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Adolescent Adam 2: Chapter 2 - Together in the Infirmary

The mood on the way to school the following day could not have been worse.

Ange did not actually neglect her bodyguard duties, but she refused to walk alongside him like normal and she kept a distance of five meters at all times. And she always stayed behind him.



Naturally, they did not speak at all.

She had been thoroughly irritated lately and things had often been awkward, but this was the worst day that month.

She had apparently suspected Mutsuki and Micha were in that sort of relationship, but actually seeing it – and while he was attacking her partner’s secondary hole – seemed to have been quite a shock.

Not only would she not approach him, but when he had happened to circle behind her while they put their shoes on in the entranceway that morning…

“Don’t get behind meeeeee!”

She had shouted in intense anger.

She had darted away and covered her b.u.t.t with both hands with her back to the wall.


“Shut up, shut up! Face forward! Don’t stand behind me, you pervert! You b.u.t.t devil!”

That summed up how she had been acting.

Even if it was his own fault, being called a “b.u.t.t devil” was so blunt it made him want to cry.

He did not want her shouting that in front of others, so he maintained the five meter distance on their way to school.

That awful situation continued all the way to the cla.s.sroom. Ange moved to her desk in the very back and Mutsuki to his diagonally in front of hers.

Normally, Ange would stare out the window until morning homeroom began, but…



Today, he felt a gaze so sharp it was physically painful and it lasted the entire time.

His saving G.o.ddess appeared with only a few minutes until the chime rang.

“Morning, Fujita-kun, Ange-chan. …Something wrong?”

“Good morning, Kurikara-san. Everything’s fine.”

“…Good morning.”

Their cla.s.smate ran over with a smile as bright as the midday sun.

The girl with plump feminine lines on her cheeks and upper arms and adorable round eyes like a dog’s or cat’s was Kurikara Saya.

She liked to talk, she was cheerful, and she was something like the leader of the cla.s.s’s girls. Ange preferred being unsociable, but this girl would still speak with her and they had started speaking quite a bit recently.

She seemed to have noticed the dangerous atmosphere surrounding the two, so she blew it away with the smile of an eternal optimist and slapped them on the back. She seemed to be in an even better mood than usual.

“Hey, hey. Did you bring yours today?”

“Our what?”

“Oh, c’moooon! You know!”


She suddenly lifted her own skirt.

Mutsuki and Ange were sitting down, so they were in the perfect position to see her healthy thighs. The two of them were speechless and they could even see the black material covering her crotch.

“Wait! K-Kurikara-san! What are you-…ohh.”

Mutsuki briefly panicked, but he soon caught on.

“Heh heh heh~ I can’t wait until swimming cla.s.s during third period~ The pool is finally opening~”

The black material was her swimsuit, not her panties. Their cla.s.smate spun around in a little dance with her skirt still lifted and the nearby boys stared, but Mutsuki looked to the side.

“So did you bring yours? Your. Swim. Suits♪”

This was the source of her good mood. Even at her age, Saya was so excited she had worn her swimsuit below her clothes and she smiled.

“Mutsuki nodded and patted the bag he had brought with him.

“So what about you, Ange-chan?”

“I…don’t have one of those.”

Mutsuki realized Ange was acting weird.

Her irritated expression had stiffened and she looked out the window as if to avoid the issue.

“Oh, did you forget yours?”

Their eternal optimist cla.s.smate immediately latched onto the reason for this change.

“Noooot to worry! Leave it all to Kurikara Saya, lead helper for Cla.s.s 2-A!”

“Huh? …Fwah!”

“We just have to borrow one from another cla.s.s♪”

She grabbed Ange’s hand.

“Kagura-chan in Cla.s.s C is on the swim team, so she’ll have a few school swimsuits here. One of them should fit you, so let’s borrow one.”

“Wait, you don’t have to do that! I’m fine sitting out!”

“We can’t have that! Not swimming when the pool’s first opened is blasphemy against summer! So let’s go! Adolescence isn’t going to wait around. Our summer has only just begun!!”

“I said noooooo!”

Ange was reluctantly forced from the cla.s.sroom by Saya’s energy and Mutsuki was left all alone.

He checked the time and found it was past 8:30, when the school’s gate was closed, and homeroom would begin in five minutes.


“…Oh, Ibekusa-san.”

Machina arrived at the usual time and entered the cla.s.sroom with a puzzled look toward the two cla.s.smates running out.

“Good morning.”

“…Good morning.”

Exchanging a greeting had almost become a daily ritual. She sat in the second window-side seat from the back, which put her right next to Mutsuki.

Even without Ange, his bodyguard, she showed no sign of laying a hand on him and the Serpent’s Eye.

What he had discussed with Micha the night before seemed accurate.

She was not an enemy.


He must have stared at her too much because she suddenly turned his way. She looked him in the eye with her usual half-lidded gaze.

His heart skipped a beat at the eye contact. Those eyes were more intellectual than any scholar’s yet as transparent as an infant’s. Mutsuki felt his cheeks growing warm.

For the past ten days, he had worked to restrain his feelings because she was part of an enemy organization.

But he had spent the sweet time of a lover with her ten days before and he had been interested in her ever since spring.

He did not know how to feel and he wished he could at least hide the pounding of his heart.


She called his name with a voice so thin it seemed about to vanish yet that carried like the ringing of a small bell.

He doubted his ears. They regularly greeted each other now, but this was the first time the generally silent girl had called his name in the cla.s.sroom.

