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Lea and Nolan stop talking but Lea still wanted to be with Nolan so she say sorry for saying such hateful words. Ezra and Willis relationship got better and better. But she was having bad dreams and she couldn't sleep at night she decide to talk to Zeze about them.

Zeze Office Tent

''Tell me about these dreams ''Zeze said,

I am standing in the middle of a battle field there are dead body's around me there are soliders fighting . Suddenly a man appear in the sky that look like a G.o.d he was wearing white and gold clothing. He was also wearing a gold crown too. He was huge and floating in the sky when I saw him i was instantly struck with fear. There was still some soliders on the battle field they being to attack the man in the sky. But their attack's wasn't effect. It didn't hurt him at all in with one arrow of his bow he killed them all. ''Ezra said,

''Everyone is dead beside me the battlefield become a pool of blood I am being suck in to the pool of blood my head go under and I can't breath. I knew it was the end of me but then suddenly I appear in the woods I am standing in front of a bush that I let on fire I am staring at it in a amazement .Even though I am in the woods the bush didn't set fire to the other trees then I hear the bush call my name but I never answer. Ezra said,

''The dream is a calling, It away for the holy one to communicated with you there nothing to be scared of.

''Don't worry the next time you have a dream like that just answer speak your loyal servant I am here. ''Zeze said,

''But for now i will teach you how to pray. ''Zeze said,

Zeze made Ezra get on her knee and fold her hands together than bowed her head. ''Repeat after me. ''Zeze said,


Yahweh i have sin please for give me of my sin and create me a new heart that will be pleasing in your sight. Help me not to fall into temptation but to live by your word and to fulfill your mission let your glory reign forever amen. ''Zeze said,

Ezra repeat the prayer and got up off her knees.

''How many time do i say this? ''Ezra asked,

''Morning,Noon and Night. ''Zeze said,

''Okay i will. ''Ezra said,

Later that night

Ezra had the same dream she stood by the fire and the fields called her name. ''Ezra said,

''Speak your loyal servant is here. ''Ezra said,
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The fire form as a man body shape and when he spoke it was like thunder it made Ezra body shake and fear.

''Do not be afraid i have come to give you a message from the Most High.''He said,

'' The holy one is about to do a shocking thing in the land he is going to destroy Luck Kingdom with a war they have disobey me and have rebel against me. ''The messenger said,

''It time to destroy Lucky kingdom and i am going to use you as my loyal servant to destroy them. Don't be afraid for the holy one is on your side and you will have victory over them. ''He said,

Ezra wanted to say something to him but she was scary his present was overwhelming

''Have courage and speak up. ''He said,

''My lord don't you think it harsh to kill them all. ''Ezra said,

''I have giving them many chances to obey me.''He said,

''What if i can help to change there mind? Tell them what you said and maybe they will have a change of heart.''Ezra said,

Ezra wanted spare the people of lucky kingdom because she still had some people she loved in the town.

The angel knew that Ezra couldn't change their mind but he saw how determined she was to help the people of Lucky Kingdom.

''What make you think they will listen to you? ''He said,

''Because I have deep history with them ''Ezra said,

''Fine if you can get at less five people from lucky kingdom to obey me then i won't destory lucky kingdom.''The angel said,

''But what if there only one My lord,''Ezra

''If there only one person than i will not destory lucky kingdom.''The Angel said,

''Also can you give me a little bit of time to persuade them. ''Ezra said,

''Fine take the time you need.''The angel said,

Then the angel told Ezra to step in to the fire and When she step in she didn't feel any heat

The angel put fire on Ezra belly and it burn. She woke up sweating and afraid Willis saw how scared she was and he held her and rocked her back to sleep.

Who's better?

Eros had the Army do a intense obstacle course , It was design to strengthen there muscles and speed. At first the women was having a hard time keeping up with the men. One of men would joke on them or tell them to give up but they never did this in front of Eros.

Ezra would send a huge heart supplies to both of the army. The women on Eros team got tired of being picked on so at night time they would practice on the obstacle course.

Eros saw that the women was geting better with their training. Eros deicde to move on to Weapon and Sword training. He taught them everything he knew.

Eros had them practice with a wooden sword first Most of the woman was good with sword but the other half was struggling with even holding one. Eros decide to train them using a bow because his army was lacking in that area. He asked Ezra if she could teach them because he didn't know how to use one. Ezra agreed to teach them.

Training Day

Ezra got up early and took the women to the top of the hill

''Using a bow is not different then a sword the only different is the technique. With a bow you have to be more accurate with your attack. You also have to be calm and smart about your decision when it come to attacking. ''She said,

''The bow is meant for long range attacks, Long range attacks are normally protected by the med range and attacker range. It's very rare. if a long range attacker can do both today i am going to teach you how to become rare. ''Ezra said,

''For now on you will not just be trained with a bow but in close combat skills''

''Now we will get start''

Ezra wrap the girls hands with weights then she told them to strike the tree with their hand.

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