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"Hey Susan let's go meet Jessica" exiting the meeting room Alex suggested

"Is it necessary?" reluctant to face Jessica as she is some bane to her Susan asked

"Well since we are here why not hang out with her for some time also she is one of the few friends I have and she was a great help to me" Alex gave his reasoning innocently

"Fine then" agreeing reluctantly Susan said

Both of them soon reached the doors of the infirmary and entered without knocking only to see a man holding a bouquet of about hundreds of roses.

Looking at the scene it was easy to guess the man in his late 20's was surely trying to pursue Jessica and was quite serious about it too. Looking at him even Alex had some inferiority complex at how unruly he was dressed.

The man named James was a tall man even slightly taller than Alex with blonde hair, he had a n.o.ble aura around him making him look graceful.

As soon Alex saw this he apologized for intruding without knocking and was about to leave with Susan when suddenly his hand was held by someone. Looking back he saw Jessica looking at him with pleading eyes while holding his hand.

Before Alex could understand anything Jessica turned around and looked at the man holding the roses.

"James I already told you that I have a boyfriend, look here he is meet Alex my 'BOYFRIEND'"

"You are saying he is your boyfriend?" Unable to believe her words James repeated her words in his mind.

Even Alex was unable to process her words properly, on the other hand, Susan flinched but thinking something she regained her composure.

"Yes!! do you doubt my words?" Jessica asked with narrowed eyes towards James

"I..I.. won't but let me ask you why is he so intimate with her?" James shuttered a bit.

Even though James was from one of the most influential families his family still fell short in comparison to that of Jessica's. He needed to be more humble to her in comparison to when he always acted.

"That's none of your concern is it?" said Jessica while eyeing Susan to leave Alex's hand

"You can't fool me with him and our marriage has been decided by the family elders a long time ago" James tried to reason his way out of the situation.

"My marriage cannot be decided by anyone else but me" feeling irritated at the continued persistence of James Jessica shouted at him

"You say that now but sooner or later you will be with me" Not taking her hard words to his heart James declared.

Not replying to James she started moving towards Alex and before anyone could react or understand anything she kissed Alex in front of everyone completely ignoring others in the room.

After kissing for about a minute finally Jessica parted with Alex, by now everyone in the room had different reactions, Susan was dumb folded, James was girting his teeth with rage and the man of the hour Alex was in a daze as if his brain has short-circuited.

Finally, James was not able to take it anymore and after viciously glaring at Alex he left.

After James left, Susan became clear-headed and the first thing she saw was the blushing face of Jessica stealing glances at Alex who was still in a daze.

"How could you do this that too in front of everyone? Don't you have any sense of shame? What would Alex think now? You didn't even ask for his permission before doing that." Susan kept on scolding Jessica without any end to it but before long she noticed that she was not paying attention to her but was stealing glances at Alex.

Susan moved towards Alex and started waving his hand before him but that turned futile so she pinched Alex's waist.

"Ahh…huh… Susan, why would you do that for? It hurts you know" coming out of his daze Alex scolded Susan lightly

"Why are standing there s.p.a.cing out like a fool?" angered by the current events Susan questioned Alex

"Well….u..you know I don't know about the past b…but as far as I can remember this is my first kiss, I kind of feel shy" blushing as he said these words Alex stole glances at Jessica and when their eyes met they blushed to avert their eyes from each other

"huhhh…" Both Susan and Jessica found the revelation too cute to react.

"I should go" unable to have the guts to face them anymore Alex made a run for it.

"Wait, Alex…" Jessica wanted to apologize but Alex was long gone

"Sis!! Why did you do that? You know how I feel about him don't you?" Feeling wronged Susan complained to Jessica.
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Looking at her sister who was looking at her with complaining eyes, Jessica could not help but feel guilty but soon she found her resolve.

"I know and I am sorry but I feel the same way about him as you"

"Sis what are you saying father won't agree and…"

"I know what you want to say I also don't wish to compete with you over a man, I wish I can leave him for you like everything I left for you but he is someone special"

"Sis! I didn't mean that" recalling how her sister always cared about her wishes over her's and got her everything she wanted Susan felt that she wronged her sister.

"Alright how about it, why don't we share him?" with a grin Jessica suggested.


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