“I have something to discuss with you. In private, if possible.”

That was all she said before returning to her normal self and staring out the window with her mouth closed.

That was when their homeroom teacher arrived and morning homeroom began.

“Ibekusa Machina, Cla.s.s 2-A Girl, Student #2. Personality: silent. Special trait: expressionless.”


“Number of friends: 0. Likes and dislikes: unknown. Favorite food: probably apples.”


“Starting today, she’s my #1.”

Sakae was visibly delighted.

They had swimming for their third period PE cla.s.s. This was the first time, so after a test of each individual’s skills, they were given half an hour to swim as they liked.

The seven-lane pool had been split in half so lanes 1-3 were for the girls and 5-7 for the boys. However, Mutsuki’s friend Sakae had dragged him over to join the other boys hanging out at the very edge of lane 5.

“Oh, nooo! The boys are leering at us!”

“Hey~! Get that dirty look out of your eyes~”

Just as the girls suggested – while looking somehow happy – the boys were carefully observing the girls in their swimsuits.

“Ibekusa’s been hiding those amazing things this whole time?”

Their focus had turned to Ibekusa Machina who sat on the edge of lane 1 with her feet soaking in the water.

She was silent, expressionless, hard to get along with, and inconspicuous, but she was secretly well-known for having a good shot at the top spot in the cla.s.s when it came to looks.

Her figure did not normally stand out, but she really drew the eye when she removed her clothes.

“Huh? How big are those? At least an E. Maybe an F? Or even a G?”

Her pure white skin gained a milk-like sheen when it was wet. Her arms extended smoothly down from her slender shoulders. Her thighs were surprisingly well developed and her calves were tight.

But what grabbed the attention of Sakae and the other boys most of all was her ample bust that stretched the chest of her swimsuit tight enough that the nametag saying “Ibekusa Machina” was difficult to read.


She was about two sizes bigger than Micha’s F cup.

While muttering that fact in his heart, Mutsuki felt a little discouraged.

It did not feel particularly good to have so many curious eyes focused on the exposed skin of the girl he had been watching since the spring. That was just how the selfish male heart worked.

“Hmm, I’d thought everyone would be talking about Jiyuuni this year, but we had a surprise hiding in plain sight the entire time.”

Sakae grinned and finally turned to look at the others.

“Bwah! Ah, ah… Wait! Too fast…too fast!”

“Nya ha ha♪ Sorry, sorry. Okay, now go. One, two! One, two!”


Saya was helping Ange as the girl drowned (swam?) with a kickboard in one hand.

“You’re so athletic, Ange-chan, so I never thought you couldn’t swim.”

“Shut up! Land animals don’t need to know how to-…bhhbh! Don’t let go…bhbhbh…”

It seemed drowning was the correct verb.

Angels were supposedly created from fire, so they seemed to have trouble with water.

Ange had several times the athletic ability of a normal person on land, but she became incredibly cute when she was thrown into the water. No one seeing her kicking her small little legs while holding onto the kickboard would have ever imagined how dignified she had looked training with that large sword in a single hand the night before.

“I’ll give her a 97. She has some decent t.i.ts and she gets high marks for that kickboard with her height.”

Sakae had some odd tastes.

“And the winner of the a.s.s category is Kurikara Saya! She beats out all the rest! The guys who came equipped for underwater combat will be able to battle that plump a.s.s for another decade at leas- gah!”

A kickboard thrown by Saya (the softball team’s ace pitcher) hit him square on the head.

Sakai somersaulted over in the water and Ange began to sink with nothing to support her.

And then…


Something suddenly rubbed against Mutsuki’s thigh…no, against his crotch over his swimsuit.

“Gasp~~ Hey, hey, Mutsuki-kun. Come play over here.”

Lucia had stealthily approached underwater and began clinging to Mutsuki’s bare skin.

Despite Machina’s unexpected figure, Ange’s cuteness, and Saya’s (as rude as it was to say it) nice b.u.t.t, this boy was gathering the very most attention in the cla.s.s.

His body was at the exact midpoint between a beautiful girl and boy and he was wearing a swimsuit, so a lot of the girls were naturally looking at him. He had a slender frame, a small indented navel, and temptingly pink nipples. His coquettish aura had a way of tickling at the male fancy as well, so he had also grabbed the attention of quite a few of the boys.

“Now this is just plain cheating. Satowa Lucia………………I’m cool with it!”

Even Sakae was losing his way.

In fact, Mutsuki himself felt an odd feeling rising within him as Lucia clung to him with his soft and squishy skin.

“Um, sorry, Lucia-kun. I have to go.”

“Mhh. That’s no fuuuun.”

When Mutsuki moved away with a bitter smile, Lucia pouted his lips in displeasure but did not try to pursue.

Mutsuki then climbed out of the pool.


He glanced toward Machina and she looked his way as well. When she realized he was signaling her, she gave a slight nod.

They were free to go wherever they wanted during this free time, so he told the teacher he was feeling sick and easily got permission to leave the pool.

He returned to the cla.s.sroom they were using to change in and put his uniform back on. They had not set a specific place to meet, but he went to the infirmary. Sure enough, Machina had realized what his signal had meant. She had apparently not changed, so she still wore her swimsuit with a towel over her neck.

Conveniently, a note saying “I’m in the faculty room” was placed at the infirmary’s entrance and the teacher was not there.

The unique smell of disinfectant made him nervous as he faced her “in private” as she had wanted.

