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Adolescent Adam 2: Chapter 1 - Plot of the Elders

A straight corridor continued without end.

The floor was covered in shades of red, blue, white, black, yellow, gold, silver, and green so bright they hurt the eyes and the area overhead was too dark to see the ceiling.

Countless doors lined the walls on either side. Doors with identical dimensions, color, and keyhole shape continued forever without end.

A single figure walked down that strange hallway before finally coming to a stop.

It was Ibekusa Machina.

There was no visible difference between the doors and there had been 102 of them as far as she had walked, but she did not hesitate to reach for the k.n.o.b. She chose the correct k.n.o.b from all of those different doors.

She found a blue sky and garden on the other side and a refreshing breeze blew in as soon as she opened the door. The scent of fresh gra.s.s welcomed her.

This miniature garden was decorated by red and white roses. Straight ahead were a table covered in a pure white tablecloth, a white wooden chair carved with a design, and a small girl sitting in the chair.

The girl wore a red gothic dress with plenty of lace, frills, and ribbons. Her hair had curly ends, was tied to either side, and was colored a blonde as dazzling as the sun. She did not look even ten years old, but she had a strangely mature calmness to her.

A single maid stood behind her.

A chess board and a white stuffed rabbit sat on the table. There were also two teacups. When she noticed Machina, the maid immediately began preparing tea.

“Welcome back.”

“Welcome back.”

“…Thank you.”

Machina sat across from the girl.

“I see you’re as punctual as ever.”

While taking a sip from the cup in her hand, the girl pulled out a wooden pocket watch. The time was precisely 16:59:57.

The stuffed rabbit on the table moved on its own to move one of the chess pieces.

It boldly moved a rook forward to break into the opponent’s formation.

But a moment later, the girl used the hand not holding her teacup to move her queen one s.p.a.ce forward. The rabbit froze in place with its long ears tensed. That rabbit had the world’s five best chess programs installed in it, so it knew she would achieve checkmate in seventeen more moves at this rate.

Deciding to recalculate everything from square one, the rabbit blinked its red eyes while thinking.



Machina reached out and used the previous rook to take the p.a.w.n next to it. The blonde girl confidently enjoying her tea looked on in shock.

At 17:00:47, the beautiful garden was enclosed in darkness.

The sky, trees, and scent of fresh gra.s.s all vanished, leaving only the table.

Also, twelve monoliths built to the golden ratio appeared floating around the table.

Those rectangular solids had the designs of playing cards. A Jack, Queen, or King was drawn on each one and one of four suits was designated in the top left and bottom right corners.

“Hi, Miss A. how have you been?”

The King of Spades was positioned out front and it swayed like a clown while speaking in a mechanical voice that muddied the voiceprint.

The gothic dress girl referred to as Miss A closed her eyes and briefly replied “fine”.

“Esteemed guests of FeTUS, thank you very much for gathering here today.”

The maid prepared a cup of tea each even for the cards and began the meeting once she was done.

“Today, we will be discussing FeTUS’s final objective, Adam, which has at long last appeared. I will provide a report on the current situation and FeTUS’s plans for the future. As I am sure you know, Adam is currently-…”

“That is not necessary.” The Jack of Hearts interrupted as the maid began with a gentle smile and voice. “We can gain a certain amount of information on our own.”

“The Adam scheduled to be born within these hundred years has finally appeared.”

“Mutsuki Fujita, the Serpent’s Eye holder mentioned in our last meeting, is Adam.”

“Currently, he is under the angels’ control and safely retrieving him would be extremely difficult.”

“We know all of that.”

The Queen of Clubs, King of Diamonds, and Jack of Spades spoke one after another and the others showed no sign of attacking them for their rudeness. It seemed all twelve were already in agreement.

“My apologies.”

Despite their overblown complaints, the maid’s gentle smile did not crumble.

“Then Miss A will provide her thoughts on FeTUS’s future plans.”


At the maid’s insistence, the girl finally set down her cup of tea.

For a brief moment, she seemed to glance toward Machina across from her. Machina remained just as silent and expressionless as at school and that was her response to Miss A.

She was letting Miss A say what she would.

“Let me begin with the conclusion.”

The girl spoke to the floating monoliths that surrounded her as if to intimidate her.

“From here on, maintaining the status quo will be FeTUS’s top priority. Fujita Mutsuki will continue to be observed by Miss E and the others currently monitoring him.”


The twelve cards each gave m.u.f.fled expressions of surprise. Despite the lack of expression on the playing cards, the microphones meant to disguise their voices still let through how shaken they were.

“Miss E has already built a favorable relationship with Fujita Mutsuki. As such, I believe keeping everything as is would be the safest and most reliable method of achieving our ultimate objective.”

Even as the stir vanished from beyond the microphones, the girl continued speaking.

The cards replied after managing to at least calm their voices.

“You mean we have Adam right before our eyes…and we will do nothing?”


“I cannot accept that! From what I’ve heard, the demons are already advancing on him! You know perfectly well what will happen if Adam falls into the demons’ grasp. To achieve our ultimate objective, we should secure Adam as soon as possible and even restrain him if need be!”

The Jack of Diamonds moved forward while shouting in anger.

That led to several other cards joining the argument to agree.

“Miss A, you have been far too pa.s.sive lately. It was almost certain that Mutsuki Fujita was Adam, yet you had Miss E do nothing, allowing the angels to s.n.a.t.c.h him from our grasp. It was also your mistaken decisions that allowed the demons to approach him, wasn’t it?”

