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Chapter 46 – The End of Festival

Translator: Erothur
Editor: Deus Ex Machina

After the full merrymaking festival that commemorate the engagement of Prince Gerard and Princess Angelica ended, at last it is time for Prince Gerard to return to his home.
Strictly speaking he won’t just return back home but he will also declare his engagement again in the side of Sirkaberia. But he is not drunk with his success and don’t plan to hold another festival again when he declares his engagement in the side of Sirkaberia. Prince Gerard would only do a bit showy triumphal return parade and that’s it.
In the meanwhile, Angelica will also accompany him when returning home.
For the sake of the citizens of both kingdoms, they will be frequently going back and forth between the two old capitals until the new kingdom capital established. They understand that their work definitely won’t end in just a brief s.p.a.ce of time.

Just in case, Renya ask Gerard whether the prince need his escort when going back to his home but,

“No need! I have already received so much support from you and moreover, don’t you want to leave the continent to continue your journey?”

He got refused politely. Well it was indeed the case so Renya readily accepts Gerard goodwill.
But in exchange for that, they decided to hold their last tea party for the time being. And just like that, the boy and the girl group made their own circle and have pleasant chat with each other. Why did they separate the boy and the girl group? It was because the girl group says that they have an important ‘girls talk’ and with just that one sentence, the boys group can only consent.
A thick aura of ‘boys are forbidden’ is hanging in the air.
And so, in Angelica room where a soundproof barrier got erected, the girls is having a high cla.s.s chat with each other that it might even make the flowers bloom

“We~ll then everyone~ attention please~! After the last upheaval, Brenda has at last turned dere to Renya! Applause~!”
“STOOOP!! What!? What is this!? Public execution!? Floria! Did you have fun teasing me like this?”
“Of course~!”

Floria with her innocent charm smile cherubically while giving her thumbs to Brenda.
A bit correction from before, there are not even a speck of ‘high cla.s.s’ atmosphere at all in this conversation. Well, if girls gather and having a chat together then it might be a natural course that is hard to avoid. But Brenda who became the main topic for teasing can’t help getting perplexed.

“Well let’s put the jokes aside. But then again I’m really glad you know Brenda? If there are no clear lines like this, your relationship would definitely have a hard time to advance……”
“Thank you for your consideration Angelica-sama…… But still, I still don’t feel right with this current situation”
“It really takes a long time right~. We who are watching from the sidelines can see through it in one glance though”
“It’s just what Floria-oneesan said desu. I even thought that Renya-oniisan and Brenda-oneesan are a couple since the first time we met desu”
“For real!? Did I really give out clearly like that!?”
“[The one who don’t know are that person himself], right~? Well, love is just something like that. And that is especially true for Brenda and Angelica-sama who have a tough personality”
“Why did I also get dragged into this!?”
“But that is of course, because you two are the archetypical of kuudere and tsundere, that’s why!”

*Kuudere: from the combination of cool and dere. A cool type woman goes dere (lovestruck)
*Tsundere: from the combination of tsun (p.r.i.c.kly/ th.o.r.n.y) and dere.

DO~N! Floria spreads her arms wide and boldly declares it that even a grand sound effect could be heard. Floria is in her highest tension as she is the sole controller of the atmosphere here.

“Floria-san, I had heard your lecture about tsundere before but, what is kuudere?”
“The kuu in kuudere means a calm person, or to make it easier, a person with a cool nature. And then combine it with dere to depict a girl who usually is calm and collected turned perplexed when she goes dere. Women with that kind of personality are commonly known as a kuudere”
“I see…… indeed with that kind of description it matched Brenda-san perfectly”
“Please don’t react to it seriously like that Elvira!”

This is weird. Why in this long awaited tea party only she herself that become the topic of teasing? Even Angelica-sama who she thought would be her allies is listening to Floria’s gossip talk without being able to hide the expression that shows that she is totally interested with the topic. Brenda is convinced that she doesn’t have any allies here. Even if she doesn’t look at her reflection in the mirror, she knows from the heat that she feel in her cheek that her face is all red like a boiled octopus.

“But Floria, don’t you… you know…… have some feeling from seeing your beloved went on and adds more woman to his side easily like this? If I’m not wrong, isn’t you the first one who got intimate with him?”

If he is a royalty then it might not be that much of a trouble but he is but a mere commoner. And according to a commoner common sense in love relation, Renya’s current relation with women are not something that can be described by even the word ‘outrageous’. Angelica’s question are definitely within that scope of normal sense.