However, there seemed to have been a misunderstanding.

“…Where is Jiyuuni-san?”


Mutsuki was confused.

“I wanted to speak with you and Jiyuuni-san.”

“Eh? Oh! With Ange too!? S-sorry, I didn’t ask her to come…”

He had mistakenly thought she wanted to speak with him alone, so he blushed and bowed deeply.

“I see,” said Machina as she calmly sat on a nearby sofa. “That is not a problem. If the two of us leave at the same time, she will notice and eventually find us here. We can wait until then.”

He realized she was right and breathed a sigh of relief.


Then he realized that he was the one who had wanted to be alone with her.

He had wanted to speak with her alone.

“Um, Ibekusa-san.”

They had time until Ange arrived, so this was a good opportunity. His Adam’s apple moved a little as he swallowed his tension.

“So…you’re definitely part of FeTUS then?”

He got right to the point.

Her face tensed briefly, but she quickly recovered her expressionless look.

“Positive.” She nodded. “I am FeTUS Witches #5, aka Miss E.”

She added on more information he had not asked about.

He had known this, but he did not like having it reconfirmed and he frowned.


He wondered whether he should really ask this or not.

“Why…are you here?”

“To observe you.”

“…I see.”

He regretted having asked.

He had been interested in her ever since meeting her that spring, but to her, he was the Serpent’s Eye holder rather than Fujita Mutsuki.

It was a painful realization and he had to wonder how he looked to her as he kept glancing over at her.

After some silence, he began wandering aimlessly around the room. The school was unpleasantly quiet while cla.s.ses were in session and it only exacerbated their awkward silence.

Machina was just as still and unconcerned as always.

She was the same doll-like girl as she had been in the spring.

He had thought they had grown a little closer ten days before, but he had apparently been alone in thinking that.


He asked what he had wanted to know the most since the day before.

“C-could you maybe get along…with the angels like Ange?”


“You aren’t trying to take my eye, the Serpent’s Eye, right? Then I think you can do it. Ange has a short temper, but she’s a good girl. And…”

“Negative,” she curtly replied. “I will agree that I am not trying to take the Serpent’s Eye. However, our target is the Serpent’s Eye holder, aka you. So if necessary, we could even restrain you. The angels object to the violation of a powered individual’s freedom, so we cannot reconcile with or build up an amicable relationship with them.”

“I see…”

Her expressionless answer caused Mutsuki to hang his head hopelessly.

Just as Micha had said, she had no intention of harming him,

He had hoped that would allow the two groups to get along, but that seemed impossible.

That was unfortunate, but she also viewed him as a mere “powered individual”. The fact that she had no interest in him as “Fujita Mutsuki” was the biggest shock.

He sat down on the bed.

“I have…one last question.”

It was a meaningless question, but he took the chance to continue.

“Before, we…um…did it, right?”

“We did.”

He was referring to that day ten days ago when they had ended up sharing their bodies.

He thought back to that sweet time when they had acted like lovers.

“Why did you do that?”

It was a weird thing to ask and he did not really want an answer, but his mouth moved in desperation.

“To acquire your sperm.”

He had known she would mechanically and expressionlessly answer him, but….

“Examining your s.e.x cells is one of our goals. It was not yet time for that, but I took advantage of a useful opportunity.”

“…That’s why you did it? That’s why you…kissed me…and stuff?”


Machina calmly nodded. In a way, that answer was the biggest shock of all.

He had thought of s.e.x as an extension of love, and yet…

“But… Wasn’t it unpleasant…doing that kind of thing for a job?”

“I am meant to exist and function alongside you. Offering my body can be one such function if necessary. Any negative feeling in carrying that out would be self-contradictory. It was not unpleasant.”

“I see.”

Her plain tone of voice had infected Mutsuki as well.

“And? Did it help?”

“Negative. The only cells that could be investigated were those remaining in my womb, but they were influenced and changed by my egg cells. I require sperm e.j.a.c.u.l.a.t.ed outside of my v.a.g.i.n.a.”

“………I see.”

Mutsuki was beginning to feel stupid.

He had been truly happy when he had become one with her. He had intended to take lifelong responsibility when she had given her virginity to him. Even as a child, he had been prepared for that.

But she had never intended it that way. She had only done it for FeTUS. It had not taken place between Fujita Mutsuki and Ibekusa Machina; it had taken place between the Serpent’s Eye holder and a member of FeTUS.

He could tell his feelings for her were rapidly cooling.


“Press against me harder.”

“…Like this?”

Even if he was not in the mood, seeing her slide down the shoulder straps, pull down her swimsuit, and lift up her weighty bust was more than enough to get him hard.

She kneeled at his feet while he sat on the bed with his pants pulled down.

The splendid body that had caught the eye of every boy in the cla.s.s was defenselessly exposed just for him. His heart trembled with an itching sense of conquest.

The seductively jiggling spheres were pressed together and were squashed longer in the vertical direction.

The sweet softness and elasticity of a baby’s cheek surrounded his sensitive p.e.n.i.s. The gentle pleasure of that flesh sent a tremor down the boy’s spine.

Since her sperm cell extraction had been of no use last time, he was helping her again.

Any method would have worked as long as he did not c.u.m inside her v.a.g.i.n.a, so he had suggested a t.i.tjob. Machina had agreed to his desire to monopolize the giant b.r.e.a.s.t.s his cla.s.smates so coveted.

“Can you move now?”