“I know you have not forgotten how much money went into locating Adam! We investigated every single infant in the world and monitored the six hundred thousand with a possibility of holding the Serpent’s Eye. But of all things, the angels and the demons found him ahead of us…and now I hear all three factions are on equal footing!”

“And then you went on to observe without acting, which is not like you at all. What happened to the vigorous Miss A who supported the history of mankind for centuries?”

They all voiced their complaints and showed no sign of stopping.

Machina remained expressionless throughout, the maid’s smile was erased by her annoyance, and Miss A sighed and frowned.

Those beyond the playing cards were investors who had made large financial or informational contributions to FeTUS, the organization led by Miss A.

This was a gathering of influential members of large corporations from around the world, but the rich being loud and annoying was a global constant. And being unable to speak back to one’s sponsors was another such global constant.

However, a hierarchy had been established.



The girl’s heavy voice rapidly silenced the sponsors.

Showing respect to one’s elders was yet another global constant. Even if this group of twelve owned a third of all the world’s legal currency, they could not treat her rudely.

Even if all twelve of their large ages were added together, they still could not match hers.

“I am not saying we should do nothing. I am saying we need to actively work to maintain the status quo.”

She glanced to the side and the maid stepped forward. The cards moved back after approaching to complain.

“First, I will report everything we know about Adam.” The maid’s smile had returned. “We have succeeded in retrieving Adam’s s.e.x cells. We have attempted an experiment with the highest known implantation rate, but we have learned artificial insemination is impossible.”

“The cells closest to G.o.d cannot be manipulated with science,” added Miss A.

The monoliths’ microphones picked up another stir.

Miss A picked up her cup and took a sip of tea before saying more.

“That means restraining Adam would be meaningless. In fact, doing so would only sow the seeds of conflict between us and the angels protecting him.”

“We do not need to fear the angels. The report said our Springloaded fought extremely well against the angel acting as Mutsuki Fujita’s bodyguard.”

“Do not forget that Adam is currently held by the angels. No matter how well we can fight, the results are what matter. We lost to the angels last time.”


“And with a demon on the scene, another loss would destroy the three-way balance and put FeTUS’s very existence in jeopardy. We must act with utmost care.”

The elder’s composed words mostly silenced the twelve cards.

But they still did not accept it. There were a few comments of “well” and “but” coming in over the microphones.


The girl sighed because persuading them was proving difficult. And…

“Now, Miss A. How about this?”

One of the few cards that had not taken part in the previous argument spoke up. The King of Hearts floated calmly forward.

“What you say is correct. When implementing a plan, caution is the greatest virtue. But I am sure you understand the fact that simply observing has caused us to lose ground.”


“We are at an impa.s.se. So how about we compromise by having Black Cat act?”

As soon as the name Black Cat was mentioned, the girl showed surprise for the first time. She had been setting down her teacup, but it clacked quietly against the saucer.

She was not the only one. Machina had remained as motionless as a doll, but she turned her head to stare at the King of Hearts. Finally, the maid’s smile vanished again.

The monoliths reacted differently; they produced laughter.

“Now that would do nicely. Black Cat is a member of the FeTUS Witches, so we and Miss A can trust her.”

“And she is quite close to Mutsuki Fujita! She would be perfect for dealing with Adam!”

“More importantly, no one is more loyal to our desires than her.”

“…Wait. Black Cat is… Miss C is too dangerous.”

The girl’s previous composure vanished and she spoke with a low groan in her voice, but the twelve cards refused to listen and the King of Hearts continued after finding this weakness in the girl.

“Not to worry. The modifications made to her came from the best military technology that my country has to offer after being reunited from its split between east and west. Based on our calculations, she can take on an angel or even a demon.”

“Dr. Strangelove,” said Miss A. “I am sure you understand that we are not seeking victory in a trivial battle.”

“If our knowledge proves effective against demons as well as angels, we will have taken a large step toward our ultimate objective. That seems to be a much more beneficial plan than simply monitoring the situation. I simply cannot see why you would oppose it. It’s almost as if…”

The mocking laughter was obvious even through the microphone.

“Miss A, it’s almost as if you desire this disappointing situation.”


That finally silenced the girl.

Seeing an opportunity, the King of Spades immediately spoke loudly to seize the situation.

“Very good. Then we will have Black Cat secure Adam and eliminate his angel bodyguard.”

“Understood,” replied a new voice in the darkness.

Miss A, the maid, and Machina turned toward the voice in surprise.

“Ohh, so you’re here, Black Cat. Then I a.s.sume you know what we wish from you.”

A girl stood there. Only a straight-backed silhouette was visible in the darkness, but she did nod in agreement with the investors.

And she gave a slight snicker.

“It is about time, so let us bring this meeting to an end.”

They reached that conclusion without waiting for Miss A to say anything more and the monoliths each spoke their thanks before vanishing.

Miss A glared at the King of Hearts which remained to the end. It then vanished without changing the clownish and somewhat mocking expression of the ill.u.s.tration.

With the ringing of a bell, the feminine silhouette turned its back.

Finally, the lights returned and the garden enveloped in peaceful sunlight followed.

The blonde girl brushed aside her bangs which were plastered to her forehead with sweat and sank heavily into her chair.

“This will probably lead to an all-out conflict with the angels. …I just hope the legends of Metatron are greatly exaggerated.”


