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Chapter 552: Chapter 557, Sorrow (4000 words)

Translator: 549690339 

“That King Slayer would come to this tavern? Are you joking with me?”

Knight colt panted slightly and raised his head to look at the surrounding streets.

The streets of Norland were completely different from the streets of the capital of the Frost Kingdom. The streets of the Frost Kingdom would have no problems even if one rode on a warhorse and ran wildly.

However, the speed of riding on a horse on Nolan’s streets was much slower than walking.

“There are too many d.a.m.n city people!”


“Trust my ‘sense of smell’, that King Slayer is here! His body has been sprinkled with special spices, only this tavern has it.”

A hunchbacked man said to Knight Colt.

“Spice? If there’s such a chance, why didn’t Prince Slekov let you poison his cup?”

Knight colt gathered the men he had recruited from the Frost Kingdom, complaining that his superior had done something unnecessary.

“We’ve already tried it. The spirits surrounding the king Slayer can identify the highly toxic substances. For this, we’ve lost a lot of people who were planted in the palace,”the man beside knight Colt said in a hoa.r.s.e voice.

“Forget it. This is our only chance. The King Slayer left his personal guards and came to Nolan alone.”

Knight colt gripped the hilt of the long sword by his waist, then glanced at the hunchbacked man beside him.

“After entering, chase away the drunkard in this shabby tavern. one-eyed, take a team to delay Nolan’s enforcers, for the sake of the legitimate royal bloodline!”

The knight let out a low growl and led his men to rush into the tavern.

He was about to pull out his longsword, when he pulled open his voice and shouted loudly for the ‘drunkards’to leave this b.l.o.o.d.y place… The Knight’s growl choked in his throat after he clearly saw the situation in the tavern.

This tavern called ‘Hearthstone’had a very simple decoration on the front door, and there was an old feeling on the wooden sign with words written on it. It was no different from the facades of those small taverns in the frost country.

However, the first thing that Knight Colt felt when he entered the tavern was that it was ridiculously large. The internal area could no longer be described as an ordinary tavern.

Moreover, the guests sitting in the tavern were not drunkards. There were nearly two hundred tables in the tavern, and most of the people sitting around them were spellcasters and dwarves. Among them, there were even some n.o.bles who were dressed luxuriously.

d.a.m.n it! So the n.o.bles of Nolan would also run to the tavern? !

Unfortunately, Knight colt did not see any maids in revealing clothes beside those n.o.bles. Instead, there were a lot of dwarves in heavy armor.

“Over there!”

The hunchbacked man next to him immediately figured out Shiel’s location.

Knight colt shook his head and drove some strange thoughts out of his mind. An icy-blue spirit appeared beside him.

He had also received the recognition of the spirit of frost. At the same time, he was also one of the most powerful knights in the frost country. Unlike shirer… Knight colt was an old king.

Moreover, the succession of this new king was a little too strange.

“Colt, quickly get your subordinates to act.”The hunchbacked man urged anxiously.

“Shut up…”

Colt’s gaze moved away from Shier and looked at the man sitting opposite shier.

The moment he recognized his true ident.i.ty, Colt was so nervous that even his breathing became faster.

“The rumors are true. That King Slayer really colluded with the Demon!”

Colt immediately recognized that the man sitting opposite shier was a demon, and it was a chaos demon of the highest rank.

“Demon? !”

The hunchbacked man was about to say something when the chaos demon stood up and slowly walked towards them.

“We are in big trouble.”

Knight colt stared at the Chaos Demon. As he had fought with the chaos demon before, he would never forget how terrifying the guy at the top of the demon race was.

“Er… It seems that this is not the first time.”Joshua came to the front of this group of people from the frost country and sized them up. “You don’t look like people from the heretic court. Are you here to cause trouble?”

“Cause trouble?”Knight colt could not figure out what this chaos fiend was talking about for a while, but his gaze instantly turned to the ice-cold Shea.

“King Slayer! You’re actually siding with the demons in secret!”He raised his voice as if he wanted everyone in the tavern to hear him.