“Yes. …Hh…hh.”

Her cleavage was still damp from the shower as it enveloped the mushroom-like form and she moved her white b.r.e.a.s.t.s up and down.

(Ah… Th-this is even better than I thought it’d be.)

He had only reluctantly agreed at first, but he quickly began breathing heavily from the pleasure.

The sensation of a rice cake wrapped in gelatin surrounded the entire tip and seemed to envelop its shape.

This pleasure was different from the stickiness inside lips, the pressure inside a hand, or the all-encompa.s.sing feel of the v.a.g.i.n.al flesh.


He naturally arched his back and squeezed the sheets with the hands supporting him on the bed behind him. The cheap bedsprings creaked.

The sensation on the head was weak and nearly only a tickle, but as she moved her b.r.e.a.s.t.s up and down, that slight pleasure continued without end. Instead of leading directly to e.j.a.c.u.l.a.t.i.o.n, it seemed to permeate his entire body. He felt like his hips were slowly melting away.

But then he looked down at her.


Machina was down on her knees and rolling her own large b.r.e.a.s.t.s around to pleasure his erection.

Her cheeks had grown a little red, but she still had no expression to speak of. She was using her body toward a functional end and nothing more.

And as he watched her…

(She’s only doing this because I have the Serpent’s Eye.)

He could not stop that frustrated feeling from welling up inside his chest.

He was filled with irritation and disappointment. But his feelings for her would not go away and they drove him to action.

“Nn… F-Fujita-kun?”

He reached out and grabbed the defenseless pink points moving up and down before him and she let out a groan of surprise.

“Is something…the matter?”

“No, so continue.”

He rolled her areolae around as he gave her a command.

She seemed to hesitate, but she finally nodded obediently and resumed bouncing her b.r.e.a.s.t.s.


He wanted to tease her in some way, so he began an even more indecent attack on those bouncing b.r.e.a.s.t.s.

Touching her again after ten days confirmed that this was the same girl he had loved on that day.

Her nipples grew more sensitive the closer to the tip he got, but she was also weak at the border with the areolae at their base. Her ears, neck, nape, armpits, back, and sides were also sensitive. As he traced his fingers across her, her entire body wriggled.


When he stroked her hair, she breathed from her nose like a relaxed kitten.

When he obscenely stroked her areolae, he could see the b.u.t.t twitching inside her black swimsuit. She also began pressing her b.r.e.a.s.t.s more strongly against his p.e.n.i.s.

He could feel the rhythm of her breathing quicken as her breaths tickled his legs. She clearly wanted him to grope her bust until they lost their shape entirely.

Eliciting that indecent reaction gave Mutsuki a slight sense of satisfaction.

But at the same time, he could not forgive himself for falling back in love with the entranced look visible in her upturned eyes.

“Is someone there?”

Mutsuki heard the door slide open and heard the voice of the school doctor who ran the infirmary.

Oops, he thought. He had been so focused on being alone with Machina that he had completely forgotten they were at school. He started panicking.

“…Over here.”

But Machina reacted quickly. She immediately stood up, fixed her half-removed swimsuit, and signaled for him to hide behind the shelf by the bed.

The shelf held new sheets and tubs for vomit, so it was quite large and the surrounding area was divided off with a curtain. There was plenty of room to hide a single person.

“Oh, so there is someone. What’s the matter?”

Just as he had hidden, the school doctor peeked in through the gap in the curtain part.i.tion.

“…Feeling anemic. I want to rest a little.”

“Oh, the pool, huh? Yeah, that’s tough for girls. Wait there.”

Fortunately, School Doctor Shiromiya Kaede was a woman and well-known for being kind. Seeing a female student in a swimsuit was enough to believe the claim of anemia without really checking.

After sensing the teacher leaving the part.i.tion, Mutsuki peeked out.


His eyes stopped on Machina’s backside.

Quickly pulling her swimsuit back up had caused it to ride up on her small b.u.t.t.

Unlike her chest, her b.u.t.t was small and tight. The flowing roundness of a marble statue was pressed in by the edge of the swimsuit, emphasizing the feminine softness of her flesh.

(Her a.s.s is really s.e.xy too.)

He had forgotten with all the focus his cla.s.smates had given her b.r.e.a.s.t.s, but her nice hips and long-legs were also as beautiful as the average model’s.


He naturally reached out to the delicious b.u.t.t sticking out in front of him.

He ignored Machina’s widened eyes and lewdly groped it. He knew someone was right on the other side of the part.i.tion, but he could not stop himself. In fact, her troubled expression worked up his s.a.d.i.s.tic side.


She tried to rebuke him in a voice almost too quiet to hear, but he continued pushing his fingers and the swimsuit in between the two cheeks.

Unlike Micha’s squishy b.u.t.t, Machina’s had a pleasant elasticity.

He could not help but dig his fingers into it. He rubbed it, pinched it, and kneaded it.


Machina’s breathing grew heavy once more as his fingertips reached her thighs as well.

“Fill this out.”

The teacher was back. Luckily, she did not peek inside, so Mutsuki was able to zip back behind the shelf. Still, he kept his hands moving along her erotic flesh as he did so.

Machina pressed her hips against the shelf to keep his hands from being seen – essentially sticking her b.u.t.t right in front of Mutsuki’s eyes – as she filled out the form needing her cla.s.s, name, and symptoms. And then…


She began twisting her hips in irritation as he thoroughly groped her.

