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Ella is a young woman with a child like appears However she take her job serious and can be a bit of demanding and bossy. Ella is known for being the one of the top blacksmith in Moon Valley Nolan gave Ella three jobs to do. Nolan wanted her to make Uniform for the soldiers and the royal staff the second item was to make armor for the army and the last item was the weapon for the army. How ever Nolan had some pre molded armor and weapon made. The mold help in making the weapon shape but the usual maintain still have to be done.

Ella decides to make the Uniform first because that was going to take a long time because she was making for the royal staff. Ella set up several Large pots over a fire she put the goblin skin in the pot and boil the goblin skin until it was a creamy texture. Nolan sends Ella stone to added into the uniform some of the stone was to Enhance the uniform.

The stone was ground up and boil down in a different pot. The uniforms was made out of different stones to increase strengthen, Speed, defense against magic. Defense against all-natural poison and to increase magic.

Mean while Leela started to get a lot of attention from the opposite s.e.x. Over the weeks Leela started spending less and less time with Eros. Eros didn't like that Leela was spending so much time with other guy he felt like he was losing his best friend. The guys also would give Leela gifts one day while Eros was walking down the Hallway he saw Maui walking toward him. Maui stopped in front of him and started to tease Eros about Leela realationship.

'' Do you like Leela? '' Maui said,

''No, ''Eros said,

'' Oh good less compet.i.tion for me. ''Maui said under his breath

''What do that mean? " Eros said,

'' Well Everyone is trying to get with Leela. Do it make you Jealous? ''Maui said,

''No why would it? ''Eros said,

''Well it don't matter any more I am sure yall friendship is a thing in the past now. ''Maui said,

'' What are you talking about? ''Eros said,

'' You seem to forgot something Eros that she a princess and when she turn 117[17 years old] she will be able to marry. Now do you think she would still be your friend after she gets married? I don't think so. ''Maui said,

''It was fun while it lasted right. ''Maui said, than laughed
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''Shut up and get out my way. ''Eros said, enraged

Maui was standing in front of Eros and he moved aside. Maui p.i.s.sed off Eros from that day on Eros started seeing Less and Less of Leela.

Day of the Lover

The day of the lovers is a event for single and married couple for the married couple they spent a lot of time together. For the single is much different if you like someone and you want to start dating them you give that person a gift . Everything must be handmade for the woman they must receives only Jewelry and for the men it must be part of clothing. If that person wear the gift that mean they expect the other person feeling . This event last for five days and everyone started to make gift to give to their crush.

.The tent has decorations up to celebrated the event everyone seem to be in a good mood Nolan gave everyone off one day so they could hand everyone their gifts Eros didn't knew nothing about the holiday so he didn't make Leela a gift he became p.i.s.sed off when he saw everyone giving her attention .Their was this one guy that really p.i.s.s Eros off became he was so persistent. Many times he would come over when Eros was spending time with Leela and presuade Leela to go with him instead.

This happen all the time finally Eros and Leela could hang out in peace and he enjoy the conversation that was going on until Leela brought up that she was going on a date with that guy he don't like. The next day Leela went on her day But Eros crash in the middle of it and took her out forceful he picked her up and put her over his shoulder.

In the middle of the wood.

''Put me down Leela yelled, She was kicking and hitting him

Eros put her down as they was walking Leela slapped him in the face.

''What the h.e.l.l is wrong with you? ''Leela said,

''I don't like those guys at all why are you with him? ''Eros yelled,

''What do you like about him and why on G.o.d green earth would you embarra.s.sed me like that. ''Leela said,

''Because he is an a.s.shole he don't deserve you. You should have someone better than him. ''Eros

''Like Who ? Someone like you ? I don't get you are all i asked you a million time to be more than friends but you turn me down. Now that someone else is showing me attention your jealous and you have ever Right to be because I am a beautiful person inside and out. I am loyal to my partner any man would be happy to have me. Did you really think that no one would pursue me? ''Eros said,

''I think we should stop being friends. ''Leela said,

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