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Chapter 1317- Stop showing love

“Hua… Hua…”

G.o.d Form transformation light gave out a low buzz and caused my cape to fly up. My swords were covered in blood and I raised my head to look at Pearl. I found it ironic and laughed, “When Pearl handed the Royal army to me she told me to help the empire rise and bring peace to the world. She wanted me to wipe out the demons in the north, in the end, Pearl actually became the fangs of the Hybrid Demons and want to kill her once friends, that is so ironic.”

Pearl laughed, her chest shook and she pointed at me, “Li Xiao Yao you are such a corrupted person, what do you seek? Peace for the world? Go and dream, only strength is everything.”

Her gaze turned cold and she flew up. She held a sword and this sword turned into cold light that landed from the sky!

I held up Star Shield and 34% of its durability dropped right away. Pearl got close, she smashed with the handle and attacked with her knee, shattering Star Shield. She placed her palm on my chest and smiled, “Go and die.”


My heart felt cold and flames exploded at my chest like my organs were burning. When was Pearl’s attack so strong? That didn’t make sense, it was much stronger than Sif! Did… Azure help her?

My health dropped by 40% and I couldn’t take it anymore. Dalun knocked me back and both Sif and Kate attacked. My health was now down to 12%, how terrifying.

I stepped on the ground and used Trampling Thunder.

But before it was completed, Pearl brushed by and black flames burnt around me. She then slashed and even though I could block, I still died.

I revived and lost 8 levels!

This time I really dropped to level 238, the bad news was that I lost 15 levels. Overlord Rebirth helped me increase stats by 225% which meant that my attack, defence and health were at 225%. After eating a health card, my overall health reached 3 million, which was quite terrifying.

Sif and Dalun’s two attacks were quite amusing---




The Lord actually dealt so little damage to me. Anyways my overall health had increased and their combined attacks only dealt 10%!

b.u.t.terfly and Gan Jiang struck and landed on Dalun. Many high damage numbers appeared but there were also many misses. d.a.m.n the level difference was huge so I started to miss. This wasn’t a good news, I had to leave. My biggest use was to be a tank and not damage. I had to pull my levels to within 15 to be able to solo.

I stepped on the ground and struck Pearl in the chest. Her strength was now far lower than mine and she was knocked back. She could only watch as I flew up with G.o.d Form and flew towards Tian Ling City.

“Chase, kill him!”

Pearl hollered in rage, “You fools, how did he escape? Sound the horns and attack. Turn Tian Ling City to ruins, let’s see how they defend against the Hybrid Demons in a sea of ruins!”


The Sword Spirit Cavalry replied and then the horn sounded. A dense Hybrid Demon Army stepped into the mid plains. Apart from that, there were many Indian and German players.

I thought about flying back while asking the party channel, “How are Iron Skull City and Swirling Abyss City?”

Yue Qing Qian replied, “News from an hour ago, Sky Rose and Brown Eyes were killed and are gathering players to head over. But the journey to Tian Ling City is really far, Iron Skull City will take 10 hours and Swirling Abyss City will take 15 hours, we still have time!”

“Very good!”

I laughed, “Then let’s use these 10 hours to wipe out these Hybrid Demons and then attack Iron Skull City!”

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Fang Ge Que said, “You want to attack Iron Skull City?”


I nodded, “Iron Skull City is the Western Alliance’s nest and they are our top enemy. After we force the Hybrid Demon Army back, Fang Ge you defend, I will attack, how about that?”

Fang Ge Que was a peaceful person and I was the one that wanted to conquer the world. His goals were mechanics and strategy so he agreed, “Okay, that is a good split.”

I trusted Fang Ge Que’s defence. I had learned it previously in the Tian Ling City battle. Apart from that, Yan Zhao Warrior’s defence was excellent. I could leave Prague and him to help Fang Ge Que. As for Ye Lai, Q-Sword, Jian Feng Han etc players that were good at attacking, I would bring them all. Win or lose would depend on this country war.

But first what we had to consider was how to kill these evil Lord bosses.


“Wan Er.” I called out, “The few bosses are here, there are also many five stars, dozens of four stars, there is something I would like to ask.”