With her b.u.t.t so close, he breathed in through his nose and detected a familiar scent.

“Okay, you can rest now. …You’re Ibekusa from Cla.s.s A, right? Where are your clothes?”

“…In locker #2 of the outside girls locker room.”

“Got it. I’ll bring them here, so don’t go to sleep until you change out of that wet swimsuit.”

She was a sloppy but good teacher, so she handed Machina an iron supplement and some water before leaving the room.

After hearing the door close, the girl quickly moved away from his indecent caress.

“D-don’t do that.”

She fixed her swimsuit that had nearly become a thong and she lowered the ends of her thin eyebrows.

Mutsuki smiled bitterly when he realized this was his first time seeing her angry, but it did not slow him down any. In fact, his cheeks twisted upward at the rare expression.

“Don’t do it? Even when it’s done this to you?”

Before she could stand up, he wrapped his hands around her fleeing hips.

He embraced her as she pitched forward and brought his hands to an even more risqué depth. As he rubbed all over her inner thighs, her slender shoulders twisted and she lost the strength to fight it.


“You’re getting h.o.r.n.y on the inside too. …Keep an eye out in case the teacher comes back.”

Even through her swimsuit, she was obviously melting. She had definitely been burning up ever since the t.i.tjob and a sweet and sour feminine smell was rising from deep within her round b.u.t.t.

Her belly was unbelievably tight, so her hips created a sharp contrast and her b.u.t.t really stood out. That tightened texture was irresistibly cute, so he traced his tongue along it.


Machina leaned forward in surprise.

She was now clinging to the metal pole for the part.i.tion and her entire lower body – from her small and adorable b.u.t.t to her toes – was presented before the boy crouched behind her.

“I’m gonna take a look.”

That short comment sounded like a command and he pushed aside the swimsuit’s crotch.

The soft mound of her hidden palace was exposed below her white b.u.t.t. The swollen flower petals had seductively spread to reveal the pale inner flesh, but the undeveloped inner folds did their best to hide the central hole.

Mutsuki gulped.

Seeing the shameful flesh he had deflowered ten days before filled him with dark desire.

That place had become his once before.

He was its conqueror.

“Ahhh… N-not so…sudden…”

When he mercilessly stuck his middle finger into the wet crevice, the girl gave a shrill scream as if a jolt had run through her.


Mutsuki’s cheeks loosened. Nothing delighted him quite like the cries of that normally silent girl.

He brought one hand to her inner thigh from the front. He spread the flesh covered in sticky nectar and gently grabbed her c.l.i.toris.

“Hyahhh…ahh…nkhhh… Like…I said…”

The school doctor could return at any moment, so Machina attempted to complain.

“Fujita…-kun…. I really…want you to stop…ahhh.”

“No, you don’t. Your juices just keep dripping out.”

When he sucked those juices from her thigh, she could not argue back.

“You need…need to stop…”

She was leaning against the part.i.tion, so she naturally ended up presenting her b.u.t.t to him. She moved her hips to soften the stimulation, but she could not escape when he had her hardened maiden’s bead in his grasp. In fact, she soon began straightening her legs, giving him the best angle to tease her from.

The boy brought his face in close and discovered another teasing point.

“Hey, Ibekusa-san.”

He released her body and brought one of her hands from the pole to her own b.u.t.t.

“Pull that back for me.”

He whispered to her with a slightly commanding tone.

She did not seem very willing, but she did as he said when he started wetly rubbing her c.l.i.toris which had grown so erect it tingled down to the base.

She spread her plump b.u.t.t, pulling the navy blue swimsuit aside.


Letting the air in between the cheeks must have been embarra.s.sing because she twisted her upper body and could be heard breathing from her small nose.

Deep inside the beautiful heart shape of her b.u.t.t, an adorably enticing hole squeezed shut to form wrinkles.

“Eh…? Hyah… F-Fujita-ku…nn!?”

He had tried this on Micha the day before but been interrupted by Ange. Without permission, he reached his finger to that slightly wet b.u.mp.


The crimson winkles came together at even intervals and lifted the small hole up a bit in a donut shape. He had guessed it when it twitched worriedly just from the cold air reaching it, but he was sure of it once he traced his finger along the edge of the dark pink hole and all of the small wrinkles reacted.

She was sensitive here.

“Ahhhhh~~ Nn…!”

He parted her b.u.t.t that looked as juicy as a freshly-picked white plum and he sucked at the central indentation.

His soft tongue dug into her a.n.a.l flesh and licked the wet ring. Machina arched her back so much he thought it would break and she let out a scream shriller than he would have ever imagined from her.

But that reaction only caused her giant b.r.e.a.s.t.s to bounce up and down through her glistening school swimsuit. She was unable to shake his grasp on her hips.

“Um, Fujita-kun. That’s…that’s the wrong hole.”

“No, it’s not. It feels good here too, doesn’t it?”

She may not have been aware that excretion point could be used for a caress because she seemed intensely confused as the boy’s tongue skillfully worked its way around. But…

“…Nn. Ha ha. You’re really sensitive here.”


Once her hard sphincter softened, her reactions were even more indecent than Micha’s.

When he teased the soft pink flesh beyond those wrinkles, the sphincter located about a centimeter deep loosened. He immediately stuck his tongue inside.

“Kfaaaaahhh… M-my b.u.t.t… It…it feels weird…”

He stirred up her a.n.u.s like his tongue was a drill making meringue and the girl produced meaningless moans like she had completely forgotten how silent she normally was.

