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Episode 4 Good Luck

「Umm... When will we go to the capital......?」
「If possible, I would like you to make preparations right now. Because we would like to borrow Saint-sama's power as soon as possible, but, I think we need you to receive an education as a saint first....」

If the departure is tomorrow, I'm sure she was trying to disappear in the midnight.
Well, even if that is the case, I'll look for her though.

I won't let you go.

「(It's your fault!)」

Because she made an eye contact with bloodshot eyes, I smile at her.

「(Go die!)」

So harsh. Well, thinking the situation where she is cornered, I would have done so too.
Now, let's say a requiem to this woman.

I slowly approached Magali, showing a slightly sad expression.

「It's a little sad to part with you, but, thinking about you that going to do your best for the country, I'll do my best for the village in your stead. That's why, I want you to go to the capital city with peace of mind. Please don't run away. Because only you that can fulfill this task.」
「Alistar.... (I don't want to hear it from you...!)」

She makes an expression that looks like she's moved, but her real intention has been transmitted to me clearly.

Her murderous intent is amazing. However, we usually confront each other, but now I can actually feel that she's being cornered, it's feels pleasant....

「Saint-sama sure has a good friend....」

Herge-kun, you do understand don't you.
That's why, Magali. Please stop shaking your head horizontally. Your feigning innocent wil come off you know.

「Now, Saint-sama. Let's pack the things you want to bring to the capital.」

Herge is totally ready to go.
And I was so full of joy, to the point that I was about to make a small leap as if I had been so excited.

Ahh... Magali, the one who holds my weakness goes to a distant place called capital city....
Then, no one can threaten me anymore.

I can feign innocent, catch a wealthy and sweet woman, and live an easy life.

What, Magali also has a great skill in feigning innocent, it'll work fine even in the capital. She'll be fine.
It seems doing her job as a saint will be difficult but, she'll be fine.


Urged by Herge, Magali unwillingly goes to her house.

Bufufufu! It's the first time I see her being driven that much!

This, is pleasant....

When she gets home, she may be trying to buy some time by packing up, but I won't let that happen!

「Magali, let me help you packing. Perhaps, this may be the last time you are here....」

Magali looks at me with a dumbfounded expression. I grinned while confirming no one found out.

「I'm happy that you feel that way. But, I'm a woman. There are things that I don't want being seen by men....」

Magali said so while sweating.

Hmph... I know that you're going to say that!

「Hey, do you think I'm the only one who wants to help? Isn't that right, everyone!」

I said so and look back.
There were villagers who had a good smile.

「That's right! Let us help too!」
「If there are things you don't want to be seen by a man, we can help!」
「I've been indebted to you so far. I have to give it back at such times!」
「A person who is going to do her best for the country is come from our village. If we're not helping this much, it'll be a disgrace!」

What a wonderful village....
They must have a lot of work to do right now.

However, they throw it away to help Magali.
Is there another warm village like this?

Right, Magali?


amazing. Her eyes are so bloodshot even her eyes become red....
But, I'm not afraid. She can do nothing to me right now.

「Now, everyone! Together, let's pack as quickly as possible so that Magali can leave without hesitation!」

Responding to my voice, they raised their fists.
And rushed to Magali's house all at once.

Magali was crying when she saw it.
What a touching scene....

......Well, of course, I know that she's not crying in that sense.

「...You sure have good friends」
「...Yes, really....」

Herge speaks gently to Magali.
I also smiled at the situation.

「(I'll kill you...!!)」

...... However, the eyes Magali aimed at me was so scary, so I rushed to her house.

As a result of all the villagers packing up for Magali, the cargo was completed in less than an hour and placed in front of her house.
Amazing... I unconsciously smiled at their quick work.

With this, Magali will be pleased.

「Good luck.」
「Even if you go to the capital city, please come back if it's painful!」
「Uu... please stay healthy, Magali-chan!」
「Thank you, thank you....」

Surrounded by many villagers, and being given words of encouragement.
Magali sure is popular. She wears a mask though.

In regard to it, she thanked them with dead eyes.
Hey, you should be more happy.

Well, only me who aware of it though.

「Are you okay not giving her last word?」
「You are....」

The one talking to me was Herge.
It's just you, huh. I'm in a good mood right now, don't talk to me.

「You seemed to be especially friendly with Saint-sama. She will be busy from now on. You won't be able to meet easily. Isn't it better to give her last word?」

Friendly? Is he blind or something?

But... that's right. As expected, Magali is going to have a difficult daily life from now on.

Fufu... I can't hide my smile.
Okay, let's change this into a philosophical smile.

