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Was immersing myself in reading.

Now back to the action.



Chapter 5 Misfortune Upon You!

It can be said that the road to the capital was shorter than I had imagined.

During that time, I quarreled with Magali, engaged with each other, glared each other, and abused each other, but I am fine.

I mean, because it's Magali that won't be fine from now on. I'm so happy.

On the way, I was attacked by a monster that I was concerned about, but it was only two times and the knights handled it easily before it came to me. Well, there's no way they let strong monsters wandering around the capital. A lot of people are at risk here.

Hahaha, it seems my worry was just a needless fear.

Also, on the way, Magali seemed to desperately using her head, she must be thinking a way to take me along but... too bad....

The goal is here.

「This is the capital city.」

Herge said so proudly.

Indeed, it was natural to be proud, it have magnificent appearance.

A vibrant atmosphere in the large wall. And, a big and magnificent building that can be seen from the outside. That's a royal castle, huh.

......I wonder if inside there are any women who would pamper me?

It was me who looked at the royal capital purely like that but....

「...Think, Magali! There should be still a plan...!」

On the other hand, it was Magali that didn't enjoy it at all.

Thinking about a way to drag me with a desperate face while sweating tremendously.

Hahaha. It's useless, you do better stop it.

A reason for me to stay in the capital, there aren't any, right?

「Then, I'll take my leave now.」

When I say it refreshingly, Magali raises her face.

That desperate face, it's not bad you know?

「Hmm? Are you leaving already? You just come to the capital, it's okay to look around a little....」
「That's right! Let's take a look around! I would be happy too if you are here!」

Tsk... Herge, you. Saying some unnecessary things....

Magali also sticks to my arm.

Just how much do you want me to take me along with you! It puts me off!

Rather, I'm not happy at all even if you hold me. There's nothing soft there, it hurts.

「No, I still have a job to do. Also, I have to do my best for Magali's portion too.”
「... Is that so. You really care about your childhood friend.」

Herge who somewhat misunderstood me in a good direction said so.
Well, I don't need to solve this misunderstanding. It's going to be my profit.

「I'll be lonely! Please stay with me more!」

Still, Magali not know when to give up, she keeps restraining me.
You, don't say such things. That will make an unpleasant misunderstanding.

......Is being saint so harsh that she hates it that much?

When I think so, I feel excited.

I don't have intention to help her even a little. I want you to live without getting me involved ever.

I lightly bow down and match my eyes with the smaller Magali, and make a refreshing ikemen smile.

「From now on, it's Herge-san who will help you, not me. Don't be selfish okay.」
「(You never helped me even once though!? Rather, stop with the att.i.tude like an adult facing a selfish child! It's irritating!)」
「(If you see it from the outside, you're just a child, you know.)」

I sneer at Magali who glares at me with murderous intent.

「Well then, I leave Magali to you.」
「...Yeah, leave her to me.」

The knight look impressed when I bowed. Well, if you see it from the outside, I'm a gentle boy who is bowing down for my childhood friend's sake.

Although they don't know that the face I'm lowering is distorted to a terrible smile.

Fufu... I like being evaluated.

With a sense of superiority, I directed my smile to Magali who still haven't given up, groaning thinking various things.

「G・O・O・D L・U・C・K.」

I said so and turned away from Magali.
And then, I raise my hand and leave gallantly.

What kind of face Magali is making right now... I know even without looking, yes.
Anyway, with this I will never meet with Magali again.

From now on, will her true nature exposed and then executed because she's unfit to be a saint, or will she continue her feigning innocent and fulfill her role as a saint, either of them are fine with me.

The important thing is, no one knows my true nature anymore.
With this, now I'm freed from the chicken race of when Magali will reveal my true nature.

「Ahh... the world looks shining....」

Was the world this beautiful.....
My world is shining with only one woman disappear....
From now on, my wonderful everyday life will begin!

I went home while skipping.

Absolutely... I will never accept it...!

I renewed my determination while glaring at Alistar's back.

I have a ridiculous everyday life, while he has a leisure peaceful everyday life?

I see, it's true that with his feigning innocent that win against mine, he can have a good life.

But, there's no way I'll forgive it.

Since I have a hard time, Alistar must also have a hard time.
This is common sense in this world.

But... there was no idea how to drag Alistar to this side....
Although somehow I was able to bring him to the capital, Alistar has already going back to the village.

Ah, he's skipping. Stop messing with me, you b.a.s.t.a.r.d...!

In the first place, if Alistar didn't sell me to Herge, I should've already escaped and lurked in some city!

No, it's worse than sell off.

I mean, Alistar did not receive any money or any other compensation, and dispose of an obstacle called me.

Kuh... Well, I would have done that too if I was in the opposite position though...!

But, I can't forgive that I was done so by Alistar.

If I was done so by other person, I won't show such strong persistence.

Of course, I will take revenge though.

The reason I can't forgive Alistar... it's very simple. Despising the same kind.

We are very similar. Feigning innocent, hide our real nature for the future where we can live comfortably.
And that feigning is very advanced, there probably no one directing ill feel except us to each other.

In the meantime, only I was forced into a difficult situation, and Alistar is as usual... no, a threat of real nature getting known, that's me, is gone, he's now having a leisure life more that before. When I think so... there's no way I'll forgive that!

I can't see Alistar figure anymore. But, I won't give up.


I talk to Herge, the G.o.d of death's apostle who has cornered me this far.

It seems I already a saint inside him, he even uses honorific to a mere peasant girl.

......Yes, that's fine. I'm filled with self-respect.

「Can you chase Alistar from now?」
「Eh? Why is that...?」
「He went home alone, but I don't know when the monsters will attack. Even if the monsters already subjugated so they will hardly come out, it doesn't mean they won't come out at all. I can't help but worry about him....」

Of course, it's a lie. I just want to see his figure running away from being attacked by monsters.

That being said, not everything I say is a lie.

Alistar doesn't have battle knowledge even a little.
Even the monsters that the knights fight off easily are life and death problems for him.

Because there's is no way that man who ditches even his farm work can win against a monster.

「...I understand. Then I'll send some knights....」
「No, I want you to take me too.」
「Eh!? T-that's... but....」

Herge seems hard to answer my request.

Well, of course. It's about taking back the important person they took the trouble to escort.
If I was in Herge's position, I would have given me a slap.

However, I still don't want to let Alistar escape. I want to take him along.


I understand my good looks.
That's why I was feigning innocent like a saint. ...I didn't think I was really chosen as a saint.

I don't know who is the one who pick a saint, I wonder if that person is blind?

Me being a saint, also begging with a sad gesture.
And then, Herge too doesn't noticing Alistar's true nature, and thinking about him as a good young man.

Considering for his sake....

「...It can't be helped. I understand.」
「Thank you....」

Even while sighing, Herge eventually accepted my request.

My evaluation may have been getting a bit worse, but I can get it back later.

Even if my impression getting worse, I want to take along Alistar.

「Just you wait...!」

Until we reached him, until we send him back to the village, I have to think a way to take him along.

......Oh G.o.d. Please bring misery to Alistar.

If so, I'll fulfill my role as a saint even I don't want it.

May misfortune befalls upon Alistar!!

At that time, I didn't know that misfortune was really befall upon him.

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