Silence fell and Machina took a drink of her tea now that it had finally cooled.

She took a large gulp without changing her expression. It was meant to calm her rattled nerves.

Miss A was the opposite, so she set down her cup as if to say she would drink no more.

“Be careful, Fujita Mutsuki’s angel bodyguard.”


Ange choked like she was coughing up blood.

Then she collapsed to the ground.

It was 7 PM. In the Jiyuuni house, that was dinner time.

The three roommates were sitting around a small tea table in the cleaned-up living room.

Micha and Mutsuki blinked in confusion as pale-faced Ange pushed herself up with her hands and pointed at the small plate she had eaten from.

“Mutsuki… What is this?”

“Hm? Today’s dinner.”

“What is it?”

“A stuffed bell pepper.”


“With kusaya, smoked cheese, and seaweed since they were on a really good sale.”


“Was it not any good?”

“It’s disgusting! Was that choking not enough of a clue!?”

The girl rudely spat out a half-chewed piece of bell pepper and shouted in anger.

“That’s odd. It’s plenty nutritious, you know?”

Mutsuki tried eating an identical bell pepper sitting on the large plate in the center.

He thought it had a unique flavor but not anything worth getting worked up over, but Ange was angry regardless.

He loved cooking, but for some reason, his reputation was poor.

“What do you think, Micha-san? Is it not any good?”

He turned to his other roommate in search of an ally.

“Hmm? Anything’s fine by me as long as I can drink.”

The brown beauty had been pa.s.sed out drunk earlier, but she was already working on another can of beer. She grabbed one of the stuffed bell peppers (that had some extra ingredients) and easily popped it into her mouth.

“Ahhhh~ Now that’s the stuff♪”

“See, Ange. Micha says it’s good.”

“She’s talking about the beer. …But forget it.”

The girl gave up and reached her chopsticks toward the salad on another plate. It was a premade item they had bought at the supermarket.

“…Ah, I’m out.”

After eating the bell pepper, salad, and fries to go with her drink, Micha shook the can and gave a sorrowful look toward the hollow sound coming from it.

She then gave Mutsuki a begging, upturned look.

“No. I already told you only two cans a day.”


“Don’t give me that.”

He ignored her.

Her wild brown face was flushed around the eyes from the alcohol, so she looked s.e.xy enough to get any guy to do whatever she said. He would have been in trouble if he had not looked away. After all, that was her third can she had just finished.

However, the young woman saw right through to the boy’s weakness.

“C’mon, Mutsuki-kuuun.”

A coaxing tone filled her voice.


The angle gave him a double punch from her childish begging look and the bewitching cleavage visible thanks to her risqué outfit. He quickly looked away, but…

“C’mon, pleeeease.”

“Wah, wah.”

She collapsed forward.

The tea table was small, so she was quite nearby and her face landed right in his lap.

“C’moooon. Muuutsuukuiii-kuuun.”

“I-I said no. You secretly…well, no, you didn’t even try to hide it. Anyway, you drank a bunch during the day, so I can’t let you have anymore-…wah!”

She started rubbing her cheeks against the base of his thighs and she curled up her body to press her b.r.e.a.s.t.s against his hip.


“Wait…okay! Okay already!”

When she started shoving her face right into his crotch, he admitted defeat and frantically moved away. At this rate, the contents of his pants were going to enter a dangerous state at the dinner table.

Ever since he met her, he had never been a match for this young woman, so he fled to the kitchen adjacent to the living room.

“Get me a pickled plum.”

Ange gave him an order of her own.

He opened the fridge, grabbed the requested items, returned, and handed them each to the one who had requested them.

“Here, Ange. …Micha-san, you’re going to make yourself sick eventually.”

He made sure to at least warn her.

“~~♪ I’ll be fine. Angels like us are made from flames unlike you humans made from dirt. That means flammable substances like alcohol are nutritious to us.”

She refused to listen and started gulping away.


“I wouldn’t know. I hate alcohol.”

Ange placed the pickled plum on top of her rice.

Seeing a red-haired blue-eyed girl eating Hinomaru-style rice was a surreal sight. Mutsuki gave up on Micha and focused on her reaction.

“How is it, Ange?”

“What do you mean? All pickled plums are the same…bfwah!”

Seeing a cute girl do a spit take was also surreal.

“This isn’t the same at all! What’s with this pickled plum!? It’s sweet! Sweet!”

“Yeah, I pickled it myself. In plum honey.”

“Hon-… Whoa, it does taste like honey…”

“D-don’t get mad, okay? This is actually a traditional method.”

“I don’t care how traditional it is! It doesn’t go with rice! How could you watch me cover my rice with honey without saying anything!?”

Eating it thinking it would be sour had amplified the damage of the sweetness, so she did not even have it in her to yell anymore.

“Ugh… My rice is covered in honey…”


“And isn’t this honey a little dark?”

“You can tell? The honey I used was actually kind of old, so I added some black vinegar to kill any germs.”

“Ahh! Ahhh! Don’t tell me that! I’ll remember! I’ll remember the hint of vinegar flavor!”

“But black vinegar honey is a traditional health drink…”

“Shut uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuup!”

Ange was angry and Micha was happy with her beer.

These two had been his family for a month now, so he had grown quite used to this scene.

Of course, he had not forgotten about his real family.

“Ahhh~ I’m so lonely without my Mu-chan~ So lonely, so lonely, so lonely~”

“Don’t cry. I might stop by this Sunday.”

