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Chapter 448 Surrender

How much did Greem's spells hurt?

Three fire spells at one hundred and fifty-five points beat on the body like a downpour. Even a golem crafted from magical alloy would have melted and been reduced to liquid metal in that kind of heat, not to mention that Sicha only had a body of flesh and blood.

Sicha had used various poisons to train and refine his body over the years. This training allowed him to form an invisible layer of force on the surface of his skin when he drew upon his magical powers. This sort of barrier was generated by a combination of life force and Spirit. It deflected all elemental, soul, poison, and curse-attribute magic damage. Of course, the person's ability determined the damage reduction effect of the barrier.

Sicha was a veteran adept and could reduce about thirty to fifty percent of all incoming elementium damage.

Moreover, after all that refining, his body was as resilient as a top-grade magic resistant armor, even without the use of any other equipment. It was the most astounding trait of body-refining adepts!

They could endure an elementium adept's barrage entirely and charge to the enemy's side. After that, a single strike for them would end the battle. If the enemy didn't have sufficient mobility spells, victory was guaranteed.

However, this only held true for ordinary adepts.

An ordinary First Grade adept could only cast spells with power between seventy to a hundred points. Those that could exceed the hundred point threshold could already be considered veteran adepts. One hundred and thirty points would put you at the elite-level.

Flandre's signature Water Dragon Wave might only have one hundred and ten points of power at the point of impact, but its persistent nature made it an effective spell. The spell could last for forty seconds. Converted to total damage, the Water Dragon Wave could reach a shocking one hundred and forty points of power.

An ordinary adept would not even be able to break through Sicha's defenses, regardless of whether they could instantly cast spells as Greem could.

A hundred point elementium attack would be reduced by thirty to fifty percent, then further weakened by Sicha's golden armor, before finally affecting him. Sicha didn't even need to dodge. He could take these spells head on, and he would be fine as long as he could endure thirty to forty points of elementium damage.

This little bit of damage was entirely tolerable for Sicha, who had already honed his body until it was as durable as magical equipment. He might feel some minor pain in the process, but it wouldn't compromise his ability to fight in any manner.

However, a hundred and fifty-five point elementium attack like Greem's was far beyond the limit that his body could endure. The amount of damage that broke through his defenses was shocking!

That was why Sicha's body started to melt the moment the three spells descended upon him!

His previously steel-like muscles quickly disintegrated and fell apart when ravaged by the elementium flames. Sicha was engulfed by elementium flames of over three thousand degrees the moment his forcefield was overcome; he immediately ignited and started to burn.

The fire blazed, burning all his skin, hair, blood, flesh, and nerves.

The intense pain from every piece of his body caused Sicha to break free of the wind dragon's intimidation instantly. He howled in agony and started running away. However, there was no use in running. That ferocious layer of flames still overwhelmed his body, sizzling and crackling as it burned away his flesh.

It didn't matter how powerful Sicha's magic resistance was. His skin still withered, cracked, and turned to ashes under the effects of that horrifying fire. Without the protection of his skin, the flesh, nerves, and bones were exposed to the flame.

With his powerful Spirit, Sicha very clearly felt how the fires were burning every inch of his skin and every piece of his flesh.

It was a nightmarish feeling that frightened him to the very core of his soul. His actions became even more desperate and mad.

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