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Chapter 1666: The Best Backer

King Yan didn’t move from his original position. And yet, with just a seemingly casual grab of his hand, it was as if a dark cloud covered everything. All of the Embroidered Envoys were completely surrounded.

Zu An harrumphed and stretched out a hand to face it.

A loud noise resounded. All of the nearby houses rocked back and forth. However, King Yan’s terrifying claw dissipated.

The onlookers were completely stunned. The legendary Golden Token Envoys were known to be formidable, but wasn’t this one a bit too much? He was actually able to stop the attack of a grandmaster! Perhaps King Yan didn’t use all of his strength?

King Yan was overwhelmed with shock. He hadn’t gone all out, but in order to make sure he seized back the important account book, he had used roughly seventy percent of his strength. He had thought that it would be way more than enough to deal with a Golden Token Envoy, as he was aware of how strong they were on average.

However, when they clashed just now, he felt as if his power had popped like a needle against a balloon. It was as if something had sucked it all away.

That’s probably a skill he saves for self-defense. Golden Token Envoys shouldn’t be underestimated after all.

He made his move again, completely vanishing from his original location. He didn’t dare to be careless this time and used practically all of his strength. He had to seize that account book back!

That terrifying power made it hard for the others present to even breathe, let alone try to move out of the way. Xiao Jianren wanted to rush over to help, but he discovered that his entire body seemed to be frozen in place. He couldn't control himself at all.

Governor Zhang’s expression changed. He hadn’t expected King Yan to actually go all out! Even though his own cultivation wasn’t low, there was still a tremendous difference between him and King Yan. After some hesitation, in the end, he still didn’t choose to help.

Those present all thought that this Golden Token Eleven was dead for certain, and that he would soon pay the price for his recklessness. But who would have thought that he would suddenly raise his hand?

King Yan was stunned. This guy is still able to move under my pressure, and so quickly at that? But what kind of skill is this? Why can’t I see anything amazing about it at all?

He intended to cripple the hand the opponent raised, but then when he saw the golden token in the center of Golden Token Eleven’s palm, he suddenly recalled a rumor. His eyes rapidly contracted.

The Embroidered Envoy monitored the entire world. Their cultivation clearly wasn’t that high, but why were they like tigers among the world’s endless officials? It was because they received orders from the son of heaven! Rumor had it that they could invite the emperor himself to act!

However, King Yan quickly calmed himself down. He had heard that in order to request the help of the emperor, the Embroidered Envoy had to carry out a kind of ceremony. That delay would be more than enough for him to seize the account book back several times over. He even wondered whether to just take the life of this Golden Token Envoy who was ridiculously overestimating himself.

However, right at that instant, an even more terrifying power suddenly surged from the golden token. King Yan’s aura was already terrifying enough, but compared to this, it was like a firefly’s flicker of light compared to the brilliance of the sun and moon.

A golden figure appeared in midair. The boundless aura of the emperor spread in all directions. Even those who could still barely hold on under King Yan’s pressure now kneeled down on the ground, trembling.

“You… You…” King Yan murmured. Even he was so scared that all of his hairs were standing on end. He had never expected the Golden Token Envoy to bring out the emperor so quickly!

Only Zu An remained completely calm. He stood in place and stared at the projection in midair. It was identical to Zhao Han’s appearance.

When he first witnessed Zhao Han’s power back in Brightmoon City, he had been completely in awe. However, as he grew and even learned about the higher cultivation ranks beyond grandmaster rank, he now knew more about the presence in the sky. He wondered, Is this Zhao Han’s yin spirit or yang spirit?

Even though Zu An didn’t fear King Yan, why would he fight personally if he didn’t have to?

When he defeated Elder Xu from Purity Temple on Violet Mountain, the opponent had just been at the master rank. They weren’t that different in level, so he could barely explain it. However, if he defeated King Yan, things could become really tricky. This was a well-known, bona fide, old-school grandmaster! He wouldn’t be able to talk himself out of such a thing. Emperor Zhao Han would definitely start to become guarded against him. Being paid that kind of attention by such a terrifying being wasn’t a good thing.

“What is it?” Zhao Han’s projection asked as he slowly opened his eyes. He swept his gaze over the area, then his eyes landed on Zu An.

Zu An pointed at King Yan and called out, “King Yan is planning a rebellion!”

Zhao Han frowned. His gaze turned to King Yan.

King Yan almost vomited blood on the spot. He glared at Zu An and exclaimed, “Nonsense. When did I rebel?!” He didn’t dare to put on even the slightest of airs in front of the emperor.

You have successfully trolled King Yan for +444 +444 +444…

Zu An harrumphed. “I am a Golden Token Envoy his majesty personally designated, someone in charge of investigating our lands. What could it be other than a rebellion for you to attack me?”

King Yan replied in a panic, “What do you mean, attack you? It was only because you were speaking nonsense, so I wanted to talk some reason into you.”

“Talk reason? I believe you wanted to destroy the evidence, no?” Zu An retorted as he raised the account book in his hands. King Yan was left dismayed.

Zhao Han asked, “What exactly is going on?”

Zu An replied, “This account book records King Yan’s illicit dealings with the Fiend races, including proof of smuggling military goods and raising a personal army.”

“I’m being wronged! I don’t know where he got that random account book to frame me, but I’ve always dedicated everything to earnestly defend this area for your majesty! I definitely don’t have even the slightest wrong thought!” King Yan cried out in an aggrieved tone at nearly the same time, because he knew that he could still have a chance at survival if he absolutely refused to admit to the truth.

“Oh?” Zu An laughed and replied, “Then in that case, why did the king suddenly act up in rebellion, attacking me to seize the account book in my hands?”

