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Amidst the conversation, Alex turned towards Daniel

"Sir since she is also here now why don't you a.s.sign us to our work."

"Hahh!! umm... about that wait let me do the arrangements." saying this Daniel moved to a side and called someone.

Soon a man fat as a pig in his late forties came inside the room. This man was Fred Williams, he had a silly face but on that silly face of his was a frown. But as soon as his eyes fell on Susan he was flabbergasted, his expression changed simultaneously from a frown to shock to smile and then that smile turned to a lecherous one.

Fred Williams POV

'I was sitting near reception I was already not feeling good because my favorite girl Susan was not there today despite that I was trying to have fun looking at the swaying a.s.ses and busts of all the ladies coming and going out of the building, but who would have thought just as he had started having some fun that a.s.shole Daniel interrupted him. That Daniel he can get any girl he wants whenever he desires but for us, this is the only form of pleasure and now he asks me to come to see him chehh!. I was continuously cursing Daniel until I saw Susan our receptionist in the meeting room standing in front of me. You should know Susan is one of the absolute beauty of the company, she has been the aspiration to my fantasies a countless number of times whenever I used my hand to relieve myself, Ohh!! G.o.d, I just can not help but let my fantasies run wild.'

Seeing Fred ogling over Susan's body especially her b.r.e.a.s.t.s over which he was literally drooling Daniel smirked inside but looking at the disgust in Susan's eyes in order to not worsen the situation he called out Fred and introduced them

"Fred Williams they are Susan and Alex they are new employees who I have placed in your team help them adjust with the environment of the office."

"Oh! h.e.l.lo, miss Susan, I have seen you working diligently at the reception I am sure you will work well here also and together with me we will become the best group in the history of this company and why only this company in the history of PR department throughout the world." Fred greeted Susan with a handshake while ogling over her b.r.e.a.s.t.s and not even trying to make an effort to make it look coincidental.

Both Alex and Susan were speechless listening to the continuous blabbering of the fat meat, they were not even able to completely grip over the facts he stated, on the other hand, Daniel was also surprised but not like Alex and Susan he knew about the lecherous behavior of Fred on seeing Beautiful girls.

"I.. I will try my best." Susan stammered she did not want Alex to see her devilish side when she shreds this piece of meet to pieces so she tried her best to control her burning rage.

"I know you will, for your joining my group let me throw a party tonight I will call the others too," Fred suggested still holding her hands and rubbing his thumb against the back of her palm.

Looking at Fred conversing with Susan completely ignoring his existence and his "immoral" behavior towards Susan, Alex could not hold any longer and interrupted

"Sir, can I come to the party too?"

"Who are you?" Fred asked with a confused look, well it was not his fault when Daniel was introducing them Fred stopped listening after Susan.

"Fred I just told you both of them are in your group, remember?" Daniel reminded him in frustration. Today was turning into one of the most cursed days for him he was now completely mentally exhausted. If they were normal new employees, he won't even entertain them but for these two just so that Fred won't create troubles for him he has to go through all this trouble.

"Oh! hahaha! I was just joking, I certainly heard you earlier and coming to your question the party is for the both of you so you have to come." Fred replied Alex, seeing the frown on Daniel's face he can a.s.sume that he has taken things a bit far so in order to ease the environment he replied politely.

"Alex sir" Alex corrected Fred.

"Huhh!! now, who is Alex?" Fred looked confused at this new name, he thought that there was one more new guy not yet introduced.
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"My name is Alex sir, not Peter." Alex clarified to Fred

"I know... I know miss Susan and you John today you both can go home the welcome party is at 7:30 in the evening, just write your contact info on a slip of paper I will message both of you about the venue and from tomorrow both of you can sta..." ignoring Alex once again he continued talking about today's plan.

"Sir!" Alex interrupted once again.

"Yes," Fred looked at Alex and in an impatient tone.

"Sir my name is Alex, not John." Alex corrected once again

"I will call you whatever I want I am your superior, just go now." Fred flew in a rage and replied

"Yes sir" Alex obediently complied

After leaving their mobile numbers with Fred both Susan and Alex left the meeting room.

Fred was fully concentrated on the swaying a.s.s of Susan as she left the room with a smirk on his face. Looking at the disappearing figure of Susan, Fred shredded the slip with Alex's contact info to pieces.

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