“N~ yes, indeed that is a fact that we have been with each other the longest. But even so~, I don’t feel any kind of desire to monopolize him. Maybe that why~. Because even if argumentatively I ban him from doing so, I still can’t stop other women from approaching him. He is the type who charms women without even realizing and that make it even worse”
“That is indeed plausible, with Renya-sama personality, when he helps other people or even with just small everyday talk, it will bit by bit attract woman attention to him gradually. Because of his frank and amicable look, women would feel a.s.sured when approaching him unlike if he acts all high and mighty”
“Now that you mention it… Renya’s face and appearance is indeed not something that will attracts women attention……”
“And in that manner you two slander Renya in a natural way for having a normal appearance. I never know that you two are someone this cruel”

But well, it is the truth so it can’t be helped. Floria just brush of Brenda and Elvira opinion. In the first place, Renya already has a big advantage for being a G.o.d. If someone already has that kind of advantage and on top of that he is a smoky hot handsome guy then that would be the true foul play.

“Now that you mention it, my first meeting with Oniisan is also where he rescued me desu. Oniisan at that time really looks like a gallant knight in shining armor coming to rescue me desu”
“Indeed something like that happened before. But is it alright Therese? Saying such things at times like this is actually like confessing based the case of [I got saved then I fallen in love] you know? Is it alright for us to think so?”
“Eh……? Eh? A… AAAaaaaaaaa!!! N-no, that’s”
“Okay Floria, stop teasing her and calm down. What happen to you today? It seems like your tension is higher than normal”
“Haha not much, it’s just that I can see that, even with a slight difference between individual, I can feel that Renya is being loved by everyone and I feel happy from it”

Floria answer it with an innocent smile brighter than the sun. Maybe it was because Floria’s personality that no one from the girls that try to usurp her from her position, the so called [first lady] position that is. In a harem relationship, there should be discord that born between the female members no matter how small it is. But in Renya’s case, maybe it is because Floria becomes the center of his harem that any strained atmosphere caused by the rivalry between women competing for his favor never happened, in both good and bad way.

“Well setting that aside, I think maybe everyone had already somewhat be able to guess it but ---- if it was only me alone to become Renya ‘partner’…… you know the rest right?”
“W-wait Floria, what did you imply by that!?”

Even when Floria speak in a roundabout way, starting with Brenda, everyone immediately managed to guess what she want to say just from the nuance. Realizing that, the girls started to lose their composure. And the most surprising is that even Therese also seems to understand. Indeed she looks younger than her actual age that is still not that old either but she is also a graduate from Royal Academy with flying colors in her report. She has the diligence and extensive knowledge that enables her to graduate despite her young age. That day when Renya is still recuperating after his battle with Alberg, with her knowledge, she managed to guess what had happened from seeing how groggy Brenda walks that day.

“Frankly, at that day when we left Renya and Brenda alone, the one that I’m worrying about is actually Brenda you know? It was her first and yet Renya is like that. I’m afraid Renya might literally broke her”
“F-F-Floria-san? Does Renya-sama…… you know…… turned into a beast at night?”
“Yes. And honestly, describing it as ‘beast’ is still too lukewarm”

Just how terrifying it is!?

“Honestly, I also have my own obstinacy as a woman so I work really hard for that. In the beginning where both of us are still inexperienced, I still manage to steal the lead a few times but maybe he just has a knack at this. With more and more experience added to his belt, he is already… That’s why, I honestly feel happy when knowing that Brenda is finally become his woman officially”
“You are exaggerating too much. B-but… so it’s like that…… that day, he still not going all out…… I see”
“Yup yup. So at that time I thought, maybe~ with his current injured and weakened condition, his power level is just right for Brenda”
“W-what should I do…… I suddenly lost confidence in taking him on directly when he got serious”

Just what she meant by taking him on directly anyway. But as expected of Brenda, even if she forced to, she won’t say it out loud. And because of it is these kinds of topics, Therese can’t really join in the talk much but she seems unusually focused as to not miss out any sc.r.a.ps of information(?). What kind information it was, even when no one said it bluntly, everyone must have already understand it.

“Angelica-sama also please be careful~. If you let man lead you all the time he will definitely drag you everywhere as he pleases. So you must take this chance when he is still inexperienced to take the lead when it comes to bed relationship”
“N-no…… it is indeed that I can’t avoid such scenario in the future because of many reasons but…… to say things like that straight to me like that, is, really, troublesome”
“Fufufu, for Angelica-sama who is yet still pure and innocent, mine and Brenda’s personal experience story…… would you like to hear it?”
“…………… Please do”
“W-wait a minute! Floria! H-how could I……!”
“Calm yourself Brenda. This is a problem related to this new kingdom heir! So it would be counted as a contribution to the kingdom! Moreover, I also want to hear the detail! So I can make a counter-plan to face Renya!”
“In the end it all for your own sake isn’t it!”

