help isn’t.

Ashtarte told me about the information of this world,tentatively.

『Contract』.Rule that everything can be bought and sold.

Knowing that, it’s a big difference if you didn’t know about it.

Ashtarte told me about the rules before doing contractーin another words, it can be trusted. [Tn: I’m not sure either to use “he” or “It” here]

That Ashtarte introduced meーthat is, the closet one to an acquaintance.

In other words, Cecyl Pharott is the most reliable source of information about this world.

「Welcome.Customer, is this your first time buying a slave? 」

The slave merchant said.

The slave merchant inspects me as he rubs both his hands together.

The man claps his hand and a middle age woman leaves from her seat and goes into the store.
She opens a door in the interior of the shop and without delay enters a different room. After a while she comes back.

The brown dark elf girl of the demon race.

Cecyl Pharott.

She wears a white plain clothes.

The clothes is like a sack with just the place where the head and the hands are out, it is a simple type clothing consisting of a large piece of cloth with a hole in the middle for the head.

She wears a leather collar.
The chains are attached to prevent her from running away.

As Ashtarte said, she has a beautiful dark brown skin.

Her long ears are hanging languorously, and the red eyes that are looking downward can’t be seen at all.

The long silver hair was probably being groomed by the woman just now.
It shines with the light of the lamp.

Her figure is quite smaller than me.

How should I put it, she looks like a dreadful criminal if you put the collar on this child.

「For the first timer, this girl is not recommended.
She is a dark elf and a very moody fellow.
I picked her up from a war damage and she’s not friendly.」


「The name is Cecyl.
She looks young but I think she’s the same with customer.
People say that there are some grow faster and some grow slower in the dark elves.
She has a high magic apt.i.tude.
But she is no use as a combat personnel as there are some nostalgic temperament………」

「I’d like to talk with this girl, is it alright?」

After the small man nodded, I approach Cecyl.

The silver hair shook slightly.

She glanced at me with her red eyes and immediately averted her face.

「I was asked by Ashtarte.
Cecyl Pharott.」

I whisper quietly so that the slave merchant can’t hear it.

「Well, it’s not a big deal.
I will buy you.
In return, I want you to tell me about this world.
To speak frankly, I want you to be my teacher.」


She opens her eyes wide as she looks like she didn’t believe it.
But, they lie down immediately.

Ah, it is the same face when I was on my part time.

I will increase the wagーafter all impossible such as when I got a combo.

If it continues like that, I won’t be able to keep up my hope.

「So, shopkeeper.How much is Cecyl’s bid?」

「It is 180000 aruhsha.
She is a precious dark elf.」

「How about 120000 arusha?」

He’s probably noticed that I’ve seen through the market price.

The light as if the little man looks down on this direction has disappeared from his eyes.

「Customer, I’m sorry but do you have money with you? Our motto is outright purchase.」[Tn: outright purchase = you pay the whole thing w/o leaving debts]

「How about I pay her with skills?」


「Here the skills are traded with money.
There is a skill shop next door which specially exchange them into money. It’s quicker that way, don’t you think so?」

「Can I call out an appraiser?」


The little man exchanges looks with the shop a.s.sistant.

A middle aged woman who was in the back of the store runs to the next shop and brings a clerk from the skill shop.

Ashtarte told that「With one consent, you able to take out and the skill is known..」

Conversely, without one consent, the skills wouldn’t be clear.

I guess it would be better if I hide my 「Reconstruction skill」

As you’d expect it.

「The one that I want to sell is a『Skill to blow off low level monster with cleaning tools』」

I put my hands on my chest.

I call out 『Demonic Wipe LV 1』.

*zururi* I feel it.

A crystal ball that could fit into my palm comes out.

「………『Demonic Wipe LV 1』? I have never seen something like this before.」

The clerk of the skill shop who wears gla.s.ses said.

Well, I guess so.
I just made it.

「The effect……yeah, it is as this fellow says.
How much do you want to sell it ?」

「120000 arusha.」


The clerk of the skill shop makes a trouble face.

「It would be faster for you actually looked at the effect.
I would like to borrow a broom.
And is there any harmless monster somewhere?」

「If that’s the case, then use the slime for magic target..」

Is there such a thing?

The clerk of the skill shop brings in a colourless slime from the shop.

It seems fixed by magic as it does not move.

We went to the outside.

Cecyl is looking over here.
With the eyes that have more expectation than before.


I’ll show you something nice.

「You should see whether this skill has the value of 120000 arusha or not.」

I put back 『Demonic Wipe』into my chest and set up the broom.

I created this skill.
I know how to use it.

