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1459 Forging the Most Powerful Great Wing


Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

At the end of the first year of the Parting Summer Calendar, snow fell upon the human imperial capital.

But in the Seven Blood Eyes, winter always seemed to arrive late, with rain being more prevalent throughout the year.

It was the same even at the end of the year.

The curtain of rain enveloped the ports, and the hurrying pedestrians and boats coming and going outlined a beautiful canvas.

The sound of the rain falling on the oil-paper umbrellas and dripping down was delicate and gentle, like the sound of nature, gently brushing past one’s heartstrings.

It was as if the sky was professing its deep love for the earth and the clouds were expressing their endless affection for all beings.

Amid this rhythm and melody, Xu Qing walked through the rain and arrived at Port 176, which belonged to him. In a large warehouse area, he saw Zhang San squatting under the eaves, smoking a pipe like an old farmer.

There was another familiar face beside him.

Erniu was also sitting there, wringing the rain-soaked hair on his body while saying something.

Noticing Xu Qing’s arrival, Erniu waved his hand. At the side, Zhang San’s eyes lit up and he quickly stood up. He kept the pipe and even instinctively rubbed his hands, revealing an honest smile.

This smile was Zhang San’s instinct when he faced enemies or important figures.

Clearly, the current Xu Qing was both familiar and unfamiliar to Zhang San. What he was familiar with were the memories of their early years, but what he was unfamiliar with was the shockingly high cultivation and ident.i.ty.

“Xu…” Zhang San hesitated, not knowing how to address him.

“Senior Brother Zhang San.”

Before Zhang San could consider how to address him, Xu Qing smiled and spoke.

As he spoke, he walked under the eaves and sat down as well.

Just like how Erniu had brought Xu Qing back then and met Zhang San for the first time.

Zhang San smiled, while Erniu looked into the distance, searching around before voicing his discontent.

“Where’s that old bird Huang Yan? He’s not with you? Let me tell you, Little Qing, that old bird is really not a good bird!”

Erniu snorted.

Xu Qing thought for a moment and spoke softly.

“Eldest Senior Brother, with Huang Yan’s cultivation, even if he’s not here, he should be able to hear your words.”

When Erniu heard this, his eyes widened and he spoke loudly.

“This is the Seven Blood Eyes. With my junior sister and master, why would I, the eldest highness of the Seventh Peak, be afraid of a bird?”

It was unknown if it was a coincidence or not, but the instant Erniu spoke, the sky rumbled. Lightning flashed and a deafening thunder rang out.

Erniu was shocked.

Zhang San had a headache. The captain had come this morning. After he arrived, he had been sitting there and complaining for a long time…

Zhang San didn’t want to offend either side, so seeing Xu Qing, he hurriedly changed the topic.

“Xu Qing, I heard from the captain that you guys went to the outer sea?”

Xu Qing nodded. With a wave of his hand, he took out the great wing that was mostly shattered. With a boom, it landed in the courtyard of the warehouse. It occupied almost the whole courtyard.

Although the great wing had collapsed, the aura of the flesh of the divine creature on it and the anomalous substances from the outer sea mixed together, emitting a dense black fog that spread out sinisterly.

It looked extremely sinister. Even the rain was devoured by the black fog which then rapidly spread to the surroundings.

Wherever it pa.s.sed, it would be pitch-black.

Zhang San was shocked.

Xu Qing gently pressed down. Immediately, the black fog emitted by the great wing was compressed. It stopped spreading and was gradually erased.

“Senior Brother Zhang San, the great wing is broken. Do you have a way to repair it?”

Xu Qing looked at Zhang San.

Xu Qing admired Zhang San’s professionalism. Moreover, Zhang San had been in charge of his magic boats from the start. Although Zhang San couldn’t personally handle it because of his low cultivation, his understanding of the magic boat could provide a preliminary plan.

Zhang San looked at the great wing and the damages it had endured and gasped.

“This looks like it was bitten into pieces by a large mouth…”

Xu Qing nodded. Erniu coughed.

“Sansan, your judgment isn’t wrong. There was indeed a large beast that swallowed me, Little Qing, and this great wing together. Yes, I summoned it.” Erniu was proud.

Looking at his eldest senior brother’s smug expression, Xu Qing was speechless. However, his words did seem a little true.

Zhang San’s eyes widened when he heard that. After that, he shook his head.

He felt that it was better not to know too much about Xu Qing and the captain’s experiences.

After all, there were many things that could be dangerous just by knowing them.

‘My little life isn’t suitable for partic.i.p.ating in such things.1

Zhang San was very satisfied with his current life. He had a monstrous background in the Seven Blood Eyes, owned his own port, and earned endless spirit stones. He had also found many Dao companions in the sect.

Few people would dare to offend him.

He was satisfied with such a life.

He didn’t want to court death.

Hence, he didn’t answer the captain’s words. Instead, he walked out and arrived on the great wing in one step, starting to inspect it.

A while later, Zhang San returned below the eaves after a rough inspection. He took out his pipe and took a puff before sighing.

“It can’t be used. Even if it’s dismantled, the materials are severely corroded.” “Xu Qing, I’m also helpless.”

Xu Qing’s gaze landed on the damaged great wing and he fell silent for a moment.

“Senior Brother Zhang San, what if we build a new one?”

Zhang San shook his head.

“With your cultivation, an ordinary great wing is already meaningless.”

“As for the extraordinary great wing, the materials needed must be of extremely high quality. However, I can’t handle materials that are too high quality… Unless I can get help and you have to partic.i.p.ate as well.”

“But, this is still secondary.”

