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Chapter 1302 - 1302 Where Have We Met?

1302 Where Have We Met?

Gu Zheng looked at her meaningfully with a smile as if he had already seen through her.

“Mr. Cheng only picked up the necklace and took a brief look at it before deciding that He Wenxian’s necklace was a fake. He could also tell that there were fillings in the necklace. Actually, the craftsmanship of that necklace isn’t bad. It can be said to be a high-quality imitation. Appraisers can’t quickly figure it out with the naked eye. Xi Xi, you’re a designer of Liuli, so of course, you understand how difficult it is to appraise such jewelry. Sometimes, you might need some equipment to help you.

“The rubies on the two necklaces are indeed different, but it’s impossible for one to make a judgment in an extremely short period of time. Xi Xi, why do you think Mr. Cheng was so sure that He Wenxian’s necklace was a fake?”

Qiao Xi: “…”

Cheng Juan had indeed done a sloppy job, and it was noticed by Gu Zheng!

Cheng Juan was just pretending to be a jewelry appraiser. He smashed her necklace after taking a look. He wanted to observe it carefully before smashing it!

However, Gu Zheng was testing Cheng Juan now. What was he trying to do? Could it be that he was jealous?

Cheng Juan raised his eyes and met Gu Zheng’s gaze. He could sense a strong warning from it. Was he warning him to stay away from Qiao Xi?

He glanced at Gu Zheng and let out a hearty laugh. “So, this is the famous President Gu! I’ve heard a lot about you. I heard that you’re Chairman He’s student. I don’t think you’re very respectful to your master!”

Gu Zheng did not even bat an eyelid. Without changing his expression, he said, “I heard that Mr. Cheng is an orphan sponsored by the He family. In that case, Chairman He can be considered your benefactor too. However, I don’t think you care about your benefactor’s reputation at all. You don’t look like you’re repaying your benefactor. You must be taking revenge.”

Qiao Xi was sandwiched between the two of them and smelled the strong smell of gunpowder.

‘Why are you two being so sarcastic?’

Cheng Juan was not annoyed. Instead, he raised his eyes to look at Qiao Xi and sneered. “Yes, I’m a person who repays kindness with ingrat.i.tude. They sponsored me, but I won’t let them have an easy time.”

Gu Zheng retracted the smile on his face and looked at Cheng Juan. The two of them seemed to understand what the other party meant.

Qiao Xi pondered. Back then, the He family had indeed sponsored some orphans. At that time, Cheng Juan should only have been five or six years old. What did the He family do after that?

Gu Zheng pondered for a moment and said in a gentler tone, “Mr. Cheng, do you still remember your friend from the orphanage?”

Cheng Juan’s expression turned cold as he said in a sharp voice, “President Gu, don’t you know where the orphans who were sponsored by the He family ended up?”

At this moment, Qiao Xi realized that there was something wrong with the contents of their conversation. But Cheng Juan did not say anything else, and Gu Zheng did not ask further.

The three of them arrived at the entrance of the front hall. Gu Zheng suddenly stopped in his tracks and asked, “Mr. Cheng, are you really an orphan?”

Cheng Juan glanced at him and did not answer his question. Instead, he continued walking forward. “President Gu, I’ll leave first. We’ll meet again if fate allows.”

He had just taken a few steps when he suddenly saw someone appear in the corner. Qiao Xi raised her eyes to take a look. It was He Wenyin.

He Wenyin had gone somewhere and sneaked in from the back door. When Cheng Juan saw her, he suddenly recalled something. He had previously done a jewelry appraisal for a little girl. It turned out that the little girl back then was the current He Wenyin.

He Wenyin walked over and looked around. When she suddenly saw Cheng Juan in front of her, she looked stunned and panicked.

Cheng Juan took a few steps forward with a teasing look in his eyes. “Miss, have we met somewhere before?”

He Wenyin’s expression changed as she glared at him unhappily. “Where would I have seen you?! This method of hitting on others is already outdated. Stop being so old-fashioned!”

Cheng Juan touched his nose in amus.e.m.e.nt. “Perhaps I was wrong. You’re a little similar to a young lady I’ve seen before. Anyway, there are many similar people in this world. It must be a coincidence.”

At this moment, a friend beside He Wenyin walked over and whispered in her ear, “Don’t offend this gentleman. He’s the jewelry appraiser, Cheng Juan.”

He Wenyin: “…”

Her expression was a little strange. She frowned at first, then revealed a flattering smile. “h.e.l.lo, Mr. Cheng. The auction is about to start. Mr. Cheng, quickly take a seat.”

Before Cheng Juan could say anything, He Wenyin ran away.???e????o???.?૦?

Cheng Juan looked at her back view, and the corners of his mouth curled into a smile of interest. He did not expect He Weinian to nurture such an interesting little girl.

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