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Chapter 58 - Meeting Again

Translator: Eros
Is suffering from insomnia lately, don’t feel too good to translate.


On a wasteland located on the north of Suminastar.
On the side of the pavement road that leads to Rindieze Kingdom, a group of people can be seen camping.
The sun has set for a while and the only things that illuminate them are only the dim moon light from above and the light generated from their camp fire.

“Let’s go according to plan shall we. The front group will stall their guards while the sneaking group will surround and take over the horse cart. Until the sneaking group gives out the sign, don’t chase them too far okay?”
“It’s alright, no problem. We have more people here. This job will be just as easy as the job before”

Not far from the camp, there are a group of men wearing hood and armor set made of leather. They laugh silently as they discuss something that sounds dangerous.
There are already twenty of them lurking under the shadow of a boulder.
They are all waiting impatiently for their leader signal.
After a bit while, the man leading them in the front silently lift his hand. With only that signal, that group of people spread out to their planned position. Their movements are neat and organized. This group seems to be a well-trained one and it proven by how they managed to surround the campsite without taking much time.
It seems like there are only 3 people acting as the guard in the camp.
If one guard is to be surrounded by 3 people, then much less stalling, they can even finish the 3 guards quickly. And after they deal with the guards, they can steal the horse cart and all other valuables then the job for the night will be over.
That’s right, tonight job will be another easy one ---- as the bandit leader think so.
The guards noticed his underlings sneaking toward him and start fighting. When he affirms that, he gives the sign to surround the horse cart while he also jumps into action.

“Well, this is an orthodox strategy but to think it will work out so well”

But he immediately got thrown out by a sudden kick that is followed by an appalled voice.


Seeing their leader suddenly tumbled over like that, his underlings around got stunned as their legs stop moving spontaneously.
But that moment of delay is proven to be fatal as hail of light bullets, ice bullets, and arrows suddenly shoot out from inside the horse cart aiming straight to those bandit underlings that had turned into a sitting duck target in that moment and pierce through them without them even realizing it.


Amongst those who shriek out from pain, seems like there are some unlucky one who got hit on delicate places but anyway, around 10 bandit underling got immobilized in that instant.
The one who looks like the bandit leader can only sit there dumbfounded as his brain can’t follow what had just happened in front of his eyes which is something that totally different from what he had imagined before.
But it seems like he still have the nerve to regains his calm and he thinks of casting his magic to create chaos so he can create chances for him to slip out from this situation.

“Oops, no magic allowed now”

Renya who feels a fluctuation of magic on the bandit leader body conclude that he must’ve tried to form magic runes so he quickly come and kick him square in the chest to disturb his spell casting or whatever it was by not let
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ting him concentrate.
The powerful impact seems like to penetrate the leather armor defensive power and made the bandit leader to have difficulty in breathing which in turn also made the constructed magic words got extinguished.
The bandit leader thinks hard for a solution but he seems to be already check-mated.
At that time, he finally realizes that the sound of steel hitting against each other had already stopped sounding.
He got roused up, it seems like there are still hope for him. The bandit leader then screams with all he had.

“O-Oi you guys! If you had finished there then quickly come here and save me!!”

Too bad for him, because his sight is obstructed by the horse cart, he can’t see the situation on the other side.

“Well then, did we have an obligation to save that bandit boss no matter what leader?” Arda walks up while looking at Greiz jokingly.
“Nope, not at all. It seems like his fear got the best of him and made him hallucinate or so” Greiz just follow along with Arda joke and gives out his logical opinion.
“What leader said sounds to be true, he is just someone who got baited by this kind of trap after all” and Darel just give the finisher to mock the bandit leader.

The bandit leader had made light of these warrior guild elites combat power and earned his just due.
And on that day, one bandit group got eliminated in just one night.

What Renya proposes as the capturing strategy is actually quite simple.
From the information he heard about the bandit before, he knows that the bandit have a habit of constantly changing their base, it is clear that they are afraid of getting their tail tracked easily. Everyone could guess their hideout easily if they stay still in one place. After all, people could just guess it from the location of attacks and rough direction they come from. So Renya concluded that this group moves their base around while also executing their attacks.
If it was like that then this bandit group should be divided into two major groups no matter how big they are. The 1st group is the group that will do the attack while the 2nd group is responsible for their mobility.
There, Renya decided to lure the bandit group into a trap instead of chasing them around. His party and Greiz party will disguise as a trade caravan with the 3 from warrior guild acting as the guard and start traveling outside just like a normal merchant caravan that is doing its job trading to other city.
The bandit group that they chased attacks randomly without any significant pattern across the continent but most of the attacks seemingly to follow 1 similar pattern: and that is that each attack usually happened not too far from a city. From this Renya and the others roughly guess their current position and set a trap to catch the bandit group’s attack group.
And the result is perfect. They made the one bandit acting as the leader to spit out all the information about their meeting point and other related information. But unexpectedly, they don’t need to chase the mobile group as the mobile group is closing in by themselves to the camp. They must’ve thought that the attack group’s attack was a success and they move in to join them. But too bad for them, what awaits for them there was not their ally but instead a surprise attack. With that, Renya and his companion managed to capture more than 30 bandits just like that and take them to jail.
They suffered no damage.
The job that they accepted had been perfectly accomplished without any complain.

