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It was she!

Ye Chen took a step, but flinched when he saw Chu Xuan, who looked exactly like Chu Ling.

Did she belong to Hengyue Sect?

Considering for a few seconds, Ye Chen spun around and intended to run. Maybe in a hurry, he was hindered by the vines under his feet, and fell down with his face lunging to the ground. Regardless of his awkwardness, he stood up and tottered into the innermost part of the forest.

Frowning, Chu Xuan stretched her hand.

Ye Chen did not run far but was caught back by Chu Xuan soon as if she held a chick. Restrained by Chu Xuan's powerful energy, he failed to move.

"Morning, your ladyship!" Smiling bitterly, Ye Chen was dispirited and cursed many times in his mind. Encountering the bane of his life, how unlucky Ye Chen was.

Right now, Ye Chen stood in silent tribute for himself, with his heart thumping. The girl was at the virtual spirit stage, and Ye Chen was not her equal. He might be dismembered later.

Suddenly, cold sweat stood on Ye Chen's forehead.

Nevertheless, Chu Xuan was not enraged, nor did she reveal any intention to kill Ye Chen. She stared at him with a pair of half-closed eyes as beautiful as rivulet and oppressed him by her strong vital energy.

What mattered most was she did not know Ye Chen.

"Are you a disciple from Hengyue Sect?" Gazing at Ye Chen, Chu Xuan asked.

Chu Xuan's question astonished Ye Chen.

Didn't she remember me?

Ye Chen sighed in surprise, what a bad memory she had! We just met a few days ago.

At the thought of what happened between a beauty of the virtual spirit stage and him, Ye Chen rubbed the middle between his eyebrows. He wanted to save her but nearly lost his life.

"I asked you just now. Are you a disciple from Hengyue Sect?" Ye Chen kept silent, so Chu Ling asked him again.

"Yes, I am." Although Ye Chen did not figure out why she forgot him, he hastened to show his ident.i.ty card.

Glancing at it, Chu Xuan fixed her eyes upon Ye Chen, "What do you do in the mountains behind the sect at deep night?"

"I…I come here to pick spiritual herbs."

"Why did you run when you saw me just now?" Panicking, Ye Chen felt oppressed in Chu Xuan's gazes. He could not escape from her sharp eyes if he lied.

"Am I so scary?"

"I…I am afraid you will rob me." Ye Chen made up an excuse and answered in a submissive manner. His performance and innocent face were deceptive, leaving an impression of a good boy to everyone.

"Rob you?"

Ye Chen's reply tickled Chu Xuan.

Where was the place? It is the mountains behind Hengyue Sect, and within the sect borders. Was there anyone else except the disciples from Hengyue Sect? How could a sect elder rob a disciple at the Qi condensation stage?

Chu Xuan thought her demeanor frightened Ye Chen.

Casting a look at him, Chu Xuan did not ask him any longer, but looked around the thickly grown jungles and looked up at the sky sometimes, "Did you see something fly across this place just now?"

"Yes, I did. A white flash flew over here." Ye Chen recalled that the white flash whistled over the sky.

"Where did it go?"

"To the northeast." Pointed at the northeastern direction in a hurry, Ye Chen hoped the girl to leave as soon as possible. What if she remembered the night which she spent with Ye Chen?

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