Every morning and sometimes at night, he would call home to hear his parents and sisters’ voices. He had not missed a single day during the past month. They did not know when the enemy would attack, so he could only see them for a few hours on the weekends. He normally had to get by with a phone call.

He had one older sister and two younger sisters.

He was currently speaking with the older sister (who was an adult in college).

“Sob, sob. You promise? You’ll really come see me? If I don’t refill my little brother nutrients, I’ll be all empty.”

“Yes, yes.”

“No saying ‘yes, yes’.”

“Sure, sure.”

“No saying ‘fine, fine’ either~”

She had the tearful voice of a spoiled child.

Lately, even his youngest sister (a kindergartner who had a habit of wetting the bed) had matured enough to not cry even though he did not visit often, so he could only shrug with his cellphone in hand.

But with this sister, it was not a real problem.

“It’s getting late, so I’ve got to go.”

“Okay. Good night, Mu-chan♪”

Her tone changed entirely, proving that the tears had been fake. She liked causing trouble for her little brother.

After hanging up, he shooed away the mosquitoes swarming him and stepped inside the house. In this day and age, a house with bad cell reception was very inconvenient.

Right inside the entranceway was the living room that had the walls to the kitchen and hallway torn down. There was a single bedroom and storage room in the back. The storage room functioned as a private room for Ange, so there were really only two rooms Mutsuki could use.

There was no one in the living room, so he moved to the back of the house and opened the south-facing window.

“~! Shahhh! ~~~!”

In the parking lot of a company closed for the night, Ange wore only a plain T-shirt and spats so as not to restrict her movement. She was fighting far more b.a.l.l.s of light than there were mosquitos.

The lights floated with irregular movements and would sometimes spark as they attacked their target.

The girl would stop them and cut them down with a sword taller than she was that resembled a sheet of metal. The lights would burst into particles that would eventually gather with other particles to form new b.a.l.l.s of light. The girl swept every last one of them aside as they made their never-ending attack.

Ange had trained like this almost every night since they had started living together. The lights had a temperature of several hundred degrees, so they hurt a lot if they touched you. They were known as Helios and she defended against them with Prominence, the sword so large that it looked hard to wield. She claimed the training was meant to hone her reflexes.

“Seh! Dah! Crush! Hahhhhh!!”

Any number of the lights could come from any direction, but the girl calmly deflected, endured, and dodged each and every one.

It looked like an ultra high-speed dance and it would have been impossible for a normal person.

The giant sword’s core was wrapped in blue flames and it drew a trail of blue radiance through the dark night. At the same time, her sharp movements caused her red hair to flutter sharply like it too was a burning blade.

Surrounded by those flames of blue and red, the girl looked courageous and cool.


As her roommate, Mutsuki had seen this a few times already, but it always filled his chest with warmth. She was strong, she was beautiful, and she was working this hard for him.

“Thanks as always, Ange.”

Watching might interrupt her, so he closed the window.

She was normally a willful and somewhat selfish girl, but when he saw her like that, he could not find it in himself to get mad at her. In fact, the childish gap made her seem all the cuter.

He was thankful she was protecting him and he wanted to get along with her.

And to do that…

“Heeeey! You there, Mutsuki-kuuuun?”

He heard Micha calling for him. It was apparently bath time for her because her voice came from the bath at the end of the hall.

He knew what she would want while in the bath, so he grabbed a bottle of mineral water from the fridge before approaching.

“What is it?”

“I’m thirsty, so get me the usual.”

This was normal. She liked taking long baths, so she often asked for a drink partway through.

He already had one, so he entered the changing room, slid the frosted gla.s.s door to the bath partway open, and held out the chilled bottle.

“Water? I want beer.”

“Not a chance.”

“You’re too strict, papa. …Nn, I can’t reach it. Bring it to me.”

The tub was on the opposite side from the door, so reaching his arm inside was not enough to hand it to her.

With no other choice, the delivery boy blushed and stepped inside.

The house itself was falling apart, but the easily-dirtied bath had apparently been remodeled, making it much cleaner than the rest of the house. The faucet was split between hot and cold water which felt quite outdated, but the tiling on the floor and walls was brand new.

There was not a hint of mustiness, so only the scent of soap and the somewhat sweet aroma of an adult woman welcomed him in.

Micha was soaking in a deep, square silver tub.

“Phew… This bath is pretty big, but I wish there was room to stretch out your legs.”

She had been in the bath long enough to be soaked to the core, so the corners of her almond eyes drooped s.e.xily.

She was submerged up to her shoulders, but the twin fruits covered by a towel were floating up on the surface. Mutsuki’s eyes naturally focused on their wonderful size and he blushed further. His heart pounded as he handed her the bottle.


Micha immediately started chugging the water.

The boy was tempted to take a peek inside the tub, but since he had completed his task, he obeyed the reasonable side of his mind and started to turn around. But…


After draining half the bottle at once, she closed it and stood up.

“Since you’re here…”

Her blonde hair was not as long as Ange’s, but it would still cover her back.

She had swept it forward, revealing a surprisingly fit brown back with an animalistic eroticism to it.

Mutsuki looked away so as not to stare as he scrubbed a bubbly towel up and down.

“Ahhhhhh♡ Yes, yes. Just like that.”

After warming herself up and getting her blood flowing, she had her favorite boy washing her back. 

The young woman narrowed her eyes in bliss.

