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Chapter 1241- G.o.d World selfish battle

I was just too big of a target in the sky so I had to land. I was just here so I couldn’t be too arrogant.

I relaxed and allowed my body to descend. I also used Icy Wings to speed up. I fell into the forest like a bullet and smashed into the leaves. Luckily my body n game was really strong and I didn’t mind this little clash. I just lost a few hundred health and I recovered quickly.

I used camouflage and started to move about. I just waited quietly.


In the distance, horse hooves sounded out. Two minutes later, a bunch of cavalries appeared. I was shocked, were all these G.o.ds? That shouldn’t be…

12 of them and they were riding beasts whose nose spat out flames. Their armor was really exquisite and there was a layer of light on it that were different from players. They looked more eye catching and beautiful. Moreover, their faces were totally covered and one couldn’t see their faces.

Attack or not, that was a question. I couldn’t tell their grade so I didn’t know if I could beat them. But people in the Human Realm shouldn’t be too weak right?

Right when I was thinking about it, one of the cavalries stopped and then he waved to tell the others to stop too. He looked towards the bush I was in and smiled, “Stealth? Come out. In the G.o.d World, nothing can escape my eyes!”

“I was seen through?”

This couldn’t be it. My camouflage level wasn’t low and even Azure couldn’t see through it. A small minion did?

Seeing that I didn’t move, he pulled out a spear and tossed it, “Since you are asking for death then don’t blame me for being heartless!”


The spear shot through the wind along with killing intent!

Naturally, I wouldn’t let it hit me without doing anything. I pulled Gan Jiang out and flicked it upwards. Sparks flew and I knocked that spear aside. But this also proved that he saw me.

The spear spun around and flew back into his hands.

I didn’t continue hiding and I couldn’t hide anyways. I walked out in front of the 12. Now I saw that the 12 of them were all Scattered Spirits! Scattered Spirits, they were kings above but they were just cavalries here!


The leader cavalry was Luo Zhao and he was shocked, “Kid, where did you come from? You don’t have the G.o.d region Badge, are you a scavenger?”

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“Scavenger?” I was shocked and noticed a red badge in front of his chest.

He saw my gaze and laughed, “Right, the twelve of us are troops of Black Flame City City Head Chris. You are not bad so why not join us, each month you get 8 gems and you will get a maidservant at the end of the year. How is that?”

I thought about it. I didn’t know anything here and if I dashed around I might die here. I definitely didn’t care about one Scattered Spirit, I could battle 2-3 of them, I could escape from 405 but if 6 or more attacked me, I would definitely die. Rather than search about like a headless bug, why not join them and understand everything. Moreover, I could tell that this G.o.d World wasn’t just a simple map. It was more like a world that was bigger than where we came from.

But I couldn’t join too easily, I held my sword and said, “I am just a traveling cultivator, if Sir Chris hires me just like that, won’t he be worried I have other intentions?”

Luo Zhao laughed, “You don’t have to worry about that. In the G.o.d World, we are just servants or warriors, we can’t fight with Master. If you want to do anything to Chris, I can just pray that you have a full corpse.”

“Okay then, I am willing!”

“Good brother, you are a member of Black Flame City’s guards!” Luo Zhao tossed a badge and smiled, “Wear it, when you get back, I will recommend you to Master!”

“Thank you.”

“No worries, from today onwards we are brothers!”

Good fellow, were people here so friendly? If that was the case, I wouldn’t be able to attack Chris.


These bunch were riding land mounts so I summoned the G.o.d Draogn Horse and walked by their side while asking about this palace.

“Captain Luo Zhao.” I found out his rank. Chris’s guard captain, he was already the peak of Scattered Spirits. Unfortunately, he couldn’t enter G.o.d realm. Looking at him rushing, I asked, “What mission are we on?”

He smiled, “We aren’t on a mission, we are heading back. The mission is completed, look at the person on the last horse and you will know the reason.”


I turned around to come to the back and saw a small person there. His head was covered in a black bag but from the body one could tell that it was a woman. It was also one with a good body. Her peaks were perky and she had a thin waist and long legs.

I raised my hand and pulled off the bag. Who knew that she would open her mouth and spit at me.

I predicted that and used the Star Shield energy to knock it aside. I smiled, “Beauty, don’t be so rash!”

She stared at me in rage and wanted to eat me alive, “You sc.u.m, sc.u.m of the G.o.d World. My Father will send troops and kill you all like pigs!”

Luo Zhao laughed and turned around, “Your Father? Who knows how many chains are trapping him now. Moreover, Miss Eve, before your father attacks us, we will have enjoyed your body and died without regrets, hahaha…”

Eve raged, “Despicable dog!”

Luo zhao’s smile disappeared and said coldly, “Shut up. To capture you three of my brothers died. You will pay for it back in the city. Now that your father lost, you have to accept reality. You are our spoils of war so behave. If not, once the G.o.d Ancestors, Hunters and Scattered Spirits are done with you, we will send you up and let the slaves enjoy your n.o.ble body.”

Eve looked like she was just 18 and when Luo Zhao frightened her like that, she didn’t dare to say anything.


I chased up to Luo Zhao and said, “Captain, is Sir Chris a G.o.d Ancestor?”

“Of course!”

His face was oozing with pride, “Sir Chris is one of the strongest in Human Realm, if not how can he become the Black Flame City Lord?”

He saw what I wanted to ask and continued, “Half a year ago, Black Flame City and Black Orange City had a fight. The city lord Nike who was a G.o.d Ancestor lost and was imprisoned in the deep swamp. But his daughter fled and tried to a.s.sa.s.sinate Chris. This was our 7th try and after three brothers died, we finally captured her. Scoff, I will make her suffer when I get back!”

I was shocked and asked, “In Human Realm, how many cities and G.o.d Ancestors are there?”

Luo Zhao was stunned, “Brother aren’t you a traveling cultivator? You don’t know things that three year old kids know?”

“I didn’t pay much attention to all this.”

“Ah so that is the case. He tapped my shoulder and laughed, “It isn’t a secret. The Human Realm is huge and I heard that there are 21 huge cities, 500 mid sized cities and numerous small ones. Our Black Flame City is a small city, as for number of G.o.d Ancestors…”

He took a deep breath and said, “Each year cultivators will ascend to G.o.d Ancestor and enter Human Realm. Human Realm would also have one G.o.d Ancestor that would ascend to G.o.d King to enter Earth Realm. So I am unsure how many but at least 1000?”

“Wa, so many…”

“Hey, once you travel more you will know that the number of G.o.d Ancestors isn’t a lot. This place is too huge. I am 34 and I haven’t walked past 10% of the map.”

“So that is the case.”

I nodded and was planning in my heart. Head back to Black Flame Castle and then find the G.o.d Ancestor. Test his strength. If I could solo him, I will find the entrance to Earth Realm and challenge G.o.d King. If needed I will challenge a G.o.d Emperor. It would be best if I could get the high grade G.o.d divinity!


I talked to Luo Zhao while being on the way back. Human REalm was the most chaotic map and it was even more chaotic than above. 1000+ cities fought with one another and each city was ruled by people with G.o.d Ancestor strength. Which meant that the G.o.d divinities would either get destroyed or refined. The battle of the G.o.d Region was just a battle to swallow and consume one another to gain strength.

This was the true selfish battle, everything was for interests.

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