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Chapter 477 - Tianbao's Girlfriend (4)

That afternoon, all of the other family members started returning one by one. Liu Yun met Tianbao’s older sister and his dad.

She found out that his younger brother was a trainee at an entertainment company and was rarely home.

“Don’t be shy. Eat lots.” Shu Yan spooned out a bowl of soup for her. “Tell Aunty Lan what you like to eat. She will make it for you.”

“I like all the dishes here. Thank you, Aunty.” Liu Yun had already noticed that all the dishes were her favorites. That meant that Aunty had checked with Tianbao ahead of time. Her checking ahead of time and making the dishes meant that Shu Yan truly welcomed her.

“Then eat lots.”

After lunch, Shu Yan worried that Liu Yun would feel awkward around them and had Tianbao take her to his own place.

Stepping into the elevator with Tianbao, Liu Yun was baffled.

“Didn’t your mom say to go to your room? Why did we step out of the apartment?”

“It’s our place. I want to show it to you.” Tianbao took her up to the 6th floor. “There’s two units on this floor. The one on the left is ours and the one on the right belongs to my little brother. My sister had the entire floor above us. Welp, my sister has always been my parents’ favorite.” That might be what he said but Tianbao didn’t feel that there was anything wrong with that.

Liu Yun could tell that her future husband wasn’t really complaining. She was shocked that Tianbao’s family also owned the 6th and 7th floor.

Tianbao’s married unit was minimally decorated. It was said that the bride would be deciding on its future décor.

After the groom’s parents, it was time to visit the bride’s parents. To show their sincerity, Shu Yan and Feng Zeyu also went with Tianbao.

Liu Yun’s parents were as open minded as she had portrayed. They had already half-way agreed to it when they saw that Liu Yun truly liked Tianbao and that he was a decent man. By the time they met Shu Yan and Feng Zeyu, they no longer had any more worries.

“My daughter is too blunt. I hope you can tolerate her in the future.”

“I like bluntness. That’s straightforward,” said Shu Yan sincerely.

“We live apart from the little couple. I no longer want to tell him what to do after all these years.” That was to tell the bride’s mother that she would not be meddling with the couple’s matters in the future.

Liu Yun’s mother felt even more relieved after that.

That night, the mother and daughter went to bed together. Liu Yun’s mother held Liu Yun in her arms, and she said, “Your future father- and mother-in-law seem like nice people, as is Tianbao. But there will always be conflicts in life. Even though your mother-in-law said she didn’t mind that you are blunt,you can’t just blurt out what is on your mind. Some things you can say; don’t say what is inappropriate. Mother-in-law is not the same as your mother.”

“Mom……” Holding her mother, Liu Yun suddenly wanted to cry.

After she had married Tianbao, Liu Yun learned that Shu Yan was the best mother-in-law in the world. She truly treated her like she was her own daughter.

Her father-in-law was quiet but also very nice to her. Tianbao was sweet and attentive; her sister-in-law treated her like her little sister; her brother-in-law treated her like his older sister. She couldn’t have asked for a better family.

Her only issue was, they seemed to have too much money.

For example, she had just shockingly found out that her sister-in-law was the general manager of Yanxue and that Yanxue was founded by her mother-in-law and Aunty Hu.

She then discovered that the company that Tianbao worked for also belonged to her mother-in-law.

“Longteng was founded by your mother?” She was still in disbelief. Longteng, the pride of a privately-owned company in China.

“Yes, it is mine now.”

“Owww!” Tianbao gasped. “Are you trying to murder your own husband?” Rubbing his waist, he was certain that her pinch had bruised him.

“Why didn’t you tell me these before? Are you worried that I am after your money?” Liu Yun stared at Tianbao. She would pinch him to death if he dared to say yes.

“Of course not. I just didn’t feel that it was necessary to bring it up,” said Tianbao with a smile as he put his arms around his wife.

“Both big sister and you have your own company. What about Xiao Bao?” Did he want to become a star because his older sister and brother had taken over both of the companies?

“No, my dad has another company. That one is for Xiao Bao. But he didn’t want to go into business and insisted that he wanted to be a star. My dad was so mad that he almost beat him to death.”

“Bull! Your dad looks like such a reasonable person.” Liu Yun did not believe it.

“That’s because my mom stopped him. He would have beat him for real otherwise.” Tianbao rolled his eyes. Yes, he was a reasonable person, but if he couldn’t get through to one, he would stop trying.

A year after they were wedded, they had a baby girl and Shu Yan and Feng Zeyu couldn’t have been happier.

~The End~

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