And the girls talk continues on. What they talked about and how far they talk about it is only known to those who partic.i.p.ated.

“Dear me. This is maybe our last chance to gather together yet they asked to divide us between the boy and the girl. It was just too distasteful”
“And you, who bought alcohol to a tea party is also one of the reason for it”

Renya doesn’t have any fondness nor understand alcohol. His understanding only limited to whether the alcohol is good stuff from its smell…… maybe? While sniffing the wine in an unrefined way, he continues his silly talk with Gerard.

“Well, no matter. They should have something they want to discuss between women anyway”
“And Floria’s tension is unusually high…… I can’t help but having a bad feeling about their discussion”

In the following day, Renya finally knows that his bad feeling really did hit home and made him trembling in agony from the shame but there are no ways for Renya to know it today.

“Anyway, I also has some matters that I want to discuss with you privately so just perfect. I can’t even let the girls know about this”
“Houhou~ for you who are usually bold and outspoken to talk in secret like this. What’s wrong?”
“Even if I’m like that, I can still read the mood and between the lines. I would even lower my head if necessary, for you, the key figure that leads to the birth of this new kingdom ---- the one who had bestow Eckesachs to us”

Renya, who is going to drink another mouthful of wine, stops his hand when he heard Gerard says that. Gerard grins mischievously like kid when they successfully prank someone.

“To think that you relax yourself like this to me that I managed to surprise you like this… Well, thanks to that, I get the prove that it was not just my imagination but you really do consider me as a friend”
“And you who attempt surprise attack to that good friend like that are really a rotten friend”
“Isn’t this where you should laugh and let it off as a joke? I really am grateful to you you know? Because of your support, not only I succeeded with my plan, the plan even went smoother than what I had antic.i.p.ated”

Renya tries to rebut what Gerard said but he didn’t manage to find the right words to say back so he just gives up. He also did all his support to Gerard while a.s.suming that his true ident.i.ty would leak anyway so even if Gerard do find out about it then it won’t even become a problem because Gerard had managed to gain his trust.

“Just for my reference, can I ask you how did you realize that?”
“You show your sword too much in front of me that’s why. I’m talking about the sword that you use when you help me for the first time. Eckesachs and that sword of yours, for those who are familiar with swords would definitely feel that both swords are similar to each other. But then again that is as far as I can guess. Neither be it about the true worth of the sword nor your true ident.i.ty”
“If it was just that much then you should only guess that I merely own multiple similar sword right?”
“So why don’t you say that excuse from the start? When I got you surprised before, it was like confirming that you are indeed not just any ordinary being. And on top of it your superhuman strength... h.e.l.l I would believe straight way if you said that you are not a normal human after that”
“Okay, I admit it. If you already realized that much there is no use hiding it anymore”
“Well, don’t mind it too much. I don’t really care about your true ident.i.ty anyway. I won’t change my att.i.tude towards you and our relationship doesn’t particularly change much right? I just want to say my thanks to you that’s all”

With that, Gerard corrects his seating posture and with a magnified posture he face Renya.
That act really worth of being the future king. He has the dignity of someone who stands in the top of the kingdom to choose which road it would take, to reach the goal it has, and to walk that first step forward.

“Thank you. Just like the oath that I pledged to Eckesachs, That is also my promise to you who believe in me and bestow that sword to me. I won’t let your trust betrayed. I will definitely bring this kingdom to prosperity just like I promised you”
“I’m sure it would be alright. I believe that you definitely can do it”

Suddenly, Gerard lifts up his gla.s.s of wine in front of Renya.
Renya understand what Gerard wants to do as he also follow suit immediately.

“For this great meeting ---- Cheers, my friend”
“I hope you won’t meet many difficulties with your new kingdom. Cheers!”

Clank, the gla.s.s resounds nicely when it hit each other. The two guys immediately drink the wine down until the last drop in a go.

“Delicious ---- let’s exchange gla.s.s again like this sometime in the future”
“Next time is……that’s right, how about when you got yourself a successor? At that time I will come flying to celebrate with you. I will even take many souvenirs with me”
“That’s a good idea. Then I will let you bring the alcohol for us to drink. Bring the best alcohol that you can get you hear me?”
“Of course”

Renya nods at Gerard word. And with that, he make a promise to meet again with him sometime in the near future.

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