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[1] 色狼: pervert, also 色(colored)狼(wolf)


Chapter Forty Eight The End

It was another June.

This year’s summer seemed to have started especially early. It warmed up in May and when it got to June, it was hot as the peak of summer. Er Xi helped Wei Wei lug the bamboo mats, laboriously making her way up the stairs as she complained: “Wei Wei, aren’t you in a high-level residence area? Why would the elevator break?”

“What high level, it’s just more expensive.” Wei Wei was also quiet tired. She was carrying more stuff then E Xi, her hands holding two bags full of whatnots and two pillows wedged between her arms.

Xiao Ling and Si Si were behind them, their burden lighter than Wei Wei. One person was holding a tea set, the other clutching a vase… …

This was the stuff that Wei Wei had just brought from the supermarket … …

Originally, it had been just a dinner. But upon hearing that Wei Wei received her wedding clothes today, Xiao Ling and the others wanted to see. So Wei Wei unashamedly went to the stores, brought lots of items and made them do manual labor >o

Xiao Ling weakly asked: “How much longer?”

“You’ve come before.”

“But I’m already dizzy from climbing.”

Wei Wei raised a hand to wipe the sweat: “Almost there, just two more floors.”

“To more floors~~~” Si Si cried piteously.

They pushed on to climb another two floors. When Wei Wei opened the door, Xiao Ling and the others rolled onto the sofa. Er Xi stayed lying down, but hey eyes moved around the room. She suddenly said: “Wei Wei, when I find a man, you get your Da Shen to help design my home.”

“Me too. I like this style that you have here.” Xiao Ling agreed. This wasn’t the first time she and Er Xi had come to Wei Wei’s place but each time they came they ritually complimented it.

Wei Wei made tea as she replied: “I helped too, why don’t you guys ask me?”

“Ha, the parts you designed is the rotten parts.”

Wei Wei felt dejected. It was always like this. Clearly it was her and Da Shenworking together on the plan but everybody that saw the place put all the credit on Da Shen.

Ugh~~~Under Da Shen’s blinding brilliance, when would she ever have time to shine?

Si Si didn’t manage to make it the last two times so today was the first time she had come to the place. As the rest of them talked, she had started touring the rooms.

This place was a high-end apartment in a residential development called Meng Wei Yuan. It was the present that Da Shen’s parents had gifted them with when Wei Wei and Xiao Nai got engaged last autumn.

Wei Wei had never felt that parents had a duty to buy a residence for their children, but since it was a present out of the kindness of the elders, she wouldn’t refuse out of pride. But, if the elders had been still living in the home that the university had distributed to them in a distant era, the situation would be very different.

When Wei Wei received the place, she had felt a bit of guilt. Da Shen’s parents didn’t want a single penny of the money Da Shen made. Wei Wei had felt that, since Da Shen had his own money, they didn’t need his parents to buy for them. Even though they only paid the down payment, but the down payment was still a few ten thousand. For professors in the not-so-rich areas of history and archaeology, a few ten thousand for a down payment should have been the most of their savings.

And they didn’t have to buy a new place. Xiao Nai’s old place had been pretty good.

After Xiao Nai understood her thoughts, he felt a bit helpless and explained: “They’re used to living on campus. Because my grandfather used to live there and my father was my grandfather’s student. They met in that room.”

Xiao Nai thought it was a bit funny, “Also, my parents aren’t that poor.”

When Xiao Nai’s mother, Professor Lin, learned about this later, her like of Wei Wei went up another level. That the good-will that had been given was received and returned, it was one of the most beautiful things in the world. Professor Lin’s mood was very good. She ordered Xiao Daddy to not complain anymore in front of their soon-to-be daughter-in-law about the shortage in funding on digs lest their soon-to-be daughter-in-law keeps a.s.sume that they “are short on funds.” She flipped through her own things and planned to give a bit more away.

And so, right before the wedding, Wei Wei received a pair of heirloom bracelets made out of Yang Zhi (mutton-fat) white jade. It was now that Wei Wei finally understood what Da Shen had said was true. Like their type of family, those that were generations upon generations of literary and prestigious families, they looked poor from the outside, but it was more likely that a casual painting that they hung on the wall was a priceless work from a famous artisan.

