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Second to last chapter! This chapter really shows how evil Xiao Nai can be. (Btw, how did you guys like Xiao Nai’s parents?)


Chapter Forty Seven The Sun Will Never Set

Wei Wei didn’t think that she would meet Zhen Shui Wu Xiang again, and it would be at UA, at her own university.

That day, Wei Wei went to the library to return books. On the road there, she saw a cla.s.smate. After mutually nodding at each other, Wei Wei saw Zhen Shui Wu Xiang, standing at her cla.s.smate’s side, with a stunned expression.

Wei Wei nodded to him as well and brushed past.

Coming from behind her was her cla.s.smate’s excited voice: ‘See that, Our UA also has beautiful girls, this is our faculty beauty, isn’t she just as beautiful as your campus beauties … …”

This random occurrence was instantly thrown to the back of Wei Wei’s mind. After one month of school, she was running around all day. She wasn’t just studying for her cla.s.ses but also working in Da Shen’s company. She didn’t have the time to think about other things.

Continuing to work at Zhi Yi was Yu Gong’s suggestion.

A certain day as they ate together, Yu Gong said: “Sansao should say at the company after school starts, come over when you have the time. You’ll learn more stuff with us than in your cla.s.ses.”

Wei Wei was tempted. Learning things at work was very fast. There were a pile of genii at Zhi Yi, just learning a bit from one of them was more than enough. Also, she didn’t want to give up Dreams 2 and the atmosphere at the company, of course … … seeing a few glances of Da Shen each day was good too.

Mo Zha Ta said: “Just be a contractor, laosan, you should appreciate it and give some wages.”

Wei Wei said: “I don’t need wages, just paying for food is good = =”

Xiao Nai nodded: “That’s good, then the salary will go on my account.”

Wei Wei: “>o<>

Mo Zha Ta: “… …”

Hou Zi Jiu, who had come back from vacation for graduate studies, bravely said what was in everybody’s mind: “Laosan, you are too shameless.”

Just like that, Wei Wei continued to be a free intern at Zhi Yi. In October, Zhi Yi Technologies, other than the normal work, was also starting to promote Dreams 2.

Dreams 2 was finally starting to get promoted.

Before this, there was very little information about Dream 2 online. There were two reasons for this. The first was that everybody felt that if the promotional period was too long, it would lower antic.i.p.ation. The other was to manage Dreams 1’s player numbers. Since Dreams 2’s beta testing was starting, the promotions had to instantly catch up.

Building the website, organizing the information, making different promotional videos, different activities, offers, contests … … Wei Wei, along with the rest of the planning department, was very busy.

Even though she was busy, Wei Wei didn’t forget to go frequently onto Dreams 1 and feed the little tiger. If she didn’t manage to raise the tiger’s attributes, Wei Wei kept on feeling that she didn’t finish her job. The little tiger needed a lot of money to raise. Wei Wei commonly would make some equipment to sell. Wei Wei had made an appointment with a buy for eight at night to make the transaction. The professor suddenly moved the cla.s.s to the even so Wei Wei couldn’t make it and had to let Xiao Nai replace her.

Xiao Nai naturally knew her account and pa.s.sword. He went on precisely at eight onto her account, gave the goods over and was going offline when he saw Zhen Shui Wu Xiang appear next to the avatar.

His appearance didn’t affect Xiao Nai in any way. Xiao Nai’s fingers kept moving the pointer to the red cross in the top right corner but before he pressed down, two characters appeared on the screen.

“Wei Wei.”

Zhen Shui Wu Xiang said “Wei Wei.”

He hadn’t called “Wei Wei” for a long time. Before the divorce, he had called Wei Wei “Wei Wei” but after the divorce, he always called her “Lu Wei”. Saying her name again, his heart jumped wildly but seeing that Lu Wei Wei Wei didn’t have some special reaction, a few hints of hope rose in his heart.

Zhen Shui Wu Xiang himself didn’t know why he had called Lu Wei Wei Wei for. After seeing the real Lu Wei Wei Wei, his heart would sometimes feel upset. He would even not pay as much attention to Xiao Yu Yao Yao.

When Lan Yan said that UX didn’t have Lu Wei Wei Wei, his heart felt better and reignited his feelings for Xiao Yu Yao Yao. Xiao Yu Yao Yao’s education was higher than Lu Wei Wei Wei. His decision had been right. To prove that his feelings hadn’t changed, he sent Xiao Yu Yao Yao gifts like water flowing. But this course of action, rather than saying it was to court Xiao Yu Yao Yao, it was more to comfort himself.

But then, he saw Lu Wei Wei Wei again at UA.

She was actually UA’s student?!

Zhen Shui Wu Xiang suddenly felt pain. This type of pain, when he heard Lei Shen Ni Ni say that Lu Wei Wei Wei’s boyfriend was Yi Xiao Nai He, rose to the maximum.

