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Chp 11:

TL: Pineapple

Editor: Isalee

Woo Hyuk’s action scene was soon finished.

Without a stunt double, Woo Hyuk did the entire scene by himself.

His stunt double was shorter than he was by a good amount because the stunt double that was chosen was supposed to subst.i.tute Jang Il Gong who couldn’t make it today.

a.s.sistant Director Park realized that first, and soon Director Choi also found out about that, so he asked the action director and Woo Hyuk to try to film without a stunt double.

With the help of the action director and the other stuntmen, they were able to successfully finish filming today.

The day soon ended.

They were finished with the long filming session but the scene would only last a few minutes in the movie. At most it would be a few seconds short.

“You worked hard.”

a.s.sistant Director Park shouted to all the staff members.

Everybody clapped.

They were done with today’s filming.

Woo Hyuk was really tired.

Standing up straight was tiring for him.

He had gone over his limit today.

His body felt like it would collapse but he was too happy to complain.

This was all thanks to the life-experience database from last night.

If he didn’t experience Bruce Lee’s life, he wouldn’t have been able to do this.

He realized how much of an amazing gift the life-experience database was.

He looked west towards the sky.

The setting sun caressed his forehead.

It was soft.

Woo Hyuk closed his eyes and enjoyed the sunlight.

There were many people looking at Woo Hyuk’s actions: White Bear, Manager Jung, and Manager Yoon.

Min Hwan had already left the set because of his schedule and Manager Jung stayed behind.

“Mr. Woo Hyuk, the director would like to see you,” a.s.sistant Director Park said to him.

Woo Hyuk headed to Director Choi with a.s.sistant Director Park.

“You worked hard today. Thanks to you, the movie will turn out great.”
Director Choi motioned for Woo Hyuk to sit.

“Please take care of me.”

“What do you think about having the torture specialist’s script be a little longer? I don’t want him to die. Later on I want him to see the main character, Jo Tae Il, one more time. For example, the torture specialist survives the stab wound and he goes back to being a torturer, but this time he gets caught and gets sent to jail. And while he’s there he coincidentally meets Jo Tae Il. What do you think?”

Director asked Woo Hyuk who hadn’t really thought much about the script.

“Director, I would be honored to have a longer part in the movie, but when I think about the movie’s balance and depth, I think it would be best to keep the script as it is.”

Director Choi stayed silent after hearing Woo Hyuk’s response.

He thought that Woo Hyuk would be happy if his script was longer.

He was a little dissatisfied with his answer but contemplated his answer. His response wasn’t wrong. Since Director Choi just wanted to work longer with Woo Hyuk, he just brought this up without thinking.

“This is just my opinion, but what do you think about making the torture scene longer for the torture specialist instead of letting him live?” Woo Hyuk carefully said.

Woo Hyuk regretted the scene where the torture specialist tortured Jo Tae Il in the warehouse. It was too short and that scene wasn’t very descriptive.

Woo Hyuk wasn’t a famous actor, so he wasn’t a real cameo and he just followed the script and did as he was told. However, he felt that it was a bit lacking.

a.s.sistant Director Park who as listening quietly behind them agreed with Woo Hyuk’s proposal and nodded. He was on the same page as him.

a.s.sistant Director Park actually recommended for this part to be longer but Director Choi had ignored his opinion.

‘Our movie isn’t a thriller. We need to make it suitable and less cruel.’ That was Director Choi’s answer.

Director Choi’s words were correct so he let it be.

“You want to have a longer torture scene?”
Director Choi asked Woo Hyuk.

The main character, Jo Tae Il, became a really rotten man in both his mind and soul because of his trauma from the torture.

Society ignored him and his company betrayed him, but the cause of it all was the torture.

“When he got tortured with the ginger in his mouth, the viewers who’ve never experienced torture would feel sympathy from that scene because the viewers also know what ginger tastes like.”

For Woo Hyuk hadn’t said anything all day long, this was his first time speaking aside from reading his script.

a.s.sistant Director Choi and Director Park thought about his opinion.

Woo Hyuk was able to point out a big problem.

“Torture is the most important incident that happened to Jo Tae Il. He keeps on remembering that torture and feels angry about it. That’s why that torture invaded his consciousness and decayed his mind like cancer.”

Woo Hyuk once again spoke his opinion about the torture scene’s importance and his reason for making it longer.

They had sent him the script this morning. He was able to understand the entirety of the script in that short drive that it had taken for him to get there. This surprised the two of them.

“I apologize for speaking so much. This is just my opinion so don’t think too deeply about it.”

“Ah no. You pointed out a big problem,” Director Choi replied.

He stood up from his chair and shook hands with Woo Hyuk.

“When we make the torture scene longer we’ll have to meet again. We can finish it today but it’ll take too long and I have to prepare for that.”
“I understand, please contact me again when you’re ready.”

“This is my phone number, please call me when you have anything you want to say. May I get your number too?”

Director Choi handed his business card and cell phone to Woo Hyuk.

a.s.sistant Director Park’s eyes widened in surprise, because this was an occurrence that never happened before. Director Choi had never given someone his business card or asked for someone’s phone number before.

“Woo Hyuk ssi, next time, let’s work on a different movie together. I’m not joking. I really want to work with you again.”

Director Choi told him this when he got back his phone from Woo Hyuk.

That meant that next time he wanted to cast him as the main character or another important role.

Those weren’t empty words.

Kang Woo Hyuk not only had great acting skills but had good interpretation of the script.

He really wanted him. “May I also get your number…”

a.s.sistant Director Park handed him his phone.

Although he didn’t say anything, he had the same feelings as Director Choi.

