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Chapter 995 (Truly Heartbreaking)

Qian Yi breathed a sigh of relief, patting her daughter's shoulder. "Yuqing, take a good rest. Get ready later and accompany me to the palace tonight."

Qian Yuqing gently bit her lip and nodded.

Qian Yi sighed again, then left the room.

Watching her father leave, Qian Yuqing felt a sense of relief. "Little Tian, you can come out now."

Ye Juetian crawled out from under the bed, looking somewhat despondent. "Sister-in-law, I'll head back now."

"Okay." Qian Yuqing nodded. She would rather believe that Ye Hua's words were meant to protect her than to believe he truly wanted her gone. Just thinking about it made her feel warm inside.

Inside the royal palace, Emperor Huang Fei was listening to the report from his eunuch.

"Do you think this Ye Hua is the same as the one from the past?" Huang Fei stood by the window, gazing at the garden outside, asking in a low voice.

"Replying to Your Majesty, this servant believes that this is the same Ye Hua from before." The eunuch bowed respectfully.

Huang Fei nodded. This eunuch had been with him for nearly a thousand years, and his judgement was trustworthy. Besides, he could confirm it tonight when they met in person. If this Ye Hua was genuine, there might be some opportunities to exploit.

"By the way, how did he react today?" Huang Fei asked casually.

"Your Majesty, Ye Hua seemed to be full of indignation today," the eunuch replied.

Huang Fei chuckled softly. "That's good. If he's not angry about this, then he's not Ye Hua."

"Your Majesty is wise," the eunuch flattered.

"Alright, you can go and prepare. I heard Ye Yuanqing will be returning tonight. I plan to give her a little surprise." Huang Fei smirked with a sly smile.

The eunuch was curious what the surprise would be, but dared not ask.

"Yes! This servant will take his leave."

After the eunuch left, Huang Fei whispered, "Ye Hua, oh Ye Hua, life outside seemed quite good for you. Why did you come back to suffer? Or is it that you want to die again?"

The entire palace was lit up with festive decorations, preparing for the evening banquet. Not only the royal palace but also every household in Spirit City hung red lanterns, as if celebrating Ye Hua's return. His popularity was truly unmatched.

Even the Huang Yun couldn't achieve such popularity.

This once again emphasised the fact that Ye Hua had deeply rooted himself in the hearts of the people.

At this moment, inside a teahouse in Spirit City, everyone was buzzing with discussions and gossip.

"Is it true or not? Prince Ye has lost his memory now and has forgotten about the past."

"Really? He lost his memory? I heard that Prince Ye was quite angry when he saw Qian Yuqing was going to marry the Ninth Prince today."

A man in a green cloak said, "This is truly heartbreaking."

"Excuse me, sir. What's your perspective?"

The man in the green cloak sighed with a hint of sorrow, "Think about it. Prince Ye fought for the people, eliminated threats, and brought peace to Spirit City a thousand years ago. But the only woman he deeply loved... she married someone else upon his return. Isn't this disheartening for the soldiers?"

"But I heard it was an agreement between the two parties."

"Is Qian Yuqing that kind of woman?" The man in the green cloak said with a lowered voice, "After all these years, Prince Ye returns, and the woman he loves is marrying someone else. Isn't that enough to break the hearts of the soldiers?" After saying this, the man in the green cloak left the teahouse.

Inside the teahouse, people were still contemplating the questions raised earlier. The more they thought about it, the more it seemed to be true.

"Poor Prince Ye, just returned and his wife is about to marry someone else."

"Yeah, and it was personally decreed by the emperor. Does this count as forcibly taking love?"

"It seems the emperor doesn't treat Prince Ye as well as we imagined."

"Shh... speak softly. If someone hears, our heads might roll."

"Right, right. Thanks for the reminder, sir."

The discussion continued to be lively, spreading further, and everyone was eager to see what would happen at the evening banquet.

Ye Hua, at this moment, was pondering the situation. He heard a creaking sound from the floor, and Ye Juetian slowly crawled out.

"Big brother, I'm back." Ye Juetian was now relieved. His sister-in-law had been comforted, and there was no longer any grief.

Ye Hua remained silent upon hearing this.

Ye Juetian looked at his big brother's expression and sighed deeply. "Big brother, do you know what I saw when I went over just now?"

Ye Hua still didn't speak, but Ye Juetian noticed that his big brother wanted to ask but was hesitant.

"Sister-in-law... she actually..."



"Never mind, I won't say it. I don't want to make you sad, big brother," Ye Juetian said.

Ye Hua: "..."

"No matter what you say, I won't be interested," Ye Hua said indifferently.

Ye Juetian whispered, "Big brother, if I had been a step late just now, my sister-in-law would have been in great danger."


"Big brother, sister-in-law was about to end her own life."

Ye Hua chuckled lightly, "My dear, ending her life? Can't you tell a more convincing lie?"

"Big brother, it's true. Sister-in-law has no hope left to continue living. When you told her to leave, she felt it was better to leave completely, so as not to linger in front of you, making your eyes uncomfortable."

"Are you done?"

"Big brother, sister-in-law said that if you're willing, she'll elope with you."

Ye Hua took a sip of tea and felt it wasn't brewed as well as Daji's.

"Big brother, are you even listening to me?"


Ye Juetian was helpless. He painted such a miserable picture of sister-in-law, and yet his big brother showed no sign of heartache. This was not a good sign.

"Big brother, setting aside other matters, at the evening banquet tonight, try to stay calm and not lose your temper or resort to violence. I mean, don't just punch Father at the slightest disagreement. It would be embarra.s.sing for him, though he deserves it."

Ye Hua said calmly, "I'm actually looking forward to the evening banquet. It should be quite interesting."

Ye Juetian was puzzled. Why was his brother so calm? He was like this before and still is now. Such temperament was impossible to learn.

It seemed he would never surpa.s.s his big brother in this lifetime.

At noon, Ye Hua and Ye Juetian went to their mother's residence because she had personally prepared a delicious meal.

Seeing her two sons accompanying her for a meal, Le Jing felt extremely fortunate. It seemed that she didn't need to continue drinking the Spirit Spring to happily live.

"Ye Hua, remember not to get angry tonight," as his mother, she couldn't help but repeatedly remind him.

Ye Hua didn't find it repet.i.tive; instead, he felt warm, so he nodded in agreement.

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