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From the neck, nibbling and kissing all the way down, kissing the white and soft chest, holding her waist high, swallowing the pink fruit of her snow hill, nibbling and sucking vigorously from time to time. Until the red small fruit grow stiff, he  change it  to the other side.

Han Xue is half leaning on the tree, with legs around Han Zhan waist. Under the body is his fingers that slowly coming in and out. The rough thick fingers bring her strange and pleasant pleasure. She gasps heavily and moan carefully. She feels that the pleasure in her flower hole is acc.u.mulating rapidly. When Han Zhan third finger rushes in, her brain is empty, and her flower hole tightly wrap the invading fingers. Keep shrinking. The action of Han Zhan doesn't stop, on the contrary, it's more and more rapid. Fingers in and out of her flower hole quickly make Han Xue scream and rush to the climax.

Han Zhan took out his fingers, pulled the clothes of the Han Xue, hugged her, and stood still. Touch her back with one hand to calm her down. At the same time, with great willpower, He is trying to suppress his desire to rise. But at the next moment, Han Xue suddenly screamed, writhing and crying: “itch! Han Zhan, itchy “

    Seeing this situation, Han Zhan no longer hesitate, open the belt, hold the body of the Han Xue against the big tree. And his huge iron rod has reached her flower hole.

    “Don't cry, I'm going to stop the ichy, so don't cry.” The sound of Han Zhan was abnormally hoa.r.s.e. In his heart, He wish He could wipe away thousands of swords to the person who poisoned Her. This kind of poison must be combined with men before it can be solved. The person really have evil heart.

    After the caress just now, there is enough lubrication in her flower hole, but he is still very careful. After all, his size is not small. Although she has the effect of drug, in his experience, the pain of the first night is inevitable. If He can't avoid it, let he drop it to the minimum.

    He moves softly and slowly, pushing the iron rod into the hole, forcing the desire to gallop and letting the sweat run.

    “Well…hh–hot.” With the entry of the giants things, the feeling of fullness rose with a slight tingling, causing the itch to retreat. Han Xue frowned slightly and panted.

 “Han Zhan!” The slender jade finger caresses the man's sweaty face.

“Does it hurt?” The voice carries suppressed pain

    “Good,” breathed a sigh of relief. “Not too painful.” The resolute black eyes were full of blood at that time, and the blue veins on his forehead began to rise. Han Xue look at Han Zhan face.

    "Is it hard?" Han Xue asked a little worried?

    The iron bar has entered half of the flower hole and feels the barrier. He pauses. “I enjoyed it.” The hoa.r.s.e voice did not fall, and the whole slammed into the air and pressed Han Xue tightly against the tree pole.

    “Ah – it hurts!” Han Xue hands reactively pushed the man in front of her, but she failed to push him, the feeling of powerlessness and the pain in the lower body make Han Xue tears fall like a rain.She could only cry: “Han Zhan, it hurts so much. Let me go, it hurts so much.”

    ” Hey, it won't hurt for a while.” Under the pressure of her flower hole, He kissed her tears gently. “Don't cry!” Hurting her is the least thing he wanted to do. But the tears of Han Xue could not stop, and She was shocked and hugged his neck. “Itchy, ah…, Han Zhan, Han Zhan?” The delicate body was madly mad.

Afraid that she would hurt herself, He hurriedly hugged and leaned on his body. He took a step back to let her bright and clean snow back stay away from the tree pole

Slowly quit, feel the cry of the Han Xue down, and then He slowly push forward, even if his body is going to fall apart because the swelling pain, he still pressed down the desire, Han Zhan lightly asked “still itchy?”

"Better, but it still hurts.” “But it's so strange,” said the Han Xue, panting. ” feels the feeling of the combination of the two, and as the Han Zhan slowly advancing, She send out a thin sigh” Hmmm — “

Push it all the way to the end, feel the man's unsteady breath and absorption, hold her hip and stick it to his body, grinding the joint of the two people, let his the iron rod twist her flower hole, and cause Han Xue charming cry. “Ah -“

“Is It comfortable?” The desire has reached the critical point, the muscles of His whole body are all tangled and collapsed due to the strong tolerance, but her feelings are the most important.

How could she say it, this fool, with Han Xue shame, She hid on his shoulder. She can only hold his neck tightly and cling to his strong body to make a silent invitation. And Han Zhan speeds up the speed of going in and out, and carefully feels the physical reaction of Han Xue. Listening to her beautiful groans, the speed of in and out was accelerated. Suddenly, Han Xue  makes a dull hum, and the her flower hole are tightened, reaching the climax, “Han Zhan, stop Next… Well… Ah… ” However, Han Zhan did not stop, but accelerated to pump up. The body in the climax was extremely sensitive, the whole body was flushed, and Han Xue could not stand the continuous ecstasy, straightened his waist and screamed with the fierce pulling and inserting of the shiver, “ah Ah… Ah… ” The continuous climax makes her flower hole tightly twisted with his iron rod. Han Zhan can no longer bear the ecstatic feeling. The consciousness is all supported by desire. Let go of his body and pump it with all his strength. The body collides and sends out a rapid and continuous “Pa, PA, PA……” Han Xue could not stand the extreme ecstasy any more.She lowered her head and bit Han Zhan shoulder back. Her body trembled in the joy of climax. Finally, she could not stand to the darkness in front of her and fainted. Shivering, roaring and rushing wildly, finally pressing the snowy pretty b.u.t.tocks to themselves, his iron rod straight into the deep part of her flower core, shooting out wildly, pressing the body of her pretty b.u.t.tocks, trembling and stop.

    The desire that has acc.u.mulated for many years is poured into her body at this moment. The blissful feeling of ecstasy made him reluctant to let her go after the end.

    Obsessively caressing Han Xue face. After tonight, she will blame him for taking her body? And hate him? He defiled her chast.i.ty even though he had to.

    Getting her is something he can't even think about, but at the moment, he has such wishful thinking. He may have such wishful thinking, can he? He and she are like clouds and mud. Can he imagine that this beautiful colored cloud belongs to him alone? Can it? When he close his eyes and open them again, the color of confusion has faded away. No matter whether she resents or hates, in this life, he will protect her until the last moment of his life. Even if he can only look at her from afar and keep her, his heart is full. And tonight will be the most beautiful and moving memory of his life. At this moment, she belongs to him.

Holding the Han Xue in one hand, He reluctantly withdrew his body from her hot flower hole. After the climax, his iron rod did not soften. As soon as he withdrew, It rushed out of the flower hole, red and white milky liquid fell down in her white thigh. Han Zhan dark eyes flash a trace of consternation. So many? Looking at the white and tender thigh stained with red and white liquid, there was some swelling rod in his leg. His profound skill can not only see the forest with insufficient light, but also see the things without obstacles. His big hand carefully arranged their robes, gently picked her up, lifted his breath and flew to the forest. He remembered that there was a huts in the depths of the forest where the hunters temporarily stayed overnight. He strength was different from ordinary people's. In addition, he practiced martial arts for many years.This is the first experience of Han Xue, although she has aphrodisiac, at the last moment, he did not control his strength and must have hurt her. She must be cleaned immediately.


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