“I feel years younger. I should have you wash my body every night♪”

“…At least not more than one night in a row, please.”

While she seemed satisfied, Mutsuki was extremely nervous having to rub his hands all over her naked body with only a towel in between.

(Micha-san really does have one h.e.l.l of a body.)

Until this year, he had never understood what exactly a “s.e.xy body” was, but he could tell her body was exactly that.

She had slender, feminine shoulders, a muscular back, and chocolate-colored skin that dully reflected the light. She had casually shown off her naked body ever since the day he met her, but he still found himself charmed by it.

(She’s so pretty…and s.e.xy.)

He naturally followed her curves with his eyes.

She had unbelievably long legs and they rapidly grew thicker from her ankles to her thighs. Those thighs had plenty of feminine fat. The b.u.t.t positioned above them also had a mature amount of flesh that was squished down against the bath chair.

Her waist was as slender as possible, creating a flowing contrast to her hips.

The curves moved seductively back out for her chest and Mutsuki was filled with an urge to peak at the front. He felt the blood rush to his face as it grew warm, so he looked down to restrain himself.



“How’s school going? I can make a good guess based on how Ange is acting, though. Are you getting along with the demon…Lucia-kun and the FeTUS member…Machina-chan?”


She actually sounded composed for once and the boy’s heart skipped a beat.

This entire situation may have been a way to speak with him sans Ange. Realizing that, he felt embarra.s.sed for his inappropriate thoughts.

There was actually one thing he had wanted to discuss with her for a while, but he had never done so because he had been unsure what to say.

He still could not find the words, but she seemed to catch on.

“Say it. I won’t get mad, so tell me everything you’re thinking.”

She spoke kindly and persuasively.

She knew how to guide those younger than her in more ways than one, so Mutsuki had no choice but to confess. He gathered strength in the hands on her back as if to rely on her.

“I don’t think those two are…bad people.”

He could never say this in front of Ange.

“I just don’t think Lucia-kun and Ibekusa-san could harm me.”

“That’s right.”

“Both of them have had a few chances to pluck out the Serpent’s Eye if they really wanted to, but they didn’t. At the very least, I don’t think they’re after me. I don’t know why Lucia-kun followed me to school, but…but…”

Nothing else he could say had anything to back it up, so he came to a stop

Lucia was so affectionate and had saved him from danger.

Machina had been with him since spring and had been like a lover ten days before.

He felt no desire to call either one an enemy.

And this second bodyguard responded by…

“Heh heh♡ Well done.”

He had been certain she would be angry, but her kind tone of voice remained.

“As far as I can see, they aren’t a threat. Although Ange can be stubborn, so she probably wouldn’t understand. The Serpent’s Eye is not their target.”


“It’s you yourself.”

She was his bodyguard, yet she gave a pleasant smile after he showed good will toward the enemy.


Their target was him and not the Serpent’s Eye. He did not understand. Wasn’t targeting him the same thing as targeting the Serpent’s Eye?

“But remember this, Mutsuki-kun. Ange does not view them in a hostile light without reason. Gather heaven, earth, and h.e.l.l, and you will have everything. Also, the world is made of constant discord.”

Her kind smile remained, but her tone had grown serious.

“There are those with FeTUS and those with the demons that will harm you. There are also those who would misuse your Serpent’s Eye. …And those who would misuse you yourself.”

“I-I see.”

She once again made a distinction between the Serpent’s Eye and him.

“Well, there’s no need to think about it too much. Lucia-kun and Machina-chan – especially Machina-chan – really aren’t a threat. You understand why, don’t you?”

She did not actually give him any time to think.

“Any girl who has had s.e.x with you even once becomes physically unable to do you any harm.”

With a mischievous smile, Micha stood up from the bath chair, placing her chocolate-colored b.u.t.t right in front of the crouching boy.

He gulped as the scent of an adult woman reached him.

“It really can be a problem. All you did was wash my back, but all I can think about it how wonderful your hands feel and how you must be rock hard right now♡”

She turned around, bringing her hips close enough that soft blonde hair tickled his nose and she placed one leg up on the edge of the tub.

The seductively wet inside was exposed from close enough to see the veins.

The mound of flesh the same color as her skin was pushed open by the inner lips that grew larger than average when engorged. Her shocking pink c.l.i.toris poked out from its pod. When he looked up, he found her nipples standing erect from the tips of her beautiful bust.

Every last part of her body was engorged.

“Not only am I throbbing down here, but my womb itself is throbbing.”

The Serpent’s Eye was the power to rule over all women. Any woman under its effects was forcibly brought to a state of arousal.

They would become a slave in body and mind to its owner, Fujita Mutsuki.


He had a.s.sumed he was the only one growing aroused, so he was dumbfounded to find she was far hornier than him.

She gave a challenging and wet lick of her lips.

“You don’t need to wash my back anymore♪”


He was allowed to get along with Machina and Lucia.

With that settled, he had nothing more to discuss.


“Fwah… Wah, M-Micha-san, that tickles.”

More importantly, Micha was clearly not going to discuss anything else even if he wanted to.

She knocked him onto his back and straddled him. She kissed him, rubbed her cheek up against him, and pressed her nose against the back of his neck and near his ears.

“Sniff♡ I love your scent so much, Mutsuki-kun~ Not too sweaty and not too childish.”

