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Chapter 460: Arrogant Reincarnators!_3

Translator: 549690339

Ever since the spirit beast tide had subsided, the Northern Lands had welcomed a rare period of peace.

After all, when the spirit beast tide arrived, the Qin army of more than 100,000 had fled back to Hangu Pa.s.s. They would not be able to return so quickly in a short period of time.

Thus, during this period of time, the Starmoon Army and Northern Glacier Town had developed for three years.

After the last spirit beast tide.

The Starmoon Troop had successfully proven their reliability to all the residents of Northern Ice River Town.

It must be known that in the entire Northern Lands, Tidal Towns like Northern Glacier Town had basically been flattened by countless spirit beasts.

Looking around, only Northern Ice River Town, which was guarded by the Star Moon Army, stood out.

It only destroyed hundreds of dilapidated houses.

The other new houses were not even damaged.

In other words, the Star-Moon Army had successfully protected the lives and property of the people of Northern Ice River Town during the spirit beast tide.

In addition, the emperor wanted to trick Li Yueming.

He directly issued a decree to announce that Northern Glacier Town would become a permanent city from now on.

The population of Northern Glacier Town had almost experienced an explosive growth.

In a short three years.

The original 60,000 residents of Northern Glacier Town had risen to nearly 200,000.

It had successfully evolved from a small town in the middle of nowhere to a human settlement that stretched for dozens of miles.

People fished in the Northern Ice River and planted potatoes on the black soil.

He was surprised to find that the harvest was not bad.

They could even obtain a relatively high yield without needing to apply fertilizer.

It greatly boosted the enthusiasm of many people for production.

Although Northern Ice River Town was still short of food and needed to be supplied by the imperial court, it was still not enough.

However, it was already possible for them to be self-sufficient.

After all, in order to prevent the emperor from paying attention to Li Yueming, the most fertile soil on both sides of the river had yet to be known.

If he really wanted to develop the fertile soil on both sides of the river…

It would probably take less than a few decades for the Northlands, which was publicly acknowledged as a barren land, to create a super metropolis with a population of nearly a million out of thin air.

The so-called poverty of the Northern Lands was only limited to the desert around Dingyuan City, Zhenbei City, and other cities.

The soil near the Hundred Thousand Mountains was actually extremely fertile.

At the same time.

The Starmoon Troop had also been expanding rapidly in the past few years. The original five thousand cavalry had already become the elite of the elite.

He began to train the new infantry and artillery battalions.

During the recruitment, the Star Moon Army’s slogan was not to protect the country, but to defend Northern Glacier Town and the Northlands.

Although there were only a few differences in the words, the meaning contained in them was enough to make people think deeply.

This was because the Star-Moon Army had been protecting Northern Ice River Town.

There were quite a number of people in Northern Glacier Town who responded to the call to join the army.

After three years, the Starmoon Army had expanded from 15,000 to 50,000. This was even after considering the provisions and the combat effectiveness of the army.

If they didn’t take the initiative to control it, their numbers would probably have doubled.

He had no choice…

No matter what year it was, other things might be lacking.

However, there was no shortage of people with two legs and one head.

It was like a never-ending harvest of leeks in a farmland. A new crop would grow when it fell.

As for Li Yueming himself, he rarely paid attention to the messy matters of the outside world.

He had already drawn up the general direction of the regulations, so he did not have the time to ask about the specific matters one by one.

For the past three years, Li Yueming spent most of his time cultivating behind the scenes.

He wasn’t afraid that the reincarnators would do something when he wasn’t around.

As long as he was strong enough, he could simply turn his hand and suppress it.

In fact, it was very difficult for anything to happen.

This was because Li Yueming was bound to the Star Moon Army. Even if the group of generals under him were all reincarnators, it would be difficult to shake Li Yueming’s position in the Star Moon Army.

Three years later, Li Yueming’s cultivation was nearing its end.

Through constant deduction and resolution.

Li Yueming had finally entered the Spirit Concentration Realm.

However, the Spirit Concentration Realm was a little special. When breaking through, one’s soul and body would be separated for a long time. The entire person would enter a state of being one with the world. Only when everything was done would they wake up.

Therefore, it delayed Li Yueming for some time.

By the time he woke up, he had already been in seclusion for nearly four years.

During this period of time, the Qin army that had originally returned to Hangu Pa.s.s returned to the northern regions of the Great Zhou.

But this time, the Qin army was ruthless.

The army that came was divided into two groups. One group continued to burn, kill, and plunder, consuming the food that the Northlanders had painstakingly acc.u.mulated.

The other group began a carpet search in the North.

He seemed to be looking for something.

The first batch did not have any questions.

However, the last batch did make everyone feel that something was wrong.

The entire Great Zhou was discussing this.

After a few days of discussion, someone quickly came to the conclusion that this batch of Qin soldiers seemed to have specially come to find the Star Moon Army.

The reason why they were searching in the north was to figure out the location of Northern Glacier Town.

Last year, because the Ninth Prince had been a spy, the First Prince had suffered quite a bit at the hands of the Starmoon Army.

The First Prince had probably recovered from his setback after three years of chewing.

Thus, the First Prince had managed to shake off the Ninth Prince with great difficulty.

He had led his elite troops to teach the Star Moon Army a lesson. He wanted to regain the face he had lost in the Northlands a few years ago.

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