But this pair of bracelets unnerved Wei Wei. You could put a price on gold but you couldn’t on jade, much less Yang Zhi white jage. Even though Da Shen’s mother say it was only middling in quality, but Wei Wei was still trapped in terror over breaking the bracelets. She decided that after wearing them once on the wedding, she would never do it again.

After enough rest, Xiao Ling urged Wei Wei: “Take out the clothes and give us a look.”

“Let’s go to the bedroom, I’m not strong enough to move it.”

Wei Wei and Xiao Nai’s wedding was a Chinese-style once so the wedding clothes were naturally the traditional clothes. A pearl-encrusted, silvery gold-plated phoenix crown, exceptionally ornate gold-detailed sleeves that reached to the floor, elaborate yet elegant embroidered shoes. The entire set was designed based on the wedding clothes in Dreams 2 and filled about six or seven big boxes.

Si Si carefully held the phoenix crown: “This crown is so beautiful, I had a.s.sumed it was a hat, I didn’t like that kind.”

“The hat type is beautiful too, but it’s too heavy.” Wei Wei said.

Er Xi fiddled with the pearls: “How much was this?”

Wei Wei said a number. Er Xi exploded: “Whoa, you’re wearing a washroom on your head!”

“… … can’t you say something that sound’s better = =” Wei Wei was a bit dejected and half-heartedly argued, “Da Shen said that this won’t depreciate, so it’s not like we’re spending money.”

Xiao Ling helped: “She already is wearing more than ten washrooms on her hand. It’s nothing if Wei Wei wears one on her head.”

Er Xi crouched by the bed to look at the phoenix crown in Si Si’s hand: “Even if it doesn’t depreciate, it can’t lay eggs. Is it worth it?”

“It’s okay as long as Wei Wei can lay eggs.”

A sudden image popped out of Wei Wei’s mind ––a round and shining white egg, that suddenly broke and a plump and white child slowly climbed out with a part of the sh.e.l.l on his head. His black eyes started at her, he opened his pink little mouth … …

Wei Wei managed to put the breaks on the car of her imagination before he managed to speak. She continued to chant a hundred time. I am viviparous, I am viviparous.

“I like this clothing,” Xiao Ling touched the embroidery on the clothing, her drool almost dripping, “Why did we have to copy the Western wedding and wear white dresses? Clearly our traditional phoenix crown and red silks are more beautiful.”

“Yeah,” Er Xi said. “When I was little I really admired the costumes in wuxiadramas, I kept on wrapping myself in blankets and pretend it was traditional attire.”

“Wei Wei, put it own so we can see the effect.”

“I don’t know how to change into it … …”

Distaining looks shot towards her. Wei Wei refused to accept them: “Do you guys know?”

The three girls looked at the multiple belts and strings on the clothing and glanced at each other. Si Si instantly changed topics and exclaimed: “Ah, I didn’t think that you guys were getting married.”

Er Xi added: “Yeah, why are you in such a hurry? Wedding right after graduation, it’s not like you’re pregnant.”

Wei Wei was used to the teasing of Yu Gong and the others. She didn’t even felt the effect of Er Xi: “I’m afraid that if you guys leave, I won’t get any red packets.”

Xiao Ling thought it was still unrealistic: “Wei Wei, you just agreed, why not wait a few years?”

Si Si teased: “How come you’re a.s.suming it’s Xiao Da Shen that’s in a hurry, it might be our Wei Wei that wants it more?”

Xiao Ling: “Yeah! Why didn’t I reverse my thinking? Wei Wei, it wasn’t you that proposed, right?”

Wei Wei hexian: “Of course not.”

Er Xi asked inquisitively: “Then how did Da Shen propose? Were there flowers, rings, was there kneeling?”

“… … Er Xi, even the TV shows aren’t that cliché.”

“Tell me!” Er Xi pushed her.

“Um, so you know that I’ve been interning the last two years at his business. But I’ve never gotten any wages. So one day, I remembered that and I went to him to ask for them, and then he said… …”

Wei Wei’s face showed heavy embarra.s.sment.

Er Xi and Si Si looked expectantly at her.

“He said … … if you want money, I don’t have any, but if you want a person, I’ve got one right here.”

