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Chp 10:

TL: Pineapple

Editor: Isalee

"I saw your amazing acting."

Manager Yoon Dae Sung told Woo Hyuk this in a dry tone. He wa a manager who worked for one of the top three agencies in the country. Although Woo Hyuk was good at acting, he was over 30 and he wa not famous. Therefore, he didn't want to flatter him too much. He thought Kang Woo Hyuk would be really excited for this moment.

But what's this?

"Thank you."

Woo Hyuk's response was really unenthusiastic.

He definitely told him that he was a manager from WOW manager and he checked the business card too. But what was up with his response?

Whenever he gave his business card to actors or future celebrities, there would always be two types of responses.

"You're from WOW?!!" They would act surprised and try to get on his good side, while the other response would be, 'Are you a scammer?' and they would doubt him.

Woo Hyuk was neither. It was just a polite greeting like meeting a person for the first time — nothing special.

"It was my first time being scared seeing an action movie."

Manager Yoon tried to b.u.t.ter up to him a bit.

It sounded like he was flattering him, but he was voicing his true feelings.

He thought that his acting was really good but his martial arts was also just as good as the stuntmen.

Woo Hyuk did the rehearsal as if he was actually filming.

His fighting actions weren't that smooth but wasn't that wild either. It definitely looked like he was doing his best. That's what he liked.

The stuntmen looked like mannequins who were good at moving around but he didn't see any emotions from them.

Kang Woo Hyuk was different. His gaze, expression, and actions were the best.

Manager Yoon saw all of those aesthetic qualities from him and himself in acting.

No matter how much a person is talented at acting, it's difficult for them to succeed without enthusiasm.

This actor will definitely be famous. I must catch him. Thankfully, it looks like no one knows that he's a really big fish.

Woo Hyuk received the compliment and nodded his head.

His action was very short but looked to be respectful and he didn't act as if he was being conceited.

Manager Yoon was about to say something but someone interrupted him.

"Yoo, Manager Yoon… how are you?"
It was Manager Jung.

I know his face, but we aren't that close for him to be greeting me out of nowhere. Didn't we greet each other in the morning? We just nodded at each other. That's enough for our relationship. Why is he greeting me again?

"Ah! Yes! How are you?"

Manager Yoon greeted Manager Jung with a blank expression.

Then he immediately turned his head to Woo Hyuk and kept on talking.

"Mr. Woo Hyuk, can you see me after you're done filming?"

Manager Jung couldn't stay still after hearing him.

He gave Min Hwan a look that told him that he needed help.

Min Hwan just shrugged his shoulders.

Manager Jung gave up on Min Hwan and just said something Woo Hyuk.

"Uh, Mr. Woo Hyuk! Please drink this."

He slightly pushed away Manager Yoon's shoulder and handed the vitamin drink to Woo Hyuk.

See this move, Min Hwan's eyes widened in surprise.

To think Manager Jung would act in such a mannerless way. He pushed him aside like a rugby player.

He was seeing many new sides of Manager Jung.

This more fun than expected. No matter what kind of fight it was it was more fun when there was physical contact. A fight with only words was deafening to the ears.

Manager Yoon ferociously glared at Manager Jung who pushed his shoulder away.

At first he thought that Manager Jung had just made a mistake, but thinking about how he was standing right now, he realized that it was on purpose.

No matter how you looked at it, the shoulder shove looked like an accident.

He could still hold it in if it was this much, but he could not stand seeing him talk to Kang Woo Hyuk.

His nickname was 'bulldozer'. He started the fight first with the shoulder shove. He could not live with this grievance.

Manager Yoon did the exact same thing to Manager Jung and pushed his shoulder.


As Manager Jung was pushed aside, he tripped over the prop and fell down.

He was just trying to slightly push him but he may have overdid it on accident.

Min Hwan saw this situation and he ran over to Manager Jung.

Manager Yoon was perplexed and apologized to Manager Jung. He didn't want him to actually fall.

"I'm sorry. I lost my balance so I accidentally pushed you. Are you okay?"

Manager Yoon looked like naughty child who had done something wrong and his face made him look like he was embarra.s.sed.

"I'm alright."

Manager Jung hid his unsightly face and accepted the apology.

He was the one who first pushed him so he couldn't say anything.

Min Hwan, who saw everything, couldn't help but laugh.

To think that two fully grown adults would act so childish.

He was worried that the shoulder fight might escalate into something big, but luckily nothing happened.

"Mr. Actor, what's your schedule today? Can we go grab a meal later today? I also have something I need to speak to you about." Manager Yoon cut in while Manager Jung was brushing off the dirt from his clothes.

Manager Jung was really famous for being a clean man, but he suddenly stopped cleaning himself and looked at Woo Hyuk.

Normally, when a new and upcoming actor received a proposal for a meal from a WOW manager, they'd usually be excited about that.

Yet Woo Hyuk's expression was neutral.

"I understand. Can I answer after I'm done filming?"

