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Chapter 1127: The Forbidden Rose Song (37)

The man escaped from the base under the protection of his men.

“Don’t you want the holy relics? Why are you running away so quickly?”

A clear voice sounded behind him. The man didn’t even have the time to feel relief. He turned around instantly. The vampires behind him were disappearing at a fast pace.

Ming Shu walked slowly out of the tunnel. Her gentle smile and calm expression seemed out of place.

The man decisively took Tong Ye and used him as a hostage.

“Fu Yu, stop right there!”

Ming Shu stopped. She looked at the unconscious Tong Ye and smiled. “Are you going to use him to threaten me?”

The man didn’t reply to Ming Shu. Instead, he said, “I’m surprised that you were able to find this place.”

“Oh, it was nothing,” Ming Shu said thoughtfully. She walked two steps forward. “You will be even more surprised soon.”

The man frowned. “If you want him alive, stay still.”

Ming Shu thought for a moment and decided to stop moving. She took out a carton of blood and drank it.

The man: “…”

I asked you to stop moving! I didn’t ask you to eat!

Why do you still have the mood to eat? How big is your heart?

“How did you manage to find this place?” He felt that this place was secretive enough.

Ming Shu pretended to be mysterious. “Where there’s a will, there’s a way… The holy relic is really useful.”

The man: “…” Where there’s a will, there’s a way?

Holy relic… the Finder?

He didn’t expect them to have the Finder. This was his mistake.

A cold light flashed past his eyes. He said in a low voice, “Fu Yu, if you want Tong Ye to stay alive, give me the Blood Bell!”

“Kill him then.”

When Tong Ye woke up, he heard this sentence. He looked at Ming Shu bitterly.

Was she his real friend?


Where was he?

He remembered that he got kidnapped by Huo Gen. Who is this man?

“I know that Tong Ye is your friend. You will not watch him die like this. Fu Yu, let me repeat myself. Use the Blood Bell to save him.”

Ming Shu nodded seriously. “Yes. I will buy the best coffin and find the best location to bury him.”

The man: “…”

The man pushed Tong Ye forward and grabbed his neck.

Tong Ye: “…” He just woke up. He didn’t even know what was happening.

“Fu Yu, this is your last chance!” The man tightened his grip. “I will really kill him.”

Ming Shu raised her hand and smiled. “Please start your performance.”

The man: “…”

Tong Ye: “…”

He didn’t believe that Ming Shu would let him die, but she was acting too relaxed now. He was taken as a hostage!

Tong Ye was the hostage. The man didn’t dare to kill him.

He knew that his threat was useless.


He should run away.

The man grabbed Tong Ye and ran.

Ming Shu: “…”

“Hey, what are you running for? Didn’t you say that you would perform for me?”

The man felt his eye twitching. Was she crazy?


The vampire in front of him suddenly screamed in pain. He flew back and slammed into the man.

The man stopped in his tracks. He looked ahead.

It was empty. There was nothing there.


The wind blew past the trees and the leaves rustled. The sound pierced through their ears and gave them a headache.

The man looked back. The lunatic didn’t chase after them. She was still squatting there…

“Go and take a look,” the man ordered the vampire beside him.

The vampire moved forward carefully. After walking for about ten meters, he couldn’t proceed anymore. He reached out and felt the air. There was an invisible wall.

When he touched it, it formed ripples in the air.

What is this?

Vampires could form their own shields to protect themselves, but their shields couldn’t be touched or seen. This thing… could be touched and seen.

The man ordered, “Rush through it!”


After Ming Shu finished her second carton of blood, the man came back with Tong Ye.

“I told you all to stop running.” Ming Shu looked up and smiled.

The man looked malicious. He was no longer calm. He seemed on the verge of breaking down.

“What is that thing?” The man could see that she was outside the shield which surrounded them.

He was enclosed in this shield.

The harder he tried to break through it, the stronger the counterforce.

He couldn’t use his teleportation skills, either.

“You will not understand even if I tell you. Hence, I will not tell you.”


Ming Shu got up and stepped in. The man retreated alertly.

“Don’t be afraid. It can only lock people up. It will not attack anyone. Of course, if you attack it, it will return your attacks to you. Please don’t touch it.”

The man: “…” This explanation made him more worried.

Ming Shu smiled. “Then… shall we reason things out?”

The man: “…”

Why are you rolling up your sleeves!

The man held Tong Ye tighter. He was on his guard.

He underestimated Fu Yu.

If he died today…

Tong Ye: “…”

Little ancestor, can you hurry up and save me?

Ming Shu suddenly disappeared. The man and the rest of the vampires looked around them vigilantly.


The man turned around quickly. A special silver gun pressed against his chest. Only a vampire hunter had this kind of gun…


The man didn’t know how he should feel now.

Wasn’t she planning to fight him? Why was she using a gun now!

As a civilized leader, he wanted to curse.

Ming Shu gave an evil smile as she asked, “Which do you think is faster, my gun or your hand? Shall we battle it out?”

The man pondered for a moment before slowly releasing Tong Ye. The pressure on his throat disappeared. Tong Ye rushed toward Ming Shu and hid behind her. He heaved a sigh of relief.

The man lowered his hand. He looked at Ming Shu with a weird expression. He seemed crazy. “Do you think that this is the end?”

“Of course not.”

“I still have…”

The man was stunned. This was my line! Why are you ruining my line!

Ming Shu felt around her pocket indifferently and took out a carton of blood… She looked through her things before finally taking out the Blood Bell.

This was a normal-looking bell. The only thing special about its appearance was its bright red color.

Ming Shu shook the bell. No sound came out. “You want this?”

The man looked at the Blood Bell. He narrowed his eyes.

Ming Shu squeezed the vampire tightly and said, “For the sake of world peace and the peace of vampires everywhere… I’ve decided…”

Ming Shu used some force.

“I’ve decided…”

She continued exerting force.

She couldn’t break it…

This is awkward.

The man stared at her intently. He wasn’t sure what she wanted to do.

Ming Shu coughed. “Wait a minute.”

She pa.s.sed the gun to Tong Ye and took out a hammer.

She placed the bell on the ground and slammed the hammer down.



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