「No. What I want to convey, what I need to convey, I already talked to her. Magali is a gentle child, so she will do her role as a saint. But, because Magali is very kind, there might be a time where she blame herself and resign from her role. Herge-san, please take care of her so she doesn't run away at that time. You need to 『always』keep an eyes on her.」

I emphasize the word 『always』.
Hehe... don't let escape, Herge.

I don't want to meet Magali for the rest of my life.

「...Yeah, I understand. Really... you're a good man too.」

Herge laughed.
A good man. That's a reasonable evaluation.

However, looking at Magali who is responding to the villagers with dead eyes... Fufu, it's really enjoyable.

...... After all, let's give her last words.

I walked slowly towards her.
I felt like Herge was staring at my back with a gentle look. It's somewhat disgusting.

When I get closer, the villagers naturally open the way.
Idiots who say strange words like do your best, don't lose, etc.

What are you talking about.


Magali looks up when I stand in front of her.
If you look from the side, it looks like she's  expecting some words.

「(It's your fault... it's your fault!!)」

Well, her intention that conveyed to me is different though.
It's amazing, this murderous intent.

「Magali.... I have nothing left to say. That's why, I'll give you only this word.」

I smiled and said,

「Do your best ☆」
「~~~~~ !!!」

I showed a good smile, but Magali's face did not turn red nor blue.

Hey, what's wrong?
I want you at least show me a smile for the last time.
Right, because it is the last.

「Saint-sama. There were help from him and the villagers, let's us leave now. The capital is not so far away, but there is a little distance.」

Magali who is urged by Herge shows an expression of despair.
Ahh... it seems the dinner today will be delicious....

When I was waving my with a smile....


Magali raised her voice.

Hey hey, no matter what you say , it's already decided that you'll go to the capital you know?
Also, it'll be more difficult to feigning innocent than here you know? Good luck!

When I thought so, Magali rushed here.

......Eh? Really, what?

Magali opened her mouth to me who was doubting her.

「Alistar, will you go with me?」
「I refuse.」

What are you talking about? This wicked woman.
I refused it immediately without a second thought.

You think I'll go to the capital with you? It's fine if you go alone, but you'll definitely try to drag me if we go together. I don't want it.

「Please don't say that.... I'm a little nervous because I'm going to be in a new environment. I can relax if my bosom friend, you are there.」

Bosom friend my a.s.s. You just want to take me along with you right.
I'll never go along with... it hurts. Don't stab your nails while gripping my hand! The blood is coming out!

「No no, I'm just going to be a burden. You don't need me for your great departure. You are a strong woman. You'll be fine even alone.」

I said so and trying let go Magali's hand... it hurts! d.a.m.n you, stabbing your nails again!

「No no no.」
「No no no no.」

We repeat the same words, and unfold the battle while confirming no one realized.
Kuh... her nail stabbing is unusual! It 's pretty painful!

This girl, just how much is she doesn't want to go to the capital!? Rather, do you want to take me along that much!!

It was when the battle still continued....

「Now, no need to hold back. If just you alone, we can take you to the capital.」

Because Herge has said such stupid thing, I unconsciously raise my voice.

What is this guy talking about!!

「N-no... I don't even know the basic of fighting.... Also, the monsters are scary....」
「What I mean is, don't underestimate us. We're chivalric order, such thing as a monster is no match for us.」

Tsk...! What the h.e.l.l are you putting on airs for!

My complexion turned worse, while Magali's face turned into a grinning smile.

d.a.m.n! It's so irritating!!

「Even Herge-san said so too.... Please?」

『Please?』 my a.s.s.

Begging while tilted her head in feigning innocent state, the villagers who saw it, and the knights who were coming were also turning their pa.s.sionate eyes on Magari.

Even if you look at me with upturned eyes, only anger that gushed inside me.

Because this woman has a good look, if she does something like this, I'm sure every man can be deceived....
Because I know her true nature, my heart doesn't moved at all. Just hurry up go to the capital alone and die.

「...Let's see.」

I said so while thinking for the time being.
What now? Should I slap her face now and then escape?

......No, it's too unrealistic. I shouldn't move according to my feelings.
......My way to escape from here is... zero.

The people around her, they are those fellows who want to help Magali.
This woman who does fake tears drama, if I reject her request, the gaze that directed to me will become painful.


「...If you insist that much, guess I'll go with you. Really, Magali sure is hopeless. You need to do your best as a saint without me from now on alright?」

I said it in sarcastic, while pushing the awareness of her being a saint in the capital.

Magali too, smiles while having a spasm....

「Yes, thank you.」

We both smlied to each other.
It goes without saying that abuse war is unfold in our heart.

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