“M-Micha-san, um, you’re going to get my clothes all wet…”

“Yes, yes. Then let’s get rid of hose troublesome old clothes~”

She pulled up his shirt, undid his belt, and reached inside his pants. Overwhelmed, Mutsuki was pushed back against the silver tub.

He was embarra.s.sed and did nothing to fight back, so she easily stole his shirt and pants.

But he was only a little embarra.s.sed and he actually quite liked being forcibly a.s.saulted by a beautiful and s.e.xy young woman.

“It’s been a while since we did this.”

“…Ah ha ha.”

Micha’s warm tongue licked across his navel, nipples, relatively flat Adam’s apple, and lips.

A month before, on the day they had first met, the two of them had tested the power of the Serpent’s Eye and ended up going all the way, but they had not done anything in the ten days since moving to this house. They had no real choice because the house was too small to hide from Ange.

Because it had been so long, Micha was even more intense than usual.

“Hey, hey. Wash me here too.”

She grabbed the towel from him, twisted her body around, and skillfully wrung the towel out over her b.u.t.t.

The ample remaining soap fell onto her fleshy brown cheeks.


Mutsuki did as he was told and washed her b.u.t.t with his bare hands. He groped the springy flesh enough for it to change shape.

He pressed his fingers in and rubbed the two cheeks together in the center.

(Her b.u.t.t is so soft and amazing.)

The mounds of her b.u.t.t shined stickily from the soap and they became too slippery to grab easily. He took his careful time groping that mature elasticity with enough force to leave his fingerprints behind.

“Ah…nn… Yes, you’re good at this.”

His strength seemed to seep into her lower spine and sacrum, so the woman blissfully narrowed her eyes.

Perhaps as a reward, she began kissing every last part of his face: the ears, the cheeks, the nose, the forehead, the corners of the eyes, the chin, and…


The lips.

The reward continued as something slipped inside his mouth. It was so soft he thought his chin would melt away.

At times like this, she seemed to have a magic power preventing him from resisting. He felt embarra.s.sed, but he offered his tongue up to her and she immediately wrapped her own extended tongue around it.


She adored his tongue as delicately as giving a b.l.o.w.j.o.b.

Breaths escaped his nose as the delicious pleasure melted from his mouth and into his entire body. She pressed her giant b.r.e.a.s.t.s even harder against him and yet gently stroked his head. She confidently guided the younger boy.

But even as sweet saliva and ecstasy filled his mouth…

(It’s so soft inside her and it smells great. Also…)

He observed her expression through his narrowed eyes.

(Her face is so s.e.xual.)

When she was h.o.r.n.y, her deep-cut Latin features would always gain this erotic look with a blank look in the eyes.

Even the pure, inexperienced boy could tell she was aroused when he saw that.

He enjoyed the flavor of her kiss, but seeing that expression from so close was unbearable. He wanted to put an even more s.e.xual look on her face, so he resumed groping her b.u.t.t while continuing to entangle their tongues.

“Eh…? Mutsuki-ku-…nnah…ah…”

(She really does like a softer touch. And…)

He used the slippery bubbles to bring his fingers toward the center. He tickled her on the verge of touching her plump inner thighs.

“Nhh, ah, c’mon… Y-you’re such a dirty boy…fwah!”

As soon as his feather touch primed her nerves, he gave another strong squeeze.

Micha could not believe that his thorough ma.s.sage was intentionally avoiding the center in order to fill her most precious place with an almost painful throbbing.

Mutsuki had been born with the Serpent’s Eye that forced women to a state of arousal, but he also had a natural talent for discerning the perfect spots, timing, and level of strength to pleasure his partner.

Each time they shared their bodies, he learned even better where her weak points were. His desire to delight the person he loved was probably stronger than for the average person.


He used the perfect level of strength while intentionally avoiding her weak points, so her entire body only grew more aroused.

The pleasure from her licking and tongue grew all the deeper.

(Honestly, wh-when did he get so…ahh…n-no…)

When she had taken his virginity a month earlier, he had only tearfully moaned while clinging to her like a baby, so Micha shuddered when she considered what he would do in the future.

As he rubbed at the bottom of her tongue and she swallowed the youthful saliva flowing into her mouth, a pulse of sharp pleasure ran along her spine.

As the surge reached the depths of her hidden garden, it pleaded to be touched by covering her thighs with its hot juices.

“…Nn. O-okay, Mutsuki-kun, I’ll wash yours too.”

Micha got down from his lap and gently removed his underwear.

He was used to being seen by her, but that instant was still a little embarra.s.sing. Especially when he was so shamefully hard.

“Looks like you’re all ready. And the smell is strong too.”


“Well, it has been ten days.”

She had yet to move her face in close, but the hormonal smell still reached her nose. She gave a pleasant giggle at the manly intensity of his erection.

“You saved it up without masturbating, didn’t you? Good boy, good boy.”

“Nyaaaaaaah! M-Micha-san!”

She had grabbed the tip and patted the head while saying that last part.

That area was usually protected by the foreskin, so it was still weak to stimulation. His hips jerked intensely as he felt like jolts of electricity were running through him.

Micha gave a relieved smile when she saw it.

“Then let’s wash each other♡”

She poked out her saliva-covered tongue and turned her body around.

She climbed on top of him while he lay on his back to form the sixty-nine position. His head was still propped up against the tub, so he faced her b.u.t.t from quite close by.


He could see every part of her most precious place. She took a pose that seemed to accentuate the interior of her b.u.t.t crack and the base of her thighs. Then she brushed her long blonde hair back and lowered her head.