“WAHAHA! Just thinking about how smooth the strategy went, I just can’t stop laughing”

Arda’s mood is considerably good as he keeps on laughing. Well, it’s not like I don’t understand his feeling. After all we managed to finish the job without much receiving any damage and without having to spend much on the usual expense to do the job but still managed to land ourselves for the prize money which is not little either.
Adding to that, when Renya work out the plan, he said that because he planned to use surprise attack as the main point of his strategy, he asked Greiz team to only move out with other team that is familiar with each other to increase the success rate. But because there is no other team that is familiar enough with them, in the end, they do the mission with only the 8 of them.
Because of the scale of the mission, the one who issues the job, Tosminia Kingdom, also prepares a big reward because they also thought that this mission isn’t feasible with only a small number of people. But when they learnt of the fact that the job was accomplished by a team that had a far below number of member than what they had guessed before, it just surprised them greatly.

“Arda, I understand how you feel but calm down a bit. This time job finished with a great success is mostly thanks to Renya-dono’s party support. Self-conceit will only bring oneself doom you know?”
“Roger that leader. But I’m really surprised by your party member, boy. Seems like Darel’s judgment about your party not being normal hit the home”
“You can say that again Arda-san. With an offensive forward Renya-san as the center, there are the balanced all-arounder Floria-san, stable vanguard Elvira-san, and lastly, there are Brenda-san and Therese-san waiting in the back as rear support. Not only their team balance is superb, their individual ability is also first cla.s.s. I can’t even find a hole in their party composition”

After not meeting them for a while, the trio from warrior guild is really surprised by how much Renya’s party has grown and they keep on praising them without holding back.
But everyone in the party doesn’t feel proud of it and act humble as usual. Even Renya is smiling awkwardly inside his heart.

(Well, what do you expect from a rule breaking G.o.d’s private party)

There are war G.o.d, a G.o.ddess, and a dragon in the party. And even if the other 2 member are just a normal human, they are still someone who manages to receive the war G.o.d divine protection no matter how small it is.
With that kind of lineup, finding a human who could stand up decently against them would be very difficult. After all, the previous mission still a big success even when they still holding back their true power. If they went all out, they might even win against a kingdom’s entire army so against those bandits small fry, this result can only be said as something natural.

“Anyway, we are grateful for Renya-dono’s support. It would be not wrong to say that we could managed to subjugate those bandits in this kind of smart way is all thanks to you guys”
“You are welcome but we would not be able to do the job by ourselves either. After all I’m the only man in my party. We don’t look dependable enough to receive such big quest which often resulted in us getting rejected from accepting the job. Thanks for letting us work together with your party too, Greiz-san”
“Indeed that is so. Not much people would believe you guys true ability only from the rumors. But because of this job, you might not have that much problem with that while still staying here in the future. Well, if there are indeed troubles then you can just come and visit the warrior guild for help. We will be staying here for a while so feel free to contact us. You can even leave messages for us in the guild”
“What will your group do next, Greiz-san?”
“We received reports about some dangerous aquatic monster creating their nest in the southern river. I a.s.sume that we will cooperate with the magician guild for this subjugation job”
“You guys really are in great demand nowadays”
“Well, we won’t complain as long as there are jobs for us. Well, because our next job has been decided we need to make preparation for it so until we meet again”
“Understood, good luck”
“Yeah. You guys too, good luck. When we have free time let’s meet again”

After saying their goodbye, Greiz party left.
When their figure swallowed down by the flood of people around and gone from sight, Renya do a quick stretch then turns back looking at the girls.

“Well then, we managed to get a jackpot this time so what should we do next?”
“I think we should go back to our lodge first, no, we must go back. Haa I’m tired~”
“You are using the [Archer] job this time right? Why did you feel tired when you don’t need to move much?”
“Eee~~ why did you say it like that? I also work hard you know?”

Floria slowly nuzzle her body against Renya’s body like saying ‘praise me~ praise me~’ to him with her act. But Renya just coldly peel her off him. It doesn’t mean that he doesn’t feel happy from Floria’s skinship. He just doesn’t want to become too conspicuous in a bad way in the middle of public places like this. For once, he knows that it was already too late but he just doesn’t want to give up trying just yet. Well, condolence for him.

“I’m sorry Brenda, Elvira, but could you help me throwing this little trouble to our lodging?”
“Okay, I understand. What will you do after this Renya?”
“I will check the job bulletin board once again just in case. Therese, would you like to join me?”
“Yes, I’d be glad to desu!”
“Then Renya-sama, we will take Floria-san home to lull her to sleep, please be careful”
“Hey! Elvira!? Don’t you think it’s cruel to treat me like this!?”
“Ufufufu, is that so? I don’t realize it myself”
“What is this bad feeling did I feel!” Floria scream out loud but Elvira just ignores her and drags her along by force. Brenda then follow after the two calmly like usual. After seeing of the three girls, Renya and Therese walks back again to the government office.

