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Chapter 45 – The Arrival of Peace

Is what history book in the future might grandiosely write but today really is a big day indeed. This is because the two kingdoms of Sirkaberia and Rugartis is now integrated into one kingdom and also both kingdom successor for the throne are getting married to each other. The scale of the festive is s...o...b..g that it is like christmas and new year are getting celebrated in one go.

Generally, half of the ma.s.ses accept this news of kingdom unification with delight while the other half gives their blessing to the now married prince and princess.

Just in case, Renya spread his divine power to probe every nook and cranny of the castle town and its surroundings looking for any dangerous elements or the likes but his net found nothing. Naturally, he also reports it to Gerard.

Today, the holy sword is about to be displayed also so again, just in case, Renya use Eckesachs as the intermediary to deploy a divine barrier. But such kind of danger almost definitely won’t happen again for a long while.

“Renya-sama, it seems like there are some kind of exhibition in the town square. Shall we go and watch?”

In that guy left hand is a beautiful girl with a shoulder-long blonde hair. Her expression seems to be a little shy as her cheek painted in rose color making her beauty even more captivating.

That guy who have flower on both of his hand that is incomparable to any average girls around is a youth with black hair.

“I’m more interested with the quiz “Which Country Food is This?” in this integration festival maybe~”

Additionally, in the back, there are also a rare silver haired beauty and a kid-like little beauty following him. He doesn’t seem to be someone with high social standings and yet he walks around with an army of beautiful girls that would even make a king jealous.

“Oooh is that you Renya? So you also come here”

“Renya-san~! It’s been a while! This is such a big festival so I also come to enjoy it”

Him being this nonchalant isn’t not because of the nice feeling that is rubbing softly from both of his sides. ‘It was because peace is a wonderful thing’ is what he stubbornly claims for his looks now.

But this is what he really had in his mind.

He doesn’t show it much in his face. He keeps his expression to the minimum limit that is still acceptable to be presented to other people. But if he loses his control for just a second, his expression will turn disgustingly lewd like someone who is drown to s.e.xual pa.s.sion.

Especially Elvira, she already open minded from the start so having some skinship with her is normal but nowadays, her skinship become too much to handle. To add to it, Brenda’s boiling point is getting higher nowadays. In short, touching her body or a little bit s.e.xual hara.s.sment won’t make her mad again like before although she did show a troubled expression. She just rebuke kindly saying ‘you are really helpless’ while holding in her embarra.s.sment. In a way, she still being her old self but her cuteness just evolved into something more powerful.

If you refrain them too much, treat them like they are frail too much, or treat them with over courtesy are actually a discourtesy against women. But teasing them too much also will become a problem. At that time, Renya would just obediently accept their anger and ask for forgiveness.

So the Renya now just turn defiant against the usual norm and show off his over-excess skinship condition to the public without care. Because after all, he is just answering to the girls who start to get a.s.sertive in getting his love.

On top of it, the rotation also happens inside Renya’s hug. The one who he hugs in his left will turn to the right while the one in the right had her turn used up. His empty left hand will receive the next in turn girl who had been waiting for her turn.

“Hee, there’s cream stuffed inside this snack. Hmm, the sweetness is adjusted perfectly, such a refined taste”

“Fumu…… Yoshi, Brenda, could you face this way for a bit”

“Okay, a~n”

“Hohou, then you want me to feed you mouth to mouth is that what you mean?”

He enjoys Brenda troubled expression there.

Next, in case for a certain skewered meat grill street stall:

“Yes, it is delicious. Moreover the combination of the salt and spices in it is quite exquisite”

“Fufufu, Renya-sama? Would you like to taste mine?”

”Is there something wrong?”

“Of course, I also think of that maybe. Haven’t you done the same to Brenda-san just before? Okay then, a~n”

He now becomes the troubled one from Elvira’s sudden offensive.

And then in the town square where the exhibition are displayed:

“Yes yes yes~! That’s me! That’s me! Over here~!”

“WA~ WA~ It’s beautiful~ Renya, look! Look! The carving I really beautiful~”


“Hmm? Onii-san, look at this ring, it was quite interesting desu”

“Onii-san can appraise it until that far desuka?”

“Maybe this ring is an artifact from the days of old desu. Does this ring have effects like protecting it wearer desuka?”

“Desu desu, that’s right. Isn’t this great ne~”

“FUWAA!? WHAWHAWHAWHAWHAWHAWhat do you mean by that desuka, Onii-san!?”

Well, only for the area around the town square only that the festival still continues on. From now on, it’s the night event! The people are getting swept with that kind of festive mood persist on continuing the party until late night. The content of the festival turned into tavern party where people start drinking their alcohol merrily. The average age which enjoyed the night festival naturally rises up.

“My~ just look at them. It’s already doesn’t matter who comes from which kingdom they were, they are all having fun together without caring like that”

Brenda says that as she smiled bitterly. Over Renya’s shoulder, she could see two people that come from what used to be different country drinking merrily while hugging each other shoulder. They also loudly sing songs that are currently popular in their hometown.

Not all thing went according plan and human isn’t that simple to be able to overcome such complication with only this one event but seeing the citizens’ smile and the liveliness from enjoying the festival, the immediately able to feel directly the positive effects of this event.

“Well, Eribeiris (this continent) only have this two kingdoms after all. If the two are not in a war, then they will interact with each other through trade and other similar things”

But then again, these four girls, each and every of them are high cla.s.s beauties that will definitely attract attention. Elvira for example, has acc.u.mulated quite a number of gazes from her surroundings. And among those gazes, there are some fools who decided to ignore Renya’s existence and try to hit on them. But…

“They are all mine. If you try to do anything funny to them, then do it with staking your life on the line. Can you do that?”

Renya would just chase them off with a double combo from his killer gaze and divine power pressure. Renya is extremely high handed G.o.d at this kind of situation.

“Well if that's the case then he can drink alcohol again to cool off his shock and get drunk again. Problem solved”

“Oi…… don’t tell me Floria, are you drunk?”

She tangles with Renya more excessively than usual. She even tangles her hand and feet to Renya and won’t let go. Her usual fawn on nature has suddenly doubled all of the sudden. Thinking that, he immediately turns his gaze at the table where Floria sit before. There, he found that Floria’s jockey was filled with a kind of unfamiliar liquid. After doing a simple a.n.a.lyst towards the liquid, the alcohol content inside the liquid is quite higher than the standard alcohol rate from this continent.

“This alcohol is even stronger than the alcoholic drink that came from around here. Drinking this kind of alcohol like it was water, really, you can’t be helped……”

“A~ Renya is such a baby, lookie here~ there’s sauce on your mouth~”


These kinds of thing generally happen but, even the mighty war G.o.d can’t evade the G.o.ddess sudden surprise attack. Rather than taking of the sauce off his mouth, it seems that from the start she intended to tangles Renya’s tongue with her own and interlocking in a pa.s.sionate deep kiss for a while. Floria really went all out with her pa.s.sionate approach.

“Nnn… smack…… puhaaa……”

Not stopping at that, Floria who seems to be satisfied by the deep kiss just now, just lean herself to Renya and start sleeping there like a puppet that has its string cut.

“Well, I think that is futile”

Renya look at the two who have their opinion matched with a look that said ‘Why you shoot me down!?’

“And as long as there is no evil intention in it, Even Renya-sama won’t be able to avoid it”

With that kind of happening in the festival celebrating the birth of a new kingdom, the night grows late and at last, the day pa.s.ses by.


Author note:
I honestly feel that couples who flirt around when enjoying festival should just go and explode (personal grudge)

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