(I wonder if hers can spread wider than Micha-san’s.)

Continuing to lick that soft a.n.a.l flesh was an attractive option, but his interest turned toward the ring of harder flesh nearer the entrance. He poked at the ring with the tip of his pointed tongue from inside and out. He also rubbed the body of the tongue roughly against it. Altogether, he employed an even more thorough a.s.sault than the one that had driven Micha mad.

The deep crimson flesh finally seemed to admit defeat and opened wide.

An indecent scent wafted out from within the dark hole. There was a faint hint of a familiar fruity scent, reminding him that she often ate apples.

“Ahh…ahhhhn… No, no…”

Tears of embarra.s.sment filled Machina’s eyes, but her body was already a slave to him as his tongue moved several centimeters in and out of a hole meant for excretion.

She fell onto all fours while still holding the pole and she began pressing her b.u.t.t up against his face. She was telling him to penetrate her a.n.u.s even deeper.

And just as she was entirely immersed in a.n.a.l pleasure…

“This might be a little tougher.”

“Eh…? Ah…no...ah… Nn~~~~”

He redirected his tongue to the area around her a.n.u.s and stuck his middle finger into the central hole.

Based on Micha’s reaction the day before, he thought this might be too much for Machina, but her excretory flesh tightened pleasantly around the finger.


(What a s.e.xual look on her face… I never thought messing with her b.u.t.t a little would make her look like that.)

Her usual expressionlessness made the melting expression all the more noticeable. And based on that, he guessed he could make this tight hole even softer. A tingle ran down his spine.

(Ibekusa Machina…)

The dark feeling that had appeared in his chest earlier was growing stronger.

He did not know what it was, but it grew larger and stronger the more his actions threw Machina into disarray and the more she submitted herself to him.

(She’s mine.)

A thrill welled up within him.

But then the door slid open again.

“I’ve got your clothes.”

Almost exactly like before, they heard the teacher’s voice and the boy quickly hid behind the shelf.


Machina tried to say something, but it was too late. Doctor Shiromiya brought the uniform over and peeked inside the part.i.tion.

“Are you up? …Your face is pretty red. Is something wrong?”


More than just red, the girl’s forehead was covered in sweat, so the school doctor tilted her head.

Instead of just being taciturn, Machina could not even open her mouth, so she shook her head to say nothing was wrong.

To make matters worse, Mutsuki was still pushing at and ma.s.saging the excretory flesh that was writhing from the foreign sensation. He rubbed his saliva all over the entrance and dug deep inside. The same finger technique that had easily brought an adult like Micha to climax were building up this young girl’s s.e.xual pleasure.


The girl used a mind of steel to erase her expression and attempted to ignore the sticky a.n.a.l pleasure.

“Hm? Well, whatever. Once you’re changed, get some rest.”

Luckily, Doctor Shiromiya closed the curtain without noticing Machina’s condition. Namely, the swimsuit riding up oddly in the crotch and the nipples standing visibly erect even through the elastic material.

Machina’s hips gave out and Mutsuki rushed out to catch her.

But even as he held her in his arms, his teasing hand did not stop. His hand seemed to grow from her b.u.t.t like a tail as he sent his finger in and out of her and used his other hand to rub her engorged a.n.u.s.


She bit onto the shoulder of his shirt and desperately clenched her teeth.

However, the presence of a third party only cornered her further as she trembled from intense ecstasy.

“Ibekusa, I’m going to head back to the faculty room, so can I leave you here?”

a.s.suming the girl was changing, the school doctor did not open the curtain, but she did speak to her.

If Machina did not respond, the teacher could look in at any moment. She looked up at him with a pleading look, but he did not go back into hiding or even stop his fingers.

Tears and drool wet her lovely face as she gathered everything she had to open her mouth.


Her voice was a little shrill due to the pleasure coming from her a.n.u.s which was normally kept tightly shut.

Even as she tried to keep her mind sensible, her body had long since pa.s.sed the point of no return. She clung tightly to the boy and unwittingly rubbed her bust against him through the swimsuit.

“If anything happens, come to the faculty room. Okay?”


She completely lost control of her a.n.u.s. The sphincter swelled out on its own to press against the finger penetrating it, asking to be rubbed even more.

A trembling wave ran through the white b.u.t.t with the black fabric riding up in it.

“I’m…going to c.u.m…”

Juices sprayed from her almost frothing nectar field and dirtied the floor. Her damp a.n.a.l flesh wriggled with intense flowing motions.

“~~~! ~~~~~~~~! …!”

She restrained her voice as she reached her first a.n.a.l o.r.g.a.s.m at Mutsuki’s hand.

“Ha ha. That’s amazing.”

After hearing the teacher leave and slide the door closed, an impressed laugh escaped Mutsuki. He could feel her a.n.u.s bulging out while grabbing at his finger.

Machina twisted her body due to the intense waves and her b.r.e.a.s.t.s bounced on her chest with a one tempo delay. Not only did her b.u.t.t wiggle around, but the inside of her a.n.u.s squeezed shut as if expelling waste. That told him just how deep her pleasure was.

He finally caught her entire body weight when she went limp, like a marionette with its strings cut.

The residual pleasure continued for quite a while afterwards and the girl could not seem to escape her trancelike state.

Mutsuki placed her on the bed and rubbed her back and shoulders.

(I might’ve gone a little overboard there.)

He felt bad, but it was true his desire had been to embarra.s.s her.


