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Chapter 57 - The Job of a Veteran

Translator: Za pervert


“In the side of Eribeiris, the situation on the entire continent has become pretty much settled down. Linked as a job spearheaded by the new kingdom, the job regarding to monster subjugation and maintaining public order while cooperating with the kingdom army has also increased considerably”

While Greiz subjugates the steak in front of his eyes, he also tells us about the latest situation in Eribeiris continent.
Renya party and Greiz party are now inside a restaurant that gives off the atmosphere of the ma.s.ses dinner that can be reached after walking for a bit from the government office. They then reserve one large room for their own use and are currently sit down on a table where the meal has been served up while telling each other about their own present condition.
This restaurant sells food originated from many other kingdoms and places which means that their menu list is, anyway, very abundance. The taste of every menu is above the standard level but the price can be considered as cheap. The only thing that is not satisfying enough is the portion of each serving but because of the cheap price, every customer would normally order multiple dishes at once.
But even so, it is still impossible for someone to taste the entire menu at once considering the abundant choice which resulting in many people wondered about it and becoming the restaurant frequent customer. They keep on coming back to enjoy the taste. This restaurant is one good example of a successful small profit and quick returns business.

“But even so, even with many jobs appears like that, I feel that it is better for us to let the newcomer do those jobs instead”

Darel skillfully use the knife and fork to enjoy a fish dish. From his table manner and the way he use his knife and fork, this youth really is refreshing in the eyes.

“We can just go and steal those greenhorn’s job right? Yet again, we also need to fill our own needs too”

In contrast to the refreshing Darel, Arda is feasting on a manga meat (meat with a single bone attached. looks like a club) heartily. Just like the way he speaks, he seems to don’t really mind with manner too much. Lucky for him that there are no one in his party that mind his rough att.i.tude like that.

“With that kind of circ.u.mstances, we decided to travel all this way down to this city, Suminiastar. After all, Tosminia kingdom, in both good and bad meaning, is always filled to the brim with jobs”
“Looking for jobs abroad right?”
“That’s right”

Against Greiz who talks calmly about his situation, Renya can only give a wry smile back.
They are not counted as mercenary but as someone who lives from an occupation that is also closely related to battle, they would find fewer jobs for them to do in peaceful times. Looking at how they struggle so much for their well beings, Renya realizes another harshness of reality even in this fantasy world.

“Well, that was what we thought before but…… when we arrived at the guild yesterday, we heard some bad news”
“Bad news?”

Renya pauses his meal to focuses on the discussion and seeing that, Greiz voice get lowered by a tone.

“The Commerce Kingdom Faskurn and the Mercenary Kingdom Ezemeria is opening small skirmish against each other. Have you heard this news?”
“Yeah, but only on the level of gossip”

Actually, he knows that thanks to Anrietta’s intel works but he doesn’t need to answer honestly right?

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