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1458 Those Years, Those People


Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

The sky was serene.

The sunset’s glow over the inner sea unfolded the most dazzling tapestry between the Forbidden Sea and the skies of the Nanhuang Continent.

The deep colors and mysterious charm seemed to interpret the brilliance and sediments of life.

Finally, melting into the sunset’s afterglow, it sprinkled over the sea, adorning the black sea with a layer of shimmering ripples.

The afterglow also fell on the land, reflecting at the harbor of the Seven Blood Eyes, where the gentle rhythm of the waves lapped against the rocky sh.o.r.e, emitting a deep and rhythmic sound together, witnessing the imminent arrival of the night.

The sea breeze was among them.

On this quiet evening, the gentle breeze blew past the various boats anch.o.r.ed in the port and the cultivators of the various races and sects.

On the way, the wind lifted a few strands of Ding Xue’s hair.

The bell that Yanyan placed on the wooden box beside her rang.

It also caused the skirt of the graceful figure in the medicinal shop facing the sea on the street to undulate slightly.

Ding Xue stood on the sh.o.r.e of the harbor. Her tight clothes revealed her beautiful curves and at the same time, she looked valiant and heroic like back then.

It was as though time had no effect here.

The bronze sword on her back and the infatuated Zhao Zhongheng in the distance were the same.

Yanyan squatted at Port 79, where Xu Qing used to dock his magic boat, sitting on a wooden box and gazing out at the Forbidden Sea.

Beside her were five water vats that emitted the stench of blood.

She narrowed her eyes and pursed her lips, her eyes revealing antic.i.p.ation.

Many disciples of the Seven Blood Eyes and members of the Homicide Department from the various peaks were waiting with these women.

Just like that, time slowly pa.s.sed and night fell.

The lights at the port gradually lit up like stars, illuminating the entire port like the starry sky.

This starlight intertwined with the ripples of refraction on the surface of the sea, forming a beautiful painting.

A magic boat gradually sailed in.

Xu Qing stood on the magic boat and looked at the familiar Seven Blood Eyes and those familiar faces.

As the Seven Blood Eyes’ disciples in the port called out ‘Fourth Highness’, Second Senior Sister’s figure walked down from the Seventh Peak Mountain and walked to the harbor, arriving in front of the magic boat.

Huang Yan immediately moved beside his senior sister with a smug expression as if saying, ‘Look, I have successfully brought your junior brother back.’

Second Senior Sister smiled and then looked at Xu Qing.

“Junior Brother, welcome home.”

A familiar aura, a familiar environment, and a familiar mountain peak.

After reminiscing with his old acquaintances, Xu Qing didn’t disturb Huang Yan and Second Senior Sister’s reunion. Instead, he walked alone into his cave abode under the cover of night.

Although Xu Qing hadn’t lived in this cave abode for long, as he sat cross-legged and felt the surrounding tranquility, his heart, weary from the long journey, finally found some peace.”

He recalled his experiences in the past half a year, from encountering Transient Evil to destroying the holy land and hunting Transient Evil… He then followed Jade Flowing Dust to the outer sea. The whole experience was filled with danger.

His heart had always been on edge, and his will had remained taut.

At this moment, in the Seven Blood Eyes, Xu Qing heaved a long sigh of relief.

However, he was clear that this rest was only temporary.

It was impossible for him to stay in the Seven Blood Eyes for too long.

The war had already begun. As the lord of the Holy Wave Region and the Black Spirit Region, as the soul of the Fenghai County’s cultivators, he needed to return when necessary and respond to the Empress’s call to partic.i.p.ate in this war that concerned the entire Eastern w.a.n.ggu.

He also needed blood and killing to increase the compatibility between his body and soul, while also deepening his comprehension of divine authorities.

“Also, the great wing has shattered and can’t be used anymore. I need to look for Zhang San to repair it.”

Xu Qing pondered for a while before closing his eyes and starting his cultivation.

The Profound Sun Immortal Light flowed in his body, as though a great sun had risen in his heart, emitting a resplendent light that nourished his entire body. It then returned to the great sun, forming a cycle.

During this process, his divine source was also mobilized, illuminating the 1,000 traces of divine authorities.

Time slowly pa.s.sed.

Two hours later, Xu Qing opened his eyes and looked at the cave abode’s entrance with a frown.

After a while, a voice rang out from outside the door.

“Senior Brother Xu Qing, is it convenient for you? I made sweet potato and peanut porridge and brought it for you.”

She deliberately softened her voice, even adding a bit of obvious timidity.

This familiar tone and familiar style was naturally Ding Xue.

Xu Qing was helpless. He was no longer as ignorant as he was back then. He already understood Ding Xue’s thoughts and the way she looked at him.

However, they were from the same sect after all. Hence, Xu Qing raised his hand and the cave abode’s gate silently opened. As the moonlight fell, a graceful figure slowly walked over.

This lasted until she arrived in the cave abode and appeared in front of Xu Qing.

“Brother Xu Qing, it’s been a long time since I’ve seen you.”

Ding Xue’s face was slightly flushed, her eyelashes thick and long. Every time she blinked, it was as if she was telling a captivating story.

After she got close, she bent down and placed the sweet potato and peanut porridge in front of Xu Qing.

Her body-fitting clothes made her posture look perfect when she bent down.