Mutsuki gulped as an undulating object touched his most sensitive place.

(A-as always…her mouth is amazing…ah, ah…oh, no.)

Something so soft it felt more like jelly than flesh wriggled around while conforming to his shape. The warm pleasure made him clench his teeth.

He felt saliva being rubbed on down to just a bit below the head, and it felt so good he thought both his p.e.n.i.s and his pelvis were going to melt. That alone was enough for the ten days’ worth of fluids inside his t.e.s.t.i.c.l.es to throb, but the tongue did not stop there. It teased at the underside, the head, and the tip.


A rough softness danced across his sensitive skin. It felt itchier than it did pleasurable, so he twisted his hips around.

“Nn…nnh. …What a naughty flavor and scent. Ten days’ worth is amazing.”

It did not help that Micha was using her tongue much more pa.s.sionately than usual.

He had been keeping it clean, but his raging erection gave off a salty flavor that stung the tongue. Every time he trembled, a clear liquid seeped from the slit at the tip and gave off the same immature smell as s.e.m.e.n.

Micha’s feminine instincts reacted to the male hormones covering her tongue and filling her nose with an intensity too great to imagine it came from a child.

“~~~♡ It’s spreading out like crazy here too.”

Her eyes widened as the head expanded to create a great height difference.

“It’s so thick… I bet it would stir me up all the way to my womb.”

She placed the expanded umbrella in her mouth and wetly moved her entire head up and down. The kissing technique that always enslaved the boy was now directly applied to his erection, so his back arched below him.


“Eh heh heh…Hn…nh…nnnm.”

Her soft, slippery lips moved up and down the surface of his shaft. Her tongue continued poking at the tip and her hand gently stroked the bottom of his b.a.l.l.s. All in all, she pleasured him quite thoroughly.

However, he was not the only one crying out in joy. Servicing the sizable piece of male-smelling meat was enough to arouse her as well. As she continued her pa.s.sionate service, she let out low moans and wiggled her hips.

Seeing that reminded Mutsuki that they were supposed to be washing “each other”, so to distract himself from the pleasure, he grabbed at the chocolate-colored flesh positioned right in front of him.

When he ma.s.saged the two spheres, her hips swayed even more intensely than before.

(She’s enjoying this, too.)

After grabbing it, he realized her b.u.t.t was an important erogenous zone.

As he ma.s.saged that obscene flesh, her engorged flower petals completely gave up on protecting their precious contents and instead peeled back. The honeypot within even opened and closed its mouth as if it desired to devour something.

And more importantly…


Mutsuki noticed something at the center of the mounds of flesh in his hands.

Due to their sixty-nine position, he could see her soft-looking a.n.u.s with its elegantly closed wrinkles.

His upper body was propped up, so that exit was at the perfect viewing height as it wriggled as if breathing. The movement was intense enough to give glimpses of the poorly-lit contents.

Hidden deep behind her wild brown skin was some softer flesh the color of a young girl’s lips.

The delicious-looking salmon pink filled Mutsuki with so much arousal a tremor ran through his body.

He gulped and then…

“Fyah!? Wait, Mutsuki-kun!?”

It happened so suddenly that Micha quickly spat out his shaft.

“Sorry. But your b.u.t.t’s so cute.”

Mutsuki did not hesitate to press his face into her b.u.t.t and his nose into lovely fleshy spot breathing at the center.

He made use of the tongue techniques built up by his deep kisses with her. He loosened up the flesh with saliva and heat as if parting each individual wrinkle.

“Nnah…ah…um, Mutsuki-kun, that’s…that’s…”

Not even that s.e.xy young woman was accustomed to this type of stimulation, so the surprised sphincter quickly squeezed shut.

Mutsuki continued kissing and even sucking at the ring of muscles.

“St…stop… That’s dirty…”

“There isn’t a single dirty part of your body, Micha-san. …Nn.”

He placed his tongue in the center of the ring and pushed it in to slowly expand the circle.

He knew it was not a clean place, but since it was Micha’s body, he truly did not think of it as dirty.

That was how powerful an impression the woman had left on him.

He saw her as a roommate that knew how to get him to do what she wanted, a young woman that he could rely on, a mother that would envelop him, and at the moment, a beloved lover.

He wanted to kiss every last part of her plump body and see even more s.e.xual looks on her face. Most of all, he wanted to make her feel even better.

With that thought in mind, he very, very thoroughly dug into her a.n.u.s.


His thoughts seemed to reach her a.n.u.s before the rest of her, but the a.n.a.l caress finally began to fill her with a strange sensation.

The woman could not help but lewdly shake her large b.u.t.t. She writhed from the clever caress that was Mutsuki’s second talent.

“You smell so s.e.xual, Micha-san. Even your a.s.shole is erotic. …Ah, it opened♪”

His thorough tongue play almost seemed to melt her flesh and robbed her of the strength needed to close it. The sphincter was still stiff, so her a.n.u.s swelled out like a volcano. His tongue sank into the sunken crater at the peak.


A soft creature slipped in and out of that sensitive and supposedly dirty opening. A strange feeling welled up inside her and she began trembling from her thighs to her hips and her back.

(She’s moaning in pleasure.)

Goose b.u.mps covered the entirety of her round b.u.t.t and something other than confusion filled her voice. Sensing that, Mutsuki felt a different sort of arousal that seemed to lighten his body.