“It was only because you were unjustly accusing this king, so I wanted to teach you a lesson, that’s it. It’s nothing like the destruction of evidence you were talking about!” King Yan responded quickly. He felt as if his mind had never worked faster in his life than at this moment. He was dripping with cold sweat. Under Zhao Han’s glare, even though it was just a projection, it was enough to make even breathing difficult.

Zhao Han didn’t give Zu An a second glance. Instead, he looked at Governor Zhang and said, “Zhang Jie, speak. What exactly happened here?”

Zhang Jie’s expression changed several times. If he continued to support King Yan here, Golden Token Eleven would most likely be done for. If he supported Golden Token Eleven, King Yan would be finished. However, if he supported Golden Token Eleven, then there was no turning back. He would become completely opposed to King Yan. If this matter concluded without King Yan being accused of any crime, he would then end up facing King Yan’s ruthless revenge.

After some hesitation, his expression became resolute as he began, “Replying to your majesty. While managing Yi Commandery over the years, I’ve heard some rumors surrounding King Yan…”

Even though he was expressing support for Golden Token Eleven, he didn’t use the most harsh sounding words. He didn’t say that he had discovered that King Yan was colluding with the Fiend Races. That way, if something unexpected really happened, there would still be a chance of turning back.

“Zhang Jie, you ignorant man!” King Yan exclaimed, feeling shocked and furious. This was a trap set up by Zhang Jie after all!

Zhao Han glowered, saying, “Arrest King Yan for now. Zhang Jie will work with Golden Token Eleven to investigate the related evidence.”

“This humble servant has accepted the order!” Zhang Jie replied, overjoyed. His enemy of so many years had finally been taken down!

In contrast, King Yan Manor’s people were absolutely devastated. They were loyal and devoted to King Yan, to the extent that if it were just Golden Token Eleven and Zhang Jie here, they would still protect King Yan and slaughter their way out. However, with the descent of the emperor, they had completely lost all will to resist. Over the years, Zhao Han had already become a deity-like presence in the hearts of his people. He was invincible!

King Yan’s expression changed. He seemed to be preparing for a final struggle. After all, Zhao Han hadn’t personally arrived, so it wasn’t as if he didn’t have any chance…

That projection gave him a look as soon as that thought emerged. King Yan immediately felt gooseb.u.mps and kneeled down in ruin, saying, “This subject has been treated unjustly. I will wait for my innocence to be proven in court!”

Zu An gave Xiao Jianren and Zhang Zitong a look, saying, “What are you all just standing around with blank stares for?”

They finally snapped out of their daze and rushed over to bind King Yan in Soul Reaping Chains. Even though he was a grandmaster, once he was locked up in those chains, he wouldn’t be able to use his cultivation anymore. Still, they were left in a daze. They had actually arrested the tyrannical King Yan just like that?

Zhang Jie, on the other hand, was still fairly clear-headed. He gestured for everyone else to cooperate and arrest the followers who had come with King Yan. Otherwise, they could end up causing further trouble.

Zhao Han nodded when he saw that King Yan had been locked up. Then, he said to Zu An, “You there. This emperor has something to ask you.”

Zu An followed the projection to a distant courtyard. The ma.s.sive head in the air turned into a streak of golden light, eventually taking Zhao Han’s appearance. Apart from his body being sparkling and translucent, it wasn’t much different from Zhao Han’s true form

Zu An clicked his tongue. You can even do that with your spirit? No wonder they say an earth immortal’s spirit can wander ten thousand miles in a single night. I wonder if the Zhao Han back at the Imperial Palace has to exhaust anything to do this.

Zhao Han stood there with his hands behind his back as he asked nonchalantly, “How are Violet Mountain’s repairs progressing?”

“Everything is proceeding in a regular and thorough manner,” Zu An answered, although he naturally knew the emperor wasn’t actually asking about that. He added, “But the nine daoist sects’ great compet.i.tion is being held right now, so there are experts gathered all around Violet Mountain. I worry that perhaps their presence might be unfavorable to your majesty.”

“People like them?” Zhao Han sneered in response.

Zu An thought to himself, Look at this guy showing off. He’s actually a bit like me in that regard.

“Continue your investigation then. This emperor is leaving.” Zhao Han’s golden figure disappeared as soon as he finished speaking.

Zu An suddenly muttered to himself, “The emperor's decree, carried by the grace of heaven…”

“Do you know how many Embroidered Envoys do not dare to summon this emperor their entire lives?!” Zhao Han snapped as he reappeared. He did his best to remain calm, but he couldn't hold back a sharp and vicious glare.

You have successfully trolled Zhao Han for +666 +666 +666…

After all, an ordinary Embroidered Envoy didn’t have the right to summon the emperor just like that. They needed to be granted an Imperial Edict during special missions. Even so, most of them chose not to use it in the end. The first reason was that the power of the Imperial Edict was normally already enough, and the second was because they didn’t want to appear useless in front of the emperor.

However, Golden Token Envoys were different. They didn’t need to use an Imperial Edict. They could summon the emperor purely through their token. Of course, the emperor needed to specially grant them that ability before leaving the capital.

In all these years, there hadn’t been many instances in which Zhao Han had to make an appearance, and yet this kid had already summoned him several times! Zu An had even summoned him twice in succession! In that instant, he almost felt as if he were being made a fool of.

“I just wanted to see if there were any limits to this summoning. Otherwise, I really wouldn’t feel that safe if I encountered another situation like today’s again without your majesty’s help,” Zu An said with a sincere expression.

“You are not permitted to summon this emperor unless it is an emergency! Do not do this again!” Zhao Han harrumphed and disappeared.

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