Kang Woo Hyuk! I really want to work with this actor. If possible, I want start a movie with him.’

After this movie, he planned on being promoted to a director. He had plenty of experience.

He prepared many scripts and scenarios for many years.

Woo Hyuk said goodbye to the staff and actors and then headed to the parking lot with White Bear.

“Hyung, you worked hard!”
“You did too. You must be tired after waiting for me for so long.”

“No way! I wasn’t tired one bit. While I was a manager, it was really fun and I enjoyed it. Anyway, today was really fun.”

“Thank you.”

“It’s fun hanging out with you. It’s comfortable.”

“Aren’t you getting a job?”
“I know.”

“Are you gonna keep being a manager?”
“I want to keep being a manager but I’ve lost my confidence.”

How horribly could they have treated him for him to feel like this.

“What kind of celebrity do you want to work with if you’re going to continue being a manager?”

“Mmm… Kang Woo Hyuk!”
Woo Hyuk smiled and chuckled after hearing his answer.

“What kind of manager do you want to work with, hyung?”

White Bear looked at Woo Hyuk with an expectant look.

“Mmm… I don’t know.. I’m fine with whoever.”

White Bear put on a disappointed expression as if he had lost faith in his country.

There were people waiting for Woo Hyuk around White Bear’s car.

It was Manager Jung and Manager Yoon.

“You were waiting for so long. I’m sorry.”

“No, it’s okay, we waited on purpose.”

“If you have time, do you want to talk over dinner?”

Manager Jung and Manager Yoon spoke to him while taking turns.

“I’m sorry but I’m exhausted so I’m going home to rest.”

“Ah, is that so?”

Manager Jung and Manager Yoon put on disappointed expressions. But it was understandable though, he’d been doing actions scenes all day.

“If it’s about the contract, we can talk about it now.”

Woo Hyuk spoke to both of them.


“Here is a bit…”

Manager Jung and Manager Yoon felt a bit apprehensive.

“What do you think about me speaking to you inside your cars individually?”

“Let’s do that. Mr. Woo Hyuk, you can stay in the car and he and I will take turns,” Manager Jung said.

Manager Yoon agreed and nodded his head.

“Okay. I’ll wait in the car.”

Woo Hyuk went inside White Bear’s car and sat in the back seat.

A little bit later, Manager Yoon entered.

“We played rock paper scissors and I won. Hahaha.”
Manager Yoon spoke in a joyful tone.

Woo Hyuk just smiled.

“You may already know this, but our company is the best agency in the country.”

Manager Yoon started by introducing his company.

“Manager Yoon, I’m sorry for interrupting you, but I know well enough about WOW. It’s enough to just give me the rules of your contract.”

Woo Hyuk gently cut off Manager Yoon and went straight into business.

“If it’s about the contract…”

“You can first tell me how much money you’ll give me and how long the contract will be.”

He realized this after being employed by two agencies.

There were three most important aspects to a contract.

First, the agency’s financial status had to be good.

Second, he had to try to get as much money as possible from the contract.

Third, he had to make the contract as short as possible.

Also, when he signing a contract with them, he needed to be careful to not to let friends or relationships interfere with the decision of the contract.

“Actually, I can’t answer you right now because I need to discuss this with the agency.”

“Please email or call me after you discuss this with your agency about the highest amount of money you can give me and the shortest contract duration. I would be grateful if you could also send me the paperwork.”

“Okay, I understand. I’ll do that.”

“You may already know this, but I’ll be asking Manager Jung the same question. I’ll decide who gives the better contract between the two of you.”
“Of course.”

“I have one more request. Can I choose who my manager is going to be?”

“Do you have a manager in mind? Is it someone from our agency?”

“I want Mr. Baek Dong Soo who’s standing outside to be my manager. His contract also needs to be discussed with me, along with his yearly pay.”
“Oh yes. I’m not the one in charge of deciding that but I think the company will accept your proposal. I’ll ask the company and get back to you as soon as possible.”
“Thank you.”

Woo Hyuk pointed at the car door.

We’re already finished?

Manager Yoon felt a little disappointed.

“I feel bad for my dongsaeng, White Bear, who’s waiting outside for me.”

He pointed at White Bear who was standing outside.

Manager Yoon smiled, he felt like he knew why he wanted to get this over with in a hurry.

He was jealous.

That White Bear had such a kind actor that wanted him to be his manager.

“If you have any more questions, please feel free to contact me.”

Manager Yoon left with a happy expression.

Manager Jung soon entered.

Woo Hyuk said the same things to Manager Jung.

To receive as much money as possible, a short contract time period, and to have White Bear as his manager.

He also told him that he would compare the two companies’ contracts.

“I like your frankness. I’ll have you answer by tomorrow.”
“Thank you.”

Manager Jung left.

He found White Bear.

White Bear was scrunched up and had his arms around himself as he tried to warm himself up. He kind of looked like a dragonfly.

His appearance looked cute, so he smiled as he came out.

He didn’t want to bother him so he quietly exited the car and walked over.

Woo Hyuk leaned on the car and just watched what White Bear.

“Aigoo, it flew away.”

White Bear looked at the sky in disappointment.

He turned around to go back and saw Woo Hyuk looking at him. He hurried towards him.

He was so slow that it felt like he would take three days and two nights to run 100 meters.

“Hyung, it’s so cold, why did you come out? You sweat so much too, you’ll catch a cold. Hurry and go back inside.”
White Bear told Woo Hyuk this while running over.

Was I a good person in my previous life for meeting such a kind person like him?

“Dong Soo ya, let’s go eat something delicious.”
“Something delicious? Sounds good! I know of a good noodle restaurant around here. Wanna go there? The soup’s really good.”


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