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Chapter 1082: The Superior Leader (31)

Ming Shu walked one round around the valley. She didn’t notice anything amiss.

However, she knew that Little Beastie would not warn her for no reason.

Ming Shu stood in the dark for a moment. She turned and walked back toward Yun Huang. She hugged him and carried him back into the house.

After she left, a black mist appeared in the forest.

The black mist congregated and formed a figure.

However, the figure disappeared almost immediately. It seemed to have been blown apart by the wind.

When the black mist appeared again, it was nearer to the entrance of the valley. The black mist started floating toward the valley. When it got near, the black mist hit an invisible wall and couldn’t move forward anymore.

Ming Shu, who just entered the house, walked out from the shadows. She looked at the black mist.

Witcher spirit?

He came to find me…

Yun Huang suddenly walked toward the black mist.

Ming Shu pulled him.

Yun Huang explained his actions without any expression.

Ming Shu: “…”

“Kill him for what? Are you able to kill him?” He is definitely quite powerful. If not, he would not come and look for us.

Yun Huang didn’t reply to her.

“Stay here.”

Ming Shu walked toward the black mist. However, the black mist seemed to have sensed her. The moment she moved, the black mist dissipated.

Ming Shu: “…”

Ming Shu asked Little Beastie to sense if the black mist was still around. Little Beastie hummed. It didn’t feel disgusting anymore so the black mist was definitely gone.

What is wrong with this thing?

Did he just come here to show his face?

The witcher spirit is not very good!

Thumbs down!

Since that night, the witcher spirit kept coming every single night. However, he ran away quickly so Ming Shu was never able to catch him.

After four days, the witcher spirit knew that he couldn’t get into the valley so he never came again.

On the third day after the witcher spirit stopped coming…

Cang Xiu came.

“Leader, Cang Xiu wants to duel with you.” Ming Zhe came in to report the situation. Cang Xiu came alone and said that he wanted to fight with Ming Shu.

Ming Shu peeled a fruit and took out the flesh inside. She slowly peeled off the white skin on the fruit.

“I’m busy.”

“But…” Ming Zhe paused. “If you don’t go, Cang Xiu will not leave.”

Ming Shu placed the fruit into her mouth. She squinted a little as she tasted the sweet and sour taste. “Gang fight.”

“Huh…” Didn’t he come to fight personally with you?

In such a situation, most shapeshifters would take on the battle. If not, other shapeshifters would laugh at them.

“Remember, we are rumored to be possessed by the witcher spirit. Don’t ruin the witcher spirit’s face. Gang fight with him.”

Ming Zhe: “…” Something seems wrong.

Cang Xiu was here to take revenge for Hu Jiu. However, in the end, he didn’t manage to get his revenge and even got beaten up badly.

Ming Shu sat at the side and watched them happily. She looked exceptionally irritating to Cang Xiu.

Cang Xiu was not convinced. He was badly bruised and swollen but he was still determined. “Yao Luo, I wanted to have a one-on-one battle with you…”

Ming Shu smiled. “You can’t even win against my clansmen. Stop dreaming.”

Cang Xiu: “…”

There were so many people around him and they even had weird weapons. What is there to be proud of?

Cang Xiu attempted to anger Ming Shu. “You don’t dare?”

“Yes, I don’t dare.” Ming Shu was perfunctory. “I have so many sidekicks. Why must I attack myself? It is not good to waste food.”

My snacks are not free!

Cang Xiu didn’t expect her to admit it so blatantly. He was speechless.

Also, what did it have to do with food?

Cang Xiu was furious. He thought about Hu Jiu and got even more furious.

Kill her.

Kill her…

Hu Jiu’s voice kept sounding in Cang Xiu’s head. His blue eyes turned malicious.

He shouted in anger and rushed toward Ming Shu.

Cang Xiu turned into a fierce-looking wolf. His sharp claws were as powerful as the knives.

Cang Xiu suddenly got stronger. He subdued a few clansmen.

Ming Shu took a knife from her clansmen and flew over. The knife shone under the light.

The clansmen from the peac.o.c.k tribe retreated.

Since their leader decided to act, the wolf would end up in a bad state.

What made him want to fight their leader? Was he looking for death?

Within a short time, Cang Xiu was badly injured. Blood dripped down from his body. However, he didn’t seem to feel the pain at all. He just wanted to kill Ming Shu.

Kill her.

A-Jiu will be happy.

The killing intent in his eyes turned stronger.

Ming Shu pursed her lips and smiled. She ignored his malicious aura. When he charged at her, she kicked his abdomen.

Cang Xiu flipped in the air and landed on all fours.

The knife flashed in front of him. When he tried to dodge it, it was already too late.

Cang Xiu’s body fell back uncontrollably. He slammed into the rock wall and got buried by the rocks that tumbled down.


His haggard appearance was reflected on the knife. He froze.

“I told you that you are not my match.” Ming Shu smiled as she spoke. “Why didn’t you believe me?”

Ming Shu pressed Cang Xiu down and hit him furiously.

[Hatred Points for Cang Xiu are at full capacity.]

The moment the Harmony System made this announcement, Ming Shu stopped. She smiled and walked away while eating her dried sweet potatoes.

Cang Xiu heard her ordering her clansmen to get rid of him while he was in a daze.

How would they get rid of him?

Kill him?

Cang Xiu didn’t die. However, one of his legs was lost.

Those shapeshifters used him to exchange for food. He managed to run away after much effort. In the process, he lost his leg.

“A-Jiu, you…” Hu Jiu was shocked when she saw Cang Xiu’s haggard and b.l.o.o.d.y appearance.

Cang Xiu fainted the moment he saw Hu Jiu.

He finally came back to her.

But, when Cang Xiu woke up, he didn’t see Hu Jiu. His wound had been tended to.

A-Jiu must be busy.

Yet, after a while, Cang Xiu still didn’t see Hu Jiu.

“A-Jiu?” Cang Xiu asked the shapeshifter who was applying medicine for him.

The shapeshifter replied indifferently, “She is with the leader.”


This was the snake tribe. The leader was Nie Fan. Why didn’t she come and see him if she was with Nie Fan?

Cang Xiu asked the shapeshifter to take him to find Hu Jiu. The shapeshifter didn’t want to. Cang Xiu ignored his resistance and went to look for Hu Jiu alone.

The snake tribe was located in the forest. Nie Fan stayed at the highest spot.

Cang Xiu only had one leg left. He gritted his teeth and went to Nie Fan’s house.

There were no shapeshifters around the area. He heard Hu Jiu’s voice from afar.

Nie Fan had twirled his snake body around a huge tree. Hu Jiu was in his arms. She was naked and her body was in the air. She moved up and down along with Nie Fan.

“A-Fan… no… ah…”

Hu Jiu’s moans caused Cang Xiu to blank out.

He lost a leg for her but she was with Nie Fan…

“A-Jiu!” Cang Xiu shouted angrily.

Half of Nie Fan’s body was in human form. He grabbed Hu Jiu and looked down at the pitiful-looking Cang Xiu. He smiled coldly. He placed Hu Jiu on a thick tree branch and slithered down.

Hu Jiu wanted to reply to Cang Xiu but Nie Fan didn’t give her any chance.

Last time, Cang Xiu always showed off to him.

How about now?

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