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Chapter 1647: Let People Off Whenever Possible

The spectators nearby roared with laughter. The scene that was playing out on the stage was just way too hilarious! They hadn’t expected Supreme Mystery Cave’s representative disciple to be such an interesting person.

Some people even began to secretly gamble on whether he really was that ignorant, or if he was pretending to infuriate Lou Wucheng; still, more people were leaning toward the latter. After all, it was a bit hard to believe that a representative disciple was stupid to that extent.

Zu An wanted to laugh when he saw that. If this guy had a Keyboard System, his speed of earning Rage points wouldn’t necessarily be any slower than Zu An’s own.

When there were some people who felt happy, there were naturally others who felt unhappy. Lou Wucheng belonged to the latter category. He believed that he had acted rather courteously, yet this Supreme Mystery Cave brat was going too far. In his anger, he could no longer hold himself back. He thrust his sword out, and the entire weapon seemed to vanish, save for the cold glint at its tip. It struck toward the major acupoint on Shi Dingtian’s shoulder like a viper’s tongue.

Wan Guiyi, Wu Xiaofan, and the others nodded. This Lou Wucheng hadn’t let down his reputation; he did have skill with the sword.

Only Li Changsheng frowned. He felt that his disciple’s mental state was too restless right now. Lou Wucheng’s sword skill had gone against the original intent of immortality.

Shi Dingtian was startled and quickly dodged in alarm. His movements weren’t all that refined, but he was very quick. His dodge was so fast that it seemed to break through human limits. Still, no matter how fast he was, he still wasn’t as fast as Lou Wucheng’s sword. At that moment, he felt as if an immortal were looking down on him, one that constantly targeted his vitals.

It seemed as if he wouldn’t be able to dodge, so he unleashed a punch directly at his opponent’s longsword head on. His fist seemed as tough as metal; in an instant, he exchanged several dozen moves with the sword tip. The combatants’ powerful ki clashed against each other, producing waves of shockwaves through the air.


Fortunately, the stage had been specially prepared for such a fight. Otherwise, the spectating disciples could have been injured by the sounds alone.

“This Shi Dingtian really is tough. He’s actually able to take on Lou Wucheng’s Immortal Sword with his bare fists!”

Many of the spectators cried out in alarm.

Because the results of this battle would affect the White Jade Sect, Yan Xuehen also paid some attention. She also wondered just how Shi Dingtian’s body was so tough with his level of cultivation, and just what kind of cultivation he had gone through.

But if we were to compare hardness, he’d still be far from that guy…

Yan Xuehens’ cold cheeks turned a bit red.

w.a.n.g Wuxie noticed that as he glanced at her from time to time. He couldn't help but become a bit absentminded.

Her complexion is so fine today. After so many years have pa.s.sed, she seems to have grown prettier and prettier, while I’ve only grown old…

He felt several complex emotions, and started looking rather dejected.

Suddenly, there were cries of alarm as several new developments took place on the stage.

The two opponents had already separated. Lou Wucheng’s clothes were still as pure as snow; he had one arm behind his back, his other hand holding a longsword at an angle. There was a droplet of blood on the sword’s tip.

Meanwhile, Shi Dingtian was in a much worse state. His fists were already b.l.o.o.d.y. The clothing around his shoulders, chest, and legs was all tattered, with faint sword scars visible on his skin.

“I fear that you might die if you still don’t bring out your weapon,” Lou Wucheng said. After that aggressive barrage of attacks, his anger had already been largely vented. However, not only did he want to win, he wanted to win in a handsome manner. If he defeated Shi Dingtian while the latter was completely unarmed, it wouldn’t be all that glorious even if he won.

Shi Dingtian scratched his head and said, “You are a bit more formidable than the others. I really might not be able to win against you completely unarmed.”

His opponents from the group stage all had grim expressions. Why does this guy have to put it like that?

Just then, Cave Master Mu shouted from the judges’ side, “Dingtian, as brother Lou over here is so generous, you should just use a weapon to exchange pointers with him.” This was a once in a decade compet.i.tion, so it was an important matter for every sect. He didn’t want to lose and leave just like that.

Shi Dingtian was a bit troubled, replying, “But I didn’t bring any weapons…”

Cave Master Mu was also troubled. He didn’t use a blade himself, and if he provided his weapon, that would seem as if he were interfering with the fight. The White Jade Sect’s side would definitely be against it.

Suddenly, a charitable disciple near the arena shouted, “I have a blade. Here, you can borrow it!”

Anyone who could partic.i.p.ate in this compet.i.tion was an elite from their clan. None of them were scared of things getting out of hand. They really wanted to see these two on the stage beat the c.r.a.p out of each other.

However, someone nearby roared with laughter. “Your weapon isn’t even earth-grade! And yet you have the nerve to suggest using it to fight against the Immortal Sword?”

The first person’s neck turned red. He retorted, “Haven’t you heard what the proverbs say? Even a match bought with a copper coin can light the most expensive incense. Why can’t my weapon be used in a compet.i.tion?”

While the two were arguing, Shi Dingtian laughed in a silly manner and said, “It’s enough, it’s enough. It’s fine as long as I have a blade.”

Lou Wucheng scowled. What do you mean, it’s fine as long as you have a blade? Are you looking down on me that much?

When that person below saw that Shi Dingtian supported him, he felt so excited he started turning red in the face. He raised his blade and called out, “Here, take it!”

Shi Dingtian was about to take it when he turned around and said to Lou Wucheng, “I’m getting my weapon now, so don’t attack me from behind, okay?”