If it were any other tavern, people would have raised their heads to watch the show. Unfortunately, no matter how Loud Knight Colt’s voice was, only a dozen or so spell casters raised their heads to take a look.

However, they only raised their heads to take a look. Soon, their attention returned to the table in front of them.

What’s wrong with these guys? A king of a country borrowing the power of a demon to ascend the throne. This news should be enough to discuss for an entire year, right?

“Is there a problem?”

Suddenly, a voice responded to knight colt. He looked around and saw a young spell caster girl walking into the tavern.

Judging from her hair color and eye color, she should be from the frost country.

“That King Slayer ascended the throne with the help of the Demons!”

Knight colt did not understand where this spell caster girl came from. Could she be a member of another team?

“Eh… So You can become the king of the frost country with the help of the demons. If it were really that simple, this country would have been destroyed long ago, right?”

“You…”knight colt choked, but at this moment, he felt the gazes of the people around him.

There were still many spell casters from the frost kingdom in the tavern. Those spell casters who could come to Nolan to study were basically the elites of the Frost Kingdom. Knight colt had to control the public opinion now.

“The conspiracy between the demons and this king Slayer. As expected, the previous king was also killed by the King Slayer as a judge. In order to summon that Chaos Demon, how many lives did you sacrifice? “Is the former king one of them?”

“Shier, I hope you can become a newspaper or TV station after you return to China.”

In the end, Joshua could not stand it anymore. It was not that the Knight’s words were harsh, but he just felt a little sad.

If the ability to create public opinion was compared to power, then Joshua’s power was enough to crush these people in front of him into pieces.

This was like a crab baring its fangs and brandishing its claws in front of Joshua. There were no fluctuations in Joshua’s heart. There were only two thoughts in his mind, which was steam or oil stew?

“And Hiri, stop, stop, stop. He’s not talking about you.”

Joshua pulled Hiri, who looked like he was about to roll up his sleeves and beat up the knight, and said.

“As expected, you’re also an accomplice of the Devil?”

Knight Colt felt that he had won. As long as he announced what happened in the tavern today to the world, His Majesty the King would face the ending of losing his reputation.

“I Remember You’re Colt Skakov?”

The expression on Shiel’s face did not change. She glanced around coldly. Shiel was worried that the dwarves around her had already shown an impatient expression.

If this knight shouted a few more times, the dwarves might start to swing their hammers.

“That’s right, monarch-slayer shier. The evidence of your collusion with the demons has been confirmed…”

“I’m here to look for my mentor, the grey-clothed person.”

Although shier knew that the other party was here to a.s.sa.s.sinate her, if shier escaped now or killed them…

The public opinion in the country of frost would become even more uncontrollable.

“No one will believe your lies. Tomorrow, everyone will know your true face.”

When Knight Colt said this, fog had already spread out around shier. It was obvious that the king was ready to execute the person in front of him.

But unfortunately, even if he was executed, it would have no effect on the public opinion.

Her action this time was too rash, but a little girl wanted to see her long-lost friend. Under the influence of this mood, shier didn’t think too much.

“Um, your Majesty Shier.”Joshua looked at shier beside him and said, “See you at the ceremony in three days. Before that, please don’t be a.s.sa.s.sinated. When that time comes, no one will oppose me shaking your hand.”


Although shier didn’t understand what Joshua was talking about, she just nodded slightly.

“Isn’t this shier?”

The gray-clothed man came in front of shier as if he didn’t see anything.

“Teacher Roulsk.”Shier bowed to the gray-clothed man.

“I guess you’re here for the issue of the heretic trial court.”The gray-clothed man adjusted his messy beard and walked past the Knights, no one dared to make a move on the sage. “I’ll take you to the Emba.s.sy of the Frost Kingdom. The environment there is more peaceful.”


Shirer followed the man in gray and left the place quickly. He did not even look at Joshua.

The Knights did not know what to do either. However, the dwarves were not just for show. They could only choose to leave the place temporarily.


