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Chapter 638: Today, G.o.d’s Punishment!


Translator: 549690339

“The Dragon Emperor seemed to have broken through to the Nirvana Realm more than 7,000 years ago, right? Who was this mysterious person who could fight with the Dragon Emperor?”

“Not only that, the Dragon Emperor seemed to have been suppressed previously and was actually not his match. This person can’t be a nameless person!”

“Could it be an old monster sent by Great Qin or Great Ming? Otherwise, I can’t imagine anyone in this world who can be an enemy of the Dragon King!”

“But right now, we’re fighting against the Starmoon Army. Great Ming and Great Qin are hiding behind us and watching the show. How can they send experts to provoke our Great Zhou at this time?

The group of people below discussed.

However, it was still too difficult for them to identify a person with just a thin figure.

At the scene, it was estimated that only King Yu vaguely knew who the two parties fighting in the sky were.


He stood tall in the sky.

The aura emitted by the two of them was enough to suffocate an army of millions.

Looking at Ji Tian, who had recovered to his peak, the aura emitted by him was basically the same as the aura emitted by Ji Ni.

Even the black shadow behind him was no different.

However, this technique that Ji Tian used was much stronger than Ji Ni’s.

One could imagine that this was a secret technique with a huge side effect. Li Yueming didn’t believe that Ji Ni and Ji Tian could ignore the ravages of thousands of years and revive an old man.

The reason why they were able to use it now was because they had been able to use it.

The only explanation Li Yueming could think of was that this was taught to them by the existence hidden behind them.

Of course, no matter what method Ji Tian used to regain his peak combat strength, he would not be able to do so.

It was no longer important to Li Yueming.

After stretching his body, Ji Tian suddenly swooped down from the sky.

It was also a close combat.

However, after turning into a monster, not only did Ji Tian return to his peak state, but the strength of his body had also undergone a huge change. Under the same premise of not relying on spiritual energy, he was actually able to fight back and forth with Li Yueming!

One had to know that Li Yueming had a strong physical body and had developed several powerful human body treasures. These two points had always been the reason why Li Yueming could fight above his level.

It was precisely because of these two points that he was able to repeatedly defeat opponents stronger than him.

But now, one of his trump cards, his powerful physical body, had been dispelled. The danger involved could be imagined!

They exchanged less than ten moves.

Li Yueming was slapped down by Ji Tian’s palm, and his body crashed heavily onto the water surface.


Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

Waves that were hundreds of meters tall rolled up, blocking the vision of all the spectators present.

The owners of the millions of pairs of eyes on the battlefield all held their breaths.

On the Great Zhou’s defense line, King Yu, who had witnessed everything,

The surrounding dukedom kings, who were also staring intently, were all shocked.”ls this the true strength of the Dragon Emperor? After so many years, the Dragon Emperor was still so powerful!”

On the other side of the battlefield.

The Starmoon Troop couldn’t help but exclaim in shock when they saw this.

Although many soldiers did not understand who was fighting against the Dragon Emperor for them in the air, they were still confused.

However, it did not hinder their natural yearning and closeness to that figure.

This was something that was engraved in the soul of the army.

Even if the people who formed this unit were dead, the military spirit was still there. The faint military spirit could sense whether the other party was an enemy or a friend.

Ding Yi, Huang Li ‘er, and the others, who knew everything, felt even more worried.

After the monstrous waves subsided.

Everyone widened their eyes, trying to find the figure that had been blasted into the water.

However, after a few breaths, that thin figure did not appear again.

This made all the members of the Star Moon Army feel a heavy pressure.

Li Ruyue, who was originally in charge of logistics dispatch on the battlefield, was even more tearful. If someone hadn’t stopped her, she would have rushed out by now.

Under the water.

Li Yueming felt a sweetness in his throat and coughed a few times. The functions in his body continued to operate, so he did not cough up blood.

But even so, this palm still made Li Yueming feel the difference between the major realms.

The biggest difference between heavenly tribulation and nirvana was one’s understanding of the laws of heaven and earth.

If the greatest difference between a Qi Refiner in the Heavenly Tribulation Realm and a Qi Refiner in the Divine Aperture Realm was the control of an incomparably large amount of spiritual energy, then the greatest difference between a Qi Refiner in the Nirvana Realm and a Qi Refiner in the Heavenly Tribulation Realm was the ability to comprehend and control a certain law of heaven and earth.

By using the laws of heaven and earth that they had comprehended, Nirvana Stage experts could not only gather the spiritual energy in their bodies as they wished, but they could also draw any spiritual energy in the world as they wished.

Moreover, it could also interweave laws to form a spiritual energy structure with extremely destructive power, causing a dimensional reduction attack on low-level Qi Refiners.

The gap between them did not sound like much, but in fact, it was a huge gap that was difficult to cross.

To put it bluntly, it could even be considered the difference between immortals and mortals.

After stepping into the Heavenly Tribulation, he could barely be considered half a step away from becoming an immortal in the eyes of the world.

However, only by stepping into Nirvana could one truly be called invincible in the world and form their own sect..

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