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After a delicious dinner, Susu went into her room and came out with a handful of lipsticks. Lily, on the other hand, brought out their next activity.

"Tada! Let's play an advanced game of Twister~" Lily tossed the instruction sheet away and took out handmade index cards. Seeing Susu's colorful lipsticks and Lily wave the index cards with such a curved grin, the guys knew that they were rolling downhill for the night.

In the next minutes, Chen Mu and Lin Que stood opposite of the other while their girls sat relaxingly on the couch. Lily cleared her throat, "I will a.s.sign each of you an individual movement to complete. If you fail, Susu will draw on your face."

Lin Que rubbed his forehead, "And may I ask whose idea this was?"

"Mine~" Lily smiled dazzlingly with her pretty white teeth revealed. How could he reject or surrender when his girl is smiling with such joy? He cracked his knuckles and did last second stretches before they began. Chen Mu also stretched his body to relax his muscles for the upcoming challenges.

"Chen Mu! You're first! Are you ready?" Lily gave him a second to prepare himself.

"Come at me," His voice was calm, but his heart was scared of what twisting body tricks she wrote on those index cards.

"Aheemmm, Move your left foot two steps up on the Yellow."

"Huh? That's it?" Chen Mu thought that this was too simple to be true.

"Yep. That's all for now. Don't worry, these are warm ups. Wait till we get to the challenging ones, heh." Her voice was filled with excitement, which would only mean one word for the guys; disaster.

"Darling, your first move is having your right palm flat on the third blue circle." She giggled when she placed the front card to the back. Lin Que did what he was told to do.

"Chen Mu, move your right palm to the blue circle that my darling is on." Her giggles became more obvious as the game proceeded. After Chen Mu had completed the action, the guys realized that their faces were much closer than they thought it was.

"Darling, your left palm needs to move to the second green circle." Lin Que's grin tilted upwards as he realized what the girls wanted to see. He sighed as he made his next move while shaking his head sideways. He knew that from his angle, scoring a kiss with Chen Mu was definitely going to happen.

Chen Mu mumbled, "Your girlfriend is really something, huh? So, buddy? Ready to lose your first kiss to a man?"

"Hah, sorry, but it's been lost to my dad," Lin Que laughed shamelessly.

"Unfortunately, you're my first kiss then...with a man at least," Chen Mu was ready to tilt his face up to meet his fated partner's face but his hand slipped the next second after hearing Lin Que's words.

"Aww, I forgot to put on lip balm. Let me lick it moist for your full packaged experience. Don't worry, I'll give you the most memorable losing viriginity kiss. Don't get greedy and use your tongue, though." Lin Que licked his lips just to scare Chen Mu off.

As expected, Chen Mu's hand slipped, and he tumbled down on the mat. Chen Mu's lip twitched as he stepped up to Susu for his punishment. Lin Que whispered, "you may be the king of card games, but I am the king of mat ones. Heh."

"We'll see about that." Chen Mu closed his eyes as Susu chose her vibrant pink colored lipstick and drew a unibrow for him. "Pffft, hahahaha, awww so cute!" Susu couldn't help but let out a few laughs when she saw his face.

As the game proceeded, the guys technically cheated and made the other lose balance. Since this was the advanced version that the girls made up, there weren't any ground rules. At the end of the game, Lin Que had a squiggly purple mustache, two deep blue saggy shaded eye bags, two tic tac toe games on either sides of his cheeks and a huge whale on his forehead.

Meanwhile, Chen Mu had a bright pink unibrow, a golden unicorn horn on his forehead, some glittery bright colored zebra patterns and deep contours on the corners of his face. Of course, both of them had their lips covered by a vibrant red lip gloss.

Lily was in charge of drawing on Lin Que's face while Chen Mu was in Susu's hands. After a few hours into the game, the guys started to enjoy themselves and relaxed because they saw how happy their girlfriends looked whenever they messed up. This was the type of mess and mistake that they would be more than willing to make.

Finally, after their faces had run out of s.p.a.ce for their girls to draw on, the game came to an end. The girls were laughing nonstop while taking off the large amount of lipstick on their faces. The guys had two huge bows clipped on their head so that their hair wouldn't get in the way. The Twister game was now a makeover game where the girls acted as the stylist.

Instead of wiping off the makeup, the girls ended up bringing out more makeup and gave the guys a total makeover. The more they drew on their face, the funnier they looked. When the guys took a look at each other, they rolled around the floor and joined the girls in laughing.

The winged eyeliner, thick eyebrows, super vibrant eye shadows and the highlights on their faces were quite obvious. Lily and Susu were still laughing and hugging their stomachs even after the guys calmed down. The guys nodded at each other and went even closer to their girlfriends with a duck face. They pursed their lips and blinked multiple times while asking for kisses.