“At the end of the day, it’s the materials. Just divine creatures are no longer enough. You need higher-level or even the flesh and blood of G.o.ds. You might have them, but the most important thing is that you still need a powerful carrier as the foundation.”

“However, I can’t think of anything that can carry the flesh and blood of G.o.ds.” Zhang San was helpless.

Xu Qing pondered.

Erniu’s eyes lit up.

“That holy land mountain will work. Little Qing, I still suggest that we use Master’s name to write to the Empress and ask for it!”

Zhang San nodded. Although he had never seen the holy land mountain, according to his understanding, he indeed felt that the materials that could form the holy land must be perfect and meet the requirements.

Xu Qing pondered for a while before keeping the damaged great wing. After that, he flicked his sleeve and took out a piece of flesh.

This was Transient Evil’s flesh.

After staring at the flesh for a while, Xu Qing clenched his fist tightly and the flesh instantly collapsed. A gray light flew out and transformed into a dilapidated paG.o.da that landed in the courtyard.

It was the mysterious paG.o.da that Xu Qing had discovered at the bottom of the sea.

Back then, this paG.o.da had been kept into the flesh of Transient Evil. Xu Qing had escaped with the help of Jade Flowing Dust, but he didn’t take the paG.o.da out from Transient Evil’s flesh.

After all, with Xu Qing’s current ability, he couldn’t store this paG.o.da. It was more suitable to store it in Transient Evil’s flesh.

After taking it out, Xu Qing looked at Zhang San.

“How is this item?”

Before Zhang San could speak, Erniu’s eyes instantly narrowed and he was a little moved. He sensed the terrifying aura of this paG.o.da and the aura of the Holy Heavenly Vine on it. He was speechless.

“This is a good thing!”

As he spoke, the Holy Heavenly Vine in his body appeared and headed straight for the damaged paG.o.da. It circled it and emitted emotional fluctuations.

Xu Qing’s heavenly vine also flew out and twined around the paG.o.da.

It resonated with Erniu’s vine; starlight shone from the two vines. Even the dilapidated paG.o.da was affected and shone with starlight.

Zhang San’s expression also became serious. After carefully observing the paG.o.da, he felt increasingly shocked. Finally, with Xu Qing’s permission and the help of the heavenly vine, he entered the bubble surrounding the dilapidated paG.o.da.

A while later, he returned. His mind was rumbling and his eyes were shining as he muttered.

“Unknown material, and it doesn’t look like it was refined later on. There’s a high chance that it’s a natural item!”

“The aura emitted by it is like primordial chaos and incomparably ancient. It seems to come from the same source as your two vines…”

“Good stuff, a unique peerless item. As for the details, I have to study them carefully.”

After saying that, Zhang San took a deep breath and looked at Xu Qing.

“Xu Qing, my intuition tells me that if there’s a way to refine this item, the warship forged… will definitely be astonishing.”

“Even if I can’t refine it, its reference value is still huge. Also, your vine… I have to think about this matter carefully. Also, we need to ask Lord Flame Phoenix for help.”

When Xu Qing heard this, he took out the voice transmission jade slip and transmitted his voice to Huang Yan.

Moments later, amidst Erniu’s grumbling, Huang Yan arrived.

When the two of them saw each other, sparks seemed to ignite in the air.

Xu Qing hurriedly stepped forward and walked between the two of them. Zhang San also hurriedly spoke and told Huang Yan about building a new great wing for Xu Qing.

When Huang Yan heard this, his gaze landed on the paG.o.da. He thought about it and nodded.

“You need my fire? No problem.”

Just as Zhang San was about to agree, Erniu coughed and looked at Zhang San. “San, do you also need some ice power to forge the great wing for Little Qing?” Facing Erniu’s gaze, Zhang San hesitated, but could only agree in the end. Hence, Erniu and Huang Yan glared at each other again. Finally, under the mediation of Zhang San and Xu Qing, they began to prepare to refine the paG.o.da.

The matter of Xu Qing’s great wing was a top-notch matter in the Seven Blood Eyes. Moreover, Zhang San clearly wasn’t strong enough alone. Hence, under Second Senior Sister’s decree, all the refiners in the Seven Blood Eyes rushed over.

In the end, the refinement location was chosen to be in an empty area in the forbidden region.

Over there, hundreds of thousands of artifact refinement cultivators began to forge Xu Qing’s great wing.

During this period, there weren’t many times when they needed Xu Qing. He just had to leave the heavenly vine behind.

Hence, for a time, Xu Qing became the most free person.

He simply spent some time guiding the little mute’s cultivation. At the same time, he held a few public lectures in the Seven Blood Eyes.

He shared his cultivation comprehension with the Seven Blood Eyes’ disciples. At the same time, he also guided and answered the questions and doubts the disciples encountered during their cultivation.

A month pa.s.sed.

On this morning, Xu Qing, who was sitting cross-legged and meditating in the cave abode, received Zhang San’s voice transmission.

“Xu Qing, your great wing is roughly completed. The process was smooth and not smooth. You… will know when you come and take a look.”

Xu Qing immediately stood up and walked out of the cave abode. Just as he was about to head over, he sensed something and raised his head to look at the sky. A smile appeared on his face.

In the distant sky, a rainbow shot through the air, heading straight for the Seventh Peak.

Within the rainbow, there were two figures.

One was a middle-aged man, and the other was a young girl.

The middle-aged man was Ninth Grandpa, and the young girl was… Ling’er.

“Brother Xu Qing.”

Ling’er’s cheerful and coquettish voice rang out from afar like a silver bell..

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