At night.

“What if I mind you shaking her hand?”

Hiri curled up in the corner of the bed, wrapped the quilt around her body, and entered the quilt state again. At the same time, she stared at Joshua who was writing something.

“Are you still angry during the day?”

Joshua turned the ink pen in his hand, but his eyes were on Hiri.

She had been maintaining this ‘I’m not happy’state for the whole afternoon.

“I think the people who are angry are the stupid people of the frost kingdom,”Hiri said. “It’s now the 577th year of the Nolan calendar! They still stubbornly believe the words of the Holy Church’s country. All the demons are cruel, and they want to summon demons to offer up human souls or something.”

“Fools?”? “You sound like a queen.”Jose stood up from the desk and sat down beside the bed. “Hiri, I only came to Nolan from the demon world two years ago. In these two years, the people of Nolan have recognized the demons. The people of other countries probably still have the same impression of the demons, not to mention the country of Frost, which has been the enemy of the demons for a long time.”

“I just don’t think it’s Fair! “Why did the demons take the blame for the heresy trial court and treat it as the truth!”Healy looked at Joshua’s calm expression. “Aren’t you angry? “They are scolding your race! “If it were me, I would have used my magic staff to beat that guy into pixels.”

“Beat him into pixels, please do it. Healy… your magic staff can’t withstand your torture.”

Josh glanced at the roof of the room. A mini death wing was spitting fire angrily.

This proved that Hiri was really angry about what happened during the day.

“My sense of immersion might be a little different,”Josh said.

“Sense of immersion?”

“If I said that I used to be a human, would you believe it?”Josh looked into Hiri’s gray eyes and said.

Although he had come to this world and become a Chaos Demon, Joshua was still essentially a Chinese from Earth.

If the people of this world said something insulting to the Chinese, Joshua would probably pick up a chair and throw it at Hiri’s face.

“Used to be a human? What settings are there in the past life? Recently, there seemed to be a similar type of book in the Immovable Library. It’s quite popular. It’s the book that sister Denise wrote, “A past life bestowed by the G.o.ds.”Hiri suddenly became interested

“It’s… It’s quite good.”Jose said this completely against his heart. The main reason was that the sister was too diligent, and the content she wrote was too horrible to look at.

“In short, I don’t have much feelings towards the demons themselves. I helped the demons build relationships with all the countries in the world just so that I could live more comfortably.”After saying this, Jose looked at Hiri again. “Are you not angry now?”

“No… whether it’s what the Heretic Court did or the misunderstanding of the demons by those people, I’m very angry.”

Hiri covered her body with her hand and then wrapped it tighter.

“Is that so?”

Jose sighed helplessly and then reached his hand into Hiri’s quilt.

“Wait…”Hiri didn’t realize what was going on. Even if her strength exceeded the average of humans, she was not a match for Jose who had the bloodline of Chaos Demons.

Healy, who was wearing light pajamas, was easily carried by Joshua. Since Joshua was hugging the lower part of Healy’s shoulder, she subconsciously wrapped her legs around Joshua’s waist.

Just like that, Joshua carried Healy up. Her legs made Joshua feel a little unexpectedly fleshy.

When Joshua raised his head again, Healy’s cheeks were just above his body. Her lips, which had a slight crystalline feeling, opened and closed uneasily. The color of the skin on her cheeks was replaced by a touch of crimson.

“What… What did you do all of a sudden?”

The sudden movement made Hiri Blush.

“Are you calm now?”Joshua looked at the girl in front of him and asked.

Hiri could only turn her head. Just as she was about to speak, she found that she was gradually losing her balance.

Joshua still overestimated his ability to balance. Before he could do anything, he stepped on something and fell backward.

“Did you… become heavier?”

Josh, who was lying on the ground, rubbed the back of his head and looked at Hiri, who was lying on top of him.

“No! Look, there’s no meat here!”

Hiri, who was sitting on top of Josh, showed her slender arms, but before she could finish, Josh held her hand.

“Then prove it,”Josh said.

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