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Chapter 449 Chaos and Commotion

The Stone Tower.

Adept Greem had already been gone for over ten hours. Everyone was concerned and anxious.

Even though the wind dragon that Greem had summoned before he left was a boost in confidence, rumors still started to spread when he had yet to return after such a long time.

"Adept Greem must have run away," A slightly fatter advanced apprentice started stirring the crowd, "He abandoned us here and ran away. We will all be done for once the Aki Clan adepts arrive."

"Yeah! Yeah, Adept Greem hasn't returned even after so long. He must have run back to headquarters."

"Well then, what do we do?"

"Let us run too! I don't want to stick around to be cannon fodder."

These people aggravating the situation shook the other apprentices' wills.

Even Apprentice Captain Yuri seemed to be hesitant about the situation. His eyes gleamed with a complicated light.

They had lost the resource site and the mines to the enemy this time. Even though it was not a factor that was within their control, it was still hard to predict what the clan would do to them. It was extremely likely for people to a.s.sume to worst in this situation and, consequently, commit some actions they usually wouldn't do.

"What are you people doing?" At this key time, the first to step up was still Beginner Apprentice Billis, "Sir Greem has already gone out to deal with the Aki Clan adepts. I believe in Sir Greem. He can bring victory back to us. Yet, at this moment, all of you are only thinking about running away? Can you still call yourselves humans?"

"Indeed; we are not!" The one who spoke was still that fat advanced apprentice. He waved his fists and walked up to Billis. If it weren't for Sabrina standing in front of him and glaring coldly at him, he probably would have been unable to suppress his urge to hit Billis, "It's been such a long time, and your Sir Greem hasn't returned yet. What evidence do you have that Adept Greem hasn't run away? What evidence do you have that he can beat those malicious enemies? Perhaps he has already lost now, and is…"

"And is doing what?"

A firm and dominating voice rang out from outside the tower.

Wild winds blew, and the wind dragon's ma.s.sive body descended from the skies. It spit out two worn-out and wounded figures from its mouth. Greem's tall silhouette then stepped off of the dragon's back with steady steps. Four stumbling people followed behind him.

It was his apprentice disciples!

"Bring the four of them down for treatment. Take special note of Hill. His injuries are quite bad!" Greem gave an order, and Sabrina bowed respectfully. She then stepped forward as several silver metallic appendages extended from her body, which she used to prop up the apprentices.

Billis' eyes shone when he saw Greem. He quickly stepped forward, "Sir Greem, these people…"

Greem raised a hand to interrupt him, "Go and help Sabrina. I'll deal with the situation here!"

Greem walked towards the fat apprentice while tapping his staff on the ground. He lowered his head and looked down at the apprentice, "You were the one rousing the others just now? You said I already lost and was doing what?"


The crisp sound of clattering teeth was audible throughout the room.

The pig-like apprentice's feet gave way. He crumbled to the ground, body trembling and shivering, as his teeth chattered in fear. He couldn't even muster a single word from his mouth.


A dull thud.

The staff in Greem's hand touched the ground, and a blaze of fire ignited on the fat apprentice's left hand. A terrifying cry of pain that resembled pigs on the chopping block filled the hall!

"You, you, and you," Greem turned to look elsewhere and quickly called out a few people, "Go and invite the two Aki Clan adepts in here."

Adepts? Prisoners?

It was only now that the apprentices realized that the two figures that spat out of the wind dragon's mouth were adepts. However, these two normally respectable adepts were in a lousy state. One was black as charcoal, with the thick smell of burnt flesh and soot wafting off his body. The other one was reasonably unharmed, but his robe, staff, amulets, rings, and all other magical items had been confiscated. Strange fire runes had even been attached to his shoulders, hands, and feet.

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