When her eyes stared at Xu Qing’s face, they were like the brightest stars in the night sky, flickering with a mysterious and charming light.

The pa.s.sage of time didn’t take away the slightest bit of beauty from her body. Instead, they left behind beauty, making her eyebrows even more graceful than before. They now resembled slender willow leaves, gently curved, giving off a sense of both gentleness and determination..

Paired with her straight nose and cherry-like lips, just one look at her would stir an impulse within anyone to want to delve deeper.

Xu Qing didn’t say anything. He only looked at the antic.i.p.ation in Ding Xue’s eyes and thought of the other party’s sponsorship in the early days… He sighed and picked up the bowl to take a bite of the porridge.

“Not bad.”

Xu Qing slowly spoke and asked about some things about the other party’s cultivation.

Ding Xue looked at Xu Qing’s face and her heart raced. Her original plan was to conquer Xu Qing tonight.

That was why she was dressed like this.

However, now that they were meeting, she became nervous again. She didn’t know what to do next and could only go with Xu Qing’s flow and talk about cultivation.

Time slowly pa.s.sed.

An hour later, Ding Xue inexplicably left the cave abode.

The moment she walked out, she realized that her plan to conquer Xu Qing had failed again.

“I still have to make preparations. Next time… next time, I’ll definitely take down Senior Brother Xu Qing!”

“However, I have to restrain myself. I like him. This is my own business. I can’t let Senior Brother Xu Qing feel pressured.”

Ding Xue patted her towering chest and took a deep breath. After cheering and encouraging herself, she left.

She knew that someone was following her but she was already used to it. To her, the person behind her was an existence like air.

That person was none other than Zhao Zhongheng.

In the darkness not far away, his face was filled with deep emotions as he muttered.

“Xue’er, it’s been so many years. I like you but I know that liking you is my own business, so you don’t have to feel pressured. I don’t want my love to burden you. I hope you’ll always be happy.”

As Zhao Zhongheng spoke, he was once again touched by himself. After taking a deep breath, he followed firmly.

Xu Qing’s perception naturally saw this scene clearly.

Seeing that Zhao Zhongheng was still like this after so many years, some pity rose in his heart. After that, he shook his head and closed his eyes, wanting to continue cultivating.

However, at the next moment, he opened his eyes again and looked outside the cave abode.

A long time later, a trembling voice entered the cave abode.

“Brother Xu Qing, I heard from my grandmother that something happened to you because you saved me… However, I couldn’t capture any cultivators from the holy land. I could only capture a few Night Doves for you to vent your anger.”

Outside the cave abode, under the moonlight, Yanyan, who was wearing a red robe, stood there charmingly. She had bitten a corner of her lip, but no blood fell; she used her tongue to lick it all up.

An hour later, Yanyan left the cave abode.

In the cave abode, Xu Qing fell into deep thought.

He had sensed the uniqueness of Yanyan’s body before. In addition, it could attract the attention of the Golden Crow musician. All of this made him have a guess.

When Yanyan was dealing with those few Night Doves earlier, Xu Qing used his divine consciousness to confirm this guess.

“It’s not that she doesn’t have anomalous substances. It’s just that the anomalous substances aren’t in her body but have fused with her soul… This makes her soul extremely special. It can absorb anomalous substances but she doesn’t know how to make use of it.”

“Therefore, her path of cultivation isn’t smooth. Moreover, her emotions will fluctuate intensely. To a certain extent, Yanyan is a natural-born divine cultivator!”

Xu Qing mumbled inwardly.

Hence, in Yanyan’s soul just now, he left behind a wisp of his divine source and turned it into a seed to guide Yanyan’s future cultivation.

Xu Qing pondered for a while before closing his eyes again and starting to cultivate.

Finally, no one came to disturb him anymore. This lasted until late at night and until dawn.

At the peaceful Seven Blood Eyes Port, a figure with wet fur crawled up from the sea.

The moment he got ash.o.r.e, the furry figure cursed.

“Huang Yan, you old bird, you sent me flying and even sealed my storage bag and a portion of my cultivation, making it so I couldn’t fly for long and had to swim back! Just you wait!”

This person was none other than Erniu.

As he gritted his teeth, the sky lit up.

The morning wind brought with it some raindrops that scattered onto the harbor.

In the rain, Xu Qing held an oil-paper umbrella and walked down the Seventh Peak. His appearance was concealed as he walked on the streets. Just like back then when he was still a low-level disciple, he drank a bowl of beancurd from the breakfast shop he had gone to before.

After that, he walked toward Port 176, where Zhang San was at.

Although it was raining, the liveliness at the port didn’t decrease by much. There was an endless stream of cultivators and mortals coming and going.

Until, pa.s.sing by an apothecary he used to frequent in the past, Xu Qing saw a figure dressed in an orange-yellow long skirt, busy refining pills inside the shop.

That was the heaven’s chosen of the Second Peak, Gu Muqing. She had gotten to know Xu Qing because of a white pill.

Looking at the other party’s serious expression, Xu Qing didn’t disturb her and left.

In the shop, Gu Muqing sensed something. She raised her head and looked outside.

In the rain, the pedestrians were moving in a hurry and everything was hazy.

It was like a distant embrace that was destined to be out of reach..

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