I swept the static slime lightly with the broom *su*
And thenーー


The slime flies away.

It’s almost like a golf tee shot.

It crosses over the people head to the plaza and jump over the building.

Well, it flew away.
I think.

Because it was clear, it flew away for about 300 meters isn’t it.

「How about that!?」

「……No, even if it is said,how is this thing useful?」

The slave merchant makes a curios face.

Oh, Cecyl is nodding.
It seemed that she understood it.
The purpose of this skill.

Then, it is going to be a negotiation from here on.

「Because you are a slave merchant, you are traveling to purchase people, aren’t you often attacked by the demons? I think you can use this skill.」

「No, we hire bodyguards as we don’t approach the place where the monsters are strong.」

As it is out of question, the slave merchant just shakes his head.

「I have gather a competent people.
As for the necessity specially to depend on a strange skillー」

「As for the demons, can you defeat them if you fight them?」


「Then, how long does the battle continues?」

I said.

The slave merchant’s complexion changed.

「You guys are travelling from town to town.
If you fight against monsters on the way to the town, it will take time.
As you can’t make it to the town by nightfall, you will have to sleep outdoor.
And the risk of being attacked by the monsters is higher.
This skill drives away weak monsters as for that, it will reduce the time consumption.」

I keep continue.

「Your luggage are slavesーhuman beings.
If the monsters kill them then it will be worthless.
When they get hurt or sick, the value goes down.
The more you spend time, the greater the risk.」


「Well, honestly what I want to sell is not the skill itself.」

Once again, I took out 『Demonic Wipe LV 1』and said.

「The thing that I want to sell is『Time』that can be shortened with a skill.」

「And it’s worth 120000 arusha.」

「It is up to you to judge.If you think about it.How many times you have come across the monsters during your journey to replenish the stocks?How long does the battle continues?The journey is delayed.The food expenses for the bodyguards, slaves and yourselves.The maintenance fee for weapons consumed in battles and medical expenses like medicine plants.Above all, the sense of security that you can drive away low level monsters during your journey.The time you can spend with your family by going home early.」

Do you go adding a point for insurance around here?

「If it’s not worth 120000 arusha then I’m going to sell it to another place.」

This was made by 『Reconstruction ability 』and there is only one.
In a way it’s a one-off skill.

In fact, there will be other people who want it, with whatever they want to sell.


The slave merchant looked sideways of the skill shop as if to ask for help.

「It is not mistaken that it is a rare skill.The price for a rare skill is from 5000 to 150000 arusha. It’s up to you to find out if it’s worth it.」

The clerk of skill shop shrugged his shoulder.

「I understood! Let’s exchange 『Demonic Wipe LV 1』with this child!」[Tn:baited]

After the slave merchant who was folding his arms groaned for a while, he nodded at last.


I do gut pose in my mind.

I put it up without preparing but I managed it somehow………that was good.

I was wondering what I was supposed to do.

「Then let’s do an official 『contract』」

I say it while pretending to be calm.

「Alright.Your medallion, please.」

「Medallion……Ah, is it this one?」

When I transferred to this world, a pendant appeared on my chest.

It is golden and on the pendant’s head there is a crystal key attached.

Ashtarte taught me about it just now.

The contract is done using this pendant for human.

「Under the name of G.o.d of 『Contract』.」

「Exchange 『Demonic Wipe LV 1』skill and 『Cecyl』with mutual agreement.ー『Contract Agreement』.」

*kachin*the keys that knocked together emits light.

At the same time, Cecyl’s collar rings *ring* and a ring is born on my left hand.

It was a ring with a small red crystal ball attached to it.

Is it a proof of the master-slave contract?

「Then, with this the contract is completed.
As for Cecyl’s skills, you can check them out back at the inn.
You will realise that you can do it as a master.」


「After all, you are not an amateur.
Nevertheless, customer……」

Both clerk of the skill shop and the slave merchant were looking over here with suspicious eyes.

「This rare skill, where the heck did you get it?」

「I just came from the east.It was my grandfather’s memento.I’ve dark elf acquaintances in my hometown and I was asked about Cecyl.

It is a skill that I tempered with when I make a doujin game that create an impromptu screenplay.

Oh of course I make it for all ages, right?

「I see.Well, please let me know if you have other skills to sell.」

「I will think about it.Well then.」

I don’t feel like coming here again.

I wave my hand at the slave merchant and the clerk of the skill shop and leave the place.

While looking at me strangely, Cecyl joins her hand with mine.

TN notes:

1.Doujin games :  Video games created by j.a.panese hobbyist or hobbyist groups

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