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Chapter 450  Spoils of War

They were still dealing with post-battle matters.

The apprentices remained in the tower to rest, while the others went back to the resource site to clear up the mess.

The resource site had lost its value after they emptied the warehouse.

The great battle between the three adepts had dealt destruction and permanent damage to the resource site. The broad stretch of land had either muddied into swamps ravaged by floods or burned to scorched earth. Most of the magical plants had died from the adepts' shockwaves. The survivors had also escaped from the damaged defensive arrays.

To avoid a ma.s.sacre happening to their lands nearby, Yuri and the slightly wounded Morse ventured everywhere near Gilneas, trying their best to exterminate these lucky survivors. Even so, dozens of 'strange occurrences' still happened on a daily basis. Yuri and Morse were worked to the bone to solve these problems.

The dozens of adepts that had witnessed the battle gave a detailed account of what happened. Almost every single apprentice had heard of the might and power of Adept Greem and quickly began idolizing him.

Three adepts?

Based on apprentice Hill's description, the Aki Clan had sent a surprising number of adepts!

Adept Greem had horribly burned one of them. Even now, he was still howling in agony on the second level of the tower, confined to bed. He had already received necessary treatment, but the process of recovering the burnt flesh was an arduously painful one.

Adept Greem had captured another adept. Greem had imprisoned him in the tower under many layers of magic and arrays, devoid of any freedom. It was rumored that this person was an elite-level combat adept!

The third one, on the other hand, didn't even show their face. They had been utterly scared away by Adept Greem's dominant show of force.

The battle of the resource site was an instant morale boost for the clan apprentices. It caused them to have unsurpa.s.sed respect and feelings of idolization for the Flame Demon. Even the doubtful ones looked shocked when they returned from the ruined resource site.

According to them, the entire place was a horrifying zone of magma. Lava flowed everywhere, the earth was scorched, pungent sulfur filled the air, and black and red magma remained on the surface of the ground alongside the damaged flowerbeds and gardens.

If it weren't for the coordinates indicating they were right, these apprentices wouldn't even have believed that this was the resource site they knew; the resource site they had guarded for seven or eight years.

The Sarubo Clan might have lost quite a lot of resources in this battle, but with the two enemy adepts in hand, the Aki Clan would have to pay a tremendous amount of compensation to settle this matter!

While the apprentices were busy with work, Greem casually appreciated his spoils of war in his room.

He had captured two enemy adepts at once. According to the Adept's Handbook, everything they had on them became spoils of war. Even if they were ransomed, he need not return the items. The enemy would have to offer a high price to repurchase their items.

Greem took the golden circlet and golden claws off of the badly burnt Sicha. Sadly, Greem's fiery onslaught had severely damaged Sicha's golden armor and boots. They had lost all possibility of being repaired.

Apart from this, Greem also found a charred storage belt and a cracked fire talisman on Sicha's person.

It was clear that the opponent had performed a lot of preparations before seeking him out. However, Greem's exponential increase in power upon transforming into the Flame Fiend had exceeded Sicha's expectations. Consequently, the elementary-level fire talisman had shattered in the battle.

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