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"Blood-thirst pellets stem from a strong sect." When mentioning Blood-thirst pellets, Pang Dahai was zealous, "Have you ever heard of the Blood-thirst Palace situated in the northern Chu Empire? The pellets are made there."

"The Blood-thirst Palace." Frowning, Ye Chen murmured, "Did the crooked old man come from the Blood-thirst Palace?"

"The pellet is extremely poisonous, but can also build up your body from another perspective. Alas, there is only one bottle. What a pity! " Ye Chen was puzzled to find that Pang Dahai murmured. 

Flicking a glimpse at Pang Dahai and whispering, Ye Chen walked out of the Treasures Pavilion and talked to himself that he could not have sold the pellets to Pang Dahai if he had known their value earlier.

Ye Chen walked towards the mountains behind Hengyue Sect rapidly, and collected the spiritual herbs for the jade spirit liquid refinement crazily.

Now, in Tianyang Peak:

Zhong Laodao nearly fell from his chair when he saw disabled Wei Yang carried to the peak.

"Ye Chen is extremely cruel and merciless."

"Master, Ye Chen pushed us too hard. I will challenge him one day. I can't believe a disciple at the first level of Qi condensation stage is unconquerable."

"We just wait for Ge Hong's disciples to be the pioneers first. What weird skills Ye Chen has!"

At dusk, golden light glimmered in a hidden cave among the mountains behind Hengyue Sect.

Ye Chen sweated all over his body beside the stove.

He seized each second to refine the jade spirit liquid after collecting all the spiritual herbs and already produced more than thirty bottles successfully. During the process he failed several times but the success rate advanced.

Ye Chen stayed in the cave for three days.

One night after three days, he took back his true fire and acquired over twenty bottles of jade spirit liquid after refinement.


Exhaling some turbid air, Ye Chen gulped down one entire bottle of spirit liquid.

The liquid functioned as spirit medicine, flowing through his body and fueled him.

One bottle after another, Ye Chen drank up all the spirit liquid in a short time.

With enormous vital energy, even a bottle of jade spirit liquid probably caused the explosion of elixir field. A disciple at the seventh level of Qi condensation stage did not dare to drink up a whole bottle in a breath.

But Ye Chen gulped down twenty bottles at one time.

That was the benefit of elixir sea. With a tremendous capacity, the elixir sea could encompa.s.s the powerful energy combined in over twenty bottles of jade spirit liquid. In addition, as the true fire a.s.sisted in refinement, Ye Chen enjoyed an exceptional advantage.

After the twenty bottles of jade spirit liquid were refined by the strong true fire, warmth spread over Ye Chen's body, each pore in his skin and each meridian were overbrimmed with purified vital energy, and golden light glistened in his elixir sea, where spiritual energy filled in.


Ye Chen heard such a sound.

He advanced!

Ye Chen made a breakthrough again several days after the last one.

"Now I can combat with the cultivators at the human core stage." Smiling unconsciously, Ye Chen clenched his fists and felt the strong energy revolving around them.

The navy blue sky was dotted with stars.

It had been the first time for Ye Chen to walk out the cave since three days ago.


The moment he left the cave, Ye Chen saw a white flash flew from afar at a rapid speed. It sliced through sky and soon vanished in a blink.

"What is it?" Casting a glance at the direction where the white flash sliced through, Ye Chen grumbled and spun around.



Soon, rustles came from green and luxuriant forests. A gust of wind rushed with a refreshing aroma of woman.

A graceful shadow arrived as quickly as wind afterwards.

Bathing in white moonlight, she was pretty and looked like a fairy without being stained by the dirt and dust of the mortal realm.

Taking a close look, Ye Chen found the coming person Chu Ling. To be more precise, she was Chu Ling's elder sister Chu Xuan.

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