Woo Hyuk replied to Manager Yoon.
It was a happy and great thing to get a meal proposal from WOW's Manager Yoon, but right now he had to focus and finish strong for the film.

Woo Hyuk head was filled with nothing but the action scene.

Seeing Woo Hyuk's response, Manager Jung was really happy.

He was worried about whether or not Woo Hyuk would accept the meal proposal.

But Manager Yoon was a little perplexed but he accepted Woo Hyuk's response.

Is he in a bad mood?

No way!

Manager Yoon didn't want to be too forceful and wanted to apologize to him being a bit rash.

Manager Yoon saw that Woo Hyuk's face was completely focused on acting and he was thinking about improving his acting. Bothering him any further was not a manager's role.

"I understand. I'll wait until you're finished filming."

Manager Yoon stepped back.

Kang Woo Hyuk.

The more I see him the more I like him.

I like him as an actor and as a person.

He's a good person before he's a good actor.

Woo Hyuk's answer was very humble but it wasn't very servile.

It wasn't a calculating gaze either.

By closely looking at his eyes, Manager Yoon's greed for him disappeared.

He felt like he would fall in love with him as a fan. Whatever he decides to do, I will support him.

Manager Jung's opportunity had arrived. Manager Yoon stepped back.

Yet he couldn't open his mouth to say anything because of Woo Hyuk's expression. He was completely focused on the script.

He couldn't interrupt his concentration. Bothering him up until now was already embarra.s.sing.

Manager Yoon and Manager Jung made eye contact and didn't say anything. They made a silent agreement not to bother him any longer.

Manager Yoon and Manager Jung maintained a respectful distance from Woo Hyuk.

They both kept on taking something out from their pocket at the same time and put it back in.

It was candy.

They were both trying to quit smoking, and that's why they had candy, but they really wanted to smoke.

It was the same with every job. A healthy body was required to keep moving on.

They were in their mid-thirties. They were no longer young like they used to be.

They were looking in different directions, so they didn't know that they were both doing the same thing. Their desires were the same.

They both wanted to walk their paths with a great actor.

They wouldn't have made it this far if they just thought of money.

They had reached this level because they had walked with great actors and singers.

Actors and singers were people who bring entertainment, happiness, memories and laughter to others.

Working with them brought meaning to their lives.

That's why they spent the prime of their lives with them and now they' were almost 40.

It was like the feeling of a gardner raising a flower or a tree.

It was that he feeling of happiness when watering a plant and watching it grow everyday knowing that it would become extremely beautiful or knowing that it would bear delicious fruit.

A gardener's hands would be covered with dirt but their face would be filled with a smile.

That joy wasn't something that money could buy.

Manager Jung and Manager Yoon had come this far with those thoughts.

They had no time to think about these things when they were road managers.

They had countless sleepless nights thinking about whether to quit or not.

About why in the world were they doing this.

Was it the worth doing this? They weren't even earning a lot of money. In addition, their bodies and minds were completely exhausted.

There were two pathways for a manager.

One path would lead them to quit as they couldn't find any meaning in their work. The other path was to keep going, helping the actors and singers to show others that life was really beautiful and was something to be happy about.

They realized the joy of helping those actors and now they had come to enjoy this type of work.

Manager Jung and Manager Yoon were representations of the second case.

They discovered their worth and happiness, like how a gardener would find happiness in growing their plants.

Having singers sing beautifully enough for people to cry or actors playing a role so lifelike by emitting emotions of joy and happiness making the audience feel the joys of life were the times when those managers felt extreme satisfaction.

Especially when it wa an actor or singer whom they had raised since the beginning.

That's why he really didn't want to let go of Kang Woo Hyuk. His stem is st.u.r.dy and the leaves are fresh. If help him just a little bit, he will become a beautiful flower and bear many fruit.

Manager Jung and Manager Yoon watched Woo Hyuk's action rehearsal from a distance.

They fell in love with Woo Hyuk's acting and they just stood by each other.Suddenly they looked at each other and were surprised by each other's presences, but they each nodded to the other.

There was an awkward silence.

"He's really good at acting." Manager Jung spoke first.

"Yeah, I agree," said Manager Yoon.

Min Hwan, who was standing several steps away from them, saw that they were standing together.

"It looks like you two are pretty close to each other. You guys aren't fighting right?"

Min Hwan stared at the both of them. Because they might start fighting, he needed to be the one to stop them.

"I'm sorry about earlier."
This time Manager Yoon spoke first.

"No, it's my fault," Manager Jung replied.


"Do you want some candy?"

They both took out rice candy at the same time from their pockets and handed the candy to each other.

They did it exactly at the same time.

"I'm trying to quit smoking."

"Me too."

"My body isn't as young as it used to be."

"Me too. How old are you?"

"Oh, same as me."

"Nice to meet you."

"Are you married?"

"No. I couldn't."

"Of course you didn't."

"What about you?"
"I couldn't either."

"Of course you didn't."



The two of them smiled at each other.

They received candy from the other, ate them together and stood side by side as they watched Woo Hyuk act as they sucked on the rice candy in their mouths, rolling them around.

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