Er Xi snorted: “Your Da Shen is still so devious.”

Xiao Ling and the others examined and touched the clothing, the jewellery and the shoes. When they finished, it was almost nine. If they didn’t leave now, it would be too late. Wei Wei walked with them to the bus stop but before they got to the entrance, they saw a black car slowly stop next to them.

The door opened. A handsome upright figure unfolded out.

“Shixiong.” Xiao Ling and the others called simultaneously.

Xiao Nai nodded at them: “You guys came over.”

Under the streetlight, the Xiao Nai of two years later was still proud and elegant. And in these two years, he was a graduated shixiong and had become even more of a legend in the mouths of his crowds of shidi and shimei. Though Xiao Ling and the others were unrestrained in front of Wei Wei, when they saw him, they couldn’t help but become well-behaved.

Si Si said: “We’re leaving now, we won’t disturb shixiong.”

Er Xi tried to restrain herself but couldn’t so she laughed pervertedly and said: “Shixiong, let Wei Wei return with us today.”

Wei Wei glared at her. If she wanted to go back to live, did she need somebody’s permission?!

Xiao Nai looked at Wei Wei and said with a hint of a smile: “I don’t think it would be possible today.”

A question that completely didn’t need an answer, he actually had seriously answered. Wei Wei irritably glared again. Xiao Nai pretended not to see her rebelling gaze and courteously said to Er Xi and the others: “It’s late now, I’ll drive you guys back.”

As Xiao Nai went to drive her friends back to campus, Wei Wei went home to pack up the wedding clothes on the bed. Packing and packing, she suddenly thought of something and stopped moving. There had been another time, it was also probably a proposal.

That night on this bed, they had once again hastily finished. He had held her as they calmed down but he suddenly asked at her ear: “When are you going to let me graduate?”

“Ah?” She didn’t understand and asked in return: “You graduate what?”

He answered: “Haven’t I been studying in the faculty of self-control for two years now?”

After being together for so long with Xiao Nai, Wei Wei’s understanding ability had reached an inhuman level so she quickly deciphered.

Faculty of self-control… …

Self-control… …

Self.. …

Thinking about it, Wei Wei’s face was almost the same color as the clothing in her hands. They had been living together since the present school year had started. Perhaps n.o.body would believe that they hadn’t actually made that last step.

Carefully packing the clothing back into the boxes, Wei Wei found that a sleeve of the outer layer had been dropped by Er Xi on the floor and was a bit dirty. Wei Wei took it into the washroom to use water to clean it up. After finishing washing, she felt that her body was also sticky and then took a bath. When she finished, she realized that, due to her preoccupation with her thoughts, she hadn’t brought in a change of clothes.

Even though n.o.body was home and the window shades were down, but Wei Wei didn’t have the courage to sprint to the bedroom. With no other options, she could only drape herself in the large outer garment. The cloth was very thin and transparent, but it was better than wearing nothing.

Opening the washroom door, Wei Wei quickly strode towards the bedroom. Just when she was a few steps away from the bedroom door, she heard a sound, the sound of the door opening. Wei Wei turned around and her body froze.

How did he come back so quickly?

The person opening the door clearly didn’t not expect this scene upon entering, his fingers pausing on the handle.

Wei Wei instinctively wrapped the robe tighter, celebrating on the inside that she hadn’t just came out with nothing on. How was she to know, with her free and wet hair, the thin robe wet and sticking to her body, her wrists exposed out of the wide sleeves, her long legs and small waist just hinted at, it was more seductive a thousand times than just being naked.

“The clothes got here?” Xiao Nai slowly closed the door.

“En, this afternoon.” Wei Wei answered. She felt that she had to explain why she was standing here wearing this, “I, I just went to have a shower, forgot to bring clothes, this was dirty and it was in the washroom… …”

“Dirty? Where?”

“Uh, the hem, I already … …” Wei Wei reflexively lowered her head to look at the hem of the robe. Before she finished speaking, she was picked up in a princess-carry. He came to her side and carried her as he walked towards the bedroom.

“Let me see you wear it.”

“… … I don’t know how.”

“I’ll teach you.”

