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Chapter 190 Protagonist [1]

-(Present || Leon after clearing his 2nd [Singularity] Trial; Location: Floor 11)-

[You have reached Floor 11]

[Restrictions will be lifted]

[You have 2Sp/Lvl Talent. Extra stats have been given]

"Fuuu..... Haaaaaaa...."

Leon spread his arms and took in a mouthful of air. The sweet fragrance of the air, the cool breeze on his skin... this was something he missed most while training in the Trial.

Taking a moment to collect himself, Leon looked up at the blue sky.

[Acc.u.mulated Exp: 63,000/10,000]

[Floor 11 has the level limit of Lvl.14. Acc.u.mulated Exp will be used]

[You have leveled up]

[You have leveled up]

[You have leveled up]

Leon felt his body twitch as his muscles began to grow. He flexed his arms, feeling them become larger and more powerful. His muscles also grew denser, giving him a more defined physique.

"Hahh, this... is the best! All that training was worth it!"

He joyfully shouted and flexed his arms. System Exp was different from the exp one gets from killing monsters and beasts as the acc.u.mulation rate is not affected by the exp System gives for clearing Dungeons, or in his case, Trials. This was why dungeons were sought after, even though they were very dangerous and took months to clear.

He did not need to no worry about reaching the acc.u.mulation rate limit after gaining so much exp in one go, as this was clearance reward System exp.

[You have 2Sp/Lvl Talent. Extra stats have been given]

[Acc.u.mulated Exp: 6,580/25,000]

[Public Leaderboard is now available. Please enter a Trial to access the Public Leaderboard of your [Difficulty] ]

"Raikou wasn't lying when he said that clearing [Singularity] gives lots of exp! This is many times more than the Stage-0 Dungeon!"

In a happy mood, he opened his Leaderboard and choose the next skill.

[Skill Slots - 1/2]

"A promise is a promise" Happily, he recalled the amount of time he spent with the mythical giant.

Sadly, the giant could only appear inside Trials.

[You have chosen [Raikou Lvl.1 [Legacy] ]

[Skill Slots - 2/2]

"I should change my appearance"

Leon's clothes were tight and not very comfortable. He had them on because these were the only clothes he had on him, but he wanted to get out of them as soon as possible. After all, he had grown 3 inches in the past few months.

He took out a plain mirror.

[Turquoise Mirror [Epic] ]

Looking at his reflection, he channeled mana into it.

Shortly after the reflection distorted and, controlling his mana, Leon recreated the image of him from before he went inside the 2nd [Singularity] Trial.


Bright light poured from the mirror and covered him.

The light receded and Leon was now back to his previous looks.

"They fit now."

The clothes felt comfortable now that he was smaller. Stretching and moving around a bit, Leon began exploring the Dungeon.

"The camouflage isn't perfect. It will only stay for 3 days and I need to charge the mirror for 4 days after using it once."

He nodded to himself. The artifact worked like a chargeable device, so it wasn't surprising that it could maintain the camouflage for 3 days non-stop, despite his small mana pool.

[Congratulations, you have killed Lvl.11 Clown Monkey. You have gained 500 exp.]

[Congratulations, you have killed Lvl.13 Two-headed Tapir. You have gained 700 exp.]

[Congratulations, you have killed Lvl.11 Red Bezra. You have gained 500 exp.]

Leon swiftly killed the monsters in one swing and moved to the boss's location. With the map and a bit of scouting, it wasn't hard to determine the direction of the boss zone.

Hours pa.s.sed and he fought without rest.

Although he hadn't used his extra stats, Leon had changed drastically.

"Who knew that knowing how to breathe and move efficiently can increase endurance even with the same amount of stamina stat?"

Controlling his breathing, and making minimal movements while fighting, he quickly became accustomed to the rhythm of battle. And this was only one of the few things he had learned.

He also grasped how he could throw stronger punches with the same amount of strength stat and a lot more. This made him understand that stats weren't the only measure of power, the efficiency was just as important.

"This means I can fight stronger people even with my 2Sp/Lvl Talent!"

Schwing-! Schwing-!

[Congratulations, you have killed Lvl.14 Wind Toucan. You have gained 400 exp.]

[Congratulations, you have killed Lvl.11 Yellow Belly Cepra. You have gained 80 exp.]


[Congratulations, you have killed Lvl.13 Moonlite Bear. You have gained 30 exp.]

[Congratulations, you have killed Lvl.11 Knee-Oldana. You have gained 5 exp.]

[Congratulations, you have killed Lvl.14 Great Horn Ybill. You have gained 0 exp.]

[Congratulations, you have killed Lvl.14 BlackBelt Ocelot. You have gained 0 exp.]

Killing the monsters, Leon crouched and picked a yellow vial from the heap of corpses that were disintegrating into blue light particles.

[Stamina Recovery Potion [Lowest-grade] ]


He emptied the vial and sat with his back against the tree.

"I stopped gaining exp already?"

Leon was a bit disappointed, but he didn't let it bother him.

Knowing that he had reached the limit of acc.u.mulation rate, he closed his eyes and focused on converting the aether inside his body into mana.

Sitting like this in the middle of a dungeon was pure suicide, however, Leon trusted his senses enough to not to be ambushed.

Seconds turned into minutes, and minutes turned into hours.

After 26 hours, Leon stood up and stretched.

"It's done..."

He had converted all the ambient aether inside his body into mana, and could now again gain the exp. As luck would have it, throughout his meditation, Leon was never approached by a monster.

Humming to himself, he moved to the boss' location.

It was a few hours later, and Leon was killing the monsters in an empty area.



Killing the monsters, Leon didn't start moving like earlier. Rather, he stared inside the forest.

"I know you have been following me for a few hours already. Come out."

His gaze was filled with certainty as he spoke those words into the empty forest.


Shortly, a person came out of the forest.


Leon gasped. He knew that someone was following him but as the person had shown no malicious intent, Leon never tried to shake them off, thinking that they will leave eventually.

However, being persistently followed for a few hours, Leon decided to confront his stalker.

"Why are you following me?"

Leon's gaze was sharp as he questioned her. He never liked Susan to begin with, and her current actions were a breach of privacy.

However, what came out of Susan's mouth was unexpected, to say the least.

"Why did you take 11 days to clear [Singularity] Trial?"

Leon's eyes widened.

'How does she know I chose [Singularity]?!'

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