Machina’s breathing finally calmed. Her hips and thighs would still tremble on occasion and some residual pleasure seemed to remain inside her, but her mind had apparently calmed. She first turned to face him.


She glared at him with somewhat swollen eyes.

She normally had an unreadable half-lidded gaze, but she turned blatant anger his way here. The rare sight made his heart skip a beat.

“…Don’t do anything like that again.”

Her muscles must have still been worn out because her voice shook a little.

He did feel apologetic, but he was also glad to have seen her lost in so much pleasure. That complex state of mind led him to respond with a vague, noncommittal smile.

“Sorry. That had nothing to do with getting a sperm sample, did it?”

“That isn’t what I meant.”

A sullen frown came to Machina’s expressionless face.

“I want to avoid being seen by anyone but you. It would be incredibly unpleasant.”


“And I do not like seeing you not being your usual kind self.”

She looked down in embarra.s.sment for that part.

Mutsuki was briefly caught off guard.

“Kind? Me?”


She must have calmed down because all intonation left her voice and the anger on her face faded.

She gave him her usual unreadable look of a doll.

“It is not unpleasant when it is you.”

His expression froze over when he realized his mistake.

He had forgotten how to read her feelings.

The girl named Ibekusa Machina was as expressionless as a doll and left no hint of her feelings in her mechanical words, but there was one way to determine how she felt.

It was a method she had only allowed him.



He had learned this ten days before. First, he kissed her and created a lovers’ connection between their hearts.

And then…

“Are you sure?”

“Posi…hyah…positive. Not a…nhh…problem…”

The boy lay on his back and the girl wiggled her hips restlessly on top of him.

This was not her first time, but in the ten day gap since that first penetration, her feminine flesh had regained the hardness of that untouched time. This was also her first time forming the union herself, so the docking took some doing.

Still, she forcibly dropped her hips and established the cowgirl position.

“Ah ha ha. Yeah, if you lay here in your swimsuit, Doctor Shiromiya would get mad.”

Mutsuki did nothing except enjoy the luxurious view of Ibekusa Machina straddling him in her swimsuit. Each time she irresistibly shook her b.u.t.t or lowered her hips, her b.r.e.a.s.t.s would bounce inside the dark navy material.

“There’s something…weird about you today, Fujita-kun.”

She looked troubled. She had agreed to this method for extracting his sperm cells, but she seemed displeased with what she was wearing.

Everyone in the cla.s.s had been interested in her in that swimsuit, but she seemed not to understand that male fetishism or his desire to have that version of her all to himself.

“Ah…nn…hh, hh…”

“It’s going in, it’s going in. …Nkh, Ibekusa-san, are you okay?”

“N-not a problem. …Hh.”

She moaned through her nose and continued to restlessly shake her hips.

Mutsuki’s voice also trembled in arousal as he helped her form their union. When he had s.e.x, it was usually Micha taking the lead, so he was most experienced with the cowgirl position.

He grabbed her slender waist and sent small vibrations into the folds of flesh wetly wrapping around him.

The gentle vibration softened the shock of penetration. Machina’s painful breaths melted away a little and her tensed v.a.g.i.n.a warmed and softened.

“Ahh… You’re easier to get inside than the first time. Are you getting used to this?”


She seemed embarra.s.sed that her body could be trained react so indecently so easily. Her entire lovely face flushed.

Their bodies were incredibly compatible, so their s.e.x organs fit together perfectly.

The beads of flesh inside her and the swollen head of his p.e.n.i.s seemed made to rub together. She had a habit of tightening down deep inside when she contracted, so those two spots seemed to fuse into a single piece of flesh.


“Ah. Ahh…nn. Wait…a little…fwah!”

A light shake of his hips was enough to bring an intense stimulation to both of them.

Mutsuki’s face grew red as her fleshy beads rubbed against him, but the girl’s react was even greater.

The greatly swollen head of his p.e.n.i.s was rubbing against her G spot, so she could not maintain her expressionless look any longer. The ends of her eyebrows lowered weakly, tears welled up in her eyes, and she tried to suppress the moans that threatened to escape her mouth.

“Was that too much? Sorry. Then you move how you want.”

He figured it would be too hard on her to attack her again so soon after making her c.u.m from behind, so he simply lay obediently on the bed.


She must have been bothered by the “how you want” part of his request because she embarra.s.sedly bit her lip but still began moving her hips as asked.

She initially held back and only fidgeted a bit, but as time pa.s.sed, she began rhythmically pressing down with her entire lower body and rubbing against his erection. Sticky waves ran through her wet flesh, seeming to lick along him from the base to the tip.

(I still can’t tell what she’s thinking.)

He was not self-centered enough to a.s.sume she was doing this out of love. She was only giving him her body as a member of FeTUS and he was simply taking advantage of the offer. He understood that, but…

“Ah, ahn. Nn, nnh…ahhhh.”

Her face could not be called expressionless anymore. She had a look of deep intoxication while both her moans and the speed of rubbing their union together grew in intensity as if to indulge in him.

(I’m the only one that can see this s.e.xual side of her.)

He had this lovely girl all to himself and that was enough to satisfy him.

She shyly moved her hips to indulge in the thick rod inside her. Her b.r.e.a.s.t.s bounced with plenty of weight behind them. Simply looking at her built up the desire to e.j.a.c.u.l.a.t.e, so he clenched the sheets in his hands with all his might.

“Akhh… You just got even tighter.”