The fingers that had been gripping the front were pried open, the robe falling down against her back. She was sitting in his lap, only separated by a thin layer of cloth on the bottom. Wei Wei couldn’t look at him anymore, she tilted her head and dug into his neck.

He actually was teaching her, calmly putting on the clothing piece by piece for her and slowly talking about how it worked. Underclothes, blouse, the underskirt, the belt, the outer robe … … hot fingers would occasionally brush against her. Wei Wei let him manipulate her, listening and moving according to his instructions, standing or sitting. At the end, she was held in his lap. He held her bare food, putting the embroidered shoes on her.

He suddenly stopped


But Wei Wei didn’t relax due to this pause. Before they would always stop here … … or, use some other way, but but … …

Wei Wei looked at him, her gaze already blurry.

His shirt was already a mess, revealing a toned torso. He was breathing rapidly, his burning eyes staring at her. And then, like in slow-motion, he grabbed her hand, and reached for the belt on his waist.

Wei Wei already understood from his movements. Her heart seemed to lose control, her body tense enough that her fingertips were trembling.

“Wei Wei, don’t be nervous.”

He strongly forced her hand to move as he once again covered her lips. It was a gentle kiss, full of patients and comfort.

The kiss moved further, he sucked on her ear, his raspy and deep voice saying beside her ear: “Wei Wei, I can’t wait anymore.”

Even though thoroughly exhausted, but on the second day, Wei Wei followed her biological clock and opened her eyes at the usual time. The sky was already bright, the sunlight piercing through the thick curtains.

She was lying on the disarray of her wedding clothes, tightly held by somebody from behind, the arms crossing at her waist. She moved once, the person behind her instantly found that she was awake and his breath came over closely.

“Wei Wei.” The voice that was usually clear and cold, seemed to be infected with deep huskiness of l.u.s.t. She seemed to have dazedly replied, gradually her neck was gently kissed, gradually … …

When she awoke again it was almost noon.

Her body felt clean and wet. Wei Wei opened her eyes. He was using a towel to gently wipe away the marks. Wei Wei was a bit embarra.s.sed and wanted to evade but the moment she moved, she found that her waist was sore and had no energy to move just one leg.

Xiao Nai bent over: “Carry you to a shower?”

Wei Wei shook her head.

“Feeling bad?”

Wei Wei shook her head again. She looked at him, raised an arm and circled his neck.

Right now, she just wanted to lean against him.

To this accidental incident before the wedding, Wei Wei didn’t regret it. But the side-effects of this incident caused Wei Wei to have a headache.

Side-effect one, was the wedding clothes = =

Because of … …

So then … …

In the end, after that night, the clothes couldn’t … … be looked at … …other than the creases, there were a lot of … …marks. And the clothing was made out of expensive silk that had been cut and sewed together. Silk was so finicky, Wei Wei didn’t know how to wash it at all. She couldn’t send it out to be washed. At the end, under Wei Wei’s anger, she pushed it to the culprit.

So, Xiao Nai, in the middle of his very busy schedule, had to find some time to study how to wash silk.

Side-effect two, it was, ugh … …

Wei Wei found that doing that a month before the wedding was a very unwise decision. Either do it very early on, so that before the wedding, it wouldn’t be so effort-consuming, or just leave it until after the wedding.

During the most busy time, she had to also deal with a certain someone’s said-to-be very self-moderated needs. She didn’t have enough energy.

June, it was really busy.

Everything seemed to be happening together. She was graduating, preparing for the wedding, Dreams 2’s new promotions were occurring, and Da Sheni’scompany was moving.

This night, Xiao Nai received a call and then took Wei Wei out.

“Where are we going?”

“We’ll talk when we get there.”

Using a slow walking speed on the road, they slowly got to Ji Zhi Internet Café. Standing outside the tightly locked doors, Wei Wei saw Xiao Nai take out the key to the side-door. He flipped the switch on the inside

The lights lit up. Several hundred computers silently lined up in rows in the middle of the café.

“Tomorrow, these computers will be moved out.”

“Huh, Uncle’s not continuing?”

Wei Wei knew that this internet café was something that Xiao Nai did a long time ago with his uncle. Now that computers were common, the business was drastically down from before. But his uncle didn’t want to stop the business. Actually, the first time that Da Shen had seen here was here.

