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Chapter 1303 - 1303 Cheng Juan’s Past

1303 Cheng Juan’s Past

The He family’s charity banquet was the same as before. It was a public auction of the items donated by the guests. The highest bidder would win. In the end, the He family would donate all the donations received.

Gu Zheng held Qiao Xi’s hand and sat down. Seeing that she was silent for a long time, he turned his head and asked her, “Xi Xi, what are you thinking about?”

Qiao Xi came back to her senses and looked at He Wenyin with slightly cold eyes. “I was just thinking about He Wenyin’s past with Cheng Juan.”

She had known Cheng Juan for so many years, but she had never heard him mention the past. She only knew that he grew up in an orphanage. After that, someone sponsored him to attend university, which was how he achieved his current achievements.


Cheng Juan had been diligent and studious since he was young. He wanted to repay the person who sponsored him when he grew up. Back then, his eyes were filled with hope as he told Qiao Xi excitedly, “Xi Xi, I’m leaving. I’ve found the benefactor who sponsored me. I’m going to look for him.”

Qiao Xi knew that he was grateful and wanted to repay his kindness back then, so she supported him. However, a year later, Cheng Juan was brought back by Qin An. At that time, Cheng Juan’s eyes no longer had any light as if he had become a different person. From then on, she rarely saw him smile.

Back then, Qiao Xi had even asked Qin An what had happened, but Qin An did not tell her. He only said that if Cheng Juan wanted to tell her, he would naturally tell her. If he did not want to tell her, she should let him slowly recover from his wounds. She did not want to force him to open his wounds.

Qiao Xi did not ask again. After that, Cheng Juan seemed to have walked out of his sorrow and worked hard to become a famous jewelry appraiser. He never mentioned that benefactor again.

It was not until the He family returned to Li City that Cheng Juan suddenly returned. After he returned to Li City, he went to look for Qin An and Qiao Xi. A trace of hatred had burst out of Cheng Juan’s eyes. He said that he would not let it slide so easily this time.

Qin An looked as if he had expected this. Qiao Xi did not understand it in the past, but now, she had guessed a portion of it. He Weinian was indeed Cheng Juan’s benefactor, but for some reason, Cheng Juan, who was once grateful, treated He Weinian as his enemy.

Qiao Xi abruptly raised her head. “You said that many of the children in the orphanage Cheng Juan was in all those years ago disappeared?”

Gu Zheng’s eyes were cold, and his tone was calm. “Yes, the management of the orphanage was very lax 20 years ago. No one would pay attention to the disappearance of a group of orphans. The only people who would notice would probably be their companions who grew up with them, but…

“What if they all disappear too? No one will probably notice.

“The children in that orphanage were lonely and helpless. If they were lucky and met a good family, they could live a happy life after being adopted. When the children reached a certain age, the He family gave them a sum of money to leave the orphanage. In the eyes of the orphanage’s director, these children would go their separate ways after coming of age. Their future would be bright. It was just that the children later forgot about the orphanage and never visited.”

“But Cheng Juan is different.” Qiao Xi added, “From what you’re saying, the children who were sponsored by the He family have all disappeared without a trace. Only Cheng Juan was left behind. But how could living people disappear into thin air?”

There were more than ten children who grew up with Cheng Juan back then. Why did they all go missing and only Cheng Juan remained?

Gu Zheng’s gaze became sharp. “Those orphans don’t have any relatives. The only link they have is with the orphanage. The dean of the orphanage wouldn’t think that they had gone missing. He’d just think that they were busy looking for better lives. Hence, even if they went missing, no one would call the police. With the He family’s strength, it’s very easy to make them disappear completely.”

Qiao Xi’s scalp instantly went numb as she frowned and asked, “But why did the He family make them disappear? So many of them disappeared at the same time too. Even if their plan is perfect, it’s hard to guarantee that they won’t be discovered. Could it be…”

Gu Zheng’s thin lips parted slightly. “Because the He family has a reason to get rid of them. For example, those orphans discovered a secret that only Cheng Juan doesn’t know.”

What reason did they have to get rid of so many people?

Gu Zheng looked at the kind-looking He Weinian in front of the stage and snorted disdainfully. “Xi Xi, do you know the secret that the He family doesn’t want others to know?”

Qiao Xi raised her eyes to look at Madam He and He Weinian’s loving appearance. The couple’s faces were filled with happy smiles. They stood on the stage together and spoke. When they got off the stage, He Weinian thoughtfully supported Madam He and carefully grabbed her wrist. His eyes were filled with love.

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