“O…only because you’re…too big.”

“Heh heh. Sorry. But you’ll get used to it.”

He rubbed his solid pillar against the ridge-like protrusions of the fleshy folds.

“I’ll make you just my size and then mine will make you c.u.m right away. I’ll make this into my personal p.u.s.s.y.”


After his unilateral announcement, the girl embarra.s.sedly bit her lower lip and looked to the side.

She looked troubled, but he did see her make an ever-so-slight nod.

At the same time, her body’s reaction grew even further and her straddling body twisted obscenely with its white skin contrasting the swimsuit.

(Wow, this angle is really lewd.)

Her shapely b.u.t.t seemed to automatically bounce up and down as if to accentuate the sheen of the elastic material riding up into it.

The sensation pa.s.sed through to her skinny belly with the navel visible through the swimsuit and her bust bounced seductively up and down. Her b.r.e.a.s.t.s moved so much the nametag grew nearly illegible.


He instinctually scooped up those mounds.


She grew obedient. Her eyes pleaded weakly with him, but her large bust was too sensitive and her protests turned to indulgent cries as he rolled them around.


Her eyebrows bent and she intertwined an arm around one hand kneading her breast.

He quickly realized what she meant and reached for the other hand sitting by his navel.


He smiled gently up at her.

When she noticed, a hint of calm appeared on her blushed face.

They said nothing, but they intertwined the fingers of their two hands.

“Is it easier like this?”


Machina seemed to be the type of person who wanted to cling to something when she was awash with pleasure. As soon as he held her hands, all restraint seemed to leave her body.

Her tight hidden flesh tightened even further and her G spot sucked stickily at the head of his p.e.n.i.s. The amount of nectar dripping down his shaft grew and an obscene wet sound rang from deep within their union.


She spoke his name with her big toes sc.r.a.ping at the bed sheets.

More than calling for him, it seemed to have escaped subconsciously. Her fingers squeezed his hands even more.



Simply calling her name was enough for her shoulders to tremble and a seductive pa.s.sion to permeate the moaning breaths escaping her nose.

Her v.a.g.i.n.al flesh tightened with a wavelike motion as it seemed to devour the object embedded inside. Mutsuki intensely moved his hips and Machina received him with the juicy fruits of her b.r.e.a.s.t.s bouncing boldly about.

The cheap bed creaked below them.


“Ibekusa-san…ah, kh…Ibekusa-san.”

They had both forgotten everything but the other’s name.

The Serpent’s Eye and FeTUS meant nothing now. To a third party, they would have looked like a boyfriend and girlfriend skipping cla.s.s to have s.e.x in the infirmary.

Even they were starting to see it that way.


Her b.r.e.a.s.t.s moved forcefully within her swimsuit, her hips jerked alluringly left and right, and she lowered her embarra.s.sed expression with obscene moans escaping her elegant nose.

“Um, Ibekusa-san, it’s about time.”

Mutsuki could feel his p.e.n.i.s swelling out to dangerous levels and he just barely managed to remember that this was technically a way of getting a sperm sample.

He could not c.u.m inside her. He had to c.u.m outside.


But despite that thought and despite his impending e.j.a.c.u.l.a.t.i.o.n, she would not move off of him.

Her beautiful b.u.t.t bounced up and down to continue the indecent friction.

In fact, she lowered her upper body and wrapped her hands around his shoulders to cling to him.


She was close enough for him to feel her breath on him and his gaze met her unemotional, half-lidded one.

For the first time, he felt like he could read the thoughts behind those eyes: Don’t pull out. c.u.m like this.



He bounced his back up and sucked at her lips. He sucked forcefully as if to make his mark on her sweet-smelling mouth.

That girl’s feelings were unreadable and the boy had agonized over not knowing how she felt, but he had almost telepathically read he desire to kiss him.

“I’m c.u.mming, Ibekusa-san. I’m going to pump it all inside.”

“Ahhn…nhh, ahh…”

“Even your womb will belong to me.”


Like driving a pile into the ground, he slammed his hips into her thighs.

He pushed her hidden flesh inwards and the tip of his p.e.n.i.s. .h.i.t her cervix. He used a ma.s.saging rotating to embed the head in that donut-shaped flesh lid.

“~~ Kh…”

After he had so thoroughly rubbed at her G spot, the sensation of having her womb lifted up proved too much.

Pleasure welled up from deep inside her body, reached the surface, made a sudden reversal, and seemed to sink into the core of her spine.


Her spine arched backwards on its own and she cried out in an octave not often heard from her. Her nectar-covered flesh had already contracted deep inside and wrapped around every contour of his shape.

An intense jerk ran through both their bodies as they locked lips on the bed.



They exchanged s.e.xual cries as if breathing them into each other’s mouth.

Thick magma sprayed out into her inner garden that contained her egg cells.

“Hh! Hh!”

Intense heat burst inside her belly. The surge from directly below was so incredible that her entire body writhed without even letting her scream.

Energy seemed to push up within her body and the b.u.t.t contained in the navy blue fabric bounced up and down. The a.n.a.l flesh at the center also seemed to have gone mad. A clear fluid sprayed from the gap in that swelling hole.


Machina’s expressionlessness vanished and her face melted even more erotically than a normal girl as she lost herself in o.r.g.a.s.m.

Pleased, Mutsuki felt his mouth loosen a little.

He still knew nothing about her, but that expression was more than enough for the time being.

He was the only one that could make her look like that.

The chime rang.

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