Xiao Nai nodded: “After, Zhi Yi is moving here. I already brought the other half of the property.”

A period of shock later, Wei Wei started to examine the interior. She felt satisfied: “En, it’s best to have our own s.p.a.ce.”

Xiao Nai smiled and walked with her deeper inside. They discussed what place would the cubicles, the conference rooms … … when he walked to a certain place, he stopped and looked at another place. He said: “This first time I saw you, you were sitting there.”

Wei Wei followed his gaze over. That was a place opposite the stairs. Wei Wei had forgotten long ago that she had sat there.

“Hehe, in reality, you feel in love with me at first sight.” Wei Wei teased him, “I have found out now, you are just a pervert.” [1]

Xiao Nai raised his eyebrows.

“You have a complaint?”

“No, but I feel that the level isn’t enough.” Xiao Nai slowly said: “I’m at lease a hungry wolf among the colored ones.”

A certain somebody recently was very hungry and very l.u.s.ty … …

Wei Wei: “… …You cannot reverse your shame to become your glory.”

Xiao Nai said: “As a wolf with a specialist diet, not being hungry is more shameful.”

“… …I’m going to take a look upstairs.”

Prepositioning somebody else turned into getting prepositioned, it was a tragedy of life. Wei Wei couldn’t beat him so she ran, fleeing upstairs.

Seeing her figure vanish from the stairs, the corner of Xiao Nai’s mouth rose up in a smile.

What had it felt like the first time he saw her?

It was a long time ago, a bit unclear now. But at the very beginning, even after getting married in the game, he hadn’t ever gotten the desire to meet her in person.

It had been because he had something that he came to the café, and that one glance.

It had been feeling that this girl’s control was very magnificent, attracting his gaze at first look. So he had stayed to look a few minutes longer. Seeing her calmly ordering and commanding the troops in the sect battle, accomplishing a perfect David-vs-Goliath.

At the beginning, he had only noticed the screen and her dancing fingers. It wasn’t until the last moment, when the battle finished, he had moved his gaze to her face.

That was a profile for people to admire and it was actually a bit familiar.

Due to his very good memory, he had quickly found her name from his search of his mental database.

Bei Wei Wei.

Just from a distance, she was enough to make stir the males into an uproar, the famed Bei Wei Wei.

And after that, another coincidence.

He hadn’t played 《Dreams of Jianghu》 for a very long time. That time he had gone on to search for a bit of data for Dreams but he hadn’t though that he would see her name on the World Channel.

This time she was called Lu Wei Wei Wei.

The name was easy to memorize. He had remembered from seeing her fight last time. A very clean name but the person who created it, was obviously lazy and didn’t want to waste brainpower.

She actually got dumped? And was going to kidnap the groom?

It was unusual but Xiao Nai had the interest to go see the spectacle. He came to the bottom of Zhu Que bridge, to see that red figure almost drown in the middle of the spectators.

She was really going to kidnap the groom?

Xiao Nai idly watched but he felt that she seemed more suitable to raise that large blade of hers to chop up that heartless man. At the end, when she sat down to sell medicine and everybody in the game was shocked, Xiao Nai, outside of the computer, laughed.

He suddenly felt a protective impulse rise inside of him.

He didn’t know where this impulse came from. It definitely wasn’t from his finely-tuned brain and its calculations. It hadn’t happened before for other people but it was a very strong urge.

His little shimei, cannot be dumped by others, cannot be reduced to such a state.

Therefore, the proposal.

Therefore, the gigantic wedding.

When he proposed, he wasn’t one hundred percent sure she would agree but when she freely said “yes,” a ripple seemed to spread through his heart.

“You should put your office here.”

Wei Wei was talking upstairs. Not hearing Xiao Nai reply for a very long time, she came down the stairs. Seeing that he was still standing at the same spot, she asked: “What are you doing?”

“Thinking about your earlier question.” Xiao Nai raised his head to look at her.

“En?” Did she ask a question earlier?

Xiao Nai faintly smiled and said: “I’m thinking. If I knew before that today would occur, I would definitely fall in love with you at first sight.”

If, I knew there would be a day I would love you this much.

I would definitely fall in love with you at first sight.

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