After all the laughter and jokes were done, Lily and Lin Que helped them clean up the condo before bidding good bye. The girls properly removed their makeup and by the time they were done with everything, It was nearly midnight. The first thing Lily did when she got to the car was text Susu, "Don't worry too much! Everything will be fine. I hope you enjoyed tonight's activities. Mwahhhh~ Sweet dreams, honey bun <3 "="">

Lin Que asked, "Alright darling, time to tell me why you chose tonight's activities."

"Ahhhh, geez. Seems like I wasn't able to get away after all. Blehhh, not fun at all. I was having a chat with Susu earlier and she told me that she had somewhat bad dreams lately. In order to soothe the tension and have her relax for the upcoming monthly body check, I planned tonight's entertainment. Didn't I do a goooood job?"

Lily leaned over to the driver's seat and left a kiss mark on his cheeks, "Aigooo, my darling, you've worked hard~ Here, a kiss for you as a reward~"

"Hah! Did you think that one kiss could bribe me?"

"Fine. Two kisses!" She leaned over to him and was prepared to give him some kisses. His head turned last second and his lips ended up covering hers for G.o.d knows how long. All she knew was that by the time they finished making out in the car, it was at least half an hour later. That was when he felt satisfied enough to stop and help her buckle her seat belt before heading back home.

She even missed Susu's reply because of his naughtiness. She cupped her cheeks and said, "Goshhhh, all your fault! Let me reply to her and tell her that we are on our way home!"

Back in Chen Mu's condo, Susu received Lily's text and patted her chest, "Phewwww. At least I know that they are alright." Chen Mu hugged her from behind and led her back to the living room where he set the mat for Twister down.

"Hmmm? Didn't we put this away already?" She asked with her arms circled around his neck.

"Yep. But I wanted us to play this game together. Come on." He guided her to the mat and whispered to her ears what the instructions were. Her face flushed with his face so closed to her ears, where she is most sensitive. He could feel her body shiver as he whispered closely into her ears. After she finishes completing her turn, he would take his turn.

It didn't take long for her limbs to give in, and she laid on her back on the mat. "You lost," he said.

"And you're coming down with me." She giggled and pulled him down.

"But you lost first, so it's time for punishment." He nibbled on her ear and gently pecked mini kisses down to her neck. For every kiss that was planted on her skin, his lips lightly sucked on every spot along the way down to her chest. He stopped midway to kiss her lips and asked, "is there anything you want to talk to me about?"

She knew that she wouldn't have been able to trick him with her smiling face. He rubbed her cheeks and waited for her response, "What's bothering you?"

She covered his hands with hers and closed her eyes, "I've been having some bad dreams lately and it was all related to the cancer. Even though I recovered from the throat infection, I still feel scared about the upcoming body check. What if the results aren't as good as last time? What if-"

"Shh, shh. Listen, everything was a dream. You've been all healthy and even after the throat infection too. You were a good girl and listened to your doctors. You took your medicine on time, and your results will be okay. Alright? With a positive and hopeful mindset, you will recover. Even if you don't trust medication, you trust me right?"

She nodded and looked at him sincerely. "Good, princess. I'll make you a cup of warm milk before bed and let those bad dreams shoo away. With me here, those bad dreams will be swept off to a different planet. Okay?"

"Mmm..with you around, there is nothing to be afraid of." She hugged him close and enjoyed their alone time. Since her body check was in a week, she needed to get plenty of rest to receive the most accurate results. Susu's health had been his top priority, and he was determined to do whatever it takes to maintain her current healthy status until he finds a cure.

That night, Susu couldn't fall asleep no matter how hard she tried. Chen Mu was sleeping soundly, and she couldn't bring herself to wake him up either. If she made any movements while getting out of bed, it would wake him up.

She turned sideways, facing him and observed his facial features. Even though she said that she wasn't scared of the cancer, a part of her couldn't help but think that her life was on the clock. It made her realize that every millisecond by his side was extremely precious. Her eyes watered when she thought of a fairy tale story without a complete ending.

His laughing face from earlier floated in her mind and she wanted to keep every piece of memory that she had with him. She took out her phone that was on her side of the bed and opened the sketch program.

Quietly, she opened a folder where plenty of other sketches and colorful works could be found. She never missed a day of sketches ever since they've started dating.

As for today's design, she decided to create a unicorn pajamas set with exclusive kitten slippers. It was vibrant just like the makeup she put on him earlier. Actually, almost all of the sketches she created on her phone were all skyrocket colors making the clothes look flamboyant and cheerful.

Like how he made her smile and brought her so much joy, the sketches reflected all her feelings for him. There was never a day where the designs were any less colorful. When she finished with the sketch, she closed her eyes and snuggled close to his embrace.

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