“En, okay?”

“Based on what I know, the lord boss’s IQ are high, if they know they aren’t strong enough they will flee. What tools do we have to trap them so they can’t flee?”

“Dragon Hunter Net.” She smiled, “Sky Rose used it before, I spent 100 thousand USD to buy the blueprints and told Fan Shu City to craft a batch. There are at least 50 Dragon Hunter Nets on the north wall. Just tell me which Lord you want to capture.”

“Okay!” I smiled, “Wan Er is so capable!”

Q-Sword’s voice was really annoying, “This is a public channel, stop showing love!”

Dong Cheng Yue laughed, “Someone is jealous!”

“No!” He retorted, “I… Have someone I love… It is not what you think.”

It was rare that the most perfect guy in China would show such an awkward side. Dong Cheng Yue asked, “So tell me, who do you like?”

“I won’t tell you!”

Ye Lai laughed, “I heard that Q-Sword is chasing a superstar, he probably got her. A first rate star! It is called Liu something…”

Q-Sword’s face flushed red, “Fatty Ye stop your nonsense.”

“Ha, it is on the headlines so why are you so embarra.s.sed!”

Q-Sword didn’t say anything, silence was golden, he really was skilled…


In a blink of an eye, Tian Ling City was right ahead. Many more players entered the city but it was too late. I spent 5000 RMB to send a China shoutout---


System Notification (Player Xiao Yao Zi Zai shouted): Players that haven’t entered the north gate don’t enter, go through the east and west gates. The north is shut, the Hybrid Demon Lords are coming, prepare to kill!


As expected, the moment the news was heard, all the players scattered towards the two sides. That was good, avoid unneeded losses. I landed on the walls. Fang Ge Que, Lin Wan Er, Dong Cheng Yue, Mu Xuan, Q-Sword were all here. Looking at my level, Fang Ge Que felt bad, “Xiao Yao, you sacrificed too much for this country war…”

“I should, I am the only one with Overlord Rebirth. Prepare to fight!”


“Lock onto Dalun, I will tank, heal me. Draw Sif and Pearl away. Lock them one by one, Dalun first.”

“Okay!” Everyone nodded.


In the distance, the few lords came. Dalun was really arrogant and he raised his Seven Kill Sword, “Tian Ling City, shatter!”


His sword shone and this strike was a hundred times stronger than when Igoras hacked down on Dragon City. Tian Ling City’s outer walls wouldn’t get destroyed so easily!

I charged out. G.o.d Form activated and I raised my left arm, Star Shield!


Under G.o.d Form, I used Heaven Control and my flying speed increased greatly. Star Shield became a huge shield that protected above Tian Ling City’s north wall. Dalun’s strike couldn’t do anything. It landed right on the shield!


A loud explosion shook the skies and the entire Tian Ling City shook. My left arm felt numb. Good fellow, a lord was a lord, that strike was so powerful, directly shattering the full durability shield.

I raised b.u.t.terfly and used Bladespin to slice three times. Dalun hollered and charged at me.

I couldn’t fight him head-on, retreat!

Dalun’s health wasn’t even full, it was 70%, good chance!

Skills were shot at him and he was like a dumb cow charging me to the walls. Although his sword waves made it tough for players but his health dropped even quickly. With me as the tank, he couldn’t kill anyone. In the other direction, Pearl and Sif’s attention were attracted away. Drunken Spear faced Pearl, although he couldn’t win but he shouldn’t die so easily.

Cannons fired and we clashed with the Hybrid Demon army.



After 20 minutes, Dalun’s health was bottoming out. He felt like it wasn’t right and wanted to leave, “I am tired, let’s fight another day!”


But how could I let him go, Dragon Hunter Nets fired and wrapped him up tightly.


Fang Ge Que raised Heaven Arrogance Staff and said, “Xiao Yao needs to increase his level, leave the boss to him, quick!”


Naturally, I accepted it. I used Wind Carrying Slash+Thundering Heavens to remove his last bit of health. The moment I killed him, golden light scattered on my body and my level increased by 7!

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