Lou Wucheng’s eyes twitched. He clenched his teeth and hissed, “Who do you think I am? Why would I do something so despicable?”

The White Jade Sect’s disciples all voiced their support as well. They all felt that this brat had really gone too far.

In contrast, Supreme Mystery Cave’s disciples were all holding back their laughter. This was clearly not the first time such a thing had happened.

Soon after, Shi Dingtian picked up the blade. Lou Wucheng asked coldly, “Can we continue the fight now?” He had been made to look like a joke by this brat again and again. He really was starting to have murderous thoughts.

“Yup,” Shi Dingtian replied, but by the time he finished speaking, Lou Wucheng had already moved.

Kicking off the arena with the tips of his toes, Lou Wucheng rose several hundred meters into the air. He spread out his arms in midair like a cross, and the outline of an immortal palace vaguely appeared behind him.

All of the disciples near the arena suddenly felt waves of cold bleakness and a sort of sorrow, as if they stood detached from the world. At the same time, they could vaguely sense a mysterious power, as if they were being watched by some deity.

“Heavens! Is that really the legendary Immortal Palace?”

Many people were moved. Even though this was a world of cultivation, they had never seen true immortals before. Even though this immortal palace was just a projection, they felt that this was what an immortal palace was supposed to look like.

Both Yan Xuehen and Yun Jianyue frowned slightly. This Immortal Palace looked impressive, but had no substance. They had sensed the true aura of the Heavenly Court’s immortals in the Fiend races’ Great Xia Dungeon. This Immortal Palace was just too lacking compared to that feeling from back then.

The two couldn't help but look toward Zu An. They thought to themselves, This kid’s luck really is ridiculous! The fact that they were able to reach their current position, apart from apt.i.tude, was partly because of luck. But compared to Zu An, they were really nothing.

When had they ever had such an incredible encounter in all those years before they met Zu An? And yet, after they met him, they had discovered that incredible things appeared one after another. They hadn’t even gotten a moment to catch their breath.

Both of them were grandmasters, so their senses were extremely sharp. They immediately noticed that they were both looking at Zu An.

Yun Jianyue thought, Isn’t the way that stone cold woman is looking at this brat a bit strange? It isn’t like her normal nature at all! Could it be that she’s just like me… worried for our disciple’s feelings?

Yan Xuehen thought to herself, This Emptiness Isle’s Elder Peng doesn’t have a great reputation, but she seems to be quite a bit stronger than I imagined.

Although, why is she looking at Zu An like that? Could it be that she’s going to do something bad to him? Maybe it’s because Zu An helped Emptiness Isle’s disciple before and she’s grateful, right?

But that look in her eyes is really strange…

Just then, Lou Wucheng slowly raised his sword at Shi Dingtian. The ma.s.sive Immortal Palace seemed to have received an order and crashed down directly toward his opponent. Many disciples could feel the pressure and instinctively shuddered.

“Is this the Immortal Sword?” Wan Guiyi muttered to himself. They were both sword users, so his expression was full of excitement.

Even the sect masters couldn't help but give Li Changsheng a look. The Immortal Sword really did have a well-deserved reputation. In their eyes, Lou Wucheng’s sword was still a bit immature. For example, many details of the immortal palace were still indistinct. It seemed a bit faint and didn’t give off enough pressure. But if Li Changsheng were the one to use the skill, would they be able to stop his attack?

Supreme Mystery Cave’s youngster is finished!

That was what all the spectators were thinking. After all, that silly brat had no chance of blocking such a powerful sword!

Only Zu An looked at Shi Dingtian with excitement. He didn’t believe the latter would lose so easily.

Right at that moment, Shi Dingtian suddenly gripped his blade in both hands. He shouted, then raised the blade. He made a simple cleaving motion. However, with that alone, a ma.s.sive line of blade ki extended more than a hundred meters away!

The blade ki smashed into the immortal palace. All of the natural ki on Golden Peak rippled intensely. Then, the entire palace was sliced in half down the middle. The blade radiance’s power also crumbled, becoming much smaller in size. It looked as if it were about to disappear, but it continued to slice toward Lou Wucheng.

Lou Wucheng’s ki and blood were a mess from having his immortal palace destroyed. In that instant, he even found it a bit hard to move. When he saw the blade of light shooting at him, his eyes contracted rapidly.

Suddenly, there was a brittle crack. Shi Dingtian’s blade was only normal steel, so it could no longer endure such power. It shattered into countless fragments that flew away in the wind. The blade radiance also disappeared at the same time.

Lou Wucheng used the chance to recover, then rushed at his opponent. He had a large chance of winning in such a situation.

When he was partway there, however, he suddenly jumped backward and made some distance beneath them. His pride as a swordsman wouldn’t allow him to take advantage of his opponent’s difficult situation. He said, “Brother Shi’s sword skill is outstanding; it leaves me in awe. As it is difficult for us to decide a true victor, how about we just end things here and become friends?”

In his opinion, victory would already have been easily obtained. Taking the initiative to offer a tie was already showing Shi Dingtian quite a bit of respect.

For some reason, he suddenly felt the urge to ask, “By the way, what great name was given to that attack of yours?”

Shi Dingtian scratched his head and replied, “That move? Master Long taught it to me. He said that if people can’t beat you, you have to let them off whenever possible. He also said that anyone can make mistakes, so you should forgive them. Sigh, what’s wrong, brother Lou?”

Lou Wucheng was so angry that his eyes turned black. He vomited blood and fainted.

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