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Chapter 1282: The Path Of Apocalypse (5)

Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

Ming Shu stood in front of a transparent wall. She could see the galaxy outside. They were in s.p.a.ce.

The entire Time Control Department was floating in s.p.a.ce.

Ming Shu turned around. “They seemed afraid of you.”

Qi Yu seemed proud. “Of course. Your husband is a genius.”

Ming Shu said blatantly, “Geniuses die early.”

Qi Yu: “…”


Where is my knife!

“Why did you try to woo me before?”

The sudden question caused Qi Yu to lose his focus. He didn’t manage to get his knife out. He started looking around him. “Erm… My instinct told me that I would meet you.”

Yes, this was the truth!

Ming Shu smiled. “You wanted to kill me at the start.”

Qi Yu’s heart dropped.

How was he supposed to talk his way out of this…

Qi Yu thought of a few possibilities. In the end, he said in a serious tone, “The organization forced me to do it!”

Ming Shu gazed at Qi Yu. Qi Yu felt chills down his spine.

She was not easy to fool…

Qi Yu quickly changed the topic. “Erm, wife, will you be affected if you continue to stay in this state? Do you need me to find a body for you?”

“No need.” Ming Shu walked toward him. “When did you start liking me?”

“Hmm…” Qi Yu paused. “I can’t remember exactly when I started liking you. However, I confirmed my feelings when I was Ling Yan. At that time, I wasn’t sure if I would meet you again. I only realized that it was you after some time…”

He looked at Ming Shu. “So, do you like me now?”

He knew that she cared about him. If not, she would not come here.

However, he wanted to hear it from her personally.


Like that time.

That time, she told him that she liked him.

“I agreed to let you be my boy toy. Don’t ask for more.” Ming Shu didn’t do what Qi Yu expected.

Qi Yu: “…”

To h.e.l.l with boy toys! Who wants to be your boy toy!

How can a genius like me be a boy toy?

Will you die if you say that you like me?

Qi Yu closed in on Ming Shu. Ming Shu looked to the side. “You want to do it here?”

If she heard correctly just now, the entire Time Control Department was under control of the Elder.

This meant that it could see anything they were doing.

Qi Yu followed her gaze. Codes were jumping around on the screen. It seemed to be stating its presence.


Qi Yu asked Ming Shu to stay in the room. He left and went to do something.

Ming Shu stood in front of the holographic screen.

From the moment she came here, the Harmony System never said anything. Was the Elder the Harmony System?

If this was the truth, it was looking down on her! How dare it do something like this behind her back!

Ming Shu waited for a while. Qi Yu didn’t come back.

She wanted to look for food, but realized that she was a spirit now.

Was she hungry?


However, she could bear with it.

After some time, Qi Yu was still not back. She looked around the room. The room was monochrome. There were not many colorful objects.

The room was segregated into three parts.

The inside portion was the bed. The middle portion contained a few screens while the outside portion was probably where he met his guests.

She walked toward the bed. There was a crystal lamp beside the bed. It was small and azure in color.

Honestly, this crystal lamp looked out of place in the entire room. However, from its position, it must be something important.

This was where he lived.

Ming Shu wanted to leave, but the room suddenly shook. Ming Shu floated into the air.

The tremors lasted for more than ten seconds. The objects in the room dropped onto the floor.

Ming Shu flew toward the bed and grabbed the crystal lamp that almost smashed to the floor.

She felt the entire room falling.

The warning light flashed in the room. Ming Shu went out. The codes had stopped moving across the holographic screen. A short sentence was being typed out.

[Your guess is right. I’m the Elder.]

They continued falling. Sparks appeared in the room. Qi Yu dashed in.


Ming Shu stood in the air calmly. The movements around her didn’t affect her.

She held onto Qi Yu and stabilized his body.

“What did you all do to provoke it?” Ming Shu asked.

“Its intention is to destroy this place,” Qi Yu said hurriedly. “Let’s leave first. I’ll tell you the details later.”

Ming Shu pa.s.sed him the crystal lamp.

Qi Yu was stunned for a moment. He lowered his gaze and withheld the emotions in his eyes. He pulled Ming Shu’s hand. “Let’s go.”

The people outside were already starting the retreat. They had to give up this location.

Everyone ran down. However, Qi Yu brought her upstairs. Some people were going upstairs too.

Ming Shu realized that these were the people who were in the meeting room.

She thought that they were going to escape, but when she reached the room, she noticed that everyone was operating the rescue capsules so that the people below could run away.

The system operating the rescue capsules was different from the main system. Hence, they could still be used.

However, once the Elder realized what was happening, no one knew what it would do.

It was a race against time.

The rescue capsules were shot out one by one.

“You all can retreat first!” the technical department head shouted at everyone. “Where is the director?”

“The director asked us to gather below!” someone shouted back.

The technical department head spoke quickly. “Retreat. The s.p.a.ceship will leave in five minutes. Inform all the people that have not left.”

The technical department head waited for a short moment. “The countdown will start now…”

One screen got segregated. The countdown was shown on it.

Qi Yu brought Ming Shu to the elevator. This elevator would allow them to reach the bottom instantly.

It was faster than running down.

The s.p.a.ceship was activated. The people below gathered everything inside.

Qi He and the technical department head arrived in the last 30 seconds.

Qi He looked around him. “Where is Luo Yan?”

No one saw Luo Yan. They all shook their heads.



The door of the s.p.a.ceship started closing. Qi He ran toward the door. “Go back to the base first.”


Qi He ran quickly. He managed to jump out just before the door closed.

Ming Shu felt Qi Yu holding her tighter. He pursed his lips as he glared at the closed door. His expression was indifferent.


The timer hit zero.

The s.p.a.ceship shot out.

They were already near the atmospheric layer. There were flames all around the Time Control Department. Some areas were already exploding.



Xing Hun consoled everyone. “Please calm down. The director will be fine. There are rescue capsules on top.”

Everyone quietened down.

“What is that?”

The s.p.a.ceship had stabilized itself so they could see what was happening outside clearly.

Somewhere higher, there was an explosion.

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