(I want to do even more. Um…)

He searched through his memories for a way to make her feel even better than licking.

(Will a finger fit in?)

He decided to try to reach even deeper inside.

He gathered the remains of the soap to get his finger nice and slick. When he removed his tongue from the small entrance between her b.u.t.t cheeks, it trembled like a small frightened animal, so he pressed the tip of the finger against it as gently as he could.


But even that light touch caused it to slip in up to the first joint.

It felt like she had loosened up to welcome him inside. Both surprised and interested, Mutsuki pushed his finger in with a look of arousal.

Her squishy r.e.c.t.u.m was surprisingly soft. However, it seemed to be wriggling in fear of the foreign object, so he tried to relax her by using his second joint to ma.s.sage the tense sphincter from within.

“Eeeeek! C’mooon… Not from inside…my a.s.s… Ah, ah…hyaaaaahn!”

“Ah ha ha. But it gets softer as I mess with it. It’s all wet inside too, so I doubt it’ll hurt much.”

“Uuh….. Nn♡ Nnn♡”

Micha screamed as his middle finger audibly moved in and out of her.

Once something caught his interest, he would investigate it as much as possible. Being on the receiving end of that kindergartner-level curiosity left her body on the verge of melting.

Simply slipping his finger in and out gave her an artificial feeling of excretion and the boy bent his finger even more to rub at and loosen up the sphincter.

A month before, he had been a virgin boy who could only tearfully cling to her, so she would never have imagined being pleasured like this by him. A mixture of frustration and pleasure enveloped her in a mysterious sort of ecstasy. She was unable to preserve her heart and could not stop her embarra.s.sing moans. Her b.u.t.t moved in circles all on its own.

Having that hole toyed with from the inside and outside felt undeniably good. She would have preferred he focused on her front side instead because this exclusively a.n.a.l attack was unbearably embarra.s.sing. Despite the lack of stimulation elsewhere, the a.n.a.l pleasure caused her womb to tremble and her flesh flower to leak plenty of juices.

She had always known this area brought more pleasure, but she had rarely touched it out of embarra.s.sment.

“Nh… C-c’mon…”

In order to get him under control, Micha used her pride as an adult to lower her head even further than before, swallowing his erection nearly to her throat. Her b.r.e.a.s.t.s and erect nipples pressed against his lower stomach.


Mutsuki gulped as he felt an intense sensuality cover his entire hips region.

Micha’s lips were no longer merely caressing him; she had gone on the offense to actively try to wring out his fluids. She sucked so hard he thought she would create a vacuum in his urethra and she licked all over the sensitive underside.

“Um, Micha-san…ah…wah…ahhh!”

This situation brought trouble to the younger boy instead. As she continued to tease his p.e.n.i.s, he felt like it and his t.e.s.t.i.c.l.es were more obedient to her than himself.

Pleasure had been drifting through his entire body, but now it gathered in the base of his hips.

He accidently tensed the finger in her a.n.u.s.


His ring finger slipped inside the cramped entrance to join his bent middle finger.

Micha’s eyes widened as her a.n.u.s was spread twice as wide as before. At the exact same moment, the pleasure gathered at the base of the boy’s p.e.n.i.s seemed to burst.

“~~~~~~~~~! Ahhhh!”

“Nn! Nn!”

As her a.n.u.s was violated, ten days’ worth of young fluids were squirted from the head sticking nearly down to her throat.

She tried to stop it with her tongue, but the torrent surged out regardless. Her entrance was filled with s.e.m.e.n and her exit was filled with fingers.

“Nngh… Nn…nnnnnnnnnn…”

She too was launched to a bittersweet state of perfect ecstasy.

Her loosened a.n.u.s tightened down on his fingers and, slightly below, the seductive flesh flower squirted hot nectar as if to protest the lack of stimulation.

Her nicely slender hips twisted and her b.u.t.t wiggled in joy.

“Kh…nn, nkh…nkh.”

Even so, she did not forget to care for her younger lover by swallowing the substance filling her mouth.

“What a troublesome child. I can’t believe the boy with the Serpent’s Eye is such a pervert. Who knows what will happen if you misuse it.”

Micha breathed a heavy sigh.

This truly was a problem.

“Oh, it opened up again. I bet I could fit another one inside…”

“Hey…hyahn! S-stop that!”

Even after c.u.mming, Mutsuki immediately resumed messing with her from behind.

He placed Micha on his lap and began audibly moving his fingers in and out of her b.u.t.t. Instead of giving her a rest, he added a third finger to the mix.

“You’re so s.e.xual… H-hey, Micha-san. Does this feel good?”

“~~ I-I don’t know.”

It was obvious her hips had given out and she was at his mercy, but he still asked her that embarra.s.sing question.

He was touching a hole meant for filthy things. The boy had lost himself in the arousal of seeing a beautiful woman writhing from something so abnormal. He wanted to see just how wide he could get it as he opened and closed the middle and ring fingers held inside.


Micha gave a weakened sigh at the boy’s childish enjoyment.

Fujita Mutsuki possessed the Serpent’s Eye that let him rule half the world.

And now he may very well have awoken to a frightening new talent.

But then…

“Hey, Micha, how long are you going to be in there? I want to take a show-…”

The bath’s door slid open with a rusty creak.




It had of course been opened by the house’s third resident.

Mutsuki looked up and froze in place, just like Ange as she looked down.

Micha, however, had gone too limp to freeze.

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