If … … they hadn’t divorced, then … …would it be him?

Putting aside the convoluted thoughts that Zhen Shui Wu Xiang had, when he called “Wei Wei” he found that he didn’t know what to say. It was good that he realized that this unpopulated place was a location that he had, with Lu Wei Wei Wei together, done a quest at.

Zhen Shui Wu Xiang found an opening point and started to reminiscence on the past.

He was excitedly emoting, but Xiao Nai didn’t have the patience to read all of it. He didn’t stop him, however. As he worked, he would occasionally glance up. When Zhen Shui Wu Xiang had asked Lu Wei Wei Wei if the reason she wasn’t speaking was that she had disconnected, he controlled the avatar to move a step.

Zhen Shui Wu Xiang received encouragement from that step of Lu Wei Wei Wei and went even deeper into the past. In the end, when Zhen Shui Wu Xiang couldn’t find any more words to speak, Xiao Nai moved the mouse and in the chat box typed out six words.

“I am Yi Xiao Nai He.”

Fatal Attack!

Final Attack!

A few seconds later, Zhen Shui Wu Xiang finally disappeared in front of Lu Wei Wei Wei.

Xiao Nai didn’t say a word about this incident to Wei Wei. Wei Wei naturally didn’t know that he had used six words to exterminate a rival. Wei Wei continued to raise her little tiger. When she didn’t have the money herself to buy the lingdan, she would open Yi Xiao Nai He’s account and transfer a bit of money over. Since he had a part in creating the little tiger, there was no reason why she should be the only provider.

In this kind of rushing and busyness, at the end of October, all preparations were done. November 1st, the website for Dreams 2 officially opened. Information and promotional materials were released at the same time. The number of hits on the website on the first day broke record and the released ads and information were furiously broadcasted by the large gaming websites.

Wei Wei stayed in her dorm for a few hours looking at the discussion and reviews. She suddenly had the urge to go on to Dreams 1. There should be a lot of people also discussing there. As expected, once she logged on, she saw a crowd of people discussing Dreams 2. The large majority were complimentary. Some were less enthusiastic but they were worried that their equipment would depreciate. Lots of people were waiting expectantly for the beta testing and wondering how they could get a beta account.

Wei Wei was happy that Da Shen’s game was getting such a good response. But seeing that everybody wanted to go play in Dreams 2, a few hints of doubt crept silently in. She wandered around Chang’an for a while and received a text form Xiao Nai telling her he had finished his meeting. Wei Wei sent a message back to him: I’m in Dreams 1, You should come on, many people are discussing Dreams 2.

Shortly after, the white-clad musician was online. The two of them hid their names and strolled slowly along the streets of Chang’an. Looking at the bustle and splendour of Chang’an Street, Wei Wei said: “When Dreams 2 comes out, the one that’s going to be most affected would probably be Dreams 1. Would less players stay on Dreams 1 and they would stop supporting it?”

“No, Dreams 1will always be maintained.” Xiao Nai. As the person partnering up with Feng Teng, he was naturally more knowledgeable about the matter.

“But Dreams 2 will take away a lot of people. If the player numbers keep decreasing, the game company might close the servers?”

“No matter how good a new game it, it cannot subst.i.tute for an old game. Not everybody would leave.” Xiao Nai said, “And indefinitely supporting Dreams 1 was the promise that Feng Teng had given the players in the beginning.”

“They say that, but there had been games where they said they would always keep it open and it closed anyway.”

“I can’t promise it in the long-term, but I think it will last at least until our children can play games with no problems.”

Wei Wei blushed: “Children … …”

“En.” The white-robed musician stopped in his steps and peacefully said: “At least bring them here and tell them, it was here that we said our first words to each other.”

Wei Wei realized at the moment that they had unknowingly walked to Zhu Que Bridge. The willows were still blooming and swaying in the wind like always. The scenery hadn’t changed. And the white-clothed musician looked exactly like the first time they met.

The musician said: “Let’s go, we haven’t looked at the scenery for a long time, let’s wander around.”

So they got on the white condor and once again travelled through the Lakes of Tian Shan, the bottom of the West Lake, the bottom of the West Lake, the Polar regions, the Penglai Island of the Immortals … … just like their honeymoon.

At the end, they stopped at Sunset Mountain.

The sunset was as always magnificent.

Wei Wei suddenly felt that the question she had been struggling over wasn’t important at all.

Even if someday the servers shut down, it didn’t matter.

As long as she remembered when and where he said his first words to her.

Remembered where they had gone to look at the landscapes.

Remembered that they had ridden together on the white condor over the mountains and waters … …

Those memories won’t disappear when the data disappeared.

So, even if this game closed in the future, in this world there would always be a place ––in her heart, or in his heart, the white and red shadows would be standing side by side.

Standing on Sunset Mountains, looking at the sun that will never set.

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