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Arima himself wasn't too fond of canceling the "Sasaki Haise Project" that was carefully planned and should be soon executed, but now he didn't have any other choice. Just to cancel it, but that won't change the rest of the plan.

The plan itself was the death of the Strongest Investigator, White Reaper Arima Kishou at hands of the new One-Eyed King which would give him fame and bring many ghouls to his side to create an army that could stand against the entire force of the Commission of Counter Ghoul.

Besides that, Lucien also had plans for Arima as he wanted to convince him to join him after his death which could be easily faked.

"Arimsan, what would you say if I have an opportunity for you? You know at our homeland we could give great use for somebody of your caliber. After your death, you could begin a new life there without anything holding you back and grow more powerful."

Said Lucien and eventually this caught Arima's attention. The thing which caught his attention wasn't that part which said he could grow more powerful but rather part which mentioned he could begin a whole new life without anything holding him back. This was one of his wishes and now somebody could even fulfill this wish of his.

Lucien's aim was to get Arima into the Holy Imperial Knights to become one of the knights. He would grow insanely powerful after undergoing the Devourification process and also he was great combatant with plenty of experiences. He could teach the younger generation various techniques to fight.

"Is that true what you say? Could I really start a new life there without anything?"

Asked Arima skeptically. It sounded too good to be a reality.

"Yes, but there are a few things I need to say you at first and then you would decide what to do yourself. Actually, those aren't any bad things, just some minor detail and many would be greatly beneficial for you."

Said Lucien with a happy voice. He knew that Arima was standing at some kind of boundary in his decision and even he himself wasn't that sure about what to do. Lucien was aware that he was a very rational person so when he would use logic he could easily convince him to join.


Only one word, but it was enough for Lucien.

"So there are mainly two things that you would need to do. The first one is to undergo the Devourification process that would turn you to the Sacred Devourer Ghoul as me and my kind. And don't worry you don't have to eat human meat, in reality, none of us eat humans as it isn't that beneficial to us. The second one is that you would become N.04 Holy Imperial Knight that protects the Holy Nilfheim Empire, your responsibilities would be protecting the Empire in the future and teaching the younger generation of Sacred Devourer Ghouls to fight as you have great combat experiences. If you want to ask anything, then feel free."

Arima was processing the pieces of information in his head after hearing what Lucien said and he had now plenty of questions for him.

"I have questions. The first one what exactly is the Sacred Devourer Ghoul. The second one you said I would grow many times powerful, explain, please. The third one about protecting the Empire again please explain."

Fortunately, Arima had only three questions for him, which made Lucine rather happy because he wasn't a fan of long talks and explanations.

"So where to start, hmm. I would give you some general knowledge at first. You know this world is just one of an infinite number of worlds in the multiverse, and a tiny world the earth is. Our species is the Sacred Devourer Ghoul race, which originates from the multiverse and soon we would be leaving this world for the vaster multiverse. To answer your question one by one. As the Sacred Devourer Ghouls were are far superior to many other races in the multiverse, not talking about ordinary ghouls. To growing powerful, it is easy. We could cultivate body refining by increasing our RC Level and then infusing the RC Cells into our body, making us practically Body Refiners. To increase our RC Level we either eat the flesh of powerful species as Demons, Dragons... yes they also exist if you want to ask this question, but primary to increase our RC Level we eat those red beads I gave you. Blood Essences refined from corpses of mentioned species. The flesh of the species we only eat if we are hungry and cooked only, we aren't barbarians like ordinary ghouls. To protecting the Holy Niflheim Empire, you will see in the future, but it would mainly consist of three things, defending the Empire, leading attacks and cultivating to increase your own strength."

After finishing the entire explanation, it took more than half an hour for Arima to digest everything completely and sort out his minds to arrive at a conclusion. After another twenty minutes of waiting, which Lucien spent in meditation, Arima finally made his decision.

"So do you agree Arima Kishou become the Sacred Devourer Ghoul, N0.4 Holy Imperial Knight of the Holy Niflheim Empire and begin a whole new life?"

Aske Lucien with dominating voice.

"I hereby agree to become Sacred Devourer Ghoul, N0.4 Holy Imperial Knight of the Holy Niflheim Empire and I swear to protect the Holy Niflheim Empire in exchange for the new life you promised me."

Lucien now felt like Devil as they were race, which was tricking people in contracts with them, stealing their souls and gaining power from it. Weird, but he achieved what he needed and obtained Arima Kishou for the Holy Niflheim Empire.

"Good very good, now we have only two years before we would be leaving this world. Come, I will tell you everything you would need to know about upcoming events and your duties."

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