Renya and Therese then go through the door of the government office but they noticed that there is some kind of disturbance in around the receptionist area. Taking a better look at the disturbance, he could see a troubled female receptionist and…… a little girl that he had seen before.

“Umm…… I know you are quite capable from your record but this one is kinda……”
“…… No matter what…… no good……?”
“This job requires you to be in a party with a few people in it. Even a temporary one is okay you know?”

Twin sword and chestnut colored hair.
There’s no mistaking it. That must be the girl that b.u.mps into Therese in the front door yesterday. He knows that he felt a hunch that Therese would meet again with her but even he is surprised to meet again with her this fast.

“Oniisan, that girl, is the girl from yesterday desu”
“Indeed she is”
“She seems to be troubled with something desu……”
“Seems like that, then will you go?”
“We fated to meet again right? Don’t you say that you would say hi to her the next time we meet?”
“…… I’ll go desu!”

(A G.o.d’s hunch really is omnipotent)

A second meeting means that they are connected with something similar to fate. He only heard a little bit of their conversation but it seems like she needs to get more people to work together with her. Confident with his conclusion, Renya then goes into action to try to give a helping hand to the girl.

“Excuse me”
“Ah, Renya-san. What’s the matter? Is there any problem with the prize money that you just received before?”
“No, it’s not that. I just happen to overheard you two talking and it seems like this girl here is having trouble with receiving a job right? Could I get the details?”
“Yes it is. Actually, the job that she tried to get is quite a dangerous one. It is a job to subjugate a dangerous monster that is. We know how capable she is from her record but by our standard, this job need to be done by at least a small group of people and that also become the requirement to accept the job. We just can’t send her alone to do such dangerous mission……”

I understand the receptionist girl’s logic.
No matter how strong you are, no matter how great your achievement in the past were, there are limits of what you can do if you do things alone.
And as the kingdom’s agency, the government office also could not just use the wanderer like they are sacrificial p.a.w.n so what they do in rejecting the girl’s request to accept the job is also the right and natural way to do.
Renya then turns his head to face the girl. With his power as a G.o.d, he, who already had a good judgment skill when looking at people become even better at it, concludes that he can’t feel anything evil from the girl. Rather, her eyes are just too straightforward that he even feels somewhat awkward when looking at her eyes.

“Hi there”
“……… E………?”

The girl seems to be surprised from being called that she opens her eyes wide.
No, it seems like she is not acting like that because she is surprised from Renya calling her. But why did she gives this much reaction from a mere greetings?

“……… Oniichan……”

She suddenly said something unexpected that made Renya confused now.
She also seems to be surprised from what she reflexively said so she just shake her head.

“…… I’m sorry…… Besides eyes and hair color…… you look a bit, similar”
“…… Is that so? Well, I don’t really mind so it’s alright. Anyway could I have a second?”
“…… What is it?”
“That job request that you are doing, do you want to take it no matter what?”
“……… If I could. It is good to have money…… There is many other jobs now so…… not a problem”
“I understand. We just don’t know when we can earn this much money again so it’s best to earn as much as we can right?”

The girl just silently nods.

“Well then, how about join a party with us? Of course the reward will be equal for both parties. You will get 50% and my party will also get 50%”
“…… I’m happy. But, is it alright?”
“We are basically not separates our party money individually. If we get paid more than our party activity cost then even half of the reward is alright”
(Eros: sounds d.a.m.n suspicious for me)

To make the other party feel comfortable, Renya gives out a warm smile.
(Eros: okay, my imagination just show some suspicious lewd smile)
The girl still seems to feel hesitated for Renya proposal but then Therese come and try to give her the last push.

“Listen listen! A job with big reward is usually not only gives bigger risk, but also has an expensive basic expense desu. If you go alone then you have to prepare for medicine and then there’s also the problem if you broke your equipment desu. If you add them up, in the end, won’t your prize money just get lessen desune? That’s why, it’s better to go together desu!”
“…… A, it’s you……”
“Hau > < ,="" re,rererere-renya-san!=""  she="" remembers="" me="">
“Well it was just yesterday after all”

Renya just smile wryly while gently pats Therese’s head.

“Our girl here is pretty concerned looking at you who works your best alone like that. That’s why I call you up. It might be fate after all so would you like to try working together with us?”
“Renya-san! That ‘our girl here’ sounds a bit cruel don’t you think desuka!?”

Looking at Therese who is pouting cutely from her interaction with Renya, the girl was surprised for a moment.
Then silently, the sides of her lips are slightly tilted. She then slowly nods her head.

“…… Okay, I understand. Then we’ll work together. Please help me”
“I-it’s okay desu! We are also pleased to work with you”

Therese grabs both of the girl's hand and start swinging it up and down in happiness. It just happen to suddenly that the girl seems to be perplexed from Therese’s action but she just let her do what she want.

“My name is Renya and this girl here is Therese. And you are?”
“…… A, I forgot……”

The girl fixed her pose then bows her head while she names herself